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When Ming Shu was told to reveal the school's evildoings, she remembered the conversation she had heard in the old teaching building immediately.

There was little useful information in their chatting, but it at least told Ming Shu that they were doing something bad.

Let it go. I'll consider that when I have time.

Ming Shu looked at the boy student who didn't leave and asked, "What's your name?"

"I thought you wouldn't ask me." She didn't ask for his name for such a long time and didn't call him either. She looked at him as if looking at a stranger; she must not know him.

So much nonsense, forget my question.

Ming Shu stood up and checked out. Then she went straight to the cake shop next door. The boy student followed her speechlessly.

He had to refresh his knowledge of the little girl.

"My name is Cheng Yan. Cheng is the same as in He chu shi gui cheng* . Yan is the same as in Yan yan mu xing kuan ." He was famous at school so he was confident that she must have heard his name before.


Ming Shu only glanced at him with a strange gaze.

Everybody would think he was a poor student when they saw him for the first time. Why did he introduce himself in such a genteel way?


It's so horrible.

Cheng Yan didn't know what Ming Shu was looking at but he felt that her gaze was odd. He coughed and said, "It's your turn."

Ming Shu stopped looking at him and said, "Don't you know my name?" Mindless. Why ask again since you know my name?

"We could get to know each other again."

"You're bothersome."

Cheng Yan was confused by that label. Why was he bothersome?

Cheng Yan walked with Ming Shu on the street. He saw that foodie Shu ate from one street to another. Finally he couldn't help asking, "Lu Meng, is your stomach a bottomless hole?"

Her stomach still didn't bulge even when she ate so much. Where did that food go?

Ming Shu forced a smile for him. "I haven't eaten your food, why do you care so much? Did you fall in love with me?"

Cheng Yan's eyes rolled and he answered, "I wonder whether you could give me a chance."

What the fuck. Did he really fall in love with me? Ming Shu thought.



"You can't afford me."

"…" Normal people really can't afford her if she eats so much, Cheng Yan thought.

When Ming Shu returned to the gated community, she found that Cheng Yan still followed her. She even wanted to hit people. "Can't you stop?"

Cheng Yan faced forward, playing innocent. "I live here too."


Cheng Yan moved closer to Ming Shu and asked, "So, Lu Meng, how about you consider me? I can afford you."

"No." I'm not interested in people who have ulterior motives.

Cheng Yan followed Ming Shu to the community which was a community for rich people. Although the Host's family was not a top family, it still was a rich family. But Cheng Yan lived here too. Was his family rich?

It was unknown to Ming Shu. The original plot didn't mention that and the Host didn't know either.

But his name, Cheng Yan, was a little familiar. The Host might have heard it.

Cheng Yan accompanied Ming Shu to her house. "Lu Meng, if you change your mind, you can tell me at any time."

"…" Mindless .

Ming Shu entered the house and closed the door loudly.

Cheng Yan's smile became smaller and his gaze darkened. The light around him mixed and he was cast in shadow.

The next day.

As soon as Ming Shu opened the door, Cheng Yan's face entered her view. He wore a uniform today too. Even though the uniform was normal, when it was worn by him, it shone as if reflecting golden light.

"Why are you here?" Ming Shu bit into a sandwich and her smile almost couldn't be maintained. Did he decided to follow her all the time?

"Good morning, Lu Meng." Cheng Yan took out a rose as if playing a trick and showed it to Ming Shu.

It can't be eaten, useless.

Ming Shu didn't want to talk to him and passed by him, a sandwich in her mouth.

No matter what was happening, she always smiled. Even when she was eating, she still kept her smile, which attracted others.

Cheng Yan lost his mind because of her smile. When Ming Shu walked past, he returned to himself and took back his hands, feeling no embarrassment. Then he turned around and followed Ming Shu, saying with a smile, "Lu Meng, you were impolite just now."

Ming Shu turned her head and said, "Cheng Yan, good morning."

"…" Why didn't she respond like others?

On the way from the community to the school, Cheng Yan found her character was strange. Her smile was soft sometimes, bright other times. But one couldn't know whether her feelings changed from her smile.

Maybe the one thing that didn't change was that she smiled all the time.

She looked like a light-hearted girl, radiating a youthful glow.

On the way, there were kids going to school, white collars who were in a hurry, and grandmothers who were going to buy groceries. They were all busy and walked quickly. Only she was at ease and walked leisurely among them.

Cheng Yan felt strange and didn't talk to her until they arrived at school.

"Lu Meng, don't go to the old teaching building again. Next time, you won't be as lucky as yesterday." Before they entered school, Cheng Yan warned her again. Then he went in another direction and didn't go inside with Ming Shu.

The old teaching building…

What's in there?

According to the Host's memory, she had seen a ghost in the old teaching building. Was that really a ghost?

Ming Shu went toward the classroom while thinking about it. But before she arrived, the headmaster appeared suddenly and angrily stopped her.

"Why didn't you clean the playground?" The headmaster was very angry. "Lu Meng, don't think that you can do anything you want at school as long as your grades are good."


"I tell you, you must be punished when you make mistakes. That's a school rule. As a student, you must obey it. That I'm strict to you now is good for you. When you work in society, all your mistakes will become great losses. No one will reason with you like I'm doing now."


"Today after school, I will supervise you personally. If you don't clean again, I will deal with you."

The headmaster spoke quickly. It was as fast as pouring beans from a bamboo tube. Then he left.

"…" You should at least listen to my explanation.

"Headmaster, who made you angry?"

"It's more and more difficult to teach those students. They'll cause problems for you the second you don't pay attention to them."

"That's true, but they are children and naughty now. Don't get angry with them…"

Ming Shu looked over there. A woman in a cream-colored dress was talking to the headmaster, hair wavy and looking pretty young.

That voice…

It was the same as that woman's yesterday.

"Mengmeng!" Ye Miaomiao rushed out from somewhere and hugged Ming Shu's arm. "What are you looking at?"

Ming Shu pulled her hands away and pointed at where the headmaster was with her chin, asking, "Who is she?"

Ye Miaomiao looked and answered, "She might be the English teacher in the Junior Department. What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I was just asking."

T/N: He chu shi gui cheng and Yan yan mu xing kuan are verses.

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