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Chapter 1011: It’s a pleasure to do business with you. This time, we are definitely going to succeed!

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“Did you discover anything?” Demon Monarch Nirvana asked.

“I get the feeling that the current heavenly tribulation is slowly assuming the shape of weapons,” Song Shuhang said. “I’ve seen two heavenly tribulations in the past few days. In the first case, the heavenly tribulation directly condensed into a cannon barrel, starting to fire nonstop. In the second case, the heavenly tribulation also condensed into a long and thin pipe, very similar to a gun barrel.”

“There is such a thing? Wait a moment.” After saying this much, Demon Monarch Nirvana turned around and took out his mobile phone, making a few calls.

During these few calls, Demon Monarch used three different dialects to communicate.

After four consecutive calls, Demon Monarch Nirvana turned around once more, and said, “I contacted two fellow daoists that transcended their tribulation during the last two months, and I also inquired about the situation of their disciples. However, they told me that the heavenly tribulation didn’t give any sign of transforming into weapons. Still, the heavenly tribulation has indeed been acting strange as of late. It seems I’ll have to change the plan a little. I’ll first deal with this biochemical weapon at hand, and then rush to your location. I’ll be there tomorrow at noon at the latest. Dulan, you also stay in the Jiangnan area.” The heavenly tribulation was going to take the shape of weapons? There was nothing more exciting than this!

“Teacher, I have another matter to deal with,” Dulan said. “The smog rocket that True Monarch Pu Xian gave me earlier was accidentally launched. Therefore, I have to go back to take another one.”

“A smog rocket? Pu Xian invented another thorny thing,” Demon Monarch Nirvana said. “Alright, quickly go there and return. Fellow Daoist Song, I’ll leave that item you want to use to carry out the transaction in your care for now. Let’s meet tomorrow evening.”

“Sure, see you tomorrow evening.” Song Shuhang inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. He felt that his heavenly tribulation was getting closer and closer. As such, the earlier he got his hands on those tribulation-transcending formations, the better.

After the conversation between Song Shuhang and Demon Monarch Nirvana came to an end, Dulan put the ancient mirror away. “Fellow Daoist Song, you said that the heavenly tribulation transformed into a cannon barrel… Is that true?”

“It’s absolutely true,” Song Shuhang replied. “In addition, when I was coming over with Immortal Fairy Bie Xue, we met another fellow daoist along the way who was about to transcend his tribulation. His heavenly tribulation also transformed into a long and thin gun barrel. It was completely different from an ordinary wave of the heavenly tribulation.”

“It’s the truth,” Immortal Fairy Bie Xue said, and then also added, “The one about to transcend the tribulation was Eternity. Luckily, he restrained his aura in time, and managed to scatter the heavenly tribulation with the help of that expert at his side.”

“The heavenly tribulation took the shape of a cannon barrel? Heavens, doesn’t this mean that I’m done for?” Daoist Priest Horizon smiled bitterly. Up until now, he had been using the ‘strength imparting method’ to delay his heavenly tribulation.

After preparing for so many years, he already had a set of tribulation-transcending clothes ready.

But if the heavenly tribulation were to change suddenly, there was a chance that his set of clothes might become ineffective…

“Moreover, I suspect that the heavenly tribulation transforming into cannon barrels is just the beginning,” Song Shuhang said. “There is a possibility that the heavenly tribulation will assume even more exaggerated shapes in the future. Aside from cannon barrels, several other modern weapons might make their appearance.”

“Like bombs, guided missiles, machine guns, or even nuclear bombs?” Dulan’s eyes immediately lit up.

“That’s my guess,” Song Shuhang said. The heavenly tribulation in his dream was too scary. Countless firearms had opened fire at him from within the clouds of tribulation.

“Nuclear bombs? Isn’t that too exaggerated?” Daoist Priest Horizon forced a smile. Ordinary Sixth Stage True Monarchs did not dare to meet a nuclear bomb head on.

Song Shuhang said, “If the heavenly tribulation keeps evolving like it has, it’s only a matter of time before nuclear bombs appear.”

After saying this much, he thought about a senior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

The one and only Venerable Nuclear Bomb— ugh, he had been deviated by Senior Thrice Reckless.

Anyway, he recalled Senior Scholar Xian Gong. After drinking the demodragon medicine, his constitution reached an ideal state, and he was now preparing to transcend the heavenly tribulation of the Seventh Stage.

Now then, nuclear bombs weren’t going to appear during Senior Xian Gong’s heavenly tribulation, right? If they really did appear, he would be done for. After all, he had been traumatized by a nuclear bomb in the past.

Should he contact Senior Xian Gong and remind him?

“When the time comes, I’ll closely watch Fellow Daoist Song’s tribulation and see how it goes.” Daoist Priest Horizon sighed.

After saying this much, he seemingly recalled something.

“Wait a moment! Fellow Daoist Song Shuhang, you… you are going to face the heavenly tribulation again?” Daoist Priest Horizon opened his eyes wide.

If he didn’t remember incorrectly, didn’t Song Shuhang transcend his heavenly tribulation when they were at little friend Yu Jiaojiao’s villa during summer vacation?

And as if that wasn’t enough, it was a hard-to-come-by heavenly tribulation with eleven waves.

How long had it been since then? Now, this guy was going to face the tribulation again?

“Ah, that’s why I felt that there is some fate between my heavenly tribulation and Daoist Priest Horizon,” Song Shuhang said. “Each time I have to transcend the tribulation, I end up meeting you.”

Daoist Priest Horizon raised his head and looked at the sky.

Fate your ass!

At this time, in the Pacific Ocean, at a depth of 5000 meters.

This place was filled with sunken ships, equipment to explore the seafloor, and even remains of airplanes. This stretch of sea was an area that ordinary people couldn’t reach. All the things that entered this area would get destroyed by a mysterious power.

In this place in the depths of the sea was a huge sacrificial altar.

The structure of the sacrificial altar resembled a pyramid-shaped flight of stairs, and was a thousand meters long and a thousand meters wide. On the edge were twelve one hundred meters tall pillars that surrounded the sacrificial altar.

At this time, a large number of sea urchin warriors was kneeling all around the sacrificial altar.

Each sea urchin warrior was holding a thick book in its hand, the ❮Sea Urchin Warriors’ 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual—Funeral Oration❯. They knelt on the ground and flipped the pages of the book while reading the text.

Then, next to these sea urchin warriors stood a rough-looking wooden puppet.

Perhaps because it was a puppet, the sea urchin warriors didn’t attack it.

Along with the chant of the sea urchin warriors, a space crack appeared on the altar.

Then, a huge eye appeared on the other side of the space crack.

It was the ‘God’ of the sea urchin warriors, the Sea King.

The huge eye swept the sea urchin warriors. All the sea urchin warriors couldn’t help but shiver, succumbing to the power of the Sea King.

“Hello, Your Majesty Sea King,” the rough-looking wooden puppet said as it stepped forward.

“It’s you again…” The Sea King looked at the wooden puppet. “Alright, what do you want this time? If I don’t remember incorrectly, according to the deal that the two of us made, we still have to cooperate two times. After that, you’ll give me the right leg of the ‘Treasured Crusader Armor’.”

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty Sea King. The Treasured Crusader Armor isn’t something I’m interested in. After the conditions are fulfilled, I’ll hand over that piece to you.” That rough-looking wooden puppet laughed strangely. “This time, I came to visit Your Majesty because I wanted your help to deal with a human cultivator.”

“Speak. I’ll do my best to help you,” the Sea King said in a grave tone.

“This person I want to take care of is someone that Your Majesty also wants to deal with. It’s a man that goes by the name of ‘Tyrannical Saber’. Your Majesty, the ‘silver glove’ you are looking for is in his possession. As for me, I want to retrieve the core of a puppet from him,” the wooden puppet said.

The scene where the Sea King had its silver glove snatched away had been transmitted live through the stream of the ‘Daily Cultivator’. Therefore, all cultivators saw it.

Afterward, the silver glove ended up in Song Shuhang’s hands.

…The person behind this rough-looking wooden puppet was precisely the guy that had tried to obtain the core of the ancestral puppet in the forbidden area.

“Did you discover the whereabouts of that human?” Sea King said gravely.

“Yes, and the best thing is that this person is about to advance from the Third to the Fourth Stage Realm. This is a really good opportunity.” The wooden puppet laughed evilly.

Nothing was easier than dealing with a cultivator that was about to transcend their tribulation.

The huge eye of the Sea King turned around, and then finally said hoarsely, “How do you want me to help you?”

“That Tyrannical Saber guy has another cultivator of the Seventh Stage by his side. I wanted Your Majesty to enter into action and block that Seventh Stage Venerable for me. When the time comes, I’ll dispatch there a ready-to-die cultivator that similarly has to transcend the heavenly tribulation. After approaching Tyrannical Saber, this ready-to-die cultivator will cause the heavenly tribulation to come down, and that Song Shuhang fellow will get reduced to ashes soon after!” the wooden puppet said, full of confidence.

This plan had a high rate of success.

“Seventh Stage Venerable? Hehe.” The Sea King sneered. “Are you sure that it’s a Seventh Stage Venerable, and not a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender?!”

In the past, the Sea King had locked onto the silver glove on Song Shuhang’s hand, and attacked him through the spatial power of the sacrificial altar.

However, just as it revealed its eye, a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender patted it away, giving it a pretty big injury.

“…” The wooden puppet hesitated.

Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender…

It had also thought of this possibility. A few days ago, in the forbidden area, after it managed—with much difficulty—to invite over that gorilla general of the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm, the opposite party was defeated after leading ‘Venerable White’ away.

Sure enough, that Venerable White wasn’t a simple Seventh Stage Venerable. Was it possible that he was a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender in disguise?!

“Therefore, unless you have a method to restrain a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender, I won’t act,” the Sea King said. Only after its strength had fully recovered would it have the confidence to take a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender head on!

“…” The wooden puppet kept silent.

A method to restrain a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender? If he’d had such a method, he would have already gone to fight Song Shuhang, and he wouldn’t be here asking for help!

Was there no other choice but to give up this golden opportunity where Song Shuhang had to transcend the tribulation? Could he do nothing but wait for the opposite party to succeed?

The wooden puppet was unwilling to give up such a good opportunity.

After pondering for a moment, it clenched his teeth, and said, “In that case, let’s change the plan. I only need Your Majesty to dispatch someone that can create an opportunity for me. At that time, my ready-to-die cultivator will interfere with Tyrannical Saber’s heavenly tribulation and cause him to become ashes. After that, I’ll use a method that will allow us to retrieve both the ‘puppet core’ and ‘silver glove’!”

“What kind of opportunity do you need?” the Sea King asked in a grave tone.

“After that Tyrannical Saber fellow starts to transcend his tribulation, attract the attention of that Venerable White, who might be a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender in disguise, for an instant. Just an instant is enough,” the wooden puppet said after clenching its teeth.

The Sea King kept silent.

After a short moment, it said gravely, “The task this time is really dangerous. Therefore, I want the contract between us to be fulfilled once we are done with this job. At that time, I want the right leg of the ‘Treasured Crusader Armor’.”

“Deal,” the wooden puppet replied.

“It’s a pleasure to do business with you,” the Sea King said with a smile.

“Hopefully, we’ll succeed,” the wooden puppet said gravely.

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