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Chapter 57.1
Chapter 57 - part 1

Su TingYun switched into her own body after surfacing . She solemnly kept both the dead skin and Li XinMei’s body together .

Feelings had been cultivated after spending such a long time with Big Bai . Big Bai just turns hostile against anyone and emit tyrannical waves which made Su TingYun tremble in fear, she didn’t genuinely let those grudges let go, and she was just fooling it, currying favours with it, compromising her plans for it .

Su TingYun had once thought, Big Bai had not submitted itself to become her tamed beast . What would she do if she were to bring this savage beast out and could not suppress it and then caused the world to fall into chaos? However, the thought of freedom was too strong, and Big Bai looked so harmless on any typical day . It also wanted to see all the different types of leaves, so Su TingYun had to cooperate with Big Bai and borrow its strength and leave the forbidden horizon together .

Nonetheless, her heart remained anxious .

Until their final farewell, the protection Big Bai had given made her feel its lack of savagery . I was just an animal with some intelligence . Even if it were savage, could it be more savage than the human mind? So what was the reason for sealing it in the forbidden horizon, keeping it locked up for countless years .

E ChangGuang was stuck there for three thousand years .

How many three thousand years has Big Bai been stuck here?

Su TingYun took a deep breath and began thinking of her following plans .

Since Big Bai was sealed in the cliff behind WuLiang sect, would someone know what Big Bai was and why must it be sealed? Her expectations of identifying Big Bai were low as senior E also did not know what Big Bai was .

According to what senior E said, the people in WuLiang sect actually did not know the method of undoing the seal, so who in the world was responsible for sealing Big Bai in the forbidden horizon?

No matter what, Su TingYun felt that she ought to visit WuLiang sect once . Not just for Big Bai, but also to see if XiaoMei’s primordial spirit might have attached itself somewhere on WuLiang sect, and that purple tongue grass .

Nonetheless, going to WuLiang sect would be considered willingly walking into a trap, although her physical body had appeared younger, the people of the cultivation world did not use appearance to determine a person’s identity, also it’s not like her facial features had changed to the point of not being able to tell her appearance . Also, they could even sense her mental energy . Su TingYun did not know what had happened in WuLiang sect during her absence, she only felt that Gu FengYang would not die so easily .

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As for Su LiJiang, thinking about him, Su TingYun felt that he was quite pitiful . She hoped that he could win, regaining his body . However, the chances of Su LiJiang regaining his body were non-existent . That man’s temperament was very warm, just like what supreme elder once said, he indeed was a little irresolute and indecisive .

Besides, his opponent was an old monster that has lived for thousands of years, and Su LiJiang was just a seventy year old youngster . Their maturities were too large .

Ten years had already passed since the unfortunate incident . Unsure about the wellbeing of those old friends, Su TingYun was also concerned about Liu FeiZhou as back then he had once helped her .

Now was not the time to think deeply, putting first things first, she should leave this ocean that was in the middle of nowhere, and try her best to find her bearings . She would consider these things when she nears WuLiang sect .

Su TingYun originally came from the mortal world and arrived at WuLiang sect on a flying treasure . After that, she had not left the Heaven Firmament peak even once . She knew nothing about this world .

Right now, she does not know where the heck she is . If she wanted to go to WuLiang sect, which direction should she go towards? Su TingYun used wind controlling technique to fly into the sky, then extended her mental energy far away to collect information of the vast sea area . Originally she thought she must just fly a certain distance, before she could see the dry land of islands, but unexpectedly, she found many islands that were big and small after looking a short distance . There were also many people!

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Su TingYun concentrated her mental energy . She found out that the islanders’ cultivation were all quite low, so she decided to fly towards that place .

Although it was called a small island, its size was actually around fifty feet . On top of it was a wooden sign that wrote ‘Obliteration Sword Tower . ’ Below the wooden sign sat a black robed middle aged cultivator who had his eyes closed and taking a rest . Standing beside him was a young child that looked seven or eight and was holding a sword that was larger than his body .

The blade did not have any lustre, and did not have the radiance of spiritual energy, it was an ordinary blade .

Having low cultivation, and without any magical treasures, asking for directions from such a person should not be too tough, right?

Just when Su TingYun was about to approach them, she heard the young child shout: ‘Who are you, what are your intentions for coming to our Obliteration Sword Tower?’

Su TingYun hurriedly replied: ‘Little daoist, don’t be paranoid, I just want to ask for directions, if I be so bold to ask, where is this place, and which direction must I go towards WuLiang sect?’

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The little child’s eyes opened wide, ‘This place is called Refinement islands, how could you not know that, and WuLiang sect? WuLiang sect is no more, it now goes by the name Universal Formation Tower . ’

Su TingYun scratched her head and murmured: ‘The last time I wanted to be their disciple but was rejected, I wanted to try again after my cultivation rose into building foundation stage but now you tell me that WuLiang sect is no more?’ After she finished her murmurs, she raised her head and laughed: ‘Little daiost, are you bluffing me?’

The little child coldly snorted and replied: ‘Nonsense, I Bu XingZhi have never told lies! If you don’t believe me, ask my master!’

After he finished speaking, he turned his head towards the black clothed cultivator with a look of expectation, but who would have known that the cultivator did not even bat an eyelid before saying, ‘XiaoBu, don’t stir up trouble . ’

‘Master!’ Bu XingZhi was unhappy, he immediately placed the sword in his hands onto the floor, ‘I’m not helping you carry your sword anymore!’

The moment the sharp end of the sword touched the floor, the black clothed cultivator raised his head and gave a sideways glance . The little child quickly picked it up and held them in his arms . He put a sideways pout and an expression on the verge of crying, ‘Master, I was wrong . ’

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