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Chapter 1020: Profound Sage level treatment!

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Song Shuhang, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, Horizon, Demon Monarch Nirvana, and Fairy Dongfang Six used their strongest attacks, resulting in the upper and lower body of that cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley being crushed on the spot.

However, even with the body completely crushed, the ‘heavenly tribulation’ in the sky did not stop, and continued to condense.

“The heavenly tribulation didn’t disperse?” Fairy Dongfang Six looked up towards the sky.

Horizon said, “This guy still isn’t dead! F*ck!”

Just what kind of creature had that guy been modified into? He’d already been crushed thoroughly but had yet to die?

“His core is still fine, and it’s definitely hidden somewhere nearby. When this guy came to us, he apparently did not bring his core with him. Therefore, even if we smashed the puppetized body into pieces, he didn’t die completely. Since he isn’t dead, the heavenly tribulation won’t disperse, either.” The color of Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman’s face turned ugly.

This fellow who was only at the Second Stage dared come to them and attract the heavenly tribulation… as expected, he had prepared beforehand. That puppet core should be hidden nearby as the heavenly tribulation would only form above them if it was close. If they were given some time, looking for the puppet core shouldn’t have been a difficult matter.

However, the thing they lacked the most right now was time.

The heavenly tribulation above their heads wouldn’t wait for anyone!

The heavenly tribulation of that cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley would end up attracting the heavenly tribulations of Song Shuhang and the others as well. The true qi and spiritual energy of the five people were boiling uncontrollably, and finally erupted like crazy, instantly attracting their own tribulation lightning.

Things progressed too quickly. In the blink of an eye, the five people felt that they had already been locked onto by their ‘heavenly tribulation’.

“Shiet! Quickly get rid of that old man to reduce the power of the heavenly tribulation!” Horizon stared at the ‘old man’. He knew that this ‘old man’ wasn’t part of their group. Just a while back, the old man had said that he would attract the heavenly tribulation to end all of them. Now, facing the 5+1 heavenly tribulation, it could at least become a 4+1 heavenly tribulation if they were to kill the old man, reducing the power of the tribulation.

“This old man isn’t a part of your group? Then why didn’t you kill him earlier on? You guys are really seeking death.” Demon Monarch Nirvana gritted his teeth, and said, “It’s already too late, the 5+1 heavenly tribulation has already formed! It would be of no use to kill the old man now. Just let him live and have him carry some of the burden from the heavenly tribulation.”

“Boom…” In an instant, Song Shuhang and the others’ heavenly tribulation had taken shape in the sky.

The entire sky above Jiangnan University Town had been filled with thunderstorms! The only thing visible in the sky to the naked eye was lightning.

“My God, just how big is this heavenly tribulation?” Daoist Priest Horizon stared in shock. The scope of this heavenly tribulation simply defied the rules of cultivation.

At this moment, Song Shuhang suddenly called out loudly, “Seniors, don’t resist, just cooperate with me!”

In the next moment, Song Shuhang, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, Horizon, Eternity suddenly disappeared.

If not now, when would they leave?

This heavenly tribulation was simply too terrifying, so there was simply no other choice besides seeing if the Inner World would be able to cut off the heavenly tribulation’s power.

If it could, then everyone would be happy.

If it couldn’t, then all of them could only wait for their deaths!

“Rumble!” In the sky above Jiangnan University Town, a streak of lightning split the sky, looking like a snake made of electricity dancing in the air. Loud sounds of thunder continued to echo.

The first rumble of thunder came from the heavenly tribulation that the puppetized cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley had attracted.

It was early in the morning, and people that had been sleeping soundly were startled awake by the loud sounds of thunder.

“Damn, the weather forecast is actually this bad? Didn’t they just say that the whole week would be sunny? Why is there suddenly a thunderstorm, then?” Many people were awoken by the sound of thunder that continued to ring out.

Moreover, the sound of thunder was simply too concentrated, akin to firecrackers exploding right next to one’s ear. The rumbling had not ceased ever since it began.

Many people had noticed the strangeness of the lightning in the sky––the lightning seemed to have all gathered in a small area. The number of thunderbolts in the area was strange yet extremely spectacular.

Moreover, the thundercloud seemed to be at a very low altitude, looking like it could fall to the ground at any moment. There were some that felt an instinctive fear in their hearts when they stared at the thundercloud, truly uncanny.

“In this world, could there possibly be a more terrifying thundercloud than this one?” some people muttered to themselves.

However, they soon realized that there could indeed be an even more terrifying thundercloud that this one…

In the sky, another five thunderclouds varying in size appeared near that thundercloud from before. Then, the six thunderclouds of different sizes all condensed into a single, much larger thundercloud.

It was when the tribulation lightning of Song Shuhang and the four others was attracted.

“Well, shiet.”

The six thunderclouds clumped up together in the sky, making the range of the lightning even larger. Immediately after, people found out that the entire sky had been filled with thunderclouds.

The entire sky was discharging lightning; was this the end of the world?

Some mentally weak people had nearly peed their pants from fear.

But, the number of people who brought out their phones and similar devices and tried to take pictures of the sky filled with lightning was much higher.

However… just as people were preparing to take the photos, the lightning in the sky suddenly disappeared.

The lightning and the thunder instantly vanished as if they had never appeared in the first place.

“F*ck, just what is happening? Could it have been a hallucination?” The faces of the people in the vicinity of Jiangnan University Town all became confused.

This night, many people were definitely going to have a sleepless night.

The heavenly tribulation in the sky had suddenly disappeared because Song Shuhang had activated the ‘Inner World’ just in time, pulling into it the three seniors who were about to face the heavenly tribulation alongside him.

If the Inner World was able to keep off the heavenly tribulation… then the heavenly tribulation from before would be handed over to that puppetized cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley and that old man!

Song Shuhang was a good person, but he wouldn’t bother saving his enemies, either.

However, after the Inner World was activated, Song Shuhang, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, Daoist Priest Horizon, and Eternity didn’t successfully get into it.

Instead, they were transferred into a dark space.

It was a space with no sense of direction, having some similarity to outer space, except it lacked stars and meteors. What it did have was endless lightning. They were surrounded by tribulation lightning from all directions.

Besides Song Shuhang and his group, there was also a fragmented puppet core, glittering faintly.

Also, that old man had also appeared beside Song Shuhang with a confused face.

“F*ck, how did this happen? Where is this place?” Song Shuhang stared with wide eyes––shouldn’t they have been transferred into his Inner World? Could this have happened since they were in the middle of the tribulation?

Moreover, the nameless old man and the puppet core were also with them!

“I also don’t know. Could it be that a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender has transferred us to this place while passing by?” Daoist Priest Horizon asked while frowning.

“It shouldn’t have been a Tribulation Transcender. The spatial fluctuations generated by Tribulation Transcenders are different,” Eternity said. “Furthermore, if it was indeed a Tribulation Transcender, they would have scattered us all over the world.”

Song Shuhang had a bad feeling. He stretched out his hand, and pressed on his chest, stimulating the strength of his Inner World again. The connection with the Inner World was still there. He had already become one with the Inner World, and no one could break the connection between the two of them.

However, the connection between the Inner World and Song Shuhang had become rather distant this time.

Originally, he should have been able to enter the Inner World with a single thought, but now, Song Shuhang felt that it would take his Inner World a very long time to be able to bring all of them in.

To sum it up, the [Instant Teleportation] had become a [Channelled Teleportation].

F*ck, they were truly done for this time.

The nameless old man muttered, “I’m dead, I’m dead…”

“This independent space… I seem to have heard a legend about it,” said Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman. “It is said that when a Seventh Stage Venerable tries to advance to the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm, the might of their heavenly tribulation is too fearsome and has the power to destroy the entire world. Therefore, when Seventh Stage Venerables had to face their heavenly tribulation, they would be pulled into a place called ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm’, where they would eventually face their tribulation. After successfully transcending their heavenly tribulation, they would be instantly ejected from the independent space, and all the cultivators in the world would be able to feel their presence, becoming aware that an Eighth Stage Profound Sage had been born. This is one of the reasons Eighth Stage Profound Sages would ‘show their divinity in front of the masses’.”

“Does that mean that the power of the heavenly tribulation we are going to face has reached the power of the heavenly tribulation of the Eighth Stage?” Eternity said with a bitter expression.

A heavenly tribulation of the Eighth Stage? Did it have to be this exaggerated? Among the 5+1 people who were about to face their heavenly tribulation, one was dealing with the tribulation of the Third Stage, two with the tribulation of the Fourth Stage, one with the tribulation of the Fifth Stage, and two with the tribulation of the Sixth Stage.

The strongest among them were the two peak Fifth Stage Spirit Emperors. With six heavenly tribulations joining together, it was reasonable to say that the strongest this heavenly tribulation could get was 20 times more powerful than an ordinary tribulation of the Sixth Stage…

But now, the heavenly tribulation had become one for ascending to the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm from the Seventh Stage?

Not to mention the people present, even a Seventh Stage Venerable would be done for with this kind of heavenly tribulation.

The nameless old man had a dull expression, and continued mumbling, “I’m dead, I’m dead.”

Song Shuhang bitterly laughed, and said, “Showing divinity in front of the masses? Scholar Drugged Goon might have really liked this ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm!”

“Rumble~~” The radiance of the lightning from all four directions grew brighter and brighter, becoming a sea of lightning surrounding the five people and the puppet core.

It was a real sea of lightning, one that extended as far as the eye could see.

“What do we do?” Horizon gulped. This vast sea of lightning was filled with the destructive power of the heavenly tribulation. When facing this sea of lightning, Horizon felt totally insignificant.

“What else can we do? Prepare for the tribulation. Whatever ability, skills, techniques, and means you’ve got, just bring them out. Is there still any point in hiding anything at this point? If you don’t bring them out, then you’ll end up dead,” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman gravely said.

“Can’t argue with that.” Eternity’s eyes lit up, looking at the vast sea of lightning without fear. He felt a sense of heroism in his heart. He wanted to recite a poem to express his mood… Unfortunately, he hadn’t bought any heroic poems lately, and so he couldn’t recite them anyway.

If he managed to get out of this alive, he definitely had to buy a bundle of heroic poems from the scholarly faction, buying all the copyright as well, just so that he wouldn’t run into any problems like this again.

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