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Chapter 59.1
Chapter 59 - Part 1

The ones whose eyes were painful were Su TingYun and XiaoBu, ZhanYu was not injured . He urged his large sword to fly towards WuLiang sect, intending to reach WuLiang sect by the time the sun set behind the mountain .

Su TingYun’s eyes had already fully recovered and XiaoBu’s eyes had recovered greatly . They no longer felt painful and were just slightly red . During those days where she wanted to enter WuLiang sect, the ascending heaven steps she had to climb had most of its steps stolen . It looked especially miserable right now .
‘WuLiang sect’s ascending heaven steps actually contain an illusion formation, and places that have formations will need spiritual stones . So those steps that had formations on it were all stolen,’ ZhanYu patiently explained . The tone of his voice contained traces of regret, it was just like he had arrived late and didn’t get the chance to get a step as well .

Ten years in the cultivation world was not considered long, but the change of events made others’ hearts feel general . The once distinguished WuLiang sect had now turned into small talk in the vegetable market .

At the foot of the mountain, there were many cultivators that set up stalls . These people were not as mysterious as Su TingYun thought they would have been . Instead, there were like street peddlers in her previous world, calling out with all their might . Most of them had the strength of refinement stage, yet they willfully advertise their items to the point of being legendary treasures . Immortal treasures, demonic treasures, and all sorts of immortal pills could be found that would make anyone speechless . The treasures lights from some of the treasures were so bright that they were frightening . By just one look at them, you can tell that they were not ordinary items .

‘They are just scamming idiots that have poor eyes of discernment . ’ ZhanYu said . At this moment, he was not carrying his sword and his cultivation once again became ordinary . His appearance was like a warrior holding a weapon and protecting a beauty . It made Su TingYun feel like it has broadened her outlook .

To enter WuLiang sect, the three of them had to pay a spirit stone each to enter after they flew up the ascending mountain steps . This group of traders called themselves Treasure Pavilion, they were the one who had forcefully occupied WuLiang sect .

Treasure Pavilion only dabbles in business, they were amoral . They have nascent soul stage cultivators in garrison and even a pill master that could refine rank seven pills . Although they could not compare to the six super forces, they had many tricks up their sleeves . WuLiang sect was located on top of a spiritual vein . At first, all the parties wanted to snatch them, they had conflicts without end . Only until the Rising Dragon Column appeared did they shift their attention on it and come to a consensus to give this piece of meat to Treasure Pavilion .

Since both righteous and demonic paths had some connections, and including the promised benefits, WuLiang sect had become the temporary base for Treasure Pavilion . They rented out many cultivation caves that were charged based on the concentration of the spiritual energy and managed to collect a large amount of spiritual energy .

Also, those who wanted to enter WuLiang sect to hunt for unlooted treasures that were also allowed, they just had to pay spirit stones . Over the course of time, the entrance fee had decreased and at the end, it ultimately became one low tier spirit stone .

Since day one, Su TingYun has always been broke . Not even a copper coin could be found even if she searched through all her assets . ZhanYu reluctantly dug out two low tier spirit stones . Originally, he wanted XiaoBu to wait outside, but when he thought how messy the background of the people here are, and XiaoBu being only at refinement stage, he reluctantly reached for another spirit stone . His facial expression was very unsightly, it was like someone had killed his loved ones .

They could kill some spiritual beasts and exchange their spiritual crystals for spirit stones . It can’t be that you don’t even have lower tier spirit stones? Su TingYun inwardly felt uncertain, but she still felt grateful towards ZhangYu .

After paying the entrance fee and entering, the original headquarters stationed at the top of WuLiang mountain had been transformed into Treasure Pavilion’s cultivation cave . All the caves were similar in size, row by row they stood upright on top of WuLiang mountain, it looked like the low-rise buildings in her previous world .

The main hall in the centre remained mostly unchanged . It had become the storefront of Treasure Pavilion . Cultivators from Treasure Pavilion were in there cultivating . Heaven Firmament Peak on the left was actually the place with the most resources, so the damage dealt to it was the most severe . One day, the original main hall had turned into ruins overnight . The remaining places also met with the same fate soon, everywhere became a scene of devastation .

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There were rumours that the spiritual spring on Heaven Firmament Peak was produced by an extreme crystal rock that was buried by the supreme elder in his earlier days, and the extreme crystal rock had been dug out by HaoYue sect . This has caused Heaven Firmament Peak to be void of any spiritual energy right now . There was no difference compared to a normal mountain .

On the right, the entire mountain of Heaven Oval Peak had disappeared . The original 品 shape mountain now lacked a 口, in its place appeared a grassland, people could even enter it and take a walk . It was like Heaven Oval Peak had been sliced horizontally by a sword and then the mountain peak was taken away .

Su TingYun and the rest unrestrainedly entered Heaven Firmament Peak, she took quick strides, she was burning with impatience as she went towards the pond . When she reached there, her heart turned cold .

The large tree by the pond had been cut in half by the trunk, it had been dead for many years . The housing beside the tree also no longer existed, and the pond had piled up large amounts of miscellaneous items, a foul smell could be smelled from the sludge . Perhaps there were even dead bodies hidden inside .

Thinking about that, Su TingYun felt nauseous .

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The original environment was fine, but it had turned into slush after being destroyed .

The purple tongue grass who was about to reach the height of a human also disappeared . Although she did not have much hope but in the depths of her heart, Su TingYun wanted a miracle to happen . Nevertheless, when she confirmed that it had definitely disappeared, Su TingYun’s mood instantly turned bad, her morale was low and was despondent . There was not the least bit of happiness on her face .

She was not only looking for the purple tongue grass, she was also looking for Li XinMei’s primordial spirit . She had lived with Li XinMei while they depended on each other for their survival for so many years . Su TingYun felt like she would be nearby, so she used her mental energy to search the surroundings . The result; she came back empty handed .

‘Sigh…… ‘ ZhanYu had a worried expression, the demise of a sect was so brutal .

XiaoBu held his nose, ‘Junior sister, what good scenery is there to look at this smelly pond, let’s go somewhere else . ’ He had already confirmed that Su TingYun would be joining them . If she joined them, she would be master’s newest disciple, wouldn’t that mean that she would be his junior? He would have someone to order around in the days after .

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