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Chapter 6: Shameless People

TL’s Note: En, this ‘event’ spans 3 chapters.  I’m trying to get the unedited translations up as fast as possible.

A month passed by quickly and the time for the Federation to issue the official inheritance notice came.

During this month of time, Ling Lan didn't do anything else other than eating and sleeping.  Of course the sleep was, in fact, Ling Lan entering cultivation.

However, Ling Lan learned how to be clever.  For meal times, she told Xiao Si¹ to wake her up with scary noises.  She didn't want to cultivate for too long and then get taken to the hospital where her secret would be revealed before finally the two of them turning into a lab rat each.

Are you asking who is Xiao Si?  Isn't that just the self-proclaimed mecha learning machine kid?

Half a month ago under his2 guidance, after spending ten days of research and practice, Ling Lan finally successfully condensed her mind into a spiritual network to explore her brain.  In her mind, she finally came in contact with the machine's origin.  Connecting to it, she turned on the learning machine's virtual study space.  The next time she connected, it won't be as difficult.  All she would have to do was mentally think 'Connect to the Virtual Study Space', her consciousness could enter.

Ling Lan still remembered that when she first saw Xiao Si's virtual image, she almost spat out blood.  In truth, Xiao Si's exterior was very well done; wearing a pure and innocent smile, he looked only three or four.  He was very adorable and just looking at him refreshed Ling Lan and made her heart happy.

But the bad part was, this little guy was too excited.  He went as far as to run over completely naked and wildly twist his butt to express his happy mood.

So, thus Xiao Si suffered.  He immediately fell into her hands and with a pilipala noise, received countless palm marks on that smooth and flexible PP3.

Ya de, why did he reveal his JJ4 for her to see?  Even though the JJ was small to the point of almost being negligible, a small JJ was still a JJ wasn't it?  She was still a virgin!

Although Ling Lan felt better, the kid became mad.  He angrily flashed into the depths of the space, refusing to come out in protest.

At first, Ling Lan didn't put much thought into it.  However, after two days the situation didn't improve.  Ling Lan was at wit's end.

This was not a solution, ah.  She had to rely on this little guy to help wake up.  Unable to find another solution, Ling Lan could only coax the little guy to return and then negotiate with him.  After she promised that she would no longer commit that kind of physical abuse, the kid finally started smiling happily.

The two of them started talking again.  Ling Lan nicely asked what she should call him when the little guy annoyed Ling Lan again.

This little brat, dare claim that he's Siye5…he hadn't even grown a single hair and dare tell this sister to call him Siye?

Despite her commitment to not use domestic violence, Ling Lan had other ways to subdue this lacking in reality child.  Under her nonstop use of argumentative logic, pathos, ethos bombardment, the little guy finally agreed to be called Xiao Si.

Victory!  For once, Ling Lan felt proud.

Afterwards, out of curiosity, she asked Xiao Si why he wanted her to call him Siye.  His answer rendered her speechless.

Xiao Si said, back on Earth, Siye was a popular name on the internet, TV, and books.  His number had so many fours in it, if he wasn't called Siye, then what could he be called?

Ling Lan felt that she made a mistake; to be preoccupied in trivial matters by a machine, she really lowered her standards.

Ling Lan successfully established a connection with Xiao Si and could now freely enter the Study Space in her consciousness.  Not only that, throughout the month via her mother's and the steward Ling Qin's sporadic conversations, she learned that the father of her current life had already been sacrificed on the battlefield.  And now, in order to inherit her father's military inheritance, she had to become a male.

This made Ling Lan sigh.  Gender discrimination was everywhere, even in her past world with gender equality.  Now many years later in the interstellar era, the existence of discrimination still could not end.

The Ling Lan right now still did not know what military honor and inheritance meant.  Of course, she could have Xiao Si go online to check, but she still didn't understand this era.  Under the mentality of safety first, she stopped the restless Xiao Si.  She patiently waited to grow more – waited for an opportunity to understand the world.

Ling Lan was a person who could endure.

Otherwise in the past she would not have been able to endure that kind of inhuman pain for more than 20 years.  This patience was much stronger than the average person.

Originally, she would become anxious over the two year time limit set by Xiao si.  However, Xao Si found out with his research that the body cultivation formula was an excellent way to improve the body's physique.  Xiao Si told her that even if she didn't do anything, just by practicing ten hours a day, she could definitely resolve the crisis in two years.

Thus, now that she had more time, she was no longer anxious.  She was still small and she didn't want to be a genius.  Growing bit by bit was the safest way.  Ling Lan clearly understood the truth of the phrase "The tree above the forest, will be destroyed by the wind"6.

Being able to live freely is the most important!

Quickly, the time for the Federation to officially issue the inheritance came.  Today, Ling Lan could obviously feel her mother's feelings of unbearable grief.  She understood that once the documents were received, it officially announced that her father, Ling Xiao, was dead.  Her mother could not continue deceiving people.

This morning, Ling Lan felt that the normally quiet home was a little noisy.  However, Ling Lan stayed in the room and didn't know what was going on outside.

Not long after, she was carried out by the servant and taken downstairs.  Ling Lan saw the roof of gorgeous lamps and swept over a few towering pillars.

En7, authentication complete.  With such a grandly atmospheric lobby, this home's status was very high.

Before Ling Lan could see more, she was transferred to her mother's arms.  Originally the angry and grieving Lan Luo Feng, upon seeing the curious Ling Lan, felt her mood lighten immediately.  Fortunately, Ling Xiao left her such a precious treasure, giving her the strength to fight with these greedy villains.

She pinched her daughter's little hand and declared faintly: "This is the son of Ling Xiao, Ling Lan!  Only he can inherit everything from Ling Xiao."

At this time, an old and ruthless voice sounded:  "We must allow Ling Xiao's sacrifice to have value.  We do not deny Young Master Lan's qualifications to inherit; we just hope that the Ling clan will choose the best child to receive Major General Ling Xiao's inheritance and take up his responsibilities."

Lan Luofeng's sharp gaze swept the old man who spoke.  Despite being around 70 years old, his figure was strong and straight.  He was the Ling clan family branch elder, Ling Suren.  Even when Ling Xiao was alive, he still had to politely call him uncle.  He was also a part of the faction in the branch that opposed Ling Lan's qualification to inheritance.

Ling Lan became aware that because of those words, Lan Luofeng's chest began to tremble violently, as if holding back the anger in her heart.

Yeah, she had never seen such a shameless person.  According to these words, the son couldn't even inherit his father's military benefits.  Then what was the meaning of those soldiers desperately fighting for their country then?  Was it just meant for others to bully their orphans and widows when they died?

Ling Lan pulled her mother's fingers, her mouth starting to make yiyi ahah noises.

Ya de, she was still to small.  Otherwise she would have spit directly on that man – let him be so shameless.

Translated by somnious; unedited

¹ 小四 : It just means ‘little or small four’.

2 Originally, the pronoun that's used for Xiao Si was '它' (neutral pronoun for inanimate objects and animals).  However, minus the first time in this chapter, the author swapped it all with '他', which is kind of the overarching general pronoun (they/them) as well as for males.  There's a female specific pronoun '她' too, and is often used to denote females mainly (although you can use the neutral one too).  The differences only appear when written down due to the fact that they all sound the same.

3 PP is a shorthand of 'pipi', which is Chinese for butt.

4 JJ is similarly a shorthand for that (elephant) part; initially I wanted to translate PP as butt, but then the author used JJ so i thought for comedic effect and continuity to just go with PP and JJ

5 "四爷" (Sì yé) : Literally translated as 'fourth master', but I think there's a specific reference for it.

6 "木秀于林,风必摧之" (Mù xiù yú lín, fēng bì cuī zhī) : The tree that stands above the rest of the forest will be destroyed by the wind.  It is a metaphor for talented and/or outstanding individuals will be destroyed by jealousy, fear, etc..  Basically Ling Lan doesn't want to stand out and become a target and trying her best to stay low.

7 En is the actual sound and it sounds cute so I kept it.

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