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Durin was a very serious man, and there was no doubt about it, because if he was not serious about farming in the country, Mr. Kessler would never let him go, which also cultivated Durin's earnest character. It took only two days for these high-class dignitaries who enjoyed the fine arts of the Grand Theatre to recognize the car washer called Durin.

He was always able to wash every corner of every car very clean, even some hidden cracks, he would use a sharpened branch to live towel pressure in, the dirt clean. Unlike the other car washers on the roadside, he fooled around and licked the fees in his pocket.

Durin, who had a reputation in just two days, was very happy. Here his plan went one step further. He even started planning to work for him after a while, and he brought in other car washers who were not doing very well on the roadside to work for him. It will not be long before he can rent a facade on the roadside for car beauty.

He learned the word "car beauty" from a dream, not just washing the car, but also some maintenance and modification. He doesn't know anything about it, but there are people in Tennel. All he needs is to bring those people over and be his employees.

But unfortunately, Dulin's dream of "car washing kingdom" has just taken the first step when it burst.

"This is the guy who has been breaking our rules and robbing our guests!" A lean, dark-skinned car washer with a duck-tongue hat stood beside a group of people, pointing distantly at Durin, who was washing his car by the roadside.

In this city, there is something that ordinary people don't know very well. We can call it the dark side, or we can call these people and their world the underground world. It was not just in the city of Tenel that there were factions, but even in the more distant and prosperous cores and developed regions of the empire.

It's like having a world of sunshine and having darkness that sunshine can't take care of. There are two sides to everything. The starry empire, which had just emerged from the Civil War, was actively seeking change while licking the wounds left in the war. Any change that can change people's lives often means great risks and great benefits. The interests of the sun and the dark interests.

These gangs do not exist to make the city more chaotic. It may seem ridiculous to say that what they do looks more like a policeman than a policeman. They use force to deter the stability of the order in the territory, they set up one rule after another, people dare not go beyond. It was they who made the city more peaceful, and there were fewer bad people on the streets.

They are like dark viruses that are constantly engulfing and infected with light.

Near the thin monkey-like fellow were four strong young men, the leader of whom was wearing a red checked shirt with a blue background, a short jacket and a beige cap. He wanted to look respectable, but the flesh on his face was always incredible.

He nodded, took off his cap, and the street was his place, and in Tenel some of the people who knew him called him Wilson the mad dog. In his boast, he had successfully killed seventeen or eighteen enemies in a street shootout with a gun in one person. People called him a mad dog because of his madness and viciousness. He liked the nickname.

He took his three men to Durin's side. Durin was washing his car, and there were two cars to wash behind him. Just as he was about to put the towel back in the bucket and wash it, a brown shiny shoe appeared in his eyes and kicked the bucket over.

Durin was still uncertain what had happened. He stood up and looked at four men with fierce eyes, some of whom nodded inexplicably. "Gentlemen?" He doesn't understand what these people want to do, but he feels he may be in big trouble.

Wilson looked up and down at Durin, laughing and glancing at the car that had been washed in half.'Have you paid the Amnesty Fee yet?'

Security fee?

"What is that?" Durin's face was blank, though he felt that these people were

supposed to be looking for stubble, and the word "comfort money" didn't sound like such a bluff.

Two years ago, the cost of entertainment was not called "happiness", it was called protection fee. It is a compulsory fee levied by local gangs to all operators in their own sites. Only after paying the protection fee can they operate normally and enjoy the protection of the gangs. If they don't pay it, it's bad. Gangs keep coming to their doors and asking for trouble, making business impossible.

Later, because a baronet was not levied protection fee fruitless, was attacked by gangs, seriously injured hospital, caused the empire's attention. The faction behind the case, which was no longer an ordinary one to be exact, but a family with a religious character, eventually smoothed it out after more than 170 days of trial.

But since then, the word "protection fee" has become a past tense. Now it is called "entertainment expense". This word may be a bit old-fashioned, but it can achieve a relatively perfect meaning.

Wilson was somewhat baffled, too. The whole city of Tenel, the whole empire of stars, and the boy didn't know what that meant.

The next moment, he thought the other side was playing on himself, a moment of blood, a fist waved out!

To ask the countryside, what should be done if there is a dispute? The police certainly did not, let alone the judge, so in the countryside, fists became so-called fairness. Whose fist is big, so who has reason. Mr. Kessler's family also had disputes with others, such as the stone that could be blown away by the wind for dozens of kilograms, because fighting in the countryside was normal.

Mr. Cosma has a lot of skills and is always the last winner.

When Durin saw his opponent's fist coming, he leaned back, dodged it dangerously, and subconsciously returned it.

It was a tough, heavy punch, straight from the lower right and Sai on the other side's jaw. Wilson's head flicked upward, and his mouth drooled out along the slightly open lip. His eyes became a little blank, and his footsteps slightly faint.

The Street watchers and shopkeepers sighed, and the young man was in real trouble. The shopkeeper at the roadside for the past two days had a very good impression of Durin, who washed the road with clean water every time he washed the car without leaving a pool of sewage and stains. Even if he borrowed water, he would give him a penny of coins and never get water in white. If anyone needs a hand, or something, Durin is sure to help if he is free.

How good a guy is, how can he not be enlightened?

Wilson's kind of person can only be soft-spoken and careful, coaxed him to be safe, after all, he is a mad dog ah!

"Sorry... It's too handy, so... " Dulin apologized and stepped back, with some apologies on his face. The other side didn't hit him, but he hit the guy, and it seemed that the guy didn't know why he couldn't stand it so badly as his sister.

It took a while for Wilson to recover. He felt his face burning, not beaten by the boy, but ashamed of the eyes of others. He gritted his teeth, pushed aside the man who was holding him, drew a knife as long as a foot from behind, raised it, and pounced on Durin, who had retreated several steps.

"Let me teach you what respect is!"

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