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Chapter 21: The Mystery of Yangshen Cultivation!

Ling Lan's constantly good appetite made Lan Luofeng, who was sitting next to her, tangled once more: a child that can eat is a blessing, but eating this much, was it really ok?

At the side, Ling Qin and Ling Nanyi were also very tangled; Ling Lan's appetite could definitely be classified as terrifying.  Even though they knew that because the body needs energy her appetite would be good, but this amount was really a bit too much.

They cautiously took a look at Ling Lan's small body and could only shake their heads and sigh.  They couldn't understand; could their young master's stomach be a different dimension?

Time proved Ling Lan's worry to be unnecessary.  Although she ate a lot, in addition to her body growing a little taller, there were no other changes in things such as width and the like.  Not only that, she appeared different from other gene stimulation medicated children.  Not only did she appear less healthy, but also looked to be thin and weak.

Henceforth, Lan Luofeng no longer thought about having Ling Lan diet.  After eating so much and still remaining so thin, if made to diet, then wouldn't her baby become a bean sprout?  Not to mention, the Ling family didn't mind this bit of food.

Thus no one was ever entangled by Ling Lan's appetite.  Later on, should Ling Lan eat a serving less of fried rice, super-sized steak, or the like, the whole family would fall into panic.  The young master's appetite has become worse, could the reason be that she was sick…cough, habits are really scary.

Infact, Ling Lan was, too, very puzzled by this situation.  She quietly sought out Xiao Si to find out the reason behind this.

Xiao Si went full out and didn't take long to find the answer.

The original reason as to why Ling Lan did not appear robust was because the robustness in everyone's eyes were in fact an accumulation of impurities in the child's body.  Of course, such a situation could not be said to be all that bad.  The advantage was that its presence indirectly enhanced the durability of the child's body, allowing a certain amount of resistance towards injury.  The downside was that it reduced the child's flexibility and stamina.

And with Ling Lan who absorbed the medicine without any impurities, it was impossible to have such an accumulation in the body to create the the appearance of external strength.

As for Ling Lan's good appetite, it was related to Ling Lan learning the learning space's high-level body technique.  Practicing the high-leveled body technique was very energy consuming to the body.  In order to supplement the body with the required energy, Ling Lan could only put effort into eating.  A part of this could be credited to the Ling family's medicine bath.  It greatly enhanced Ling Lan's ability to absorb energy…The amount of energy within a bowl of rice became doubled.

Of course, the more energy the body stores, the more powerful Ling Lan's strength could become.  In short, for Ling Lan, it was a good thing.

As for why Ling Lan had the illusion of being frail…Xiao Si was a bit uncertain.  He researched for a long time, but in the end could only made vague guesses.  He educated guess was that it was caused by the Yangshen cultivation that Ling Lan learned in her past world.

Hearing the answers given by Xiao Si, Ling Lan felt relieved.  As long as there was no harm and she could eat to her fill of delicious food, Ling Lan didn't mind becoming a big stomach king.

However, Ling Lan's life of eating, drinking, and sleeping well didn't last for very long.  She was ruthlessly thrown to the steward Ling Qin to train by her mother.  It turned that at the age of five, she had to start learning the Ling Family's body techniques.

On the first day, Ling Lan tasted the miserableness of the future.  The Ling family's body techniques leaned towards hard work, so there were no so-called shortcuts.  It relied on hardship to increase ability.  For example, it required how many punches and how many kicks – if one did not reach the number required, they were not allowed to rest.

When Ling Lan finished the final kick, she immediately collapsed onto the ground and couldn't move.  Ling Nanyi, who was watching from the side, picked up Ling Lan with a pained heart.  She directly carried her into the secret room to soak in the medicine bath in order to relieve her completely exhausted to the furthest point body.

Upon entering, Ling Lan knew that the medical bath today was somewhat different from the past ones.  It had no feeling of pain – only a sore, burning sensation that was so comfortable that she almost fell asleep.

At this time, Xiao Si opened his mouth and spoke derisively:  "How is this body technique as good as the learning space's?  It can easily cause the body to have hidden dangers.  If they didn't have this medical bath, the amount of children born would equal to the amount of children destroyed"

Ling Lan smiled bitterly:  "It's not like I really can't practice.  What can I do other than continue?  I can't stand to see those two elderly people disappointed."  In her previous life, because of her illness, she saw too much of her parent's disappointed expressions.  Thus whenever she was tired to the extreme and wanted to give up, the look of disappointment in Ling Qin and Ling Nanyi's eyes would change her mind.  She couldn't help but continue and endure.

She really was a masochistic person!  Ling Lan understood that this was her heart's number one demon.  The experiences of her past life would always inadvertently affect her current life's decisions and behavior.  

After soaking in the medicinal bath, Xiao Si found that the trauma to Ling Lan's body was not completely healed by the bath.  Although the problem didn't appear large, but after many years of accumulation, it will certainly leave hidden damage to the body.

Xiao Si wanted Ling Lan to find an opportunity to avoid tomorrow's training.  However, early in the morning of the second day, he was stunned to find that there was no trace of trauma in Ling Lan's body.  Even her body's condition was better than the previous day's.

Shocked, Xiao Si quickly asked what did Ling Lan do the whole night.

Ling Lan looked blankly and didn't seem to understand what exactly was Xiao Si asking about.  

Xiao Si became flustered and exasperated and wanted Ling Lan to clarify.  Other than sleeping, what did she do last night?

This was considerably important.  If it was possible to understand the reason, then it would likely be a mythical level* great discovery.  Just to know, even in his absolutely high-tech world, in order to perfectly repair wounds on the body, just relying on medicinal liquid was impossible.  It required certain overdrafts to be achieved – for example, overdraft of vitality and overdraft of the body's energy.  And these overdrafts, although they did not impede on the near future, later on they would bring endless risks.

Ling Lan's situation was completely different.  She was perfectly healed and not only had her vitality had not diminished, it was more exuberant than before.  The energy stored within her body was even denser than before.  These all proved that Ling Lan did not overdraft anything to repair her wounds.

Ling Lan thought seriously before hesitantly telling Xiao Si that she seemed to have practiced Yangshen cultivation before going to bed.

Hearing Ling Lan's answer, Xiao Si decided to let Lingi Lan continue today's training, and then cultivate Yangshen cultivation at night.

The end result was just like the first time.  Her body once again was restored to its best condition.  Xiao Si looked at Yangshen cultivation's operation pattern with surprise.  He didn't expect that the originally low technology planet could have such an amazing thing.  Not only did Yangshen cultivation have self healing effects, it was even capable of storing a portion of the body's energy in its operation path.  And this energy could not be detected by technology.

The reason why Xiao Si could see it was because Ling Lan was his host.  Because he was able to share Ling Lan's spiritual power, it allowed him to clearly 'see' the appearance of the Yangshen cultivation's operation path.  Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to imagine that such a secret actually existed in this world.  

Xiao Si felt some regret.  If he knew that the previous planet had so many amazing things, he would have paid a lot more attention to finding and collecting information.  Unfortunately, it was too late now…

Translated by somnious, unedited

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* 创世纪 (chuàngshìjì): Genesis/creation myth.  I wasn't sure exactly what it's being used here for but I'm assuming that Xiao Si is stating that such a discovery would probably be extreme to the point of lacking any understanding.

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