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Chapter 1019: Heavenly tribulation 5 + 1

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Another person had come?

Today was really a mess. It was already very late at night, yet guests came one after another.

However, that voice sounded rather familiar… Shuhang seemed to have heard that especially loud voice just recently.

I remember now, this is Demon Monarch Nirvana’s voice.

Demon Monarch Nirvana’s voice was very distinct. When talking, it felt as though he was ‘roaring’. He liked to study explosives and lived in a place where explosions happened often, so when he talked with other people, he was perhaps apt to shout, with his voice only growing louder and louder as time went by.

“Over here, Senior Nirvana, I’m over here,” Song Shuhang replied.

Demon Monarch Nirvana, who was originally supposed to arrive in the evening of the following day, unexpectedly arrived early. Well, he had really come at the right time!

“Ahaha, I originally said I’d arrive in the evening, but Eternity here took the initiative to look for me, and since he was in the Jiangnan area, it saved me the time I would have wasted to find him. As such, I just came here early in the morning. I didn’t bother you all, did I?” Demon Monarch Nirvana entered the small courtyard with a smile.

Demon Monarch Nirvana was wearing a thick explosion-proof outfit. This outfit was his magical robe, and it suited him really well. After all, his hobby was studying explosives, and so he would be facing the danger of explosions at any moment. Explosion-proof robes could effectively protect him from harm during those explosions.

Behind Demon Monarch Nirvana was a otherworldly man with a delicate and pretty face and a light smile.

“Heavens,” Song Shuhang blurted out when he saw the man.

This man was Eternity, the fellow daoist who’d blocked Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s immortal boat yesterday afternoon to confess to her.

Although this fellow daoist was somewhat dull when it came to love, he was definitely a genius when it came to cultivation. He was a young but already at the peak of the Fifth Stage, and could attract the heavenly tribulation at any moment. As long as he survived the tribulation, he would become a powerhouse of the Sixth Stage True Monarch level. That was to say, this guy was another loose cannon that could explode at any moment.

What kind of evil wind was blowing today? People who would be facing their heavenly tribulation soon came one after the other, all gathering in the same place.

Song Shuhang felt that he was truly done for today.

If his Inner World could cut off the heavenly tribulation, he still had a chance to live. But if it couldn’t… in that case, if someone attracted the heavenly tribulation tonight, all of them who were about to face their heavenly tribulation would be done for.

Demon Monarch Nirvana entered the courtyard, and couldn’t help but blurt out, “WTF!”

Surrounding the house were the formations Medicine Master and Venerable White had set up. They isolated the outside world from the courtyard, so the auras in the courtyard couldn’t be felt from outside.

Now, as soon as Demon Monarch Nirvana entered the courtyard, he saw Song Shuhang, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, Horizon, and the unknown old man—four people who were nearing their tribulation.

Eternity was also stunned, the light smile on his face turning stiff.

“Did you four get together to play mahjong?! Four guys who are about to face their heavenly tribulation actually gathered together in a single place… Are you tired of living or something?” Demon Monarch Nirvana said mockingly. Adding on Eternity whom he had brought, there were now five such people gathered together.

Three people would play Landlord, and four people would play Mahjong… What were five people supposed to play?

Maybe Four-Player Chess? Four people would play the game, and one person would act as the referee. Then after playing chess, all five people would end up killed by the heavenly tribulation!

Song Shuhang responded, “This was all merely an accident.”

Daoist Priest Horizon added, “I came all the way here just to get some soy sauce, I was just preparing to leave. Then, Fellow Daoists, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave first. Everyone, let’s meet again another time.”—Preferably not in the next days! As for the evil energy of the Netherworld, it was no longer a problem. With so many fellow daoists present, the evil energy of the Netherworld would have long been purified.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said, “Ahem, there is just some misunderstanding between this old fellow daoist and me, but the misunderstanding should be cleared up soon. Afterward, this old fellow daoist and I will be taking our leave. After all, it’s too dangerous for a group of people who are soon going to face their heavenly tribulation to gather.”

“Then quickly scatter. Seeing you guys all gathered together isn’t something that my heart can handle,” Demon Monarch Nirvana said. Seeing the five people gathered together, he felt stifled.

After saying that, he looked at Song Shuhang, and said, “Little friend Shuhang, where are you planning on facing your heavenly tribulation? Looking at you, you seem to be brimming with energy, and your heavenly tribulation can come at any moment, right? Time waits for no one, let’s find a place to set up your tribulation-transcending formation. Honestly, it’s pretty rare to see someone like little friend Shuhang, who is diligently practicing even though he is about to face his heavenly tribulation.”

When Song Shuhang heard his words, he burst into tears. “It was all an accident. During the past few days, I carefully controlled my cultivation speed, only trying to temper my constitution and meditate to increase my mental energy. But tonight, two accidents happened one after another, resulting in my cultivation suddenly moving forward by two small steps, almost causing the descent of the heavenly tribulation.”

Demon Monarch Nirvana said, “Those two accidents were truly uncanny. For you to actually come across two fortuitous encounters that ended up increasing your strength just when you were about to face the heavenly tribulation… It really is hard to tell whether your luck is good or bad. If you always had such good luck, then you would progress really quickly. Usually, you would be lucky to have such uncanny accidents happen to you.”

“Ahaha.” Song Shuhang laughed dryly, and then said, “Usually, my luck isn’t this uncanny. It’s a bit worse.”

Indeed, just a bit worse, only a tiny bit.

At this moment, True Monarch White Crane opened its eyes, and said, “Stupid Nirvana, it’s actually you.” Just now, it had its closed since it was adjusting its state.

Demon Monarch Nirvana laughed strangely, and said, “Hehe, perverted crane, it’s you. I couldn’t recognize you at all in your cute female form.”

The two people seemed to know each other.

“Huh?” True Monarch White Crane smiled coldly. “I’m perverted? You’re the one who likes to study explosions.”

“Explosions are merely a hobby. What’s wrong with men who like explosions? As for you, you should quickly find a person you like and get married. Seeing you flip between male and female makes me feel stifled,” Demon Monarch Nirvana said.

While Demon Monarch and True Monarch were having their exchange, and just as Daoist Priest Horizon was bidding his goodbye to everyone, another figure entered the courtyard.

This person was an ordinary cultivator of the Second Stage Realm wearing a black daoist robe.

“Excuse me, is this Mister Song Shuhang’s residence?” the Second Stage cultivator said in a polite voice.

Fairy Dongfang Six looked at the visitor. “Eh? It’s a fellow daoist from Profound Wind Valley!”

The Profound Wind Valley was a pill refining sect with some reputation. They mainly did business with loose cultivators. When loose cultivators wanted a pill refined, they could bring the materials to the Profound Wind Valley to get help in refining the pill. Although the Profound Wind Valley’s pill refining technology couldn’t be compared to larger pill refining sects’, their prices were relatively fair, and so they were very popular among loose cultivators.

However, little friend Song Shuhang didn’t lack medicinal pills, right? Not long ago, after he welcomed True Monarch White, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had given Song Shuhang a big gift which contained robes and medicinal pills. These pills were enough for Song Shuhang to use for more than half a year.

Song Shuhang looked curiously at the Second Stage cultivator. “Who are you? May I know why you are looking for me?”

He didn’t really know any cultivators from the Profound Wind Valley.

The Second Stage cultivator looked at Song Shuhang and gently smiled. “There is no mistaking, you’re indeed Fellow Daoist Song Shuhang.”

“Why is fellow daoist looking for me?” Song Shuhang asked.

The cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley nodded. “Someone entrusted me to give Fellow Daoist a certain thing.”

The cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley stretched out his hand into his clothes and brought out a small box, opening it.

When the small box was opened, a seal placed on the body of the cultivator was removed.

In the blink of an eye, the aura of the cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley rose sharply from average Second Stage Realm to peak Second Stage Realm.

Strong and violent true qi gushed out of his original dantian, dragon tail, dragon claw, dragon body, dragon palm, dragon neck, dragon head, and dragon horn dantian, arousing the power of heaven and earth.

Then, huge clouds began to gather in the sky.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

The cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley still had a gentle smile on his face, and said, “I’ve been entrusted to bring Fellow Daoist Song Shuhang this heavenly tribulation as a gift today.”

Shiet! This motherf*cker—whom Shuhang didn’t even know—just went ahead and brought down the heavenly tribulation for everyone!

At this time, in the courtyard, there were five cultivators who were about to transcend the tribulation. As such, the heavenly tribulation that came down this time was a 5 + 1 heavenly tribulation! At that time, nobody would be able to face such a crazy heavenly tribulation.

“F*ck! You motherf*cking piece of sh*t, f*ck you!” The closest to that cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley was Eternity. After throwing out a powerful curse, he flew toward the cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley, and kicked his waist.

If the cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley was instantly killed, the heavenly tribulation in the sky would disperse as long as it wasn’t formed completely.

Eternity could deal with a trivial Second Stage cultivator in mere seconds.

The cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley didn’t resist, as there was no point in resisting. The opposite party was a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor; moreover, he was at the peak of his realm. He wouldn’t be able to resist even if he tried to.

However, his task had been accomplished.


Eternity’s kick cut the cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley into two pieces.

However… no blood gushed out from the wound that had been cut at the cultivator’s waist. There was only some liquid similar to oil that was flowing out.

“Hehe.” The cultivator from the Profound Wind Valley forced a smile, but his eyes revealed a look of relief, just as though he had been freed.

Song Shuhang saw the other’s wound, and realized in an instant that the guy was someone who had been completely puppetized.

At the same time, he immediately understood who had sent this guy—it should’ve been that puppet master from the forbidden area.

That guy had the ability to puppetize people and create skin puppets from dead cultivators. Moreover, the other party had countless puppet clones; killing one would only result in another appearing. That guy was really someone who would give others a headache.

“Crush it! Otherwise, the puppet won’t die, and will continue to attract the heavenly tribulation,” Fairy Dongfang Six said. At the same time, she unleashed a magical technique.

In the next moment, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, Song Shuhang, Demon Monarch Nirvana, and Daoist Priest Horizon all sent out attacks toward the body of the cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley.

But right at this time, in the sky, the heavenly tribulation of that cultivator of the Profound Wind Valley had finished forming.

When this heavenly tribulation appeared, Song Shuhang and the other four immediately felt a powerful attraction, and their own heavenly tribulation quickly formed.

In the sky, five more clouds of tribulation appeared.

“We’re definitely going to die,” the old man muttered. Now, he was really going to die alongside Seven Lives Talisman!

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