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Chapter 1110: 1110
Chapter 1110: The Forbidden Rose Song (20)

Su Mian didn’t know what Ming Shu was looking at . Soon, he saw some people running toward this area .

Police sirens sounded from afar .

The police quickly surrounded mansion No . 404 .

Su Mian twitched the corners of his mouth . “You called the police?”

Ming Shu tilted her head . “Why not? They kidnapped you . That is against the law . ”

Su Mian: “…”

They are vampires!

The people who kidnapped me are vampires!

How can normal policemen catch vampires? Is she being serious?

“What did you tell the police?”

A normal police report would not bring so many policemen to the scene .

“Illegal gathering and preparation for a terrorist attack . ”

Su Mian: “???”

Su Mian was speechless . No words could express his feelings now .

He looked at mansion No . 404 . A shadow flew into the air . After a moment, the shadow fell down and started howling in pain .

Su Mian: “…”

He was thinking too much .

If she could take him out secretly, she could stop those vampires from leaving .

After a huge commotion, the policemen handcuffed the vampires and came out .

Ming Shu had already brought Su Mian over and was standing at the front of the crowd .

The people on the other side saw her immediately .

Ming Shu smiled and showed them her middle finger .

The leader of the group suddenly struggled and made to dash toward Ming Shu .

“What are you moving around for . Stay still . ” The policeman beside him slapped the vampire’s head . “Take him away!”

The vampires: “…”

The next day…

Su Mian got the news that there were explosives and guns found in the building . Those vampires were recognized as terrorists and would be staying in jail for the rest of their lives .

The vampires were confused . They just kidnapped a person . Where did all these accusations come from?

The vampires said, “We didn’t do this! Don’t frame us!”

The policemen smiled coldly . “You all didn’t do this? You were caught red-handed . How dare you all still try to make fallacious arguments! Hurry up and tell us everything!”

The vampires: “…” What can we tell you? Those things are not ours!

The vampires had rules to abide by too . Since they were caught by the police, they didn’t dare to run away .

If the human world found out the secret of the vampires’ existence, they would become the sinners of their race .

After this issue, the reformation of Nongshui Alley was pushed forward .

Many crimes happened in this area, but the people here were not easy to deal with . Hence, the reformation of this area kept being postponed .

Su Mian was in a daze . He was kidnapped suddenly and was freed suddenly too .

Su Mian wanted to ask something . However, when he opened his mouth, nothing came out .

He looked at the colorful ball inside the glass bottle . He asked, “What is that?”

Ming Shu looked over . “Toy . ”

Su Mian was puzzled .  How old is she? Why does she still have a toy?

Su Mian grabbed the control in Ming Shu’s hand and asked her the question he wanted to ask . “Who is targeting you?”

“This is vampire business . Why are you asking me about it?”

Who else can it be? It has to be the powerful person that the fake female protagonist’s found . I don’t have any background .

“Aren’t you worried?”

“Worrying has no use . Those people that still target you will still target you . ” Ming Shu’s tone seemed nonchalant . She snatched the remote control back from Su Mian . “Have you finished your work? Stop worrying about such unimportant things and focus on your studies . ”

Su Mian: “…”

Do you think I want to worry so much?

Who am I worried about?

Su Mian drank two bottles of mineral water before he managed to contain his anger .

My goodwill is being taken for granted!

Su Mian put down the mineral water bottle in his hand . “When are you going to turn me into a vampire?”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows as she looked at him . “Are you done with this topic?”

Su Mian straightened his back . “No!”

Didn’t she say that he didn’t have the right to ask her about vampire issues?

If he became a vampire, he would have the right!

Ming Shu smiled . “No way . ”

Su Mian got up . “Fine, if you don’t agree, I will go and find someone else . You are not the only vampire . ”

Su Mian thought that Ming Shu would stop him, but he thought too highly of himself . The person behind him didn’t say anything .

He was furious . He changed his shoes and went out .

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Just as he stepped out of the door, her voice floated over . “Do you plan to become their son or become their partner?”

It was impossible for him to become someone’s son…

It was even more impossible for him to become their partner .

However, if he turned back now, he would lose face .

“That is none of your business . You are not human . You have no right to care about me . ”

Su Mian walked out and slammed the door shut . Then, he went back to his place .

The moment he entered, he slapped himself .

Why didn’t he control his mouth!

Why did he argue with her?

She is a lunatic!

Where did his social values go to? He should take care of lunatics!

Suddenly, Su Mian felt puzzled . His temper seemed to be getting worse lately…

It’s the lunatic’s fault .

Su Mian found an excuse for his irregular actions .

Su Mian sat in his room for the entire afternoon . No sound came from the apartment beside his . In the evening, he couldn’t resist anymore and went to knock on her door . No one was inside .

Hoh hoh!

The Dulante family met some trouble recently . A vampire found them and Dulante was hit .

The vampire was none other than Fu Yu .

Fu Yu dared attack the prince and she even won against him . This piece of news spread among the vampires . The other vampires grew more scared of her .

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They would evade her if they saw her on the streets .

Guansa heard about this news from Andrew . She was shocked but unwilling to give up .

Even her father was not her match?

“Sasa, what’s wrong? You seem absentminded . ” The girl beside her asked in concern, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Guansa looked at the girl instantly . The hatred in her eyes was still present so the girl froze on the spot . The girl’s face turned pale .

“I’m fine . I’m just tired from studying . ”

Guansa’s gentle voice caused the girl to regain her senses . She looked at Guansa . She was still the gentle and elegant person she knew . What she saw just now seemed to be her imagination .

The girl felt a little frightened . She clutched her clothes tightly . “Have a good rest . The lesson is starting . I will go back first . ”

It must be her imagination just now .

Sasa would never show such an expression .

The girl comforted herself . She needed more rest . She was delusional .

Guansa stared at the girl’s back . She retracted her gaze after the girl sat down . She turned her head and looked at Ming Shu .

Ming Shu leaned on her table with a book in front of her . There was a box of milk beside her . Guansa recognized the milk bottle . It was from Angel Song .

A look of hatred flashed past Guansa’s eyes . She stood up and went to collect everyone’s homework . She walked toward Ming Shu .

Along the way, she purposely pulled open the curtain . The sunlight shone on Ming Shu .

“Is there anything wrong with your mind!”

Tong Ye pushed Guansa away and pulled the curtain back . He placed his jacket on Ming Shu’s head and blocked the skin which was getting burned .

Guansa tripped when she was pushed . The homework in her hand spilled on the ground .

Tong Ye was always a lively and kind person . He never lost his temper . Hence, his classmates were stunned when he got angry .

A male classmate asked, “Tong Ye, Guansa only opened the curtain . Why are you so fierce?”

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