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The mage called Luci sighed. Presently, motivated by the Principal, nearly all students had worn stronger vitality. Was it not his serving as a member of the Sixth Prince's retinue, he couldn't have noticed it by now.

However, by doing so, this warrior student named Qian Jin would be creating serious trouble. To order a mage student to apologize to another student in mage division, who had been regarded as a target of public criticism, was like pouring oil on fire to try putting it out, given that he was a student in the warrior division.

So would this fire of hatred be wiped out? Luci looked at Qian Jin sympathetically, thinking that he could by no means be a strong warrior since his name was not listed in the Hundred Battle Ranking List of the warrior division. Even though the Sixth Prince had always been acute in judging people, today he might have made a mistake. The plump mage called Zhuang Yichen was not a student of grade one, but of grade five.

Another two years later, he might break through the level 10 Mage and become a Meditation Mage. He could then try to become a Supreme Mage.

And today he came here for the lesson because he had been flunked in the military knowledge for a long time. Though he was not listed in the Hundred Battle Ranking List of the mage division either, he was after all the number 100 of the Young Talent Ranking List, a ranking system just inferior to the Hundred Battle Ranking List by one level.

"To apologize to her? Me?" Zhuang Yichen moved his two-hundred-pound weight with efforts, came in the face of Qian Jin, and sneered as if he was ready to crush Qian Jin into pieces the next minute. "Boy, are you a newcomer here? Do you believe that…?"

"Dumbass." Qian Jin spewed at Zhuang Yichen with a mouthful of saliva. Casting no look at this Level 8 Mage behind him, he directly walked toward Gabriella, "You're right. I shouldn't waste my time with the idiots."

Dumbass? Zhuang Yichen lifted his hand to wipe away the saliva on his face and couldn't stop the bumping of his muscle on the face due to sheer anger. The magic wand held in his hand was also triggered to shake. Dumbass? How dare this young warrior student to curse him as a dumbass in the presence of so many junior fellow students? Was he courting death here?

"You. Yes, you." Zhuang Yichen swiftly conjured a ball of rampant fire elements with his magic wand. "How dare you insult me? Now, kneel down at me and apologize, or else…"

The image of Qian Jin in the eyes of Zhuang Yichen zoomed out instantaneously, carrying a gust of chill with him, which stirred up his mage robe to wobble incessantly in the air. He then felt a strange tremble coming from the earth as if a giant rock had fallen onto the ground to make a big crashing sound.

Before Zhuang Yichen finished saying "or else", Qian Jin had already appeared up in front of him, with fist directly chopping at his belly covered under the mage robe.

This move of the fist as conjured by sheer brute force instead of warrior power. Zhuang Yichen flew backward like a big ball and clashed with a mage student standing behind who was left with no time to move and had to be knocked down on the ground in incessantly foaming at the mouth.

The other mage students standing nearby were all confounded. What the hell was this? A warrior student performed a move against a Level 8 Mage in the face of many mage students in the domain of the mage division and caused him to…to…foam incessantly.

Stories went that a certain crowd of mage students once behaved arrogant and aggressive. But Qian Jin was the first one to strut to the mage division's domain and beat a Level 8 Mage so heavily without even taking any retinue with him.

Luci felt a dizziness and wondered whether he was in his dreams. Just now, this young warrior performed a simple move to cause a two-hundred-pound mage to fly with sheer brute force instead of any warrior power. And this entire series of actions was completed before the sufferer conjured any enchantment.

Qian Jin stretched his five fingers, made a soft blow at them and smiled, "feels handy."

The corners of Tence Matten's eyebrows convulsed for a while, as a look of surprise was blossoming on his face. He slowly clapped his fists and said, "What a nice shot. It is really beyond my expectation. Hey, Iron, Whose strength is greater, you, or Qian Jin?"

"Lord…" The two-meter-high dark-skinned man gazed at Qian Jin for several seconds and said while frowning, "It's hard to tell before we meet in a competition."

"Oh?" Tence Matten titled his head to look at this tall black man, feeling surprised that though looking a little clumsy, this man named Iron held a strong sense of pride in his brute strength. "Now that he said he isn't sure who possessed stronger might, Qian Jin's brute force might go beyond my conjecture." Tence Matten thought to himself.

Qian Jin flattened his five fingers, blew at it softly, released a faint smile and then shook his head. "The touch? Just so-so."

Just so so? How dare he comment the feeling of punching others as "just so-so"? The mage students gathered together felt a strong gust of anger rising from their bosom and made up their mind to give him a lesson.

The mage students standing on two sides of Qian Jin in the corridor lifted up their mage wands collectively and stopped Qian Jin and Gabriella in the middle of the aisle.

"What do you mean?" Qian Jin covered Gabriella at his back with a single hand and looked at those mage students obstructing them. "Looking for a group fight? Are you people sure?"

Seeing the calm posture of Qian Jin, these mage students felt dumbfounded. Was there something wrong with his head, or he didn't have a brain at all? Why didn't he show out any signs of fear being surrounded by some many mages?

Tence Matten looked at Qian Jin in sheer curiosity, who was standing relaxed among all other people and carrying no trace of nervousness, none at all. It was as if what he was confronted with was not a large crowd of mages with the abilities to release massive destructive power at any time. For this time being, he looked just like a fierce tiger overlooking its territory amongst a horde of sheep.

"The general's presence." Tence Matten kept nodding his head. "You see? He possesses a totally different presence."

Qian Jin looked these mage students standing in his face up and down, wondering whether they had formed a transiently simple magic array. Taking the shape of a magic array, the power of it was not destructive at all, which could be broken through even by Qian Wuqing, let alone Qian Wutian.

If this was a life-or-death fight, he was confident to send these people back to the Stars within seconds.

Even though the Principal had triggered their lust for competition, there were few opportunities provided for these students to have an intuitive feeling for war. It was undoubtedly a good choice to train them to wear an atrocious look, but when compared with those people who had lingered between life and death multiple times, this degree of intent for war was just like playing a game.

"What are you doing? What the hell are you people doing here?"

The teacher who had just left away came back quickly with voluminous textbooks held around his arms. Seeing this crowd people who were on the verge of bursting out fighting against each other, he asked in a loud voice, "What are you intending to do here? Private fights are prohibited on the campus."

"Professor, he punched our classmate." One mage student pointed to Zhuang Yichen lying on the ground, "Please look here. He is throwing up white foam."

"This warrior student, you…"

"Professor." Qian Jin bent over slightly and made a salute, "he talked nasty at my friend. So I asked him to make an apology, yet was refused by him, so I cursed him. Then he requested me to apologize, while I didn't. This way he attempted to beat me with magic power. So I had to make a self-defense move."

"You are lying."

"Really?" Qian Jin looked at the mage student who opposed him, "What about swear to the God of Stars?"

The mage student who defended Zhuang Yichen put on a sullen face. Just like the demons who seldom swear in the name of the Demon King, the mages scarcely vowed to the God of Stars, since there had been an ever-lasting hearsay about being incurred bad luck by magic elements.

Nearly every teacher would pose a special warning in the first class lectured upon the mage students not to swear in the name of the God of Stars, otherwise, you would be cursed by magic elements in the case that you disobeyed your promise, resulting in the incapability of lifting your magic level. Such had been a patient sufferance for many talented mages.

And by now, it had been adopted as an iron law by all mages.

Seeing the awkward look of the mage student, the teacher released an enlightened look from his eyes. It seemed that this warrior student didn't tell lies.

"Professor, now that we are all students." Qian Jin said faintly, "It is okay for him not to apologize, so does it for me. In line with the school provisions, the bearer of a sneak attack has the right to fight back, right?"

The pundit-looking teacher wearing a pair of black-framed spectacles kept nodding his head, while the expressions of the mage students changed extremely awkward. Would he be released like this?

"Boy, what's your name?" The tall and thin mage student who opposed Qian Jin in the first place spoke again. "My name is Andrews, and I am here to challenge you…"

Qian Jin twisted the corners of his lips upward, lifted his fists, and made a ferocious punch at the side wall. Under the activation of the Land Tearing Chops, a cluster of compelling warrior power pricked the wall of the classroom sharply, triggering innumerable stone pieces to fall onto the ground with a rustling sound. Then a transparent hole appeared on the wall.

Whoosh. Qian Jin blew away the dust on his palms and turned to look at Andrews who hadn't even finished his declaration of war. The arrogant look on his face had disappeared while his eyes were filled with astonishment like the other mage students.

Though not of warrior origin, the mage students were clear that it required immense power to prick the wall. Moreover, this warrior student didn't seem like having performed using his full strength.

To join a one-to-one fight was disadvantageous for mages unless they could become Meditation Mages.

Though the Meditation Mage couldn't release any enchantment of aggressive type instantaneously, with the help of a mage wand in their hands, they would be able to conjure a transient spell instantly through the supplementary function of the mage wand.

Mages, Meditation Mage, and Supreme Mages. Andrews looked at Qian Jin and felt hopelessly vulnerable. He was only a Level 8 Mage who hadn't broken the threshold of Level 10 Mage to become a Meditation Mage, just like Zhuang Yichen. Given that, it was impossible for him to carry out a one-to-one fight with the warriors on the battle ring.

"If…" Andrews looked at Qian Jin venomously, "if I am a Meditation Mage…"

Meditation Mage? Qian Jin looked to Andrews with confusion. "What is a Meditation Mage? Isn't Supreme Mage the level above regular mages?"

The mage students standing in the perimeter wore a heavily shocked face. Was he a newcomer to Punitive Expedition Academy? Hadn't he covered the books required by the academy?

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