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Chapter 20: Ling Lan is a Big Stomach King.

Next to Ling Lan, Lan Luofeng and Ling Nanyi were nervously watching Ling Lan's facial expression and physical condition.  The medicine required the person being soaked to be awake during the entire process for the best result.  If the person passed out, the effect would become very poor, and the first soak had the greatest effect.

Ling Nanyi saw that although Ling Lan's small brows were wrinkled, her face did not show the grim expression that other children often had.  She could not help but secretly nod, Ling Lan really deserved to be their family master's child.  This endurance was absolutely extraordinary.  If the master was still here, he would certain be very pleased with his successor.

Every time Ling Lan's face twitched, Lan Luofeng's hands unconsciously wished to pick up Ling Lan.  The pain in her expression was greater than the one experienced by Ling Lan's body.  She really didn't want her child to withstand such a heart wrenching pain.  She didn't forget something that Ling Xiao had once said: although the family medicine was very good and effective, the pain it brought on was not something ordinary people could endure.

Lan Luofeng's eyes carried a bottomless grief, fleeting tears flashed at the corner of her eyes.

Ling Nanyi, sensing Lan Luofeng's dismay, went to comfort her: "Madame, even if you're reluctant, you still must be willing.  Building a good foundation will allow young master to live a better life.  This world is one where only the strongest takes all.  What the family master left behind, without strength, can not be guarded."

Raising her head, Lan Luofeng said: "I know.  Rest assured, I can endure.  I believe Ling Lan can also endure it."

It was as Ling Nanyi said, only when one built a good foundation during childhood would her child be able to live in absolute freedom.

"I have to study this secret recipe, this is too amazing.  If I can understand this medicine, maybe i can develop a new agent.  My lord, I'm going to go.  You slowly endure…"  Xiao Si heartlessly left Ling Lan and ran off to his research room to investigate his great invention.

Kao, what a heartless little guy!  Ling Lan, who had been looking forward to distracting herself from the pain through conversation, despised Xiao Si's selfish behavior.  She decided, after this she would teach Xiao Si a good lesson – to understand that nothing was more important than his lord.

The extreme pain made Ling Lan's body involuntarily convulse.  As her mouth made a stuffy hum, she was suddenly reminded of Yang Shen cultivation's pain relief effect.  She quickly began running Yang Shen cultivation.  Surprisingly it really did have an effect; the feeling of pain decreased greatly until she felt like she could withstand it.

Ling Lan's violent convulsions made Lan Luofeng and Ling Nanyi more nervous.  Compared to Lan Luofeng's simple distress towards Ling Lan's suffering, Ling Nanyi was more worried about the next stage.  She understood very well that not only was the next half hour of soaking the most critical period, it was also the most painful and difficult to endure period.  Many children had fainted here in the past.  Even the master – although he survived this half an hour without fainting – was placed in a trance state that took half a day for him to awaken from by the pain.

Perhaps the formula of Yangshen cultivation was deeply carved into Ling Lan's bodily memory – after all, she had started practicing while she was still a fetus – she quickly entered into a deeply familiar state.  The pain in her body was replaced with an intense heat.

Seeing the calm looking Ling Lan, Lan Luofeng was relieved.  It seemed that Ling Lan managed to endure once again.  

Only Ling Nanyi, who was familiar with the medicine, was confused.  Perhaps the bath's medicinal effects were completely absorbed?  When she looked at the medicine bath's water, it was still a dark green.  That meant that the medicine was still very concentrated.

Since the medicinal effects was still there, the pain of course even more so.  In this situation, their family’s young master Ling Lan was either a child who was extremely capable of enduring pain or had a flaw in her nerves, resulting in a slow pain response.

Ling Nanyi was more biased towards having flaws in the nervous system speculation.  Imagine, a one and a half year old child, how strong could their endurance be?  Because of Ling Nanyi's misjudgement, Ling Lan would suffer more during future training.  The Ling family, believing that Ling Lan's pain sensation was flawed, drilled her even more severely in order to let her feel what pain really was.

After an unknown amount of time, the still in a stupor Ling Lan felt herself being picked up from the bucket and then placed on a bed.  She felt someone gently massaging her.  It was so comfortable that Ling Lan could no longer resist, and then…fell asleep.

Ling Qin, who had been waiting outside after sending off the military, saw them come out.  He immediately asked: "How's the effect?"

The excited Ling Nanyi vigorously nodded:  "The effect was surprisingly good.  All aspects have increased in levels varying between 30% to 80%.

These words violently shook Ling Qin: "Is this true?"  In the history of the Ling clan's medicinal bath, the one who had received the best effect was the previous master, Ling Xiao.  Back then, his body aspects were enhanced between 10% to 50%.

Seeing Ling Nanyi's firm nod, tears began to fall from Ling Qin's face.  He nonstop began: "Heavens bless my Ling family, heavens bless my Ling family."

Ling Nanyi quietly held onto her husband's hand.  She knew how much reassurance the news gave her husband.  Although Ling Xiao was the family's owner, it was her husband that raised him to adulthood.  He completely loved Ling Xiao like a son; the blow his departure left her husband was no less than the madame's.

"It seems that young master's body potential was inherited from master Ling Xiao.  The absorption of ten doses of gene stimulation agents allowed the medicinal bath to be more effective…"  Ling Nanyi sighed.

Ling Qin was unable to suppress the excitement in his heart and could only nod tearfully.  Ling Qin husband and wife could only comprehend it like this.  They didn't know that the reason why the bath effects on Ling Lan were so good was entirely due to the use of Yangsheng cultivation.  It greatly stimulated the body's absorption ability, causing medicine to have a greater effect on the body – thus also causing this unprecedented degree of improvement.

Like this, Ling Lan began her medicine bath life.  Not only that, she also had to masochistically twist herself into various gestures beyond the human body daily.  Of course she had to secretly practice, otherwise her mother would certainly go crazy.

Year after year, Ling Lan slowly grew up and found that, ya de, she had turned into a big stomach king.  In one meal, she could resolve her mother's entire day's worth of food.

God, she was only four, ok?!  Was she about to develop horizontally?

No, today she must diet.  She was a good ideal, ethical, self controlled, and goal-orientated 'have four' baby.  She absolutely couldn't lose to her stomach and become fat.

As Ling Lan was cheering herself on, she suddenly found that she had unconsciously resolved an oversized serving of fried noodles in front of her.  Her face was an embarrassed expression1.  She sighed over how the fried noodles really didn't give much effort – it didn't even give her a feeling of satiation.  Touching her still somewhat flat stomach, in her heart she told herself that she absolutely can not eat any more…

Ling Lan's expression became firm before she suddenly hit the table, shouting: "Give young master2 a super sized steak!"

Ya de, the sensation of hunger was too uncomfortable.  Ling Lan found withstanding it harder than enduring pain by a lot.

Forget it.  After all, she could only be a man in this life.  If she accidentally turned into a graceful, elegantly tempered, beautifully matchless super handsome brother and attracted numerous beautiful women in the world to bend their waists3 and fall in love with this fake man, it would also be a problematic thing.  In order to not only save those innocent girls and reduce her sin, but also allow those miserable men to be able to marry a wife and not be reduced to bachelors, she might as well eat fat a little!

Cough, she really was a soft-hearted person!

Ling Lan was touched by her own dedication and immediately dug into the super steak that was just sent over by a servant.

It can only be said, Ling Lan was very good at finding reasons for self regulation and once again found an excuse for her eating habits.

Translated by somnious, unedited

TL's note: So I found out that my translations are being hosted on other websites and I'd like to say that it'd be nice if my translations were read on my wordpress website.  I'm not making anything off of these translations and they're purely because I really love this series.  I feel that rather than giving ad revenue to websites that rip chapters without permission, it's better to contribute that money to the original authors who are the ones who actually work the hardest.  That's why I don't want to profit off of my fan translations, nor do I want others to do the same.  If you genuinely enjoy the series, please look up the original translator site and read from there!  Anyway, to clarify again, I absolutely have not given permission to host my translations anywhere.

1  囧 (jiǒng): this is a really popular Chinese emoji/character that means being embarrassed.  If you look closely, it looks like an embarrassed face.

2  本少爷 (běn shàoyé): It's a more higher up/formal way of saying 'I'.  Generally it adds 'ben' to whatever rank you might have.  Ling Lan's position is a shaoye, so it becomes ben shaoye.  You usually see people using this in historical Chinese novels lol (i.e. benwang, bengongzi, bengunian, etc.).

3  It's literally 'bend waist' but it actually references to the emoji OTL.

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