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Chapter 18: Dilemma.

Ling Lan opened the screen.  The course list had everything.  Whatever literary expertise1 – even embroidery – she could think of were included amongst them.  Of course there were all kinds of secret fighting skills and many curious and strange courses that Ling Lan never heard of.  Looking at the point costs, they ranged from one to several hundred, some even going into one or two thousands.

And the game and entertainment category were even more expensive, going from fifty up – the more costly ones even reaching five to ten thousand.  There were a great variety of other sub categories with anything that could be imagined.  For example in the game category, there was a subcategory of genres such as historical, magic spell/fantasy, doomsday massacre, interplanetary armor, aerial combat, and even so called romance…

And as for the entertainment category, there was even more.  Whatever one wanted to play, it was there.  When Ling Lan saw the pleasuring sex technique column, she was suddenly blinded.

Kao, was this still the learning space meant to cultivate good and promising youths?  Why did a raging gust of silk pants dandism blow by?

Ling Lan immediately closed the game and entertainment section and opened classes.  Time was short, not allowing her to waste any.  Since she had to exchange, she should make good use of these honor points and exchange for what she needed most.

Since Ling Lan made a decision, she opened up fighting classes.  From the inside, she chose the the defense category.

The screen was suddenly filled with numerous secret combat defense skills.  Ling Lan chose the order from lowest to highest in honor point exchange.

The first thing she saw was the skill that only needed one point to exchange for – iron skin technique.  The following description was the results of practicing the technique: the entire body's skin can be ironized and allow you to endure blows.  Upon the final stage, the whole body will show a metallic color.  Ling Lan didn't even think before sending it flying.  She was a delicate, soft, and charming girl, how could she allow her skin to turn into a metallic color?  She wasn't trying to be Iron Man2.

After that were secret skills that required ten points to exchange for.  It had more than the single point skill, but only ten.  Ling Lan found it very interesting; one point could only exchanged for one skill, while ten honor points had ten skills.  Then for the following fifty points, could there be fifty skills?

Ling Lan of course only just thought about it.  Right now her complete focus was placed on the ten.  After all, she only had a limit of ten minutes and could not tolerate wasting any more time.

Eagle Claw Technique…what, after practicing one's hands will become like eagle claws?  She couldn't have this.

Iron Head Skill?  Practicer has to bash their head daily?  If you're looking for abuse, it shouldn't be done in this way, right?  Immediately toss.

Golden Point Finger?  Poke a tree every day with your finger?  Do you have problems? Ignore.

Heaven's Ruthless Legs? Once completed, veins and muscles surface on the legs?  That's too horrible, whack this until it's dead.

Long Ape Arm? What, after training is complete, arms will become like a gibbon's?  Ya de, although in this life she could only live as a man, she didn't want to become an ape man.  That would be too miserable.  Immediately whack this dead.

…why do all these secret skills depend on self-mutilation to obtain?  Or practice to the point of altering one's body shape.  Ling Lan's heart became tangled.  Just as she was about to give up on the secret skills requiring ten points to exchange when she saw the last skill on the list: Rabbit Sky Kick.

Rabbit Sky Kick: Sex restricted unique skill, requires excellent body flexibility.  Minimum flexibility requirement is B level, recommended flexibility is A level or above.

This skill does not alter the appearance after completion, but will allow an increase of more than three times or above in the user's strength.  More accurate data depends on the flexibility and cultivation strength of the user, please ponder and research by yourself.

Practice method: …

Upon seeing Rabbit Sky Kick, Ling Lan's heart moved.  The practice method required no self-mutilation and was very normal.  The conditions were simply tailor-made for her.  The nine positions that she learned enhanced the flexibility of her body.  Mentor No. 9 had stated very clearly, once the basic nine positions were mastered, the body's flexibility would reach A level.

Generally a newborn infant's flexibility could reach B level.  But if one didn't practice something like the basic nine position body technique, the older one becomes, the worse their flexibility will grow.  In an ordinary adult, the degree of flexibility will likely degrade between F and D level.

If one trained in offensive body technique, then the drop in flexibility will be even stronger; it may even not be possible to reach D level.  Those who practice balance system technique may be able to maintain their flexibility at C level.  Of course, some special evildoers could also obtain B level.

The defense system was divided into two branches; solidification system and flexibility system.  Solidification improved the body's degree of solidity to carry out defense.  Thus on flexibility, it loses out by a lot and can only equal the flexibility level of those who practice balanced system techniques.  Only flexibility system, as the name suggests, works on the body's flexibility and allow the body to achieve A level and above.

The basic nine positions that Ling Lan learned were from the flexibility system.  At the time, the learning system didn't ask Ling Lan before assigning her this because she was a girl.  Her cell's base flexibility was originally high, thus it naturally decided for Ling Lan to learn that system, allowing for the emergence of the female teacher No. 9 to teach.

It seemed that the learning space also had a sense for biological sex, it did not want to create an iron muscle woman.

Ling Lan had already made a decision in her heart, but she still went through the following skills that could be redeemed with 50 points.  Although the higher cost skills were a lot better, the conditions were also higher.  A lot of secret skills required the learner's physical strength, flexibility, and body technique level to reach a certain requirement.  Ling Lan was very clear, even if she redeemed these skills now, she wouldn't be able to practice them for another three or five years as her body had yet to reach the required bottom line.  She still had to practice.

At this time, No. 1 spoke and reminded: "It's almost time, have you decided?"

Ling Lan laughed: "I've finished selecting.  I choose Rabbit Sky Kick."

No. 1 warned: "Rabbit Sky Kick only costs ten honor points.  You still have 139 points.  What else will you select?  Please choose immediately."

Ling Lan shook her head: "I just want to choose this.  As for now I don't need any others."

No. 1 hmphed and said:  "You still have so many honor points, do you want to waste them?"

Ling Lan laughed like a little fox: "Will they really be wasted?"

No. 1 continued looking at her, his eyes indifferent yet firm and seemed to tell her, if you really only choose Rabbit Sky Kick, the remaining honor points will be cleared.

His gaze made Ling Lan feel somewhat uncertain and shake her original resolve.  Should she first use up all her honor points and then wait until she meets the requirements to learn?

But this decision also had a problem.  That was she did not know what the learning space would teach her later.  If she redeemed skills that would later on not be applicable, that would also be a waste.

Should she gamble now?  Or gamble later?  Ling Lan was tangled and raised her head to look at mentor No. 1, hoping to find some kind of hint.  Her initial choice to not exchange all her honor points was also because of No. 1's words.  Could this be another misconception?

Translated by somnious, unedited

TL's note: lmao you can play otome games in the study space….

1 琴棋书画 (qín qí shūhuà): The four arts known as playing the qin, playing chess, writing, and drawing that make up literary skills (especially for women).

2 钢铁侠 (gāngtiě xiá): Lol yeah the author literally wrote Iron Man (the superhero).

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