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Chapter 103: Family of weirdos


After the handsome courier uncle exited his van, he took out his phone and dialed a number. In a loud and clear voice, he asked, "Hello? Is this Student Shuhang? It's me, Feng Shou Courier's Little Jiang. I have arrived at Jiangnan University City. Where are you? I will come to you immediately!"

After answering the phone, Song Shuhang quickly tracked down Sima Jiang's location, "Little Jiang, I'm actually at the hundred meter track across from you."

After that, he faced Sima Jiang and beckoned him.

As he watched Song Shuhang walk into the distance, Gao Moumou laughed. Gao Moumou took a step forward, patting Zhuge Zhongyang's shoulder. With a queer expression, he pointed at the distant Sima Jiang, "Look at that courier! His looks aren't any worse than yours, right? Furthermore, at his age he even has a more manly charm than you. Your handsomeness and elegance are as weak as shit in front of him!"

Gao Moumou's words were directed at Zhuge Zhongyang's previously stated 'In this world, which courier could be as handsome, elegant, young, and rich as me?'

Do you understand now? Because of your extreme narcissism, you received humiliation like instant karma as soon as the charismatic and handsome courier uncle made his appearance!

Gao Moumou secretly praised Shuhang deep in his heart.

"Fine, so what if he's as good looking as me?" Zhuge Zhongyang flipped his hair with a laugh, smugly saying, "I am younger than him. Furthermore, I definitely have more money than a mere courier."

How can it be so easy to give someone this narcissistic a setback?

During the conversation, Song Shuhang brought Sima Jiang to them and said, "Tubo, Gao Moumou, I need to return to the dorm to pass Little Jiang a package. If I do not return in time, you guys have got to put in extra effort and cheer my share for Yangde!"

"Just leave it to us. Courier Uncle, you really came at the perfect time." Tubo gave the courier uncle a thumb's up, expressing his tremendous praise.

Sima Jiang couldn't make heads or tails of what Tubo was trying to say. However, since this person was Student Song Shuhang's roommate and acted very amiably to him, Sima Jiang laughed and said, "I am in the courier service industry, it is only natural that I make my appearance in a timely manner."

As he said that, he took out a business card and presented it to Tubo and introduced himself, "This lowly one's surname is Sima, and first name is Jiang. If you have any needs, do give me a call."

"Uncle, you're too modest, I'm Tubo. However, I don't have a business card to give you." After receiving the business card, Tubo replied with a grin.

Sima Jiang laughed brightly and handed business cards over to Gao Moumou and Zhuge Zhongyang as well.

Afterwards, he accompanied Song Shuhang to his dorm.

Only after they left did Gao Moumou hold the business card and ask, “Why does the courier uncle's business card only have a name and a phone number?"

"It's probably because couriers only need to leave a name and phone number." Zhuge Zhongyang consciously kept the business card.

When someone presents a business card to you, it doesn't matter if you use it or not, you must first accept it as a form of courtesy.

"His name is rather familiar." Tubo laughed as he kept the business card.

"Come to think of it, Zhongyang, why have you come all the way to Jiangnan University City? Speak truthfully, otherwise, don't blame me if I abandon you!" Gao Moumou went back on topic and inquired.

The moment Zhuge Zhongyang heard the question, his face became incomparably gloomy, "I secretly came here to take a look at my future wife."

"What?" Gao Moumou was stunned, “When did you get a wife? Or have you gone crazy from thinking about one?"

"Go to hell." Zhuge Zhongyang depressingly replied, “This is what happened. While I was having lunch the day before yesterday, my father suddenly told me that he will find me a wife and settle my wedding before the end of the year. He even wants to see a grandson within two years. He said this in such a staunch manner, and that scared me to death, alright?! If I wasn't seated at the dining table, I would've knelt in front of him there and then!"

"Therefore, you want to be like the main character in a drama, running away from home because you don't want to get married, and because you're in the rebellious stage of life?" Gao Moumou asked, "Wait, that's not right, how do you even know what your future-wife looks like? And why did you even travel all the way to Jiangnan University City?"

"What kind of nonsensical conjectures are you making? I'll just tell you directly. That night, I went to my father's wine place and secretly mixed some clear distilled spirit into his 'Deer Island Tonic Wine'. My father was also amazing for not noticing a difference in the taste. After drinking two glasses, he became drunk and dazed. Then, I used all methods at my disposal to pry all of the information out of his mouth."

"My father prepared a total of five wives for me, they're all from Huaxia. One of them is a chick with the surname Lu and is about to graduate from Jiangnan University City."

Zhuge Zhongyang wiped his face and continued, “I wanted to personally see what my five wives are like. I will try interacting with them one by one. If one of the five ladies is to my liking, I will make do with her and marry her, having a kid wouldn't be a problem either.

However, if all five of them aren't to my liking and our personalities clash…… Then I'll immediately go back to find a lady who is to my liking before the year ends. The two of us will hold hands and quickly have a kid, satisfying the old man's wicked desire of having a grandson! That is the reason why I rushed through the night to get here!"

"You're also being pretty reckless." Gao Moumou sighed, “What if your father was just saying that on a whim?"

"Impossible, he definitely has a plan. If it was just a whim, why would he go out of his way to prepare five suitable wives for me?" Zhuge Zhongyang coldly snorted, “Furthermore, when I was ten, my father had already started discussing about finding a wife for me. After planning for so many years, he must be determined to get a grandson."

He was thinking about finding his son a wife when he was just ten years old?

And there's a son who would pour a drink with high alcohol contents into his father's medicinal wine?

Gao Moumou rolled his eyes at him. As expected, the Zhuge family is filled with weirdos!

Just how goddamn blind was I as a kid to have hung out with this family?

In a different place, Sima Jiang glanced at the recipient's information after taking the lengthy package from Song Shuhang.

[Recipient: Master Tongxuan.]

It's another influential person! This time, I must personally deliver the package and become acquainted with Master Tongxuan! Even if I don't become acquainted with him, I must make him remember my name at the very least!

"Student Shuhang, if that's all, I will take the package. I guarantee that I will personally deliver this package at the fastest speed possible!" Sima Jiang firmly held the package in place and said.

"There's no need to hurry, you can just deliver the package normally. By the way, how much is the delivery? Shuhang asked.

"For an ordinary delivery, 10 RMB is enough!" Sima Jiang replied.

Song Shuhang paid the delivery fee, "Thanks for coming all the way here."

"Don't mention it, if Student Shuhang is ever in need of another delivery, please don't hesitate to call me. I'm available 24/7!" As he carried the package away, Sima Jiang slapped his chest in assurance.

After saying farewell to Shuhang, he cheerfully entered his delivery van and drove towards the Feng Shou Courier Headquarters in Jiangnan. At the headquarters, there was already a private plane waiting for him that had the take-off procedures completed and was ready for take-off.

The delivery van sped on the road, Sima Jiang was in a pleasant mood.

When Sima Jiang drove past the intersection close to Fortune Street, a man on a sidewalk suddenly raised his head and stared at the delivery van with suspicion.

"Is this reaction coming from this delivery van?" He touched a precious crimson colored talisman that was faintly heating up on his chest.

"Is the Su Clan's descendant inside? Why leave in a delivery van?

With no time to think, the man quickly got on the nearby scooter, maxed out the accelerator and chased after the delivery van.

Time quickly flew by……

The morning passed, and the three roommates had already finished taking part in the sports competition.

During the afternoon, Zhuge Zhongyang dragged Gao Moumou away to help him think of ways 'to ask his future wife candidate out for a date'. Gao Moumou would not be able to come back anytime soon.

On the other hand, Yangde decided to turtle up in his room after completely exhausting the calories he had saved up for years in the hundred meter race.

Tubo took his laptop and followed Yangde to turtle up….. This was because Yangde's internet was faster than the school's.

Shuhang gazed at the sky which was rarely cloudy. Nice weather.

I should go cultivate.

Now, he can finally test the effectiveness of the Qi and Blood Pill he had obtained yesterday!

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