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Chapter 52.2
Chapter 52- part 2

Su TingYun did not intend to wear the skirt . After keeping the universal pouch, she began using the universal formation eyes to size up this hidden space .

The place Su TingYun is at now is within a concealment formation . The eye of the formation is just below the piece of wrinkled skin . Although it is a concealment formation, every time the beast awakens, E ChangGuang would envelop both of them within her divine kingdom . In other words, even within the concealment formation, there is a chance that the beast will find out .

The rock wall beside them was also a formation . As long as spiritual energy is supplied, you can see the cave the beast is living in . The place she is currently at, really was beside the beast . Unaware of why E ChangGuang would want to hide within plain sight of the beast, she guessed that her thought process was the most dangerous place is the safest place?

Thinking about these issues, Su TingYun’s heart felt heavy .

XiaoMei’s body will be in incredible pain if it cultivates, and if they could not stay away from the beast, the universal formation eyes would not be effective . Su TingYun returned to her own body, and stowed XiaoMei into the jade bracelet, only after that did she consider what to do afterwards .

It was hard to predict whether the beast would leave the cave . How could she avoid it, leaving the forbidden horizon?

AHH this was an impossible task!

Just when Su TingYun was extremely worried, she realised that GuHao had entered the cave once again . This time, GuHao poisonous skin ulcers had popped, his entire face was discharging pus, his body swayed from side to side when he walked, he looked no different from a zombie .

After GuHao appeared, the beast jumped out from the sack of skin . This time, Su TingYun with her sharp eyes discovered that the two leaves on the head of the beast, there was a small black dot .

Could it be, the beast actually got poisoned?

She piously prayed that GuHao could be more impressive, and would fight the beast, causing both of them to be severely injured, and then perish together . Allowing her to leave this place .

That beast seems to be unaware that it had been poisoned, it absorbed the medicinal pills and herbs and furrowed back into the skin, it used the medicinal pills to fill up the piece of shed dead skin, wishing its mother would come back to life .

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If not for E ChangGuang injuring it, and if not for E ChangGuang telling how cruel it was, Su TingYun would have been fooled by its appearance and behaviour .

It was a pity that the sack of dead skin was the same as a shirt that was taken off . Otherwise, if Su TingYun wanted, she could try to possess it, and impersonate the beast’s mother .

After the beast burrowed back in, GuHao started laughing, he originally entertained the thought of subduing that beast, but the reality had told him it was impossible .

That beast wanted him to refine pills, it wished that he could refine pills non-stop . The problem was, how many medicinal herbs could the forbidden horizon contain?

He could not endure it anymore . .

In any case, if there was a chance for him to continue living, he would take it . Yet, as of now, he really couldn’t take it anymore . It’s just that he did not want to die in vain after taking all that torture, he could not die in vain, throwing his life to the hands of a dirty swine .

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There were a finite number of medicinal herbs in the forbidden horizon, the herbs he used previously were ineffective . However, for this batch, he had used his own flesh and blood during refinement, using an advanced step-by-step process to refine .

Every time the beast absorbed the medicinal pills into its body, it would be slowly poisoned . Luckily the beast had low intelligence, it even wanted to save its dead skin . Otherwise, he really could not tolerate it .

The poison within GuHao’s body had begun to set off . He could not hold on any longer . What a shame, he could not see the beast’s demise . He had regrets in his heart . He used his will power to support himself, not letting himself fall over . Suddenly at this moment, he saw a flash of white light shootout, and hear an ear piercing scream within the black skin .

GuHao’s head exploded, his headless corpse fell to the ground with a dong, fresh blood spattered within a few zhang .

The beast is shaped like a ball, when it goes crazy, one could not identify its distinctive features, one can only see a round blob jumping here and there, appearing very wild . A demonic odor invaded the hidden space . This made the blood and qi of Su TingYun who was one wall away churn, her eyes also turned red .

She became short of breath, her body condensed a cruel air, which means her heart felt irritated, she felt like venting it all out . Accurately speaking, she wanted to kill!

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At the perfect timing, the ring on Su TingYun’s finger gave off a cool and refreshing feeling once again, calming her down, and breath to steady, her back also perspired a layer of sweat .

Before Su TingYun could heave a sigh of relief, Su TingYun felt herself get into more trouble .

The beast literally does not have eyes, but why is my instinct telling me that the beast is looking towards this hidden space .

It seemed to have caught her scent! Su TingYun’s sweated rivers, her palms turned cold . At this moment, she was silently saying her prayers, this beast, even the tribulation transcendent E ChangGuang was not her match .

Rather, lady luck did not smile at her today .

The next moment, the beast charged right into Su TingYun, the hidden space cracked, its white dumpling pounded into her face .

Su TingYun: ‘……’

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