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Book 9, His Fame Shakes the World – Chapter 41, The War God’s Favor

“During one of those battles, I was extremely lucky. Although I had hidden far away, I managed to acquire a divine spark, and what’s more, it was the divine spark of a Demigod. If it had been the divine spark of a full God, I wouldn’t have been able to absorb and fuse with it at all.” The War God laughed calmly.

Linley suddenly began to understand.

There were certain preconditions for one to fuse with a divine spark.

Someone who had not yet become a Deity probably would only be able to fuse with a Demigod’s divine spark.

“Why did those experts from other planes descend to the Yulan continent and engage in battle here?” Linley immediately asked.

The War God glanced at Linley. “For now, you don’t need to know about this.” Clearly, the War God didn’t wish to tell Linley.

Linley had no choice but to remain silent.

“The Necropolis of the Gods will be opened once every thousand years. Each time it is opened, those who have received acknowledgment and permission from us Deities are permitted to enter the Necropolis of the Gods and engage in exploration.” The War God glanced at Linley. “But I must tell you, the Necropolis of the Gods is extremely dangerous!”

“Has anyone ever succeeded?” Linley asked.

“Of course.” The War God said with certainty. “But only one person. And the funny thing was, as soon as he acquired a Demigod divine spark and broke through, he immediately headed off to the Higher Planes.”

Linley secretly laughed.

To become a Deity was extremely hard.

But wouldn’t it be so much simpler to just acquire a divine spark from within the Necropolis of the Gods and then fuse it? No wonder so many of the lucky survivors of the past had decided to remain hidden here in the Yulan continent.

After all, it was virtually impossible for a Saint to acquire a divine spark in the Higher Planes.

“Lord War God, are there any differences between becoming a Deity through fusing with a divine spark and becoming a Deity through personal understandings and breakthroughs?” Linley asked.

The War God nodded and sighed. “There are. After absorbing and fusing with a divine spark, one’s future training becomes much more difficult. After all, the divine spark you fused with wasn’t one which had naturally descended upon you and formed within your soul. There are qualitative differences.”

Linley nodded.

In his heart, Linley deeply appreciated the fact that the War God had provided him with this important piece of information.

“But despite that, so what? Linley, if I placed a divine spark in front of you and told you that if you fused with it, you would become a Demigod, with the price being that your future training would be slower and more difficult…would you be willing to fuse with it?” The War God looked at Linley.

Linley was startled.

Indeed. If a Demigod’s divine spark was placed in front of him, which represented the chance to become a Deity, despite knowing that one’s future training would become more difficult…most likely, many people would choose to immediately absorb and fuse with the divine spark.

“Enough. Linley, if there’s nothing else, you can leave now.” The War God said calmly.

Linley hurriedly said. “Lord War God, in a few days, I plan to go to the Anarchic Lands. My little brother Wharton will probably remain in the imperial capital. I am worried that the forces of the Radiant Church will threaten my little brother…”

“Don’t worry. The imperial capital is not a place where the Radiant Church can act as they please.” The War God said calmly.

Hearing these words from the War God, Linley felt calmer.

“Lord War God, the current Emperor, Johann…” Linley didn’t even finish speaking before the War God frowned and said, “I gave you my talisman. Just show it to Johann, and he will know that it represents my authority. Each generation of Emperors knows this.”

Linley was startled.

The talisman with the word ‘War’ on it which the War God had bequeathed unto him previously actually had this function as well?

The War God glanced coldly at Linley. “But you had better not use the talisman too wildly. If you throw the Empire into a state of chaos, then you will be the one to fix it. Oh, right. When you go to the Anarchic Lands, there is a person you must remember not to offend.”

“Who?” Linley was startled.

The Anarchic Lands didn’t have any famous experts, right?

The War God said calmly, “One of the five Prime Saints lives in the Anarchic Lands. His name is Desri [De’si’li]. He trains in the Laws of Light. His power is on par with Fain’s.”

Linley immediately memorized this name.

Someone who was on par with Fain was a person who was only a step away from becoming a Deity.

“Enough. You can leave now.” The War God said calmly.

Linley immediately bowed, then turned and prepared to leave.

“Remember to treat with kindness that magical beast of yours, Bebe.” The War God said with a sudden sigh.

Shocked, Linley turned his head to stare at the War God. Linley wasn’t surprised that the War God knew of Bebe’s existence, but why had the War God just told him to treat Bebe well?

The War God paid no more attention to Linley. With one step, his scarlet hair flowing around him, he entered that hovering ball of fire once more and returned to his training.


Linley actually felt that the War God was being a bit too nice to him. Whether it was with regards to Wharton’s wedding, or telling him so many things on this visit…Linley now felt that this had to do with Bebe.


Linley still remembered how Bebe had told him that he came from a clan known as the ‘Beirut’ clan.

“Bebe’s power is terrifying, and his rate of growth is astonishing as well. And he comes from the Beirut clan. Now, the War God says…” Linley suddenly began to question Bebe’s identity.

The imperial capital of Channe. The imperial palace. Within the flower gardens.

Emperor Johann was in a wonderful mood. He leisurely strolled about in his flower gardens, enjoying the sight of all sorts of beautiful flowers. With Linley no longer looking into Reynolds’ affair, he naturally felt much more relaxed.

“Your Imperial Majesty, someone is flying over.” His personal attendant suddenly said.

Someone was flying over?

A Saint-level expert!

Emperor Johann immediately turned to look. In the skies, he saw a blue-robed Linley soaring in his direction. In the blink of an eye, Linley arrived in the flower gardens.

“Oh, so it is Master Linley.” A smile immediately blossomed on Emperor Johann’s face. “Is there something you need, Master Linley?”

Linley glanced at the palace attendant.

“Leave for now.” Emperor Johann said to his nearby attendant, who immediately walked far into the distance. Now there was only Linley and Emperor Johann, with no one else nearby. Even the guards were over a hundred meters away.

Linley stared emotionlessly at Emperor Johann.

Stared at by Linley in such a manner, Emperor Johann began to feel puzzled and uneasy. Could it be that Linley had discovered that Reynolds’ death had to do with Julin?

“Emperor Johann, do you still believe that you’ve told me the complete truth regarding Reynolds’ dying in battle?” Linley stared at Emperor Johann.

Emperor Johann’s heart immediately plummeted. He felt as though he had suddenly fallen into a bottomless abyss.

Emperor Johann was no fool. Hearing Linley’s words, he naturally could guess that Linley perhaps already knew everything.

“Linley, that was the report that came from the military. It shouldn’t be fake.” Emperor Johann said seriously. The meaning of his words were clear; even if the information was wrong, it was the fault of the military reporters, and didn’t have anything to do with him, Johann.

Linley glanced at Emperor Johann.

“Emperor Johann, based on what I have learned, my dear friend Reynolds had led a group of knights in a scouting trip, but had been pursued by the forces of the Rohault Empire to the walls of the city of Neil. The pursuing forces of the Rohault Empire numbered only three hundred! But at that time, Prince Julin actually ordered the soldiers to stay put and guard the city from inside, out of fear!”

The look on Johann’s face changed.

“Faced with three hundred people, why would a garrison of tens of thousands of soldiers have to stand their ground inside the city of Neil?” Linley’s voice grew even colder. “My brother, Reynolds, and his dozens of subordinates were shouting for the gates to be opened from the base of the walls. But Prince Julin actually ordered that the gates were to remain shut. And thus like that…Reynolds and his men lost their lives, for no purpose whatsoever!”

Linley stared coldly at Johann. “Emperor Johann. Tell me. How should we resolve this affair?”

Emperor Johann already knew that there was no way to favorably resolve this situation. He didn’t dare to lie or to equivocate. In front of a peak-stage Saint, would excuses be of any use?

Johann’s face turned steely. “Julin, that bastard!”

Johann looked at Linley with fury in his eyes. “Master Linley, We had no idea that Julin actually did something like this. He has brought utter shame upon our Empire. Master Linley, please don’t worry. We guarantee you that We will definitely take severe actions to censure him. Tomorrow, no, immediately, We shall send our senior ministers to go to the Southeast Administrative Province and strictly investigate this matter. We definitely will not let off anyone who committed any major crimes with a light punishment!”

Linley had seen through Johann’s little ploy from the very beginning.

Johann would ‘send someone’?

Even if they discovered anything, they wouldn’t find Prince Julin guilty of any serious crime.

“Your Imperial Majesty, no need to trouble yourself. Whoever caused my brother to die, I shall make them die.” Linley’s voice was cold and fierce, causing Johann’s heart to quiver.

But Emperor Johann was frantic as well.

Linley was actually saying he was going to directly kill Julin! He was going to go kill Johann’s brother? He, Johann, only had a single brother. What was Reynolds? Nothing more than a common noble. If he died, he died.

How could Reynolds’ life compare to Johann’s brother’s life?

“Linley, the Empire has our imperial laws.” Emperor Johann said in a cold voice.

For his little brother’s sake, he had decided to try and face Linley head on for once.

Linley looked at Emperor Johann. With a cold, calm voice, he said, “Dare I ask, according to military law, what is the punishment for someone who is afraid to do battle against an enemy of just three hundred soldiers, and even stands by and does nothing as his own soldiers are slaughtered?”

“The penalty is indeed death.” Johann nodded. “However, an investigation is still needed to find out exactly what happened.”

Linley glanced at Johann. “What happened is quite clear. I’ve only come to inform you of what I am going to do. Johann…do not press your luck. Do not think you can use worldly laws to bind and restrict me.”

Saint-level experts were indeed free of worldly laws and restrictions.

Emperor Johann stared at Linley. Suddenly, he said in a soft, begging voice, “Linley, you have a little brother as well. You should understand how I feel.”

“Haha…” Linley laughed loudly. “Your Imperial Majesty, it seems you are suggesting that so long as one has an older brother, then they can kill any of my brothers with impunity, and then have their older brother say to me, ‘You have a little brother as well’? And then let me pardon their little brother?”

Linley’s face was so cold, it seemed like a layer of frost was covering it. “How laughable!”

It was indeed laughable. Someone had killed his bro, and now was trying to stir up sympathy by talking about the relationship between older and younger brothers.

“Linley, you…” Emperor Johann was furious.

“Johann, I hope that you won’t let yourself act rashly. Otherwise…” With a flip of his hand, Linley retrieved the scarlet talisman which the War God had given him.

Emperor Johann, upon seeing the talisman in Linley’s hands, seemed to have had a bucket of ice water poured onto his head. His entire body began to shake.

“The War God’s Talisman?” Johann stared disbelievingly at the talisman.

After the founding of the O’Brien Empire, the War God, O’Brien, had abdicated and given the throne to his son, who had passed it down over time to future generations. Every generation of Emperors knew that the War God’s Talisman represented the War God himself!

Whosoever held this War God’s Talisman even had the power to force the Emperor to abdicate!

Naturally, very few people were in possession of the War God’s Talisman, and those people wouldn’t dare to falsify an order from the War God.

“It’s good that you recognize the War God’s Talisman.” Linley looked calmly at Emperor Johann. “Emperor Johann, I don’t care about the fact that you don’t handle affairs with impartiality. I, Linley, am not the sort of person to consider myself the epitome of honor and righteousness. However, don’t try to put on any airs around me and restrict me. I won’t offend others, but I don’t wish for others to offend me either.”

“Also. I do not wish to see you scheme against or act against the Dunstan clan, the clan of my friend Reynolds.” Linley said calmly. And then, Linley immediately took to the air and flew off towards the east.

Johann watched as Linley flew eastwards.

He knew…that Linley was heading to the Southeast Administrative Province to go kill his younger brother. But did he dare to stop him? Right now, Johann didn’t even dare to try and verbally argue with Linley.

He was the Emperor, true.

But who had given him his authority? The War God! A single word from the War God could force him to abdicate. By then, he, Johann, wouldn’t have any authority at all. The loss of his younger brother’s life, or the loss of his Imperial power…which was more important?

Johann chose himself.

The wind blew with dreary force as Linley flew at high speed towards the Southeast Administrative Province. At this time, a black light suddenly flew towards him at high speed from the imperial capital, soon reaching Linley’s side. It was Bebe!

“Boss, how’d it go?” Bebe asked.

“Although Johann dotes on his little brother, he values his Imperial power even more. I didn’t have to say anything. All I did was take out the War God’s Talisman, and he no longer dared to make a sound.” Linley chuckled.

Worldly power?

That was nothing more than secondary, and bequeathed upon you by others at that. Only true personal power, developed by training, was truly effective. No wonder the War God didn’t want to be Emperor, but instead spent his time in quiet training.

Linley and Bebe, the man and the magical beast, flew east at high speed, and in the blink of an eye disappeared into the eastern horizon.

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