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Chapter 296: Instead of me looking for you, how about the other
"The leader won’t see you." Pam Monzi said after a pause. "Even if you are planning to come back to the family, you can only see the elders of the Family."
"Really?" Qian Jin asked with no surprise on his face. If the leader of the Pam Family was that easy to see, it would be strange. The fact that he met Qian Zhanxuan last time was pure coincidence.
"That’s ok, we can try to see him by going to the residence personally." Qian Jin got back on to the horse and said, "If the leader of the Pam Family still doesn't want to see us, we will live at Limitless City temporally until the leader invites us over."
"Invite?" Pan Monzi looked at Qian Jin and then looked at Duren Burg. He shook his head and thought, "Could it be that Duren Burg spends too much time with this idiot so he rejected the invitation of coming back to the family? Why would leader invite low-level warriors like you guys?"
"Remember." Qian Jin turned around on the horse and said to Pam Monzi, "We will be living at the best hotel in the city."
Pam Monzi shook his head as he was really confused. As he inspected other people who were going through the gate, he looked back again as he shook his head. "They aren’t dumb enough to cause trouble, right?"
Although Limitless City had a defense wall compared to Qian City, it didn’t stop the traffic of merchants. The streets were quite busy. The sound of metal colliding rang from the blacksmith shops, but it was soon covered by the shouting of merchants on the street.
"Qian Jin." Duren Burg looked around nervously and he asked, "What are we going to do next?" This warrior who was reckless and fearless now looked very concerned. Although he didn’t care about death, he cared about the future. To Hydra Bloodline Warriors, it was key if they could control what bloodline abilities they can get from their awakenings.
Useless bloodline abilities like the one that Pam Monzi had was like not having it.
"What to do?" Qian Jin smiled confidently as he said, "We're going to go to the residence of the Pam Family and asked to see the leader Pam Honzi."
As if he saw a ghost, Duren Burg looked at Qian Jin with a shocked expression. "What kind of person is the leader of the Pam Family? How? Even the Emperor of Zence has a hard time..." he thought.
"Can you be dumber?" Fanta Kunge looked at Duren Burg without moving his eyelids and said, "Use your brain a little! You are smart when it comes to other matters, but why can’t you calm down a little when it is about you?"
"Calm down?" Duren Burg felt like a bucket of cold water was poured down his head when he saw Fanta Kunge’s and Cech Flet’s facial expressions. "Yeah! It's simple! If I have a trump card, I would do the same! What am I afraid of?" He thought.
"I’m caring too much." Duren Burg said in a self-mocking tone. "I know what you are going to do now."
"Really?" A mysterious smile appeared on Qian Jin’s face. To others, they were here to use that strange altar to achieve secondary awakening. But that was only one of the least important reasons!
The material and the runes on the altar were what Qian Jin was after! Qian Jin breathed heavily as he grabbed onto the reins of the horse forcefully. He was planning to inspect that altar to see what it was made from, he wanted to make another altar!
In other words, he wanted to make an improved version of the altar! Qian Jin peaked at the pedestrians on the street as he thought. He wondered if the Pam Family would beat him to death if they discovered his intent.
It was rumored that the second altar of the Pam Family was created by a genius of the Pam Family who learned the basics of Runes and Mystic Potion. He created this second altar that wasn’t really safe or reliable but worked sometimes.
Knowing both Runes and Mystic Pharmaceuticals? The chance of someone like that existing was too small. Qian Jin believed that the Pam Family couldn’t imagi

ne that someone like him existed in this world.
Trades couldn’t continue forever.
As Duren Burg gets stronger and achieves his third, fourth, and fifth awakening, his Hydra Bloodline Power would be greater and greater! The Pam Family would definitely want to call him back.
Go back? Qian Jin believed that Duren Burg wouldn’t return to the Pam Family even if he had to die. The Pam Family would definitely also stop letting Duren Burg use the altar since he wasn’t going to go back to the family.
"Creating my own?" Qian sighed. It wasn't purely for Duren Burg, He also wanted to study that awakening altar. Everyone wanted to become a bloodline warrior! Especially the ones who failed the awakening.
Any powerful bloodline family was easy to find. They were always located at the center of the city. They were easier to find than the mayor’s mansion which was supposed to the actual ‘center’ of the city.
In front of the gate to the Pam Family, there were two black statues of Hydras made from Darksoul Stones.
The two huge yet delicate statue looked very real. When Qian Jin's eyes landed on them at first, they looked just like real hydras that were flickering their tongues and shining their sharp sword-like teeth. They looked vicious yet dominating, just like the emperor of all snakes.
Every single head on the Hydras looked different. Some were raised high in the air, some were low on the ground, some were angry, and some were happy. The nine heads displayed numerous possibilities and combinations.
Without any signs, these two statues demonstrated the presence of one of the top ten bloodlines in Zence.
Qian Jin got off of his horse and walked towards the Pam Family’s gate. Two young warriors walked up to him and blocked his path to the property.
"This is the Pam Family of Limitless City, please inform us of your visit."
The two warriors had polite smiles on their faces when they saw Qian Jin’s confidence. They looked friendly, but the pride could still be seen in their eyes.
"Qian Jin from Torrent Battle Fort is here to visit the leader of the Pam Family." Qian Jin placed his right fist on his chest as he showed the most sincere warrior salute. "I have important matters to discuss with the leader."
"Torrent Battle Fort?" The two young warriors looked at each other and thought, "Warrior Union? Unions made out of a bunch of ordinary warriors?"
Instantly, the respect on these two warriors’ faces disappeared and haughtiness appeared. Their slightly bent backs also straightened like a pine tree.
Bloodlines Warriors, even the servants and retinues of Bloodline Families naturally felt more superior when they faced ordinary warriors.
"Want to see our Family Head? Are you the President of Torrent Battle Fort?"
"No." Qian Jin shook his head and said, "I’m a manager."
"Manager?" The two warriors were a bit surprised. They looked at Qian Jin with doubt. Even in a Warrior Union made of ordinary warriors, the position of manager was not easy to get. Managers need to be at a certain level! They didn’t believe that this young warrior was powerful at all.
The doubt quickly turned into distrust as sneers appeared on the two warriors’ faces. "Are you really a manager?" They asked.
Qian Jin sighed. Fabreidis and Marc Gavin told him that no one would believe he was a manager, it appeared to be true.
"Yes." Qian Jin reached into his Warrior Dimension and took out the identification of Torrent Battle Fort. He handed it over and said, "Please check it."
When the two young warriors saw the Magic Anti-Counterfeit label on the identity, they were a little surprised. "So this manager is really young, but he has the necessary strength? Or is Torrent Battle Fort that weak now?" they thought.
The two warriors looked at each other again, and the shorter warrior said to Qian Jin after some thought, "Please wait a moment, I will go in and ask for you."
Qian Jin was a little surprised as well. He thought that identification was useless, but it gave him the qualification to get a message through. "Didn’t people say that Torrent Battle Fort got weak? Why is this identification still useful in Limitless City of the Qian Region?" He thought.
The thinner and shorter warrior ran into the buildings and passed through two more layers of walls and gates. He stopped at a small house that was facing the south and asked respectfully, "Elder, a young man named Qian Jin is asking to see the leader."
The curtain in the house was lifted up and a thin middle-aged man walked out. His eyes were about the size of two green beans and he looked down at the young warrior with a sly and arrogant expression. Using the height advantage of the stairs, he said, "Pam Yun, your father is an old retinue of Pam Family, why..."
"At least I, Pam Honqi, had been teaching you and letting you learn for some time now. Why don’t you understand? Is our leader that easy to see?"
Pam Yun quickly bowed as cold sweat dripped down his face. "Elder, you are right. But that young man had an impressive presence, he is less than 20 years old but he is already a manager at Torrent Battle Fort. Therefore..." He said with a shaky voice.
"Torrent Battle Fort?" Pam Hongqi tapped his temple with his finger as he continued, "The Warrior Union at Yulee? They had a great member, I think his name is Fabreidis. After he left, the union had fallen. Now they are letting such a young warrior be the manager?"
"Fallen?" Pam Yun didn’t say anything, but he thought to himself, "Unless some bloodline warriors, anyone else that came to the Pam Family was careful and respectful. However, this young man wasn’t afraid, so he must have some special skills."
"What are you thinking about?" Pam Honqi raised his chin. The sun shined on half of his face. Half of his face looked bright, but the other half looked dark and gloomy. "He is only an ordinary warrior. Even if Fabreidis who is one of the Three Heroes of [Warrior Hall] came here, what can he do? Do you know how majestic our leader is?"

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