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Wow. I’m back. It’s been a long time… I actually had half of this chapter translated for like half a year, but with how busy I have been with senior year and all, I just haven’t gotten the chance to finish it up and post it.

Alfred Carter suddenly stiffened and looked at Shaar unbelievingly. "You… you are really willing to teach me?!"

At this moment, Alfred Carter really believed that Shaar was much stronger than himself. Normally, the most he can do is daydream about the opportunity of learning from an expert like this! For martial artists, their techniques are extremely precious. Who would be lightly willing to teach others?

However, at this time this expert actually offered his guidance to him! With Shaar's illustrious record of defeating War God Hastings coupled with the fact that he was just defeated with one flourish, if he could pick up a trick or two …

Alfred Carter's master wasn't a superpower on the continent, and he had practised to the level of a pinnacle intermediate warrior. Although he was only a mere step away from becoming a high leveled expert, but he had already stayed at that level for three years already with no signs of breaking through.

As for that insidious technique, he had only inadvertently picked it up later on. With his modest talent, he finally managed to achieve his current attainments.

At this current moment, when offered tutelage by one that even defeated the Odin General Hastings, how could he have any inkling of refusal on his mind? As for Shaar's true intentions, he did not even second guess them after having just been beaten in one strike.

"You, you mean- you're willing to teach me …."

Shaar beamed at him, "It would just be sparring for a bit, not enough to be considered passing on techniques, but rather as an equivalent exchange. You are also my senior, I'm afraid I can't become your teacher."

When put in this fashion, how could there be any shred of doubt left in Alfred Carter's mind?

Whilst the onlookers were still in a daze, Shaar had already waved a big paw towards waiter and called on them to bring over the innkeeper. Calling over Tatara to bring out a few gold coins, he said, "Alright, I will cover the compensation for all the things that have been broken here." Hesitating for a moment, Shaar stared at the owner in the eyes, "If the city guards come knocking, you will know how to answer, right?"

Taking hold of the gold coin and being stared down by Shaar's sharp gaze, the innkeeper suddenly became wholeheartedly sincere, and hurriedly nodded his head. "Yes yes, of course, I understand… ah, it is because those fellas provoked this gentleman in black armor that he was forced into retaliation to defend himself.

Shaar was satisfied with this response, and likewise, Alfred Carter was grateful for those words. He had originally planned to run after fighting, but since he has now been able to tag on with this important character, he does not have to experience the pain and suffering of being on the run.

Little did Shaar known, by the command of Governor of this military area, Hughes, the city garrison would not even be near this neighborhood. The agents under the command of the Governor had been surveilling the surrounding areas, and even if there was a heaven-shattering fight, as long as Shaar didn't stir up any trouble, then they would be left to their own devices.

The orders of the Governor was clear as day: Don't provoke that guy- let him alone and leave peacefully.

Returning to a courtyard in the residence behind the inn, Shaar dismissed everyone. Naturally, Alfred Carter also let his own companions to return to their living quarters to rest.

Following this, Shaar with a careless expression asked a few words, and Alfred Carter straightforwardly pointed out to him the essence and intricacies of his swordsmanship in its' entirety.

In his heart, Sir Shaar was a figure that can even defeat General Hastings, in front of such a person, he himself is but an ant. Likewise, for this little sword art of his, instead of hiding it away sentimentally, it would be better for him to speak it out loud. Maybe there is a chance for this great expert to give him some tips.

Subsequently, one spoke and another listened- naturally the speaker spoke with his utmost effort without any reservation, while the listener was attentive and immersed.

However, Alfred Carter would have never imagined that this character in front of him was merely swindling him of his secret techniques!

Put bluntly, Alfred Carter's swordsmanship belongs to a class that relies heavily on techniques and feints in order to confuse the senses of the enemy with practically no big techniques. Rather, it utilizes the speed of the sword to confuse the perception of the opponent while simultaneously hiding the real killing technique within a myriad of illusionary strokes. This kind of technique is simple yet sharp, with a clean and dexterous cut that leaves the body as quickly as it enters.

"This sword technique is like that of an assassin." In his mind, Dora made a judgment.

The first step is the wrist technique. In order to display sword illusions like that shown by Alfred Carter, the wrist technique is extremely important. The usage of strength must be very precise, with the incorporation of subtle shaking, and flipping of the wrist, or even exquisite movements in the rotation of the wrist. The most important variable in the wrist technique however, is the power used in performing the technique. It must be done in quick and brief intervals without any sloppiness.

With regards to Alfred Carter's battle qi, there is not much about it that is unusual or special.

At Shaar's request, Alfred Carter performed some intricate demonstrations. Even at his current skill, he can shake out seven or eight illusory afterimages with his sword, giving his enemies a hard time differentiating which is real and which is fake.

Upon seeing this guy's swordsmanship up close, he could see that with every move Alfred Carter made, he would send out a line of afterimages. Within these illusory images, there will be a lethal strike hidden.

These series of movements were extremely quick and deft, and Shaar subconsciously activated his Crimson Rage Ki, his eye displaying a red gleam. Under the influence of Crimson Rage Ki, all movements in front of his eyes appeared as if in slow motion. It was only under this state that he could clearly see every single detail behind Alfred Carter's movements.

Doing this also saves him from directly asking- after all, the act masquerading as an expert in itself won't be so simple. For someone as illiterate as he was in techniques, if he wantonly asked questions, it wouldn't even take a sentence or two for him to blown his own cover.

After Alfred Carter displayed his techniques the third time around, Shaar waved his hand, signaling him to stop. In his mind, he replayed the movements that he had seen under the slow-motion influence of his Crimson Rage Ki. Suddenly a glimmer of inspiration appeared to him. Without a word, he took a broom standing at the corner of the courtyard and took a deep breath…

Letting out a deep breath, he waved out the broom in his hand. Immediately, the broom in his hand drew out two or three sword images.

In Shaar's mind it was as if he had a small epiphany, as if he found a method. After practicing the technique a few more times, and memorizing the movements and the utilization of energy in his body for the technique, his actions became fluid. After the third try, he could simultaneously release seven or eight mirages.

When Shaar reached his sixth repetition of the technique, the broom that was in his hand became a blurred area of afterimages, easily exceeding over a dozen!!

Alfred Carter became dazed at this sight, he never would have thought that after just hearing him talk about his technique once, and seeing him demonstrate thrice that this great expert would be able to use his technique off the bat! Furthermore, he could even use it with a higher proficiency and release more mirages!!

Once Shaar mastered the technique, his heart became exceedingly excited. Finally, with a burst of energy, his Crimson Rage Ki flowed down the broom, causing the broom to splinter apart with a bang, and causing wood chips to fly up into the surroundings.

Shaar stood in the center of the storm of wood chips, staring at the broken handle of the broom in deep thought.

Alfred Carter was completely convinced.

However, he would have never guessed, for releasing after-images, aside from wrist techniques, the quality of the weapon also has a role in how the technique is displayed! The softer and more elastic something is, the easier it will be to release afterimages with- for example, the sleeves of a traditional dancer.

Although Shaar could display over a dozen afterimages simultaneously, the broom in his hand was soft and elastic! If that broom was exchanged with a sword, then he would never have been able to display it with such a high degree of proficiency!

"Alright, you may leave, I want to ponder on it some more. Perhaps there may be some more improvement for this sword technique of yours," Shaar said, putting on an enigmatic facade. Alfred Carter was too afraid of speaking back, and he quickly backed away respectfully.

After the black-armored warrior left, Shaar plopped down gracelessly on the ground, scratching his head, unable to contain his elation. "Interesting! I would never have thought that sword techniques would have so many interesting quirks! At that time Kevin… Ah, when that guy Kevin taught me some sword techniques, it was mainly some simple blocking, lunging, and sliding footwork…"

Thinking of the bald-headed man that died in battle, Shaar felt a wave of dejection.

"Blocking, lunging and sliding…these are the most basic techniques. Any set of martial skills will be composed of simple techniques like these, along with some advanced techniques, which will result in a different style." Dora's explanation was very calm. "This Alfred Carter's sword techniques aren't bad, it can just barely be considered as a second-rate sword style. However, second-rate will always be second-rate after all. It relies too much on visual effects to confuse the opponent. Against a normal opponent there wouldn't be any trouble at all, but against another expert, especially one with high observational skills or mental fortitude, they would not be swindled by this little trick at all.

Shaar laughed. "Well after all it's not like I have to learn this sword style, just the method of mobilizing my body's energy."

Paused, he let out another belly of laughter: "That Alfred Carter said it took him several years to learn this sword style, and yet this master took only several tries to learn it. It seems like this master really is a genius!"

"Rather, you're a fool." Dora unceremoniously beat down on the hillbilly's confidence. "You have the Crimson Rage Ki as a foundation, once Crimson Rage Ki is used, your spiritual and mental acuity will be increased by several times, which also greatly increases your observational skills. Even the smallest and most movements will be seen and absorbed. These skills are not your own, but rather granted to you by the Crimson Rage Ki."

Shaar opened his mouth, and suddenly yelled out, "Who cares if I was naturally born with it or not… according to you, with the Crimson Rage Ki, is my comprehension much better than that of others, and I can learn everything much quicker?

Dora did not reply to Shaar's question, this female dragon was very unwilling to accept the hillbilly's speculation. "It's true that it would be so… however, this is only limited to martial arts. You are able to see more clearly, and much more of the subtleties than others, so naturally you would learn much faster. This is not something that is surprising."


"However what?" Shaar said as he smiled carelessly.

"However, your Crimson Rage Ki has an anomaly!"

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