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Chapter 16: Xiao Si Wants to Make Money.

On the ground, Xiao Si was embarrassed and rolled once, arriving at Ling Lan's side: "There's no problem.  After arguing with you, I feel much better.  I really wasn't happy…"

"What's wrong?"

"When we were sitting on that hover car, Ling 07 spoke.  At that time, I thought this world also had similar existences to me.  I was very excited.  Ever since I left Meng Dola, I've never once met someone like me.  I feel very lonely…but after I quietly exchanged words with Ling 07, I realized that it wasn't the similar existence that I was looking for.  Although it is very alike, but what isn't, isn't….Can you understand what I'm trying to say?" Although Xiao Si's expression was expectant, his words were confusing.  This couldn't be blamed on him; after all, his current IQ was equivalent to that of a five or six year old child.

Jokingly, Ling Lan said: "Like humans and monkeys?"

Xiao Si's eyes lit up and he repeatedly nodded: "En, that's the idea."

Ling Lan sympathetically stroked Xiao Si's head: "Xiao Si, you forgot, I too am also a lonely existence in this world.  Since you are lonely and I am lonely, then the two of us can accompany each other to the end."

Xiao Si was confused: "You are my host, of course I will be bound to be with you to the end and won't leave you."

Ling Lan held Xiao Si in her arms, speaking gently:  "What I said wasn't like that, but like family, like siblings, like confidants; giving our backs to each other and becoming each other's most trusted person."

Ling Lan was willing to trust in Xiao Si because he accompanied her from her past life and also because Xiao Si gave her this life.  These experiences allowed Ling Lan to accept Xiao Si and treat him as her little brother.

The regret in her past life, Ling Lan decided to make up for it in this life.  So she will have a healthy body, a place to be free, friends she could happily talk to, and a little brother who could trust her and she could trust in return…

Inside Ling Lan's embrace, Xiao Si was a bit confused.  He had some difficulty understanding; his core requirements was that he must be loyal to his host, so why did Ling Lan say to be the most trusted one of each other?  Could it be that they weren't like that now?

This was the first time Xiao Si was closed to using full power while thinking.  Even if the core chip became hot, running with difficulty, he wanted to answer that question.  It was the first time he felt greed and didn't want to see Ling Lan's disappointed eyes.  Although he knew that he was in violation of the rules, he wanted to let himself go for once.

Two months had passed since the day of the quarrel.  During this time, Xiao Si, through the bed's network connection, successfully invaded into the world's network.  Through Xiao Si, Ling Lan learned that this world's virtual network was very mature; it was this place's second world.

Ling Lan was very suspicious.  The reason why her mother could shut herself up at home was likely due to this virtual network.  It likely allowed her to do whatever she wanted without leaving the home and bypass her true identity, giving her a life of freedom.

Through the network, Xiao Si was able to get information.  He also learned the high value of gene stimulation agents as well as the normal degree of drug absorption for babies.  Once Ling Lan learned of this, she was completely frightened.  The first time she absorbed was really too excessive.  Fortunately, history had evildoers that had absorbed even more medicine than her, so she didn't go to the point of being unprecedented.

The two thought it out.  When the military sent over medicine next month, even if there were more doses,  Ling Lan would only absorb ten.

In truth, Ling Lan didn't want to absorb a full ten doses, just six or seven and be consistent with the information.  But Xiao Si was against it because of the information he obtained.  Normally the first time a baby absorbs medicine, during their growth period the dosage number will only increase, not reduce.  Only when they reach adulthood will the amount consumed be gradually reduced to nonexistent.

Ling Lan had initially absorbed ten doses; if the number decreases in the second round, no matter how one looked at it, it was very unusual.  They might as well continue to intake the same amount and be consistent with the initial data.  With this, the military would not be surprised – besides, Ling Lan's body really needed this medicine.

Xiao Si had found out, because Ling Lan started practicing body techniques, the growth rate of her spiritual power was moving at a much faster than before.  This caused some worry for Xiao Si.  He was afraid that Ling Lan's development of her body couldn't keep up with her spiritual power's requirements.

After repeatedly thinking things over, Ling Lan decided to accept Xiao Si's reasoning.  And Xiao Si, in order to better help Ling Lan, began to brainstorm how to make money online.  He had seen online that there was purchasable supplies of medicine.  Although the impurities were quite a lot, this wasn't a problem for him.  Cleaning up these impurities was as simple as eating a cabbage.

Uh, he seemed to be unable to eat human food, right…Alright, it was as same as eating a virtual cabbage.  In short, the meaning was that it was very easy.

In order to fulfil this ambition, Xiao Si quietly made an account at the Federal Union Pay main system.  The ease at which he dealt with this childish defense system was simply like eating a virtual cabbage.  In order to protect the security of the account, he did not go through anyone's permission and set the security level to SSS.  Of course, it wasn't that he didn't want the to set the security levels any higher, but there was only one person that had a five S security account – the Federation's president.  Xiao Si knew not to go overboard.

Once LIng Lan learned of Xiao Si's actions, she finally understood that Xiao Si really was very powerful.  In the virtual world, his existence was that of a god's.

But no matter how powerful Xiao Si was, when it came to money he had no direction.  With no idea what to do, he looked for Ling Lan.  Unfortunately, Ling Lan was not this kind of material either.  After all, her past life had been basically spent in bed, besides using the internet to understand the world, access information, she could only read novels and watch animations to kill time.  Had she known what would happen, she would have looked up on how to manage businesses, for example, look up information on this subject…

Peng peng peng.  Ling Lan was awoken by sudden noises nearby.  As she looked up, she was stunned for a moment – in the consciousness space, a pile of books appeared…

Ling Lan picked up a book at random and looked at the cover – "Economic Overview".  Before looking at the names of other books, her face immediately turning black.

Xiao Si wore a 'quickly praise me, ah' expression, as if proudly thinking he did something smart.

Ling Lan gnashed her teeth: "Why are all the books that you took out about the economy?  Where did these all come from?"

Xiao Si proudly said: "Didn't you just want to see this area's information?  Fortunately, in your previous body, I copied down all of the books on the internet.  No matter what you want, I have…"

Ling Lan was furious: "You think that after I read these, I can suddenly become a business expert?  I think you're daydreaming.  Is having all these books even useful?"

Innocently, Xiao Si spoke: "Is there really no use?"

"Of course it's useless.  It's just talking about war on paper*.  Realistically how can it be so simple?  It's mostly just for recreation."  Ling Lan spoke helplessly.  She was very clear, she did not have this kind of talent.

Xiao Si was very disappointed.  He looked down as he spoke: "So it can only amuse people, huh.  Seems like I wasted my effort in vain.  These books, I collected for a long time…"

Ling Lan couldn't bear to see Xiao Si like this and comforted him: "No, ah.  You can't say that because maybe there's very precious ones among them.  Maybe some people want to have them but they have no chance…"

Suddenly a brilliant idea flashed past Ling Lan's mind, as if she thought of something.

Xiao Si sighed: "In your last era, who wouldn't have the public books on the internet.  You don't have to comfort me…"

"Last era…years ago…"  Ling Lan suddenly caught that little light and exclaimed: "Xiao Si, I think I know how to make money…"

Translated by somnious, unedited

* 纸上谈兵 (zhǐshàngtánbīng): Only talking about metaphorical/theoretical ideas instead of the solving of actual problems.

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