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Chapter 1028: The first Sage in a thousand years—Tyrannical Song

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Regardless of their system, age, or strength… cultivators, ancient witches, deities, ancient wizards, ancient sorcerers—in short, all kinds of practitioners—felt a disturbance in the Force.

Newcomers that had just come into contact with the world of cultivation or those loose cultivators that were lacking in knowledge might not understand what was happening, but the majority of the cultivators who had proper knowledge immediately realized what had happened.

Someone had just become an Eighth Stage Profound Sage!

For nearly a thousand years, no cultivator or practitioner from other systems had been able to reach the Eight Stage Realm. However, someone finally stepped past the Seventh Stage today, becoming the first person in a thousand years to become an Eighth Stage Profound Sage!

“Who is it? From where does this expert that has ascended to the Eight Stage Profound Sage Realm come from?”

“There wasn’t a sign at all, yet some Venerable suddenly became a Profound Sage, succeeding on top that?”

“Is it one of the Venerables from the scholarly faction that were in seclusion? During this period, the scholarly faction has been making big movements. From what I know, a large number of their disciples recently returned to the general headquarters, and they organized a big demon-hunting event. The scholarly faction might have been preparing the way for that Seventh Stage Venerable in secluded meditation.”

“Could it be Venerable Spirit Butterfly? Many years have passed since news of Venerable Spirit Butterfly only being a step away from the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm had spread. According to my teacher’s guess, Venerable Spirit Butterfly is amongst the ten people with the highest chance to ascend to the Eighth Stage in the entire world of cultivators.”

For some time, all the cultivators and practitioners of other systems fell into heated discussions.

Everyone raised their head to look towards the sky––though this ‘sky’ wasn’t truly the blue sky. No matter where one was, as long as they raised their heads and looked upward, they would be able to feel something within them. It didn’t matter if they were at the bottom of the sea, underground, in a room, or in space.

Nine Provinces Number One Group had also fallen into a wild and heated discussion.

True Monarch Northern River: “F*ck, which senior advanced to the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm? How come I haven’t received any news?” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator was the newsman of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, and even he hadn’t been able to gather any information.

Su Clan’s Seven: “Just as I was preparing to close up, something so explosive happened. @Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, are you the one who ascended?”

Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue: “😧 I don’t know anything either.”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: “Does Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue know any insider information?”

Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue: “😧 I’m really not sure. At this point, let’s just wait for the new Profound Sage to ‘show their divinity in front of the masses’.”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “I just went and asked all the Venerable-rank fellow daoists I know. Besides Venerable White who closed up, none of the other Venerable-level fellow daoists showed any signs of ascending.”

“Heavens, it can’t be that Venerable White broke through again?” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber cried out.

“It shouldn’t be,” Fairy Lychee said. “Although Venerable White said that he could charge towards the Profound Sage Realm at any time, he wasn’t planning to advance to the Profound Sage Realm this quickly. He seems to have his own plans.”

“In that case, who is it? Anyway, after seeing that someone ascended to the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm, I immediately recalled @Scholar Drunken Heaven, ” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said.

When the bright moon appears: “I’ll give you three chances, Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless. Say my daoist name right, and you won’t have to die.”

[Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears] was really jealous at this time.

This was the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm!

Which senior had been lucky enough to ascend?

Also, showing one’s divinity in front of the masses!

After stepping into the Eighth Stage Realm, who wouldn’t know the name of this person? If he could do the same, no one would be able to forget his daoist name ever again.

“Here it is! I want to see clearly which senior has ascended to the Eighth Stage and worship them as soon as possible,” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said.

…He deliberately ignored the threat from Fellow Daoist ‘When the Bright Moon Appears’, acting as if he hadn’t seen anything.

At this moment, all the practitioners across the universe would be able to see a picture as long as they raised their heads.

The first thing to come into their view was an empress wearing a golden imperial robe.

The golden flat imperial hat swayed slightly, the fringe of pearls hanging from it also shook slightly, covering the empress’ eyes, and making it so that people couldn’t see her appearance clearly. The magnificent imperial robe emphasized the boundless dignity of the empress.

This was the new Eighth Stage Profound Sage?

In that instant, the cultivators from all over the universe stared at the empress and engraved her appearance in their minds.

At this moment, countless young and single cultivators found themselves infatuated and in love. They unconsciously fell in love with this dignified empress.

“Which faction is this empress from?”

“Looking at her attire, she seems to be from a very ancient sect or influence.”

At this time, the golden empress in the picture stood at the center of the world. Everyone was talking about her and making guesses as to what her background was.

She had been the first person to ascend to the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm in the past thousand years, and given her imposing manner, she definitely wasn’t an ordinary Eighth Stage Profound Sage.

The Nine Provinces Number One Group suddenly turned silent.

“Well… don’t you guys that ’empress’ somewhat familiar?” Fairy Firefly said.

“Mm-hm,” Fairy Lychee said. It wasn’t as simple as being ‘familiar’.

“Heavens, isn’t that the virtuous lamia embodiment of little friend Shuhang’s golden light of virtue? Could it be that the one who transcended the tribulation and became an Eighth Stage Profound Sage was little friend Song Shuhang’s golden light of virtue?” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber stared with wide eyes.

True Monarch Northern River pondered for a moment, and then said, “Maybe what we are seeing is the main body of the person on which little friend Shuhang’s golden light of virtue is based? It’s possible that little friend Shuhang’s light of virtue merely copied the appearance of the empress.”

“What Northern River said makes sense,” Screenwriter Monk Swallow Cloud said.

They simply couldn’t imagine Song Shuhang’s golden light of virtue suddenly transcending the tribulation and becoming a Profound Sage.

Fairy Dongfang Six: “…”

She felt that the truth might be different from what Northern River had envisioned. Because not too long ago, little friend Song Shuhang, Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman, and several other fellow daoists that were about to face their heavenly tribulation suddenly disappeared. However, she didn’t say anything since she had no proof.

“Strange, why isn’t there any info about this ’empress’ already?” True Monarch Yellow Mountain said.

An Eighth Stage Profound Sage showing their divinity in front of the masses wasn’t as simple as displaying their figure in front of the various cultivators. The ‘daoist name’ or ‘title’ of the Profound Sage would form the ‘Sage Seal’, which would then be displayed in front of everyone.

As soon as the Sage Seal representing their ‘name’ appeared, all the cultivators in the world would be influenced by it for the next year, forced to remember the Profound Sage. After a year, the influence of the Sage Seal would gradually disappear.

Now, the image of the ’empress’ had appeared, but the ‘Sage Seal’ representing her identity had yet to reveal itself.

“The Sage Seal! One day, I, Drunken Moon, shall also show my divinity in front of the masses. I shall make it so that everyone in the world will remember my name ‘Scholar Drunken Moon’,” Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears said.

Just as cultivators all over the world were waiting for the Sage Seal of the empress to appear, the angle of the picture in the void changed.

The frame shifted downward, until it reached and focused on the left sleeve of the empress’ imperial robe.

There, a bright bald head appeared in the frame. The bald head was exceedingly shiny, reflecting the golden light and blinding everyone’s eyes!

Was it possible that the ’empress’ wasn’t the Profound Sage? With the real Profound Sage being that baldy with a big shiny head?

“Merciful Buddha!” At this moment, buddhist cultivators joined their palms together, chanting the name of Buddha.

After seeing that shiny bald head along with the glittering ’empress’, buddhist cultivators came to a realization.

A compassionate and wise senior monk had transcended the tribulation, becoming a Profound Sage!

That glittering empress was none other than the materialized version of this senior monk’s ‘golden light of virtue’.

To condense ‘golden light of virtue’ of this level, this senior monk had definitely gone through myriads of tribulations, gotten rid of his selfish desires, and ferried the souls of billions of people.

“Merciful Buddha!”

“Merciful Buddha!”

“Merciful Buddha!”

Buddhist monks all over the world gazed at that ‘senior monk’ in the sky with solemn faces, chanting the name of Buddha and engraving the picture in their minds.

There were also some young buddhist disciples who couldn’t help but feel pride well up within them—’Look, the new Profound Sage is a senior monk of our buddhist faction!’

Moreover, it was a senior monk with great compassion and integrity.

Our buddhist faction is the greatest, and even the first Profound Sage in a thousand years is ours!

Just as the bald head appeared, ‘characters’ also started condensing in midair.

“It’s the Sage Seal! The Sage Seal is about to appear!”

“The one that transcended the tribulation this time was unexpectedly a senior monk from the buddhist faction. It’s just that his entire head is engulfed in golden light of virtue. When would we be able to see his appearance?”

“Once the Sage Seal appears, the face of the senior monk will be revealed. To be able to condense such an incredible golden light of virtue, truly admirable!”

Besides the practitioners from the world of cultivators, the practitioners from other systems were also talking about the first Sage in a thousand years in their own language.

The Sage Seal transformed into a series of brilliant characters, but it kept changing.

According to the records, when an Eight Stage Profound Sage showed their divinity in front of the masses, the Sage Seal would be directly branded onto the void. No one had ever heard of a constantly changing Sage Seal.

Exactly what you would expect from the ‘first Sage in a thousand years’. He was definitely out of the ordinary.

The Sage Seal was constantly changing. Vaguely, the cultivators of the entire universe were able to see the words ‘Tyrannical, Song, Armor, Book, Whale, Saber, Path, Virtuous’.

Strange, why did a senior monk from the buddhist faction have words such as ‘Tyrannical, Saber, and Armor’ in his Sage Seal? The only word that seemed to fit the image of this senior monk was the word ‘Virtuous’.

After about ten breaths, in the void, the Sage Seal of the first Sage in a thousand years finally condensed.

‘Tyrannical Song’.

The two-word Sage Seal remained suspended in the void, and all the cultivators in the world were influenced by it. Everyone would firmly remember the name ‘Tyrannical Song’ during the next year.

The first Sage in a thousand years, ‘Senior Monk Tyrannical Song’!

In Nine Provinces Number One Group.

“The words ‘Tyrannical Song’ made my heart skip a beat,” Fairy Lychee said.

Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue: “…”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: “When I saw those two words, I immediately thought of little friend Song Shuhang.”

The fellow daoists in the group all fell silent.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “Let’s keep watching.”

In the void, the frame of the ‘divinity show’ continued to shift downwards, and finally the face of ‘Senior Monk Tyrannical Song’ entered the frame.

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