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Chapter 28:  The Ten Children's Information.

Ling Lan suppressed the excitement in her heart and quietly asked Han Jijun:  "What are the requirements to become a qualified soldier?"

Han Jijun felt it was very strange for Ling Lan to suddenly ask this question, but still replied:  "A heart full of passion and loyalty dedicated to the Huaxia Federation.  Must have sincerity and and friendship, trust and love for one's comrades-in-arms…"  Han Jijun recited the oath spoken by a soldier after putting on uniform to the nation's flag.  It included the requirements to become a qualified soldier.

With Han Jijun's recitation, Ling Lan's eyes shone brighter and brighter.  She continued to ask:  "Then what is the Scout Academy?"

"The cradle that trains qualified soldiers."  Han Jijun said without hesitation.

Ling Lan's smile became dazzling:  "Then we cannot abandon our friendship, trust, and love of our comrades-in-arms."

This started Han Jijun, his eyes becoming clear.  He understood Ling Lan's implication.

"Qilong, Luo Lang, give Han Xuya and Luo Chao a hand."  Han Jijun suddenly shouted at the two boys in front.

"Ah…"  Qilong almost stumbled.  Why did he have to help the two hindering little girls?

"I'll explain it to you guys once we're done with the exam."  Although Han Jijun recognized Ling Lan's deduction, he still didn't want to delay their speed.  Thus he didn't explain anything to Qilong and Luo Lang.

Qilong, of course, wouldn't not listen.  He began to slow down, falling from the front to the back.  Luo Lang hesitated for a moment before following Qilong and slowed down too, also falling behind.  One of the two girls who needed help was his blood sister.  In contrast, Qilong had nothing to do with these two girls.

Correct – although Luo Lang wanted to beat Qilong for once, he didn't want to win in this way.  The proud Luo Lang couldn't accept such a shameful victory.  

To be honest, in physical quality, Qilong and Luo Lang were the best out of the ten (Ling Lan has the blessing of a gold finger and cannot be counted).  Even though they were encumbered, their speed didn't slow down by that much.  Soon they advanced side by side, becoming the first two once again.

In a monitoring room, the officer that had just switched the screen to room 72 couldn't help but shout in surprise.  Each surveillance officer was responsible for ten rooms, every minute the monitor would switch onto the next room, monitoring them all in a ten minute rotation.  This time, it landed on room 72 again.

The neighboring officer that was staring at his own monitor when heard his comrade's exclamation couldn't help but curiously glance over.  Upon seeing the monitor's situation, he too couldn't help but cry out in surprise:  "Huh, interesting!”

Their cries attracted the attention of the lieutenant responsible for managing the whole surveillance room.  He coldly walked over and asked:  "What happened?  Why did you violate the command to remain quiet?"

"Reporting to lieutenant, we've found good seedlings."  The two officers hurried to salute and report.  Their tones didn't carry any guilt, but rather sounded very confident.  They had protection from the higher ups2 due to the military's other order – soldiers had to immediately report the discovery of excellent seeds.  Wasn't what they were doing right now just following orders?

Upon hearing this, the lieutenant's cold expression loosened a little.  He looked at the screen; just one glance suddenly made his expression jump.  It seemed that what was on the monitor was very shocking to him.

The two officers glanced at each other, their gazes containing satisfaction as well as the rejoice of survivors that escaped disaster.  Those kids really TMD2 gave effort during crucial moments.

Unfortunately the screen didn't give effort.  The lieutenant only had the chance to watch a little bit before it switched to the next room.

"Xiao Wu, immediately switch it back."  The lieutenant ordered the officer.  

"Yes sir!"  Officer Xiao Wu was the soldier that was responsible for monitoring Ling Lan's group.  He quickly fixed the screen onto the kids.

Upon seeing the screen, they saw the girls Han Xuya and Luo Chao, who were originally being dragged by Qilong and Luo Lang, now being carried by them.  It seemed that their physical strength had been entirely consumed and couldn't go further.  

Behind, Ling Lan and the five other swapped positions, assisting the two most physically poor kids.  There were also those who were mutually helping each other run, thus no one fell behind.

Of course, this situation happened because of Ling Lan and Han Jijun's decisive choice to take action.  If they didn't volunteer to help the worst two teammates, then people would have fallen behind long ago.

Their actions gave insight to the remaining two teammates who weren't familiar each other.  Subsequently, when the both of them became physically exhausted, they took the initiative to support one another.  Thus creating the scene that appeared on the monitor.

"Pull up these ten children's information."  The lieutenant placed aside his admiration, his brows wrinkling slightly as his heart felt some doubt.  These teammates worked together too well, causing him to suspect someone used their power to intentionally arrange familiar children into a single group.

Quickly Ling Lan and the group's information came out.

Ling Lan:  7th Interstellar Army Corps Deputy Army Commander, God-Class expert IN Mecha Belief3 Pilot Major General Ling Xiao’s son.  Military inheritance successor.  Physical quality: S Level.  Spiritual power: Second Level.  Potential: S Level.

Qilong:  3rd Interstellar Army Corps Mecha Division Commander, Ace-Class expert MT Mecha Atlas4 Pilot Senior Colonel Qi Yaoyang's son.  Physical quality: S Level.  Spiritual power: Second Level.  Potential: S Level.

Luo Lang:  9th Interstellar Army Corps Third Fleet Commander, Senior Colonel Luo Qifeng's son.  Physical quality:  S- Level.  Spiritual power: Second Level.  Potential: S- Level.

Han Jijun:  Federal Military Central Intelligence Agency Deputy Director, Senior Colonel Han Rong's son.  Physical quality:  A+ Level.  Spiritual power: Third Level.  Potential: S- Level.

Luo Chao:  9th Interstellar Army Corps Third Fleet Commander, Senior Colonel Luo Qifeng's daughter.  Physical quality:  B Level.  Spiritual power: Second Level.  Potential: A- Level.

Han Xuya:  Federation Core Star Logistics Base On-Duty Corps Regiment Commander, Major Han You's daughter.  Physical quality: B Level.  Spiritual power: Second Level.  Potential A- Level.

Luo Shaoyun5:  Civilian.  13th Interstellar Army Corp's Mecha Pilot Machine Escort Regiment Third Company Commander, Senior Captain Luo Jiguang's nephew6.  Military inheritance successor.  Physical Quality:  A- Level.  Spiritual Power:  First Level.  Potential:  A- Level.

Yuan Youyun:  Zhongxing Star Yuan Clan's child.  Physical Quality:  A- Level.  Spiritual Power:  First Level.  Potential:  A- Level.

Li Jinghong:  Doha Star Li Clan's child.  Physical Quality:  B Level.  Spiritual Power:  First Level.  Potential:  B+ Level.

He Zhaoyang:  Civilian.  17th Interstellar Army Corp's 9th Fleet Assault Warship Deputy Captain, Senior Captain He Shaoji's adopted son.  Military inheritance successor.  Physical Quality:  B Level.  Spiritual Power:  First Level.  Potential:  B+ Level.

Once the lieutenant saw the information, he knew that these children came from different family systems.  There were civilian children and clan children, with the largest number of children coming from the military system – accounting for more than half.  The most critical thing was that the worst potential in the group managed to reach B+ level.  Although it wasn't enough to enter the special classes, for the ordinary classes it was more than enough.

The lieutenant once again looked at the first line.  Ling Lan's data excited him.  God-class expert IN Mecha Belief's Pilot Major General Ling Xiao…He was the idol of countless soldiers.  It was a pity that he died seven years ago at the Stone Nebula's Channel of Death.  He still remembered when the news first came out.  It shook the entire Federation.  All soldiers grieved without end.

The entire Federation's God-class experts IN Mecha pilots only numbered 12.  Each God-class pilot was the Federation's treasure and also the ultimate power used to deter enemies.  And Major General Ling Xiao was the only one in the past 10 years to become a God-class expert, and was also the youngest IN Mecha pilot.

At the time, everyone was optimistically speculating how Major General Ling Xiao could become the most powerful of the twelve God-class experts.  Age was his biggest advantage.  Unfortunately, the tree above the forest7, before he could bloom into full glory, he died early.

Later, after the Federation's investigation, it was discovered that the violent energy anomaly at the Channel of Death was highly likely to be a conspiracy by the enemy state against Major General Ling Xiao.  Unfortunately the Federal Intelligence Bureau failed to discover it in time.  The cost of the Bureau's failure was a painful one and the Federation lost its future's most powerful God-class expert.  This caused the two countries to become sworn enemies that would fight to the end with no possibility of cease-fire.

A God-class expert's death was not something that the Federation's troops can forgive!

*The enemy state stated here is the descendant of Japan, the Sunset/Twilight Empire.  Cast your vote on what name you think sounds best in the comments!

Translated by somnious, unedited

TL's note:  Yingyingying.  Mercy please if I translated any of the military titles incorrectly ah T__T.  I'm not even familiar with my own country's military positions, let alone the ones in China.  Also, I just realized that Han Jijun's father is in the Chinese CIA…Anyway now we know the main little partners are kids of military big wigs and three out of 10 of the kids have dead fathers or relations…

Also confession: The term the author uses for 'mecha pilot' isn't 'pilot' but 'expert/teacher warrior'.  It sounded really clunky…so I took a small liberty and localized it to pilot.  Although it doesn't seem like a big thing, but in truth 'shishi' (how it's pronounced) is actually divided into two categories – one that's something along the lines of warrior (meant to indicate pilots below Ace) and one that means 'expert/teacher' (Ace and above).  I'll point it out again when the story explains it.

Mild spoiler (highlight to see):  Although the story initially points to the Japanese (Twilight/Sunset) Empire as the cause of Ling Xiao's 'death', it's later implied that it might have been either Caeser or even people within the Huaxia Federation as the true cause.  Cough.  Caeser likes to play proxy war…

1尚方宝剑 (shàngfāng bǎojiàn):  Literal meaning is "imperial sword" which is used to mean the power of higher authorities (in modern use).

2TMD is short hand for 他妈的 (Tā mā de): lit. their/his/her mom.  It's the equivalent of swear words in english lol (i.e. think damn/fuck/shit, etc.)

3Yeah the actual name of Ling Xiao's mecha is 'belief'.  The author writes this in english.

4擎天 (qíng tiān): ‘Upholding the Sky’, lit. Atlas.  I was debating how to translate this, but since Ling Xiao's mecha is 'belief', I might as well translate it as 'atlas'.

5The 'luo' character in Luo Shaoyun's name isn't the 'luo' in Luo Lang/Luo Chao.  They're not related by family.

6The character used here is nephew, but it's pronounced the same as the character before 'son' that's being used.  I'm not sure if it's a typo so I'm just leaving a note here.

7 木秀于林,风必摧之 (Mù xiù yú lín, fēng bì cuī zhī): The first part of the idiom "the tree that stands above the rest of the forrest will be destroyed by the wind".

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