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Chapter 50 Everything is normal? Part 1


Only now did he realise why he felt weird earlier. Other than Xie and his own breaths, 
he couldn’t feel anyone else’s breaths in the palace. Mu Zi Ling wasn't breathing.


Immediately, Long Xiao Yu checked for Mu Zi Ling’s pulse, unaware of how anxious 
his movements looked.


There was a pulse, but there was no breath. What was wrong with her?


Long Xiao Yu turned around and looked at the jar on the table. His eyes slightly 
narrowed. His expression were grave and no one could tell what he was thinking of.


A few moments later, Long Xiao Yu made a hand gesture, and Gui Ying and Gui 
Mei appeared soundlessly.


‘Gui Ying invite Le Tian over. Gui Mei, go to the Kun Ning Palace and tell me if 
there is anything happening there,” ordered Long Xiao Yu coldly to Gui Ying and 
Gui Mei.


“Yes,” replied Gui Ying and Gei Mei in unison. They had also realize something 
was wrong with the Princess, so they didn’t dare stay put for any longer and 
immediately left to complete their orders.


Xie was so scared by Long Xiao Yu’s cold voice that she couldn't breathe. Did 
something really happen to Young Miss? If she remembered correctly, Le Tian 
was a doctor. Was his highness inviting him over to take a look at Young Miss?


She really wanted to know what happened to Young Miss, but she didn’t was too  
afraid to ask his highness. She could only stand off to the side with worry. Young 
Miss, please tell me that nothing is wrong with you!


Not after long, Gui Ying brought over Le Tian, who was only wearing his inner 
garments. It was obvious that Le Tian had been pulled out of his bed by Gui Ying, 
and he didn’t even get enough time to change his clothes. There was no refineness 
in Le Tian now, he just looked battered and exhausted.


Originally, Le Tian was already very displeased by being woken up from his dreams 
by Gui Ying. Gui Ying didn’t even give him time to change clothes, he just picked up 
his medical box without another word, and brought him here.


He was a modest man, and he usually paid careful attention his image. Seeing 
that Gui Ying didn’t give him time to change clothes, he was instantly angered. 
However, after exchanging a few moves with Gui Ying, he lost.


It was his fault that his fighting skills were not as good as his. Although his qing 
gong was good, his martial arts were a bit on the weak side.


On the whole way here, Le Tian kept trying to ask Gui Ying what was wrong, but 
Gui Ying kept replying, “You will find out once you get there.”


Le Tian’s heart had then started to fog with hatred. Gui Ying, you better have a 
good reason why you pulled me out of bed, otherwise you can be sure I will 
remember this. Tonight, the beautiful image he had imprinted in the minds of 
others was ruined.


Only once they reached the Yu Han Palace, and Le Tian saw Long Xiao Yu 
sitting on the main bed with grave expressions, did he realize that something 
big did happen.


“Xiao Yu, what’s going on?” asked Le Tian as he walked over quickly.


What exactly happened for the Qi King to get Gui Ying to come get him in the 
middle of the night? He had not seen Long Xiao Yu seem so anxious in a long time.


Long Xiao Yu completely ignored Le Tian’s question and said, “Go take a look.” 
Signaling for Le Tian to go take a look at Mu Zi Ling who laid in bed.


Le Tian suddenly completely snapped awake. This was the Yu Han Palace. 
However, this was not the palace that his highness, the Qi King lived in. Then the 
person that he would be seeing...


He followed Long Xiao Yu’s gaze and looked over. The Qi Princess. Currently, 
she was lying on the bed calmly with a blank face.


Le Tian didn't think twice about why Long Xiao Yu was so worried about Mu Zi 
Ling. He walked over quickly and took her pulse.


Only after a long time, did Le Tian stand up.


“Nothing is wrong with the Princess,” said Le Tian to Long Xiao Yu.


He felt that something was weird. If there was nothing wrong with the Princess, 
then why would she be asleep so deeply even after so much commotion. It 
didn’t seem like she fainted from to fatigue, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.


“Everything is normal?” replied Long Xiao Yu incredulously.


At this point, Le Tian didn’t know what to say anymore. Everything was truly normal. 
Where did things go wrong?


“The jar of soup is over there,” said Long Xiao Yu again, as he signalled Le Tian to 
go take a look.


When Le Tian looked at the jar of soup, he was startled. Soup? Was Qi Princess’s 
condition connected with this jar of soup?


He didn’t think much about it, walked up towards it, and lifted the lid.


What soup? The jar was almost empty, with only a little bit left, but this didn’t stop 
him from inspecting it.


Le Tian glanced at Mu Zi Ling and then glanced back at Long Xiao Yu. He seemed 
to be asking if this happened because the Qi Princess drank all of this. How could 
the Empress use such a powerful poison?


Long Xiao Yu didn’t speak, but it seemed like he agreed with him. Long Xiao Yu 
didn’t believe that Mu Zi Ling would drink it. She was so clever, so why would she 
drink something that had such a large risk? She definitely took the jar of soup with 
her, because she noticed that something was wrong with it.


If there was really a problem with it, why would the Empress let her take it with 


However, looking at Mu Zi Ling’s condition now, he could only agree that she had 
drank the jar of soup.


Le Tian ended up inspecting the jar of soup until morning… 

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