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Chapter 43: Remaining, the Empress treating part 2

First she had forced Long Xiao Li from seeing and touching women. Now, although 

he could see women, he could not touch women. She would keep torturing him like 

that for a few more days and watch while he tries to find the medical ingredients.


However, that all became wishful thinking at Long Xiao Li, next move. To think she 

would be forced to change the beautifully crafted plans she had in her heart.


Once Long Xiao Li heard what Mu Zi Ling said, he stopped in his tracks.


His good mood suddenly vanished and he glared at the imperial doctor who had just 

handed him the medicine earlier.

“What do you think you’re doing by just standing here? Why aren’t you off searching 

for the ingredients yet?! If you can’t find them, then you can say goodbye to your 

head!” he shouted angrily, kicking the imperial doctor back by a few meters.

He grasped stomach as he crawled up in fear and said, “This old servant 

understands his orders!”

“Leave!” screamed Long Xiao Li without a glance at him.

Then the imperial doctor stumbled and crawled out.

As Mu Zi Ling watched the scene unfold in front of her, she felt furious. They all 

said that accompanying your husband was like accompanying a tiger. However, 

to say Long Xiao Li was a tiger, would be a compliment. He was a monster without 


With the current situation, the imperial doctor would still end up dead if he did not 

find the ingredients. It seemed like she would have to change Long Xiao Li’s 

mindset and torture him more.

Mu Zi Ling walked over quickly and stopped the imperial doctor just before he could 

leave. Then calmly, she reminded, “Wait. I’ve heard that the newly opened Mu 

Shan Hall in the imperial city sells a lot of medical ingredients. Imperial doctor, you 

should go look there. Maybe you will be able to find the ingredients.”

Although this was probably a dangerous time, she still remembered to advertise 

her own shop. She made sure to avoid saying that the Mu Shan Hall definitely had

those medicinal ingredients. Since it was Long Xiao Li, then she would have to 

defraud him. If she had said that the Mu Shan Hall definitely had such rare 

ingredients, then Long Xiao Li would easily be able tell that she was playing him. 

Who knew what he would do after that?

When the imperial doctor heard her, he highly doubted that a newly opened medical

stall would have the uncommon ingredients, but he was still very thankful that Mu Zi 

Ling bothered to recommend a store. He bowed and respectfully said, “This servant 

gives thanks to the Qi Princess’s reminder. This old servant will now excuse himself.”

Whether or not they had the ingredients, he would still go and check. If he could even 

find a few ingredients, he would be delighted. If it wasn’t for the Qi Princess arriving

in time today, his life would probably be nonexistent by now.

Mu Zi Ling nodded and said, “Alright, go quick.”

Today, she finally witnessed how weak the prey were compared to the strong in the

ancient times.

Out of all the officials in the royal court, the imperial doctors were bullied the most. 

They had to work with the concubines until they were made into their scapegoats. 

If they to serve a master like Long Xiao Li, then it was guaranteed that their lives 

would be short and miserable.

The imperial doctor had just left, when the Empress came in. She had been waiting 

outside the whole time, until the imperial doctor came and told her that Mu Zi Ling

cured Long Xiao Li’s strange illness. He also mentioned that Long Xiao Li had 

already drunk a medicine that would let him see women which was why she ran 

inside so fast.

“My son, can you see your mother now?”

Although she heard what the imperial doctor said, she still wasn’t sure. Only the 

heavens knew how she had suffered with Long Xiao Li’s pain.

“Haha! Mother, this son is fine now. After drinking that medicine, this son is 

completely fine now!” Long Xiao Li seemed to be in a good mood and was talking 

very carefreely.

He had already endured his illness for so many days. Everyday he had thought 

about women, and their delicate bodies. Once his illness was fully cured, he would 

bring more of them back to do the deed for a few days.

Mu ZI Ling was disgusted as she watched Long Xiao Li fantasize and imagine. 

She didn’t even have to think in order to know what Long Xiao Li was thinking 

about right now. He really wouldn’t change his habits even if he died.

She could not lose to Long Xiao Li now. She was afraid of bringing disaster to 

more innocent people. Once the day comes that Long Xiao Li finds out about the 

truth, she would be the first one that he would go for.

“If you can recover completely, then as a mother, I can finally feel relieved,” said 

the Empress in relieve.

It seemed like Long Xiao Lin was only one in the Empress’s eyes. She had 

completely forgotten about Mu Zi Ling.

Mu Zi Ling didn’t mind being ignored by them, but that didn’t mean that she wanted 

to hear their conversation or see Long Xiao Li’s disgusting face.

She walked up to the Empress, bowed, and said, “Empress mother-in-law, the 

Eldest Prince’s illness is already controlled, so this daughter-in-law will head back 


However, how could the Empress let Mu Zi Ling leave so easily? Even though Mu 

Zi Ling cured Long Xiao Li, the image the Empress had of her would never change.


If Mu Zi Ling was not the Qi King’s Princess, she would probably feel grateful 

towards her. But it didn’t matter whether or not Long Xiao Yu treated Mu Zi Ling 

well, as long as she had been the Qi Princess, even for a day, then she wouldn’t 

like her.


Right now, Mu Zi Ling was very different from the usual woman. If one day, Long 

Xiao Yu actually noticed Mu Zi Ling, then she would definitely become one of their 

biggest obstacles.


The Empress seemed to have just noticed Mu Zi Lin, and put on a gentle look as 

she smiled, “Ling’er rarely visits the Royal Palace, so earlier, your mother-in-law had

already ordered the imperial kitchen to prepare a meal. This time, your mother-in-law 

wants to treat you to a feast since you have cured your Eldest Imperial Brother.”


Mu Zi Ling had originally wanted refuse, but the Empress started talking again before 

her, “Ling’er usually never visits the Royal Palace, so just think of this as keeping 

your mother-in-law company. We can catch up a little, so Ling’er, you mustn't refuse 

your mother-in-law again.”


The Empress’s words made Mu Zi Ling shiver. Why did she feel a sudden chill go 

down her back? She knew that it wouldn’t be easy to get out the Royal Palace once 

she was in...

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