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Book 9, His Fame Shakes the World – Chapter 29, Meeting Ten Years Later

“Linley and Haydson?” Master Longhaus said in surprise as well.

Marquis Jeff nodded repeatedly. “Right. Two nights ago, Lord Olivier was injured by Lord Haydson so badly that he is still in a coma. Immediately afterwards, Lord Haydson challenged Master Linley.”

Marquis Jeff and Scott’s words both contained some resentment, suggesting that Haydson was going too far.

“This Haydson is reputed to be the most powerful Saint. For him to be able to injure Olivier so badly that he entered a coma means that Haydson’s reputation is definitely deserved. No matter how much of a genius Linley is, he is only twenty seven…” Master Longhaus was somewhat dissatisfied as well.

He knew that his disciple, Delia, liked Linley. Naturally, he himself looked favorably on Linley as well.

“Olivier was injured to the point of entering a coma?” Delia’s eyes were blazing. “How could he be in a coma after receiving treatment from light-style magic?”

No matter how serious the injury, light-style magic could easily and totally repair it. And what’s more, there was another type of magic which was even more effective than light-style magic for healing; Life Magic!

The three types of High Magic; Necromantic Magic, Oracular Magic, and Life Magic.

As long as one didn’t die, even if one’s soul was heavily damaged, Life Magic could heal it.

“It seems it has something to do with his soul.” As a prince, Scott knew quite a bit.

“His soul?” Master Longhaus frowned. “Can it be that Haydson possesses a soul-based attack?” Actually, Grand Magus Saints were generally proficient in soul-based attacks.

Generally speaking, after beginning to gain insight into the Laws, it wasn’t hard for them to use soul-based attacks, given their powerful spiritual energy.

“In your opinion, does Linley have any chance of defeating Haydson?” Delia suddenly asked.

“Of course not.” Scott said bluntly. “Lord Haydson has been famous for centuries, and nobody has ever been able to defeat him! Master Linley competed a while ago against Lord Olivier, and the two were roughly on par. Since Lord Haydson was able to beat Olivier into such a terrible condition, it is very possible that he might badly injure Linley or even kill him.”

No matter how calm and collected Delia was, she was beginning to worry for Linley.

What if Linley was killed?

Delia didn’t even dare to imagine such a thing.

“Would Haydson truly be so merciless as to go full force?” Delia’s face still maintained its calm.

“Ms. Delia, two days ago, when Lord Haydson dueled Lord Olivier, he went full force on Lord Olivier. How could he be merciful with Master Linley?” Marquis Jeff said.

Master Longhaus shook his head. “When Saints do battle, unless there is a huge gap in power, we do not dare to hold back. If you hold back but your opponent goes full force, you might die.”

Delia was silent for a moment.

“Ms. Delia?” Scott and Marquis Jeff called to her softly.

“Nothing. Let’s go.” Delia’s face returned to her normal, professional smile, but her smile was somewhat forced.

Marquis Jeff and Scott both nodded.

At Count Wharton’s estate.

“Ms. Delia, as I said earlier, you won’t necessarily be able to see Master Linley.” Marquis Jeff laughed, then casually spoke to the gate guard, “Go report that the Eighth Imperial Prince, Marquis Jeff, and the Special Envoy from the Yulan Empire have come here to meet with Count Wharton.”

“Yes. Please wait here a moment.”

One of the guards outside the estate ran inside to make his report.

Delia and the others knew that given Linley’s current status, meeting him would be very difficult. Right now, their only option was to first see Wharton, and then ask to meet with Linley.

“Everyone, please come in.”

Delia, Master Longhaus, Marquis Jeff, and Scott all entered the Count’s residence.

Within the main hall.

“Wharton.” Scott walked into the main hall, laughing in a very familiar manner. “Let me make some introductions. This beautiful young lady is the Special Envoy from the Yulan Empire, Ms. Delia.”

Scott was the Imperial Eighth Prince, while Nina was the Imperial Seventh Princess. Wharton naturally was extremely familiar with Scott.

“The Special Envoy from the Yulan Empire? Why has she come to meet me?” Although Wharton was very surprised, he still smiled politely. “Ms. Delia, an honor to meet you.”

“Count Wharton.” Delia smiled as she spoke. “This is my teacher, the wind-style Grand Magus Saint, Master Longhaus.”

Wharton was startled. Housekeeper Hiri, standing behind him, was startled as well.

In the O’Brien Empire, Saint-level warriors would be seen from time to time, but they had never seen a Saint-level Grand Magus. After all, there were extremely few Grand Magi in the O’Brien Empire.

“Wharton, the Special Imperial Envoy has arrived?” A loud, brash voice rang out. It was the fifth of the Barker brothers, Gates.

Wharton had been in the middle of his training with Barker and his brothers. Hearing the report from his subordinates, he had stopped training and come out to welcome the guests. Out of curiosity, Gates had come over as well.

“Whoah. What a pretty girl.” Gates’ eyes shone.

“Gates, this is the Special Imperial Envoy, Ms. Delia. This is the wind-style Grand Magus Saint, Master Longhaus.” Wharton made the introductions, afraid that Gates would cause a diplomatic disaster.

Gates’ attention immediately turned to Master Longhaus.

“Whoah! A Grand Magus Saint!” Gates’ eyes were as wide as an ox’s.

Master Longhaus secretly sighed to himself. Good grief. Where did these people come from? Wharton’s massive physique had already shocked Longhaus, but Wharton was at least relatively handsome. Gates was totally different. His waist was astonishingly thick, and the man himself looked like a giant bear.

“Step away from my Master.” A deep voice rang out.

The big bear behind Master Longhaus suddenly began to grow in size. Originally, he was only two meters tall, but suddenly he increased to three meters in height. The Worldbear lowered his head to stare at Gates, a hint of delight in his eyes.

“A Saint-level magical beast?” Gates raised his head to stare at the Worldbear.

Delia immediately went straight to the point. “Count Wharton, my teacher and I have come for the purpose of meeting with Master Linley.”

“To see my big bro…” Wharton frowned.

These people didn’t have a low status, and they even had a Grand Magus Saint with them. However, to Wharton, his big brother’s training was more important. After all, in more than two months time, he would be in a major duel.

“Very sorry, but my big brother is focusing on his upcoming duel with Haydson, and he can’t be disturbed.” Wharton said. When he mentioned Haydson’s name, he didn’t have the slightest bit of respect to his voice.

Hearing these words, Delia, as well, felt that Linley’s preparation for his duel was more important. After being silent for a moment, she said, “Then…I won’t disturb him.”

Longhaus, by her side, sighed secretly, then said in a loud voice, “Count Wharton, my student, Delia, was previously also a student at the Ernst Institute, and she was a very good friend and classmate of your big brother’s. They haven’t met for ten years.”

“A student of the Ernst Institute?” Wharton’s heart was swayed.

Actually, every day, Linley would still eat and rest like normal. After all, he didn’t train nonstop like when he was developing his Pulseguard Defense. It wasn’t a big deal if he paused for a bit to welcome some guests.

If they were people that Linley didn’t know, Wharton would refuse them.

But this was his big brother’s old schoolmate.

“Then…come with me.” Wharton nodded.

Delia’s fists clenched nervously. She took a deep breath to calm herself down. By her side, Master Longhaus laughed as he patted Delia on the shoulders. “Relax.”

“An old classmate?” Scott and Marquis Jeff were both surprised.

But Delia walked in front of them, not paying attention to them in the slightest. Scott and Jeff therefore quite conscientiously maintained their silence.

After walking for a while…

“Ms. Delia, my big bro is training in the courtyard in front of us.” Wharton laughed, while Gates hurriedly said, “I’ll go inform his Lordship.”

Delia could feel her breathing grow more rapid.

Ten years!

That year Linley’s father had died, Delia had parted ways with Linley. In the blink of an eye…it had been ten full years. Delia’s eyes closed for a moment. Once her eyes opened again, she had returned to her normal calm.

“Bebe, out of the way. I have something important to report.” Gates’ loud voice rang out from the courtyard.

“Your Lordship, there’s someone named Delia outside. She says she’s your old classmate and wants to see you?”

“Delia?” A calm voice that carried a hint of surprise rang out from within the courtyard. The voice wasn’t very loud, but to Delia, the words seemed to ring in the skies with the power of a thunderbolt.

No matter how calm or tranquil one normally was, when one met with someone one had been thinking about for ten years…she couldn’t prevent her heart from shaking.

“Whoosh!” A gentle gust of wind blew past the surrounding trees, gently lifting up Delia’s long golden hair, causing it to sway with the wind.

Delia couldn’t help but narrow her eyes due to the wind.

Just at this moment, the figure she had dreamed about over a million times appeared in front of the courtyard’s gate. The man wore a light blue robe, and his formerly short hair had grown long.

Delia carefully looked at him.

“He’s a bit taller than he was, and much more mature.” Seeing the man of her dreams, for a moment, Delia couldn’t speak.

“Delia. It really is you.” Linley suddenly spoke out in a startled, joyful tone.

“It is me.” Delia finally was able to speak.

Linley’s eyes were as dark and profound as the sea. Quickly, he noticed Master Longhaus by Delia’s side, as well as his Worldbear. “A Saint-level magical beast. Worldbear?”

“Linley, this is my teacher, the wind-style Grand Magus Saint, Master Longhaus. The Worldbear is his magical beast companion.” Delia finally recovered from her earlier stupor.

“Come in.” Linley smiled.

Seeing Linley’s smile, for some reason she herself didn’t understand, Delia felt a hot gush of warmth in her heart. “Is this feeling…happiness?” Delia’s eyes were turning red.

“Wharton, you can help welcome these two.” Linley glanced at Marquis Jeff and Scott, then didn’t say anything else.

Scott and Marquis Jeff weren’t angry at all. They immediately left respectfully. After all, the man was a Saint. Even his Imperial Majesty would be respectful to him. How could he possibly waste time on nobles like them?

Around a stone table in the courtyard.

Linley, Delia, and Longhaus were all seated around the table.

“What are you looking at?” The Worldbear glanced at the Blackcloud Panther, Haeru. As a Saint-level magical beast, the Worldbear was an extremely proud creature.

“You, you stupid bear.” Haeru sneered aloud.

“Saint-level magical beast?” Longhaus and Delia, hearing Haeru speak, both turned to look at Linley in astonishment.

“Don’t squabble, Haeru.” Linley glanced at Haeru, and Haeru immediately crouched down, no longer paying any attention to the Worldbear. Actually, Haeru himself knew that he wasn’t a match for the Worldbear. But at the same time, Haeru wasn’t afraid either…because the Worldbear’s speed was inferior to his own.

But Bebe actually waved his claws in a threatening manner towards the Worldbear.

“Bebe.” Delia was extremely delighted. “Come here.”

Very obediently, Bebe made a single hop and landed directly into Delia’s arms.

“Bebe, long time no see.” Delia devotedly petted Bebe on his glossy fur, and Bebe closed his eyes contentedly.

Although she was petting Bebe, Delia was still looking at Linley.

In the past, Linley had been very hard and callous. But now, he seemed more gentle and much more natural and at ease.

“Master Linley, I hear you are going to duel with Haydson?” Longhaus started off the conversation.


Linley smiled and nodded.

Delia turned her head to stare at Linley and said, “Linley, can it be that you are confident that you can defeat Haydson?”

“No.” Linley said honestly. Delia was one of his extremely few close friends at the Ernst Institute. Aside from Yale, Reynolds, and George, Delia was probably his closest friend.

Seeing Delia, Linley couldn’t help but think back to their final meeting from ten years ago.

That night…

Delia had come late at night to see Linley and tell him that she was leaving the Holy Union. She said that before leaving, she wanted a hug. But who would’ve expected that their goodbye hug would have turned into a goodbye kiss?

Linley truly had been stunned by that kiss.

Even today, upon seeing Delia, Linley couldn’t help but think back to that night.

“You aren’t confident?” Delia chewed her lips, then asked, “Then, Linley…can you cancel the duel and not compete against him?”

Master Longhaus shook his head. “Delia, how can you say something so foolish? After two Saints have already agreed to a duel, how can one back out?”

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