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Chapter 1201.1: Budur Ancient Clan Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“The Budur Ancient Clan?” When Mu Chen heard the name, his heart began thumping hard.

He had a hunch that the Great Pagoda Art that he practiced was somehow connected to this clan. In fact, if he had guessed correctly, the culprit who held his mother captive belonged to this Budur Ancient Clan!

At this point, he finally understood why his mother, who was a Spiritual Array Ancestral Master with a strength equivalent to a Heavenly Sovereign, would have left when he was a baby in order to protect him and his father.

He might not know the Budur Ancient clan very well, but he knew how daunting it was, since it was known for being one of the most ancient clans in the Great Thousand World! Even an ordinary Heavenly Sovereign would need to be cautious when facing such a dominating force!

“No wonder my mom wanted me to avoid displaying the Great Pagoda Art. She was afraid that the Budur Ancient Clan would discover it, thus putting me in danger!” Mu Chen pursed his lips tightly.

Mu Chen had not practiced much of the Great Pagoda Art for this very reason. After all, Mu Chen could not help his mother escape, but he also did not want to cause her any more troubles due to any reckless acts on his part.

The Heavenly Emperor watched Mu Chen, his expression becoming complicated. He assumed that Mu Chen was feeling nervous, since he needed to go to the Maha Ancient Clan for his Primordial Immortal Body.

He immediately smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry too much. Even though the Maha Ancient Clan is the protector of the Primordial Immortal Body, they do not have the rights to hold onto it, as the Primitive Celestial Body will choose its own master. Hence, if you have the confidence, you can go there and give it a shot.”

The Heavenly Emperor then added a warning. “But, of course, you need to be capable of accomplishing your mission! Otherwise, it would be wise to avoid the Maha Ancient Clan altogether.”

Mu Chen nodded his head quietly. He was not a fool. Given the extraordinary value of the Primordial Immortal Body, even the Maha Ancient Clan would treat it as an absolute treasure.

Although they were its protectors, they each had been coveting it for the longest time. Hence, it would be no small surprise if one of their own members were to snatch it. But, it would take much more effort for anyone outside of the clan to be able to sneak in and obtain it.

“Why didn’t you try to practice the Primordial Immortal Body in the past?” asked Mu Chen curiously. He had thought of this suddenly. Since the Heavenly Emperor had already cultivated his Immortal Golden Body, he should also be qualified to practice the Primordial Immortal Body.

Despite the fact that the Maha Ancient Clan was formidable, the Heavenly Emperor and his Ancient Celestial Palace were no ordinary forces to be reckoned with either. Hence, it was quite evident that the Heavenly Emperor could give it a shot as well.

The Heavenly Emperor shook his head with a smile, then spoke with regret, “I thought of this before, but unfortunately, someone owned the Primordial Immortal Body during my time. So, I could only yearn for it from afar back then.”

“Oh?” Mu Chen was slightly stunned by his words. After all, if even a hero like the Heavenly Emperor could not get the Primordial Immortal Body, he wondered what his own chances were!

“Hehe, he’s quite a remarkable man. He was one of the greatest existences in the Great Thousand World at that time. I couldn’t help but admit that I was slightly weaker than him. Otherwise, I would have tried to practice the Primordial Immortal Body. After all, if I managed to do so, not even the Nine Corpse Heaven Demon Emperor could kill me!” The Heavenly Emperor gave another wide smile, revealing a look of admiration for the first time.

The person who could draw an emotion of admiration from someone like the Heavenly Emperor must indeed be a remarkable person. As such, even Mu Chen could not help but reveal his curiosity.

He asked, “Who is this person?”

“In those days, he was known as the Immortal Emperor in the Great Thousand World. He was one of the leaders who fought against the Extraterritorial Race. In fact, he even defeated a few of the top ten Heaven Demon Emperors of the Extraterritorial Race on his own,” said the Heavenly Emperor.

“Immortal Emperor…” Mu Chen mumbled the ancient name continuously.

Apparently, this title had come from the Primordial Immortal Body. As such, the body should be his primary cultivation as well. As he thought of it, Mu Chen was looking more and more forward to having the Primordial Immortal Body!

“That is still far down the road for you. The most important thing for you to do now is to cultivate your current Immortal Golden Body to its maximum peak.” The Heavenly Emperor reminded him.

Mu Chen nodded with respect. He was not someone who craved anything that was beyond his reach. Even though he did look forward to owning the Primordial Immortal Body, at the same time, he knew that he needed to take things one step at a time. Besides, given his current strength, he could not cultivate the body, even if he had it right in front of him!

After having said so much to Mu Chen, the phantom figure of the Heavenly Emperor turned even more transparent. The expression on Mu Chen’s face darkened. Apparently, the Heavenly Emperor could not hold on much longer, which meant that the last Spiritual Clone that he had left in this world was going to disappear very soon!

Mandela, who had been standing by the side, kept her silence. Sorrow was written all over her little face.

Looking at their expressions, the Heavenly Emperor laughed gently. He caressed Mandela’s head and said, “Mu Chen has great potential. If he needs your protection, you must try to help him.”

As Mandela nodded gently, the Heavenly Emperor looked towards Mu Chen again and said, “I raised Mandela since she was young, and I treated her like my own daughter. Since you are my successor, you should now address her as ‘Little Senior.'”

Mu Chen was a little embarrassed by this request. After all, Mandela was a little girl now, and it was hard to bring the words to his mouth. But, he knew that the Heavenly Emperor was entrusting her to him before he left, so he immediately nodded and gave Mandela a wide smile.

He then smiled and said, “Little Senior, I hope you can take care of me next time.”

Mandela was a little upset by this interchange at first. But, she couldn’t help but smile when she heard Mu Chen addressing her as ‘Little Senior.’

The Heavenly Emperor nodded with relief as he saw this. He knew that Mandela was an isolated person who had few friends. But, he saw clearly that Mu Chen and Mandela shared a special trust between them.

Although Mu Chen seemed to be weak at the moment, he believed that the young man before him would make a name for himself in the future. When that time came, he would be able to protect Mandela.

“The current Great Thousand World might be calm and peaceful now, but the Extraterritorial Race is ready to pounce on us at anytime. They are indeed a mystery. We do not even know where they came from. But, I have a feeling that they conserved some of their energies in the past magnificent invasion. Hence, if they were to make a comeback, they would be bringing even more destructive and mighty forces with them. It would be up to you guys to protect the Great Thousand World.” The Heavenly Emperor sighed softly and gave them this last warning.

Mu Chen, Mandela, and Nine Nether nodded their heads softly. The Heavenly Emperor did not add any further words to his speech.

Gradually, his body grew more transparent, then eventually turned into stardust. The stardust danced with the wind, fell into the Heavenly River, then finally disappeared.

The three of them watched as the Heavenly Emperor disappeared. None of them spoke for a long time. The atmosphere was gloomy and depressing.

After the silence went on for quite a while, Mandela finally took a deep breath and turned to face Mu Chen. She then announced courageously, “Let’s go.”

Mu Chen nodded. “Tell me more about this Ancient Celestial Palace…”

After all, this Ancient Celestial Palace was the territory that had been owned by the Heavenly Emperor for years. It had the perfect conditions for cultivation. If one could make full use of the palace, it would be beneficial to any of the forces!

Mandela pondered slightly and said, “First things first. We need to restructure the North Territory Alliance.”

Mu Chen nodded quietly. He also knew that the current North Territory Alliance was in a mess. As such, it would bring trouble upon them if they just contributed to the palace at the moment. So, the restructuring must be attended to at once.

In the past, Mandela was only an Upper Earthly Sovereign. As such, she had no real authority or power to restructure the alliance by force. However, now that she had attained a Complete Earthly Sovereign level, while Mu Chen had made it to the Lower Earthly Sovereign level, with the help of Qi into Trinity, no one else could rise up above them in the entire North Territory, except maybe Mandela!

Given their combined strength now, they could suppress those various forces in the North Territory by force if they try to retaliated. Thus, after the decision was made, Mu Chen nodded slightly to the two manifestations at his side. Both of them smiled back at him, then beamed into two rays of lights.

They went deep down into the Heavenly River and closed their eyes, preparing for their cultivations. Apparently, with the help of the Heavenly River, they were able to stabilize their foundations.

After the two manifestations began their cultivations, Mu Chen could still feel their connection. So, as long as he called out for them in his time of need, the two manifestations would still be able to sense Mu Chen and come to his aid.

After the two manifestations sank into the Heavenly River, Mu Chen turned and nodded to Mandela. She lifted her little hand, and the space was torn apart immediately, revealing a space crack right in front of them.

Mu Chen went into it immediately, followed by Nine Nether. Mandela turned around and looked at the Heavenly River one more time, a tear dropping from her eye. She then turned back and resolutely stepped into the space crack.

The space crack slowly disappeared, and the Heavenly River returned to its peaceful state. Only the sound of its gently flowing water could be heard.

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