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Chapter 61: She feels really uncomfortable part 1

If this An Ya Princess knew that her best friend was secretly hoping for her to die and then push all the responsibility off to Mu Zi Ling, then maybe she would actually die from anger.


After the maid carried An Ya Princess, who was limp, to her seat, Mu Zi Ling slowly stood up. Then she slowly walked over to the An Ya Princess, and took out a cloth pouch that she used for carrying needles. Then she spread the needles all out on the table.

“I will have to prick An Ya Princess’s chest eighty one times. If she is unconscious, then she would not feel any pain at all and there would be no wounds. However, if she was conscious, then it would hurt really terribly and possibly leave thousands of wounds if she struggled. Since the An Ya Princess was already unconscious, then we naturally don’t have to worry about her feeling any pain.”


Mu Zi Ling was looking at the An ya Princess when she was mumbling. Although her voice was very quiet, people all heard it. This also included that “unconscious” An Ya Princess.


Mu Zi Ling didn’t say her words for nothing because the An Ya Princess didn’t disappoint her. Her soft little hands immediately shivered after Mu Zi Ling said those words.


Since everyone’s eyes were on the pouch of needles in Mu Zi Ling’s hands, naturally no one saw that the An Ya Princess was panicking. Mu Zi Ling was the only one who saw it.


Mu Zi Ling then started to secretly laughed to herself. This little girl sure knows how to endure. Since her endurance was really that high, Mu Zi Ling wondered if she would jump up after she pricked the first needle.


Everyone looked at the shiny golden needles that were laid out on the table.They seemed to imagine what it would feel like to have those needle prick through their skin. All of them shivered unconsciously. Does the Princess really have to be pricked by those needles eighty one times?


“Third sister in law, is An Ya Princess’s illness really that grave? Do you really have to prick her with all those needles so many times?” asked Long Xiao Ze uncertainly. When he saw all of those needles being laid out, he also unconsciously gulped a few mouthfuls of saliva out of terror.


Although he wasn’t the one being stabbed, just looking at the golden needles was enough to send chills down his whole body. This feeling was not good, and it was too terrifying.


“Of course, and I have to prick it in two inches. If I don’t, then this would have no effects.” said Mu Zi Ling seriously. This made people unable to tell whether she was telling a lie or the truth, but she made it sound like this was really necessary.


Long Xiao Ze widened his eyes and screamed, “Two inches?!”


The golden needles were only a bit longer than two inches. If one prick has to be two inches deep, and it was at a spot like the heart, wouldn’t the heart be turned to mush after that many pricks? Wouldn’t this definitely kill someone?

However, he should believe in third sister in law because his third sister in law would never fight a losing battle. Plus, third sister in law’s medical skills were also high. If she says it has to be pricked two inches deep, then it will be pricked two inches deep.


Why is he thinking so much about this? The needles weren’t stabbing into his body anyways. The An Ya Princess was also not his blood related sister, so there's nothing for him to worry about. Since third sister in law dares to prick An Ya, then there’s nothing to be afraid of.


When the time came, Mu Yi Xue didn’t forget to warn her, “Mu Zi Ling, if you are just randomly pricking the An Ya Princess and she doesn’t wake up, then you would have to take up all of the responsibilities.”


There was so many needles, even Mu Yi Xue was scared when she looked at them. She still doesn’t know if Mu Zi Ling was telling the truth earlier, and she doesn’t know how good Mu Zi Ling’s medical skills were. She also doesn’t know if Mu Zi Ling’s success rate would be high or not.

However, no matter if the An Ya Princess would be able to wake up or not, she would not let Mu Zi Ling off so easily.

Mu Zi Ling rolled her eyes to Mu Yi Xue. Her gaze looked like she was staring at an idiot.


An Ya Princess wouldn’t wake up? Would that be possible? Although the words that she have told Mu Yi Xue before are just joking with her, they were not useless words. She was just helping the An Ya Princess act the play out.


The An Ya Princess’s endurance has already surpassed her expectations. She sure was able to act really well. She was already about to prick the An Ya Princess with needles, but she still continued to fake unconsciousness.


However, she was willing to bet that the An Ya Princess wouldn’t be able to endure much longer.

Mu Zi Ling ignored Mu Yi Xue’s warning and then meaningfully looked at the An Ya Princess while speaking loudly, “It's only two inches. Since the An Ya Princess was already unconscious, she wouldn’t feel any pain at all.”


As she was speaking, she pulled out a few golden needles and purposefully waved it around for everyone to see.


Everyone sucked in a cold breath, and their eyes didn’t leave the golden needles in Mu Zi Ling’s hand. If Mu Zi Ling really does prick does golden needles two inches deep, will they really not hurt the Princess?


“You guys, loosen the An Ya Princess’s belt for me. This Princess will start this operation now,” ordered Mu Zi Ling calmly. She didn’t even care that Long Xiao Ze and uncle Fu was still here.


The two maids regained their consciousness from staring at those needles, but they didn’t move at all. Was the Qi Princess being serious? She was telling them to take off the Princess’s clothing in front of so many people? There was also two full grown men here!


When Mu Zi ling saw that the two maids didn’t move at all, she turned towards Long Xiao Ze and uncle Fu while saying, “You two turn around and don’t peek.”

She didn’t tell them to go out because she already saw that the An Ya Princess’s eyelids were trembling. It seems like she wouldn’t be able to endure much longer. Everyone should have the privilege be here when the good part of the show happens.


“Princess, this.. this wouldn’t work. How about this old servant and the Sixth Prince go out?”


Although Mu Zi Ling said it so freely, uncle Fu didn’t think about it that way. Even if he couldn’t see anything by turning around, he still didn’t dare to stay in there. What kind of status did the An Ya Princess have?


“No need, this Princess only needs to quickly prick the An Ya Princess. It will be over really soon, so there will be no need for you two to go out. It would actually affect my performance if you guys leave and enter so much.” said Mu Zi Ling, without feeling any guilt at all.


Her two hands were also showing gestures to make it seem like she was really confident.


“Yea, that's right. Uncle Fu, we wouldn’t see anything when we turn around anyways, so there's nothing to be scared about,” said Long Xiao Ze.

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