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Chapter 1029: The second, third, and fourth Sages in a thousand years! WTF!

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Practitioners from all over the world had looks of expectation on their faces as they watched the ‘divinity show’, eager to see Senior Monk Tyrannical Song’s real appearance.

In particular, there was a number of small cultivators that wore an admiring expression on their faces while waiting to see the bearing of the ‘first Sage in a thousand years’.

The first Sage in a thousand years, Senior Monk Tyrannical Song.

Although they still hadn’t seen his face, whether it was the dignified empress made of golden light or that straight figure of his, both had already been deeply imprinted in the hearts of the majority of practitioners.

Gradually, Tyrannical Song’s face was reflected in everyone’s eyes.

The senior monk’s face was different from what the practitioners of the world had expected.

Practitioners from all over the world believed that Senior Monk Tyrannical Song would have the appearance of a compassionate senior monk. He might look somewhat old, but he would definitely have a merciful and compassionate face, with eyes full of wisdom.

But just as Senior Monk Tyrannical Song’s face was revealed in front of the masses, everyone saw the face of a youth, energetic and full of vitality—how should they put it… it looked quite delicate!

Senior Monk Tyrannical Song had bright eyes filled with wisdom. However, they weren’t the same as the ‘eyes filled with great wisdom’ they had been expecting.

The supposed senior monk had actually turned out to be a young neighborhood boy.

All the practitioners looked at the young face, and then suddenly it came to them––could this be the so-called ‘returning to simplicity’?

If a true senior monk were to stand in front of you, you wouldn’t be able to figure out that he was a senior monk; you would feel that he was a completely ordinary monk instead. However, regardless of how the world looked at him, it would not change his status as a senior monk!

This was what it meant to be a real ‘senior’ monk!

For a while, lively and excited discussions ensued among cultivators and practitioners of other systems that didn’t know who Song Shuhang was.

As for those cultivators who knew him, they had long been stunned––among them were those powers who were acquainted and friendly with Song Shuhang such as the ‘scholarly faction’, those of Yu Jiaojiao’s sea race, the disciples of the Chu Family, and the Western monk.

“Mister Tyrannical Saber has already gained enlightenment and ascended to become an Eighth Stage Profound Sage?” Cultivators from the scholarly faction couldn’t believe what they were seeing. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when Mister Tyrannical Saber had been a guest at their scholarly faction’s White Cloud Academy. Although he had been able to save the scholarly faction and the world of the golden lotus, at that time, Mister Tyrannical Saber’s personal strength hadn’t been that impressive.

The disciples of the Chu Family looked at Mister Profound Sage Song with an admiring expression––had Mister Song Shuhang been hiding his strength all this time?

The Western monk pointed at the baldy Song Shuhang in the sky, and told his master Wu Yinzi, “Teacher, in the end, it’s still better if I join the buddhist faction.”

“…” Wu Yinzi.

F*ck! Why did the ‘first Sage in a thousand years’ have to be a buddhist monk? Why couldn’t it be someone from our great daoist faction?!

I really wish that our great daoist faction could also give rise to a Profound Sage! No… one isn’t enough, it would be best if it could churn out two or three Profound Sages in a single go—that would definitely be a slap in the buddhist faction’s face!

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

“Who can tell me what is happening? Why has little friend Shuhang suddenly ascended to the Eighth Stage, showing divinity in front of the masses? Even if he took some ancient wonder drug, it couldn’t possibly bring about such an effect, could it?” Young Master Phoenix Slayer was shocked.

Little friend Song Shuhang’s cheat-like breaking-through speed had shocked the fellow daoists of Nine Provinces Number One Group time and time again. However, Song Shuhang seemed to think that the seniors in Nine Provinces Number One Group weren’t shocked enough, and so he simply activated his strongest cheat, jumping straight into the Eight Stage Realm and even showing divinity in front of the masses. Did he really want to surprise everyone to death?

Island Master Tian Tiankong said, “Heavens, this is unscientific.”

Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei said, “Heavens, this is uncultivation.”

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: “[Picture of a cute puppy].

“[Picture of the head of a dog being furiously rubbed].”

“I have a conjecture… could this fellow who had transcended the tribulation be an ancestor of little friend Song Shuhang? It could someone from ancient times who only broke through now, going through the heavenly tribulation and ascending to the Eighth Stage?” Sun Splitting Halber Guo Da guessed.

Fairy Lychee: “The chances are simply too low!”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: “Perhaps it’s the shady fortune teller passing himself off as Song Shuhang? After getting captured by that senior, maybe the shady fortune teller had a fortuitous encounter and broke through again?”

“Do you think that’s even possible? Copper Trigram had just broken through to the Sixth Stage, so he’d first have to ascend to the Seventh Stage,” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator denied.

At this time, Su Clan’s Sixteen said calmly, “It’s Shuhang, it’s not some other person.”

She was absolutely sure that it was Shuhang—there was no mistaking it.

“It’s indeed little friend Shuhang,” Medicine Master added. Only Shuhang could have that look full of youthfulness. Furthermore, the whole process of ‘showing one’s divinity in front of the masses’ originated from the power of heaven and earth. Even if that shady fortune teller assumed someone else’s appearance while transcending the tribulation, he would still reveal his real face when showing his divinity in front of the masses.

With that said, Medicine Master suddenly looked forward to the moment Immortal Master Copper Trigram ascended to the Eighth Stage.

Fairy Dreamland (Soft Feather) also added, “Mm-hm, it’s undoubtedly Senior Song. You can recognize him at a glance with his current appearance. Otherwise, we can make a bet. I’ll be the banker!”

Miss Soft Feather’s train of thought was truly different from that of the masses.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly: “…”

This daughter of his actually wanted to sit down be the banker. Should he support her…?

Fairy Dongfang Six remained silent. She looked at Demon Monarch Nirvana, who was beside her and was likewise silent. They had a small guess in their hearts, but they planned to wait until little friend Shuhang came back or finished ‘showing his divinity in front of the masses’.

Doudou: “I’ve got one thing to say, but I’m not sure if I should say it.”

The day before yesterday, Song Shuhang told him that he would soon catch up to him. Then, after one day of sleep, Song Shuhang had already reached the Eighth Stage! Catf*cker!

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “…”

“If this is really little friend Shuhang, just what kind of cheat did he use? I can only kneel 🙇‍♂️. Question: How can one directly jump from the Third Stage to the Eight Stage Profound Sage Realm? Please, share the experience!” When the Bright Moon Appears burst into tears.

The scholar’s heart felt so stifled that he wanted to go to the toilet and cry himself to sleep.

At this moment, Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue shouted, “Eh? Wait, there is another change!”

Changes seemed to be taking place in the frame of the ‘divinity show’. The frame shifted from Song Shuhang’s body, moving towards his back.

Indistinctly, people were able to see another figure.

No! It wasn’t one, but three figures!

There were unexpectedly three figures behind little friend Song Shuhang. Since the picture of the ‘divinity show’ had focused on those three figures, could it be that another three Profound Sages had been born?

Boom~ Practitioners from all over the world all burst into excitement.

T-t-this… could it be that Senior Monk ‘Tyrannical Song’ hadn’t been alone during the tribulation, and had collaborated with other three fellow daoists to survive?

Wasn’t this too crazy? The first Sage in a thousand years had unexpectedly worked together with the second, third, and fourth Sages to transcend the tribulation?!

“Could it be Senior White?” The fellow daoists from Nine Provinces immediately guessed.

“None of them looks like Senior White. Moreover, their posture seems to be a little off.” True Monarch Yellow Mountain had sharp eyes, and felt that the posture of the three at the back was rather cowardly.

The frame then gradually zoomed in.


Practitioners all over the world turned silent.

This was mainly due to the posture of the second, third, and fourth Sages in a thousand years.

The frame orderly shifted from one to the other.

The second Sage in a thousand years, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, was wearing a tattered black windbreaker with scars evident on his body. At this moment, he was curled up into a ball, holding his head while squatting down. His body was shaking slightly—it seemed as if he was trembling…

Next up was the third Sage in a thousand years, the seriously injured Eternity. Eternity was rather handsome, and normally speaking, he would be a fitting ‘partner’ in the eyes of most female cultivators. But at this moment, just like Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, he was holding his head while squatting down—a truly cowardly posture.

Finally was the fourth Sage in a thousand years, the Frenzied Strength Imparter—Daoist Priest Horizon. He was in an even more cowardly posture, with him in an ‘orz’ posture, kneeling on the ground.

After they had shown their divinity in front of the masses’, the Sage Seals of the trio began condensing.

Due to the three of them being unconscious, which made them unable to choose their Sage Seal, the principles of heaven and earth directly used their daoist names to create the Sage Seals.

The second Sage in a thousand years—[Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman].

The third Sage in a thousand years—[Eternity].

The fourth Sage in a thousand years—[Horizon].

These three were all clearly from the daoist faction.

Unlike the domineering bearing of ‘Senior Monk Tyrannical Song’—which caused every buddhist cultivator in the world to chant the name of Buddha—daoist cultivators from all over the world felt their hearts become stifled when they saw this scene.

There seemed to be something blocked in their hearts, making the air they breathed congested and hot––these three Profound Sages from the daoist faction were simply too cowardly.

Wu Yinzi cried out, “F*ck!”

He had just made a wish for two or three daoist Profound Sages to be churned out so that they could slap the face of the buddhist faction, but he hadn’t expected that his wish would be fulfilled this quickly. However, when the wish was fulfilled, it made his heart feel pained.

“I suddenly don’t know what to say. I’ve only got this feeling of wanting to burst into tears.”

“The Frenzied Strength Imparter, Horizon! Did he actually become a Profound Sage?” Many people recognized the Frenzied Strength Imparter ‘Horizon’, and they all seemed unable to believe what they were seeing.

“The posture of those three Profound Sages from the daoist faction… is it some special posture to transcend the tribulation?” Some people were trying to forcefully whitewash the three Profound Sages from the daoist faction.

“Perhaps it’s a three-in-one formation that can bring about immeasurable power, which then allowed them to survive the group tribulation!” some people immediately said.

The corners of the mouth of a veteran daoist Profound Sage living in seclusion twitched. “Oh great immortals, these three cowards are simply losing the face of us daoists!”

The disciples in Eternity’s family rubbed their eyes, especially that simple-looking man. “F*ck. Did I mistook him for someone else, or has the young master become an Eighth Stage Profound Sage?”

The people in Horizon’s sect were even more stunned. They knew the strength of Elder Horizon better than anyone else. How did their elder suddenly become a Sage?

After the frame of the ‘divinity show’ swept the three people, it then zoomed out, showing everyone.

[Dignified Empress] floated high.

On the left side was a coward holding his head and squatting down, [Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman].

In the middle was [Song Shuhang], standing straight.

On the right side was another coward holding his head and squatting down, [Eternity].

At the back, still in an ‘orz’ posture, [Horizon].

This frame was simply too beautiful, more than one could take.

Fairy Dongfang Six and Demon Monarch Nirvana glanced at one another. Demon Monarch Nirvana then flipped open a small book, and silently wrote a few words: ❮Thoughts on the possibility to transcend the tribulation as a group❯.

Meanwhile, in the Limitless Demon Sect.

Young Master Hai’s eyes widened, and blood spewed out of his mouth as his complexion paled.

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