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Chapter 1005: A fit of ‘if I feel like closing up, I’ll close up’!

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After heading downstairs with Uncle Zheng De, Song Shuhang saw a bunch of disciples of the Immortal Farming Sect—who were also invisible—guarding some boxes of medicinal herbs. All the medicinal herbs in the boxes seemed to be of good quality. Zheng De had chosen the best ones while carrying out this transaction with Song Shuhang, which showed his sincerity.

Yet, even if Song Shuhang were to take a bath with these medicinal herbs, they wouldn’t have much of an effect on his constitution—it was simply better to drink some ‘demodragon medicine’. However, they were still going to be very effective when it came to his disciples and family members.

“Fellow Daoists of the Immortal Farming Sect, you worked hard,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

At this time, the disciples of the Immortal Farming Sect were looking at Song Shuhang with their eyes wide open. Among them, some had already met with Song Shuhang in the past.

Back then, Song Shuhang had just started cultivating, and got involved in that matter related to Su Clan’s Sixteen, the Immortal Farming Sect, the Moon Saber Sect, and Young Master Hai. As such, he ended up meeting the disciples of the Immortal Farming Sect.

These disciples clearly remembered that Song Shuhang had just stepped on the road of cultivation at that time. He was a real noob, and he had neither opened his Heart Aperture nor completed his ‘Foundation Establishment’.

But now… the young man standing in front of them possessed an incredibly powerful physical body, and each of his actions brought them great pressure. If he wanted, he could easily crush them just by relying on the strength of his body.

Moreover, there was some type of ‘intent’ around his body. Even though he wore a smile on his face, this ‘intent’ hidden deep in his eyes made low-level cultivators unable to look straight at him.

How was this possible? Just half a year ago, he’d been a rookie that hadn’t even completed his ‘Foundation Establishment’, yet now, he was already an expert that the disciples of the Immortal Farming Sect were unable to look in the eye?

Could it be that… this Fellow Daoist Song Shuhang had been pretending to be weak when they met last time?

Yeah, that had to be it.

Just like the main characters in those webnovels that were popular nowadays—they really liked to pretend to be weak even though they had great power!

Just as they were deep in thought, they saw Song Shuhang take out a small purse, loading the huge pile of medicinal herbs into it.

“A cosmos bag?” one of the disciples of the Immortal Farming Sect subconsciously called out.

“It’s not a cosmos bag, but a size-reducing bag,” the nearby Zheng De explained.

Although it wasn’t a space-type treasure like a cosmos bag, this ‘size-reducing purse’ was also a highly sought item that loose cultivators and cultivators from small sects longed for.

Song Shuhang put his ‘size-reducing purse’ away. Revealing one’s wealth wasn’t wise. As such, he decided that it was better not to reveal the spatial bracelet Venerable White had gifted him in front of outsiders. A valuable space-type magical treasure like that might attract the attention of a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

Zheng De and the disciples of the Immortal Farming Sect didn’t immediately leave after delivering the herbs.

Zheng De put on a serious expression, and asked Song Shuhang, “Fellow Daoist Song, I’ve heard that that damned Elder Hai from the Moon Saber Sect has been looking for you to get his revenge after that whole mess, is that right?”

This ‘Elder Hai’ Zheng De was talking about was obviously Young Master Hai from the Limitless Demon Sect.

“Yes.” Song Shuhang nodded.

Although they hadn’t met face-to-face, Young Master Hai had, up until now, conspired against Song Shuhang quite a few times… Still, he had always been the one on the losing end so far.

“Fellow Daoist Song, in that case, are you planning to kill Elder Hai?” Zheng De asked expectantly. Although he was reluctant to admit it, the Immortal Farming Sect didn’t have the power to retaliate against Young Master Hai. Actually, let alone Young Master Hai, they couldn’t even deal with the traitor of the Immortal Farming Sect, Zheng Neng.

But after seeing Song Shuhang, Zheng De had some hope in his heart.

Song Shuhang gazed at the expectant Zheng De, and gently sighed, saying, “Young Master Hai and I can no longer peacefully settle this grudge. We’ll surely battle someday in the future.”

Young Master Hai was a very crafty fellow, and excelled at making use of other people.

Back then, the Moon Saber Sect, Immortal Farming Sect, and even Su Clan’s Seven all fell into his scheme.

However… he was rather unlucky. Although his schemes were really good, he would be the one on the losing end most of the times.

Young Master Hai had collected information on Song Shuhang’s family, and he seemingly wanted to make a move against them. That spider lying in ambush in Song Shuhang’s house, for instance, was very dangerous.

Young Master Hai was trying to break through to the Fifth Stage Realm at this moment. Therefore, he could only rely on puppet clones and subordinates to attack Song Shuhang while he himself was far away. If that guy managed to reach the Fifth Stage, Song Shuhang was sure that he wouldn’t let him off. Of course, he, too, wouldn’t go easy on him if he had the opportunity to get rid of him.

Half a year ago, Song Shuhang hadn’t even opened his Heart Aperture, the first aperture of the First Stage, and Young Master Hai would have needed but a finger to squash him to death.

But now, things were different. Song Shuhang himself had almost reached the Fourth Stage Realm, and was practicing several powerful body tempering cultivation techniques, which strengthened his body beyond the level of his realm.

Other than that, he had Ye Si, the virtuous lamia, the God Slaying Mother-Child Cannon, the Inner World, the invisible saber insect, and the Saber Intent Armor at his disposal. Even if he were to fight Young Master Hai alone, he wouldn’t be afraid.

Even if he couldn’t beat him because Ye Si was absent, Young Master Hai could do nothing to stop him if Song Shuhang decided to run away.

“In that case… Fellow Daoist Song, accept this.” Zheng De took a deep breath, and received a box from a nearby junior brother, handing it to Song Shuhang.

After the box was opened, a seed emitting a seven-colored radiance appeared before their eyes. It definitely wasn’t something ordinary.

“This is a new seed of the ‘Seven Colors Wonder Fruit’, and we want to give it to you, Fellow Daoist Song. If you kill Young Master Hai and Zheng Neng someday in the future, let our Immortal Farming Sect know so that our hatred can be appeased,” Zheng De said, clenching his teeth.

The Immortal Farming Sect was pinning all its hopes on Song Shuhang, and wanted to obtain revenge through him.

Originally, the one most likely to kill Young Master Hai was Seven from the Spirit River Su Clan. However, he was unable to find Young Master Hai’s main body, and could only destroy the branches of the Limitless Demon Sect to vent his anger.

“I’ve mentioned the uses of the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit to Fellow Daoist Song in the past,” Zheng De said.

In the past, he had entrusted Song Shuhang with another seed. The seed was for Su Clan’s Sixteen, and it was an apology on behalf of the Immortal Farming Sect.

Although the effect of the seed wasn’t as good as that of a mature Seven Colors Wonder Fruit, it could still greatly help to deal with the injuries of the heavenly tribulation.

“If you receive some injuries while transcending the heavenly tribulation, you can eat the seed of the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit. It is very useful when it comes to getting rid of the injuries left by the heavenly tribulation and restoring the true qi in one’s body,” Zheng De explained.

“Are you sure you want to give me something this precious?” Song Shuhang said.

“As long as we have our method to cultivate the seeds of the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit, we can keep producing more,” Zheng De said. “We only hope that Fellow Daoist Song will successfully transcend the tribulation and become even stronger.”

“I understand.” Song Shuhang accepted the small box. “I’ll accept this gift, and since I’m about to transcend the heavenly tribulation, it will be of great help to me. If the Immortal Farming Sect needs my help someday in the future, you just have to ask.”

Zheng De smiled and nodded.

The disciples of the Immortal Farming Sect bid farewell to Song Shuhang, and left Jiangnan University Town.

Song Shuhang held the box with the seed of the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit in his hand and thought about the life-preserving ‘life talisman’ that Senior Seven Lives Talisman had just gifted him… For some reason, he started to get nervous.

He recalled the recent events a bit, and felt that his luck had been pretty good as of late…

During this period where his luck was pretty good, he received two ‘life talismans’, and Ye Si suddenly left and went to close up to transcend her own tribulation.

It felt as though something not too good was going to happen soon…

In the meantime…

In Jiangnan University Town’s infirmary.

Venerable White sat in front of Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, and discussed with him how to modify the tribulation-transcending formations for his tribulation of the Fifth Stage.

After Venerable White’s revision, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman’s tribulation-transcending formations were improved even further. This gave him the hope of condensing a core with eight dragon patterns.

Just as they were discussing, Venerable White’s voice got lower and lower, as well as more and more sluggish.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman looked at him in puzzlement.

In the next moment, he saw that Venerable White was distracted.

“Heavens!” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman cautiously supported the distracted Venerable White.

From the looks of it, Venerable White had some sudden inspiration as he was discussing the tribulation-transcending formations of the Fifth Stage with him. Thereupon, he fell into deep thought, and got distracted.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was afraid that this building in Jiangnan University Town, as well as the people inside, would get wiped out if Venerable White were to carelessly stumble onto the ground while distracted. At that time, everyone would question the quality of the materials the university had used.

After he had propped up Venerable White, making him lean against the chair, another incident took place. The distracted Venerable White released his weird charm that had been painstakingly controlled up until now.

In the next moment, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman felt that Senior White was getting more and more dazzling. He attracted his eyes like a magnet, making him unable to move them away.

‘If I could look at Venerable White like this for a lifetime, it would be worth it.’ Such scary thoughts popped up in his mind, and refused to go away.

What was happening? Normally, Venerable White’s charm wouldn’t go out of control when he was distracted…

Was it possible that Senior White had a fit of ‘if I feel like closing up, I’ll close up’?

He wasn’t already in secluded meditation, right?

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman took out his phone, and quietly dialed Song Shuhang’s number.

“Hello. Senior Seven Lives Talisman, is something the matter?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Quickly come to the infirmary. If you are late, we’re done for,” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said. He felt that even his speech was becoming sluggish.

“What happened?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Senior White got distracted… and has possibly closed up.” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman forced himself to move his eyes away.

…Well, perhaps this was the right opportunity to temper one’s will!

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