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"I'm really busy right now, is that an urgent matter?"

"Yes, ... ...! In the east, a rebellion has started!"

At those words I didn't expect, my mind turned white for a second time.

Rebellion... what fearsome, words.

Even though I know the word, I can't understand the meaning in this situation.

It sounds as if I was hearing it through another's head... I just... am devoid of emotion...

Why, why ...

When that question arises in my head, it just repeats one time and other as a cycle.

No matter how much I think, I can't figure out the cause.

"Milady, are you okay?"

Tanya carefully looked at my face.

Her complexion is also bad.

When watching how worried she was about me, I started saying to myself  "calm down, calm down...!" trying, with the momentum, to command myself to do so.

As I was breathless from the nervousness, my field of vision that had been blank returned to normal, and gradually the scenery around me became visible.

"... All is okay, Tanya"

As I fall down on my chair and focus my eyes on those in front of me, they also start to calm down.

In such an event, I couldn't help it.

Yes, I tell that myself...

"... ... Now please call Lyle and Sebas! We will start a meeting!"


Tanya ran and jumped out of the room.

"Please give me a detailed report of the events."

"... ... Yes!"

Lyle and Sebas have heard of the events to some extent from Tanya, so they didn't show much emotion when hearing it from me.

"You heard from Tanya why were you called on this occasion?"

"Yes ... but we're not clear about what the situation is like right now...."

I severely agree with Sebas's words.

"That's also a concern I have, although I have confirmed the details from the officials, I know only the magnitude of the damage, I don't know the identity of the enemy or its purpose"

Together with those words, I sighed to calm myself.

"So, Milady, what is the scale of the damage?"

"At the same time with the assault on the border, the rebellion in the east, assaults in the government offices, the enemies are currently having complete control of the east, the damage... there are more than ten people dead, there are many seriously injured. "

I bite my lips and clench my hands trembling.

Slightly, the taste of iron spreads in the mouth.

That pain and taste confront me with the fact that this is reality.


Sebas spoke to me with a painful voice.

...... But, I am so ashamed of myself for not preventing this and trembling from anger that I couldn't answer him.

Emotions that emerged from the confusion of the situation.

"You really do plan to destroy my people...."

It was anger.

Profound anguish, my body is trembling.

...... If they are dissatisfied with my policy, they can just aim at me.

If you have any purpose, say it aloud!.

There is nothing to discuss, making a rebellion, involving innocent people and making them suffer!.

That's to say, They are nothing other than enemies.

While being taken up with anger, all the officials in the room looked at me surprised.

"How big is the enemy?"

Lyle who seems to be thinking of the situation asked.

"According to witness information, the rebels seem to be about a hundred people...  According to the surviving guards, it seems that they were organized considerably, just like war soldiers...."

"Indeed, I do not think it would be easy for the crowd to organize and win people at the level of the guard's skill. Someone must have been originally planning and organizing them from behind ... ...."

"... How did the group get together in the first place?"

As Tanya asked that, I suddenly thought of it.

As I felt our eyes met, she opened her mouth further as if in a panic.

"Well, I am sorry, but I am a little worried ... If hundreds of people organized and moved, it would have been necessary to meet several times, plus they would need a place where to hide weapons to equip. "

At her words, I felt like I was beaten hard on the head.

"... That is it."

"What ...?."

At my words, three people uniformly placed question marks on their heads.

"Those who gathered at that base, illegal occupants reported by the engineering department, they used that place for this rebellion... That place has also a way to easily reach the underground sewer, which can bring them easily to anywhere without being discovered ...... "

It does not go out of speculation for me.

It's like binding the points together.

All our issues match at this point.

There was a sense of incongruity for a long time.

The Voldic family that Grouse is at the top wouldn't illegally occupy that land.

Considering the circumstances when this occurred, this the practically a 100% the case.

If so, did the Voldic family once again divide internally and some of them are helping the rebels?

Although it's not a possibility difficult to think but... it's not likely.

Because it only increases the possibility that things will be revealed if you occupy that land illegally.

"... As long as I hear the story, the more I think we're still missing something in all this..."

"I think so too, it's as if they have planned this for a long time, aiming for today ..."

This exquisite timing can only be thought as their aiming being the moment the enemies broke through the defense border of Count Monroe.

And a brilliant way to hold down the officials and guards in my territory.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps running rapidly in this mansion, the door opens and a woman who I don't recognize appears.

"Ms. Tanya, I am sorry, there is an urgent report"

"What's going on? We're in the middle of an important meeting now."

"We are consciously aware, but ... ...."

She began to talk to Tanya's ear something.

"……What's that?"

"I have confirmed, together with a report from my subordinate ... ...."

While Tanya was talking with her, I was checking the structure of the organization of the security guards in the area.

Then, calculate the number of days until they arrive in the eastern part.

"Milady, is everything okay?"

"Have you finished talking?"

"Sorry, there was a report from Dida"

"Yes. So ... ... what?"

"When I checked with Grouse, it seems that the people who are illegally occupying that building are unknown to him. Also, he has been staying in the Voltic Family and confirming his subordinates movements for a while but nothing suspicious was found. He also said that the control has been strengthened by the previous internal conflict, and there is little possibility that a traitor has appeared "

"Well ... I guess they have nothing to do with the Voldic family then. So.. who are they?"

"It is a report from our people and others but... It seems that local people infiltrated the building to investigate the illegal occupants"

"Good judgment ... ... So, did you understand something from their report?"

"They will let us know about what is the enemy staffing in that building"

"I beg of you."

At the words of Lyle, the woman who came in later nods strongly.

"And also, my men's survey as well as previous guesses have concluded that those who were illegally occupying and those rebels are the same group."

"What is the basis for that?"

"It seems that they occasionally speak a language other than the language of the Kingdom of Tasmeria, and Tasmeria's people has a unique accent that they don't have, whether it is too coincidental or not it's a little bit suspicious"

My face stiffens slightly at the words of Tanya.

I assumed that there was something behind ... Is another country behind this incident?

"... What is the language they speak?"

"... It's from the Kingdom of Acacia"

For a moment there was a heavy silence in the room.

Even if someone tries to say something, no one answers.

The mouth is rigid, while the body is slightly trembling at her words.


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