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575 Hellion Emperor

In the Nightmare World, the two huge green eyes rapidly shrank and finally condensed into a thin Hellion Sovereign in a dark-red cloak. He looked at Maxon. “Since you can’t escape, let’s fight to the death. Either you die or I die.”

“Alright.” The flames on Maxon’s body spread in all directions. His flames already had some characteristics of the Primordial Star Flame, burning away the power of Nightmare.

Sovereign Moyou didn’t care about the flames at all. Instead, he looked up at his surroundings. “Dark Spearman, I know you’re hiding in high-dimensional space and spying on this place. More than a hundred years ago, I sent Uke to deal with you, but unfortunately, he failed.”

“Later on, you impacted the three cosmic sectors.”

“I actually can’t sense you while you’re hiding in high-dimensional space. You can quickly send Maxon close to me despite me escaping more than 200 light-years away,” Sovereign Moyou said. “If I’m killed this time, it will be by you. Maxon will only be your tool.”

“Moyou, don’t flatter me. I’m weak, so I can only hide.” A voice descended and resounded everywhere.

As long as it was within Xu Jingming’s high-dimensional observation range, he could naturally transmit his voice anywhere within this range.

“You spoke.” Sovereign Moyou smiled. “May I have the honor of knowing… your name?”

“Hellion, just accept your death. Don’t ask so many questions.” The voice echoed.

Sovereign Moyou’s expression changed slightly.

At this moment, terrifying flames were rapidly spreading. Even with the Nightmare World suppressing them, the flames had spread to one-third of the area and were still expanding.

“I believe I’ll know your identity one day.” With that said, Sovereign Moyou stared at Maxon. At the same time, he turned into two huge green eyes and began to fight Maxon with all his might.

Maxon was very patient.

Since his junior brother was confident in tracking him, he would take drastic measures to completely incinerate the Nightmare power. The lesser the Nightmare power, the weaker Sovereign Moyou would be.

“Come on, let’s fight to the death.”

However, Sovereign Moyou didn’t want to waste time. His two huge eyes enveloped Maxon.

In high-dimensional space.

Xu Jingming had been hiding here and watching everything that happened in space.

Senior Brother Sang is amazing. His flames can actually keep burning using Nightmare Power as fuel. The more it burns, the more powerful the flames become, and he doesn’t suffer any losses. Xu Jingming observed. As long as this continues, this flame will eventually incinerate the entire Nightmare World. Therefore, Sovereign Moyou can’t delay. He has to use some extreme measures.

After Senior Brother Maxon was trapped in a jade-green eye, the two jade-green eyes seemed ethereal as they fused together.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The cosmos trembled as terrifying flames burned in his eyes.

The battle between the two continued.


Xu Jingming was surprised. From high-dimensional space, he could see Senior Brother Maxon—who was trapped inside the two eyes—standing there without taking a step. No encirclement methods could affect him at all.

Sovereign Moyou can’t injure Senior Brother Sang? Xu Jingming was surprised.

In terms of defense, Sovereign Moyou couldn’t injure him at all.

In terms of offense, the burning flames were invincible.

The moves didn’t seem complicated, but just these few moves roughly made Maxon the number one Lv. 10 in the Primordial Research Institute. Of course, he was too old, and his potential was far inferior to Senior Sister Primordial One, Senior Brother Jane, and the others.

I never expected Maxon’s attainments in spacetime to be in no way inferior to fire. Impressive!

Finally, a voice resounded majestically. A large number of cracks appeared in the fused jade-green eyes, and the aura of life dissipated.

The Nightmare World turned ethereal, and the fused jade-green eyes split into two. The two eyes and a blood-colored horn floated in space.

Maxon put all of this away.

“Junior Brother, come over.” Maxon looked up at high-dimensional space. His psychic force could sense high-dimensional space much wider than that of Sovereign Moyou, so he could also detect Xu Jingming.


Only then did Xu Jingming descend from high-dimensional space.

“Senior Brother Sang.” Xu Jingming couldn’t help but ask, “Is Moyou dead?”

He couldn’t detect Moyou’s aura from high-dimensional space, but the jade-green eyes continued hiding terrifying strength. Perhaps Moyou was hiding among them.

“Yeah.” Maxon nodded. “His life was fused into the two eyes. I’ve already completely incinerated him.”

With that said, he extended his hand, and two green eyes that were slowly healing appeared in his palm. “Even if Sovereign Moyou revives in the future, his strength will plummet without these two eyes. He will be negligible.”

Xu Jingming nodded. “By fusing with high-dimensional objects to become stronger, your strength will plummet once you lose them.”

“We’ve finally finished off Moyou. The Heavenly Python Cosmic Sector’s situation will be better.” Xu Jingming was in a good mood. It was because Moyou had been too crazy in the past few years, and the frequency of his massacres was too high.

A large number of habitable planets and Origin lifeforms died at his hands.

His death could also intimidate the other Hellion Sovereigns.

In fact, the human race wasn’t willing to start a war because the evolutionary path for humans was mainly about accumulating knowledge and honing the mind. Even without war, many human evolvers could still break through if they immersed themselves in research.

Hellions evolved in life-and-death battles and needed combat.

“Actually, Moyou could commit suicide,” Maxon said. “If he returned to the Hellion territory and chose to commit suicide, he could’ve kept these two eyes. Without these two eyes in his body, he could have escaped the high-dimensional assimilation after his revival.”

The source of high-dimensional assimilation was the pair of eyes. Without the eyes, he naturally wouldn’t be assimilated.

“He would rather plunder crazily than commit suicide.” Maxon was a little puzzled.

“Perhaps he wanted to break through in a life-and-death battle,” Xu Jingming remarked. “As long as he broke through and became a cosmic legend, I believe he could’ve controlled these eyes.”

“How can it be that easy to break through to become a cosmic legend?” Maxon shook his head. “Let’s return.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

He immediately brought Senior Brother Maxon across the distance and returned to Squareprosp.

After returning to Squareprosp, they quickly handed over the spoils of war and confirmed their received credit.

After killing Moyou, Xu Jingming and Maxon shared the spoils of war and the credit equally! It was mainly because the two of them didn’t care too much about the rewards.

Maxon wanted to befriend this genius junior brother, while Xu Jingming was capable of earning credit at an astonishing rate, so he wasn’t willing to take advantage of him. Therefore, everything was eventually split equally.

The next morning, the sun rose and dyed half the sky red.

“After killing Moyou, my mission in the Heavenly Python Cosmic Sector is done,” the white-robed Maxon said with a smile. “I won’t stay any longer. I’ll head to the Void Celestial battlefield today.”

“The Void Celestials are stronger than us. Senior Brother, you have to be careful,” Xu Jingming said.

“Haha, I need stronger training to become a cosmic legend,” Maxon said. For example, although Sovereign Moyou was difficult to deal with, it was only for Jane and Yijiu. He couldn’t even injure Maxon.

The top ten of the Primordial Research Institute usually went to the Void Celestial battlefield.

Maxon was roughly number one, so he naturally yearned to be there, where extremely terrifying opponents lurked.

“Then, I hope you can successfully break through and become a cosmic legend,” Xu Jingming said with a smile.

“Hahaha, to be honest, I feel that you will become a cosmic legend faster than me,” Maxon said with a smile. “As for me, I don’t have such lofty goals. I only hope to break through before my life ends.”

“Alright, I’m leaving. Junior Brother, I look forward to meeting you again on the Void Celestial battlefield,” Maxon said. He took a step and arrived outside the planet, entering a spaceship.

The spaceship quickly disappeared.

Xu Jingming watched from afar.

“Senior Brother, we’ll meet again on the Void Celestial battlefield,” Xu Jingming said softly.

If he was strong enough, he would eventually head to that even more terrifying battlefield.

Xu Jingming, Yijiu, Jane, and some others cared a lot about Sovereign Moyou’s death. Many Origin lifeforms in the Heavenly Python Cosmic Sector did so as well. After all, they had suffered under the shadow of Sovereign Moyou for a long time.

But in the entire cosmic human race and the Hellion race… it was a trivial matter. After all, Sovereign Moyou wasn’t even a cosmic legend!

There were many Hellion Sovereigns who had fused with high-dimensional objects! Moyou was only relatively strong. Of the more than 10,000 Hellion Sovereigns, those ranked from the 11th to 13th… How much worse could they be compared to Sovereign Moyou?

Boom! Boom!

In an ancient wasteland, a towering armored figure looked down from his throne carved from black jade. The five blood-colored horns on his head resembled a crown.

“Your Majesty.” Five of the ten great Sovereigns gathered and bowed extremely respectfully.

This towering figure had the appearance of a normal Hellion family head, but he was much larger. Even though he had restrained himself, he was still nearly half a light-year tall. Sitting on the huge throne, he occupied 1% of the ancient wasteland.

“Your Majesty,” the strongest cosmic legend of the Hellions, Sovereign Death Wither, said respectfully, “Sovereign Moyou is dead and has lost his fused item. We can confirm that even if he’s revived, he won’t be able to recover his original strength. One of the ten great Sovereigns has a missing spot that needs replacement.”

The ten great Sovereigns were very important among the Hellions. Other than representing strength, it also represented a large amount of authority! Without the Progenitor and the emperor’s interference, the order of the Hellions was mainly managed by the ten great Sovereigns. They had to make up for the loss of one as soon as possible; otherwise, there would be problems with the operation of the entire Hellion race.

“Moyou is dead and has lost his fused item?”

The emperor looked into endless spacetime from afar. His gaze passed through many obstacles and looked at the Hellion Sovereigns within their vast territory. He observed Sovereigns who had fused with high-dimensional objects.

The emperor suddenly noticed an existence—it was a Hellion Sovereign chewing on a star.

“Sovereign Red Fire has already regained his rationality,” the emperor remarked. “He has almost perfectly controlled that wisp of Abyssal Blood Fire. His strength is enough to be ranked among the ten Sovereigns.”

There were many Hellion Sovereigns who had fused with high-dimensional objects, and most of them were crazy. But even if they were crazy, they might improve one day when their control increased. Their strength would naturally reach a new level.

Therefore, the ranking of the Hellion Sovereigns’ strength was unclear. Nobody knew who would emerge on top.

For example, the Hellion Sovereigns believed to be just above the top ten weren’t selected. Instead, they chose the crazy Sovereign Red Fire who wasn’t that well known.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” the five Sovereigns replied respectfully.

The ten great Sovereign positions were very important, but the high and mighty Hellion Progenitor ignored such matters. The Hellion Progenitor descended on his own prerogative, and they couldn’t do anything about it if he didn’t.

Typically, important matters in the species were decided by the emperor.

As a high-dimensional lifeform, the emperor’s judgment was naturally accurate. The Hellion Sovereigns didn’t doubt him.


With Sovereign Moyou’s withdrawal, Sovereign Red Fire took over as one of the ten great Hellion Sovereigns.

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