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Chapter 28

"Where are we going?" Feng Xingying looked at the route Qin Molin was taking. It didn't seem like he was taking her home. 

    "Kiss me and I will tell you." Qin Molin responded in a good mood. 

  Feng Xingying just stared back in response.

    Qin Molin did not take Feng Xingying’s actions for granted and smiled. "I think that you are very beautiful, and it seems that you will have to get used to my presence in the future." 

    "..." The Feng Xingying was speechless. 

    She really wanted to take a closer look. The man in front of he, Is he really the legendary cold king of the Jia Kingdom? 

    "I know that I am handsome, You are free to look. If you want you can even touch..." Qin Molin whispered into the ears of Feng Xingying, and even sneakily gently bit down and swirled her delicate earlobe in his mouth. 

    "Are you a dog!" Feng Xingying immediately cried and struggling to get down. 

    This guy is really awful. Although his little movements are not seen, the earlobe of FengXing was extremely sensitive. His biting down on her ear caused her whole face to blush bright red. 

    "Oh, don't move around so much here.." Qin Molin's voice returned to its cold and serious tone. 

    This guy. 

    Obviously, he is not right, Why does it make it sound look, I was the one messing around!

(a While Later)

    Feng Xingying looked up and saw a towering dark green pillar in the distance. 

    The first wonder of the country - Tong Tianzhu! 

Maybe it looks like this but greener? When I put a dark green pillar into google it gives me green candles. (*>艸<)

    It is also a symbol of Tongtiange. 

    No one knows the origins of Tongtiange. The only known fact is that Tongtiange is the place where every spirit is awakened and started. 

    Its branches are all over the mainland, and every branch of the Tongtiange has such a towering tower.

    Perhaps it was influenced by the shadows of the original owner’s darkness and power, and Feng Xingying actually felt her hands and feet turn cold. 

    "If you don't want to go, we can still turn around." 

    "Why not go?" Feng Yingying asked voice full of strength and confidence. 

    She is also very curious, what kind of firepower can compete with the death of the nine yins and so on for so many years. 

    "Wait  here, I am going to go invite an old friend." Qin Molin reached out and touched the head of Feng Xingying, and his eyes flashed a little pity. 

    She is really tough.  not as weak as her appearance. Her bones similar to wild grasses.  They cannot be destroyed by rain showers and even when step on the grass grows back stronger than ever. Not afraid of anything. 

    The star shadow nodded and did not ask much. 


    Outside of Tianning pharmacy, it is bustling at this time. 

    On this spring day, it was the day when Shendan Valley took in disciples. Choosing many disciples that meet the qualification to join their group each year. 

    The young people in the city, whether they are family members or ordinary people, gather outside Tongtian Pavilion, waiting for surprises that may come. 

The most dazzling of those stood in the forefront.  Two beautiful girls like soft elegant floating clouds and ethereal like an enchanting fairy. 

This is a Tsing Yi according to google. Imagine both beautiful women wearing this. -snowbell

    Wearing a Tsing Yi is the third beauty of the country, the first talented woman, the ninth princess Nangong Yulian. 

    And the girl wearing white was the tenth beauty.  ….

(Even the narrator doesn't care about the second most beautiful girl present because our mc has arrived) - snowbell (⌒▽⌒)

    At this point, all the eyes were attracted because of the arrival of another person. 

    "Look, she actually has a face." 

    "Is she not disfigured?"

    "I heard that she was kidnapped  by bad people, and later cured by the Tongtian Pavilion?" 

    The discussion about FengXing was everywhere. She could hear them all very clearly However ignored them. 

    Feng Xingying didn’t want to deal with these few farts and continued to move forward. 

    She walked through the crowd, like a fairy-like character.

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