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Chapter 1024: I’ve misjudged you, you cowards!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

After seeing the high-quality puppet squat down and hold its head, Song Shuhang was disheartened. Right after making its appearance, the puppet displayed such a cowardly move… Could it even be trusted?

Even if it had the strength of the Eighth Stage, would it be able to display it with such a cowardly attitude?

At this time, Song Shuhang had started to doubt whether the last method his ‘secret appraisal technique’ had mentioned was truly related to this high-quality puppet.

However, there was no time to think. Another guided missile had just detonated.

“Boom~” The power of the explosion shrouded Song Shuhang’s group of five.

Song Shuhang felt his skin ache slightly, and the deep wound on his back, the one the secret appraisal technique had left behind, almost made him pass out.

While facing the incoming explosion, that high-quality puppet that Song Shuhang had great expectations of maintained its previous posture, not moving in the slightest…

Song Shuhang was in despair.

There was no hope.

This situation was truly hopeless.

From the looks of it, he could only rely on that 20% probability of survival that the ‘life talisman’ offered. Whether he would die or live was now God’s will.

“Boom, boom, boom~”

When that missile detonated, the ten or so guided missiles right behind it also exploded.

“I’m dead, I’m dead~” The old man copied the posture of the ‘high-quality puppet’ and squatted down, putting his hands on his head.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman had a firm expression on his face, and he held all sorts of talismans in his hands. He, too, owed a magical treasure similar to the life talisman which could allow him to come back to life. However, similarly to Song Shuhang’s case, whether this method would work was up to God’s will. Before dying, he had to give his all and fight!

As before, Daoist Priest Horizon kept his hands behind his back. There was a gentle expression in his eyes, just as though he didn’t care whether he would live or die. If he could maintain this state of mind, there was hope for him to advance to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm in the future.

Eternity, the young Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor, silently fixed his clothes. Then, he tightly grasped his two swords. He didn’t have any resurrection method, but even if he were to die, he would die standing.

The guided missiles detonated with all their might, and the high-quality puppet maintained its cowardly posture as it was engulfed in flames.

Right behind, Song Shuhang poured all his strength into the third style of the ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯, the ❮Inverted Scale Style❯. He then condensed his ‘Saber Intent Armor’ anew, further strengthening the saber style and getting ready for the final struggle.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman took out all his talismans—defensive ones, supplementary ones, offensive ones, and those with special effects—and activated them.

Daoist Priest Horizon controlled his flying sword and used all the strength he had left to slash out.

Eternity wielded his two swords, only attacking and not defending.

The nameless old man called out pitifully, “Aaaaaah~”

He was in utter despair since he had no defensive methods left. Soon after, the guided missiles and the following tank shells blew up his body to pieces.

The old man was literally blown up to pieces, and his body was then reduced to ashes under the high temperature of the explosions the missiles had generated. It was reduced to ashes only because the strength of his body was at the peak of the Third Stage. Otherwise, he would have evaporated directly.

This time, no one was able to save him.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, Eternity, Song Shuhang, and Daoist Priest Horizon were all struggling to survive, and death was closing in on them…

Aside from the lightning of tribulation, the guided missiles also possessed the power of the fire, metal, and wind of tribulation, as well as the power to generate Inner Demons.

The bodies of those guided missiles were made of fire and metal tribulation. The lightning of tribulation had increased their firepower while the wind of tribulation their speed. As for the tribulation of the Inner Demon, it had increased the intimidating power of the explosions.

This wave of modern heavenly tribulation had fused all the different types of heavenly tribulation into a single body. This was why it had such frightening power.

As if that wasn’t enough, from the second wave, the heavenly tribulation had decided to use AOE attacks. All the members of Song Shuhang’s group of five were being targeted, without any distinction.

The old man was reduced to ashes in a single breath.

The next to fall was Song Shuhang. His ❮Inverted Scale Style❯ was unable to resist the power of the explosion. It crumbled, and the Saber Intent Armor followed immediately after. The counterattack of the Saber Intent Armor was likewise useless, because the armor was destroyed before it could even launch it.

After losing the protection of the ❮Inverted Scale Style❯ and the Saber Intent Armor, Song Shuhang’s body was engulfed in the explosions, getting bruised and lacerated.

Then, he gazed at that high-quality puppet, which was still squatting down and holding its head.

He hadn’t expected that this puppet would turn out to be such an embarrassment. Had he known earlier, he would have stuffed the pseudo-eternal furnace core into his silver dragon puppet. With a core of the Eighth Stage, the silver dragon puppet could have perhaps resisted a little.

Today, his luck had been truly shiet! Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and tried to mobilize his saber intent to condense the Saber Intent Armor once more.

At this time, just as though it had sensed Song Shuhang’s thoughts, the high-quality puppet, who had been squatting down up until now, suddenly shivered.

In the next moment, it turned its head around and quietly gazed at Song Shuhang.

At this time, Song Shuhang was using the ‘Saber Intent Armor’ and the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ to resist the explosions, but his skin and flesh still ruptured. The hand he was using to hold the saber was charred black, and his hair and eyebrows had been reduced to ashes, revealing a dazzling bald head.

The dazzling bald head and the newly formed light of virtue on his body made him look like a senior monk.

The orange light in the eyes of the puppet shone slightly. Soon after, it stretched out its hand and took off its face.

The hideous face was really moved aside a little. From the looks of it, the hideous face was actually a mask.

After the mask was moved aside, half of the exquisite little face of the ‘high-quality puppet’ was revealed.

Since it was a puppet, its small face was expressionless.

Next, the puppet returned to its previous posture, squatting down and holding its head.

But this time, a weak layer of light spread from its body, quietly wrapping around Song Shuhang.

Soon after, the light spread all around Song Shuhang, wrapping around Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, Horizon, and Eternity.

The weak layer of light wasn’t a barrier. Moreover, it’s color was too pale, and it was hardly visible under the light of the dazzling heavenly tribulation.

Except for the layer shrouding Song Shuhang’s body, the one shrouding Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman and the others had a very low defensive power, and it couldn’t completely ward off the damage of the heavenly tribulation.

Therefore, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman and the others hadn’t immediately discovered this layer of light.

Around one breath later…

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman fell. He had resisted against the power of the missiles for three breaths altogether.

Actually, given his strength of the peak Fourth Stage, the fact that he had resisted for three breaths against these guided missiles with the strength of the Seventh+ Stage was already a miracle.

At this time, there were close to 100 wounds of varying sizes all over his body, and his cool black windbreaker had been torn to pieces; he was soaked in blood. In addition, all the true qi in his body was exhausted, and over 90% of his meridians had been damaged.

Everything before Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman’s eyes went black.

It’s over, he thought to himself.

The figures of several fairy maidens appeared before his eyes. Each of those fairy maidens had their own unique characteristics and charm.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman really liked these fairy maidens. Actually, although he said he had a ‘crush’ on them, he just appreciated them at the end of the day.
The fairy maidens underwent myriad changes before his eyes.

It was said that when a person was about to die, their life would quickly replay before their eyes, but what appeared before Seven Lives Talisman’s eyes were everchanging fairy maidens…

As expected, I’m truly hopeless, huh? Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman forced a smile and passed out.

When Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman fainted, the pale layer of light around his body shone.

Then, the body of the unconscious Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman slowly but firmly squatted down, placed his shivering hands on his head and assuming the same posture as the puppet.

After that, the light on Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman’s body seemingly used Song Shuhang as a relay station and resonated with that ‘high-quality puppet’.

After Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman had squatted down and held his head, his body swayed alongside the impact of the explosions.

The guided missiles were continually exploding beside him, and the tank shells hitting his body nonstop, but Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman wasn’t injured in the slightest.

No matter how hurt he was, he would never give up!

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman disconnected and entered into spectator mode.

Soon after Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman fell, it was Eternity’s turn. He who had discarded defense and decided to bravely fight the heavenly tribulation head on was now in a situation a hundred times worse than Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman’s.

His arms were twisted beyond recognition, and both his treasured sword had been destroyed. There was a total of 17 holes in his body at this time. If an ordinary person had suffered these injuries, they would have died without a doubt.

“Ahahaha, wonderful!” Eternity shouted loudly. Then, he lost consciousness while he was still standing.

He would rather die standing than survive kneeling down.

However, Eternity hadn’t expected that his body would shamefully squat down after he had passed out. He unexpectedly revealed such a cowardly posture while facing the merciless heavenly tribulation. He had curled up into a ball after holding his head.

Then, just like Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, he disconnected and entered into spectator mode.

He, too, started to sway left and right under the explosive attack of the guided missiles and tank shells.

“F*ck, what is happening?” Right before dying, the severely injured Daoist Priest Horizon decided to take a look at Seven Lives Talisman and Eternity, who were transcending the tribulation alongside him, and see if they were still alive.

But when he turned his head around, he saw that Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman and Eternity had displayed extremely embarrassing postures; they were holding their heads and squatting down. Moreover, they were continually swaying, were they trembling…?

Daoist Priest Horizon was enraged.

Damn, I have truly misjudged you guys. I thought you were unyielding characters who would rather die standing than survive kneeling down!

I didn’t expect that you were such cowards!

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, the half-dead Daoist Priest Horizon also lost consciousness…

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