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Book 9, His Fame Shakes the World – Chapter 28, Delia

Delia chatted and jested with Emperor Johann, and their conversation was full of humor and amusement. Emperor Johann’s loud, clear laughter rang out nonstop.

Emperor Johann, Delia, Master Longhaus, Kenyon, Lanke and the others walked in front, with the palace servants and palace maids as well as many powerful knights taking up the rear.

The many other nobles followed behind the knights at a distance.

“What a beautiful woman.” A group of young nobles of the imperial capital were clustered together. All of these young nobles had an extremely high rank in the Empire. Some were princes, while others were main branch descendants of major clans. They had never lacked for anything, and they often formed little cliques. Nobody in the imperial capital dared to offend them.

The words that had just been spoken came from the son of Prince Julin, Marquis Jeff [Ji’fo].

“I think her name is Delia.” Another noble youngster next to him spoke. This young noble was named Scott, and he was the Eighth Prince of the Empire. “She’s so beautiful and has such grace. There are very few like her, even here in the imperial capital.”

Marquis Jeff, Prince Scott, and the others all stared from afar while rating her.

Indeed, Delia was an extremely alluring and charismatic figure.

Her every movement contained the grace and poise of an ancient clan, and as a magus of the seventh rank, her movements were filled with grace. What’s more, Delia was beautiful to begin with, and her dazzling, soft golden hair shone like the sun.

Scott sighed emotionally, “Delia is a member of the Leon clan, and was previously a student at the Ernst Institute. Nowadays, she is the disciple of a wind-style Grand Magus Saint, Longhaus. In the Yulan Empire’s imperial capital, she can be considered one of the most influential nobles. No doubt there are countless young nobles pursuing her.”

Marquis Jeff’s eyes were shining as he stared at Delia. “If I were to successfully woo her, I would be willing to never touch another woman again.”

“Cousin Jeff, you are that determined?” Scott laughed as he glanced at Jeff.

“Of course!” Marquis Jeff said with conviction.

Emperor Johann was an extremely biased person. His one and only younger brother was Prince Julin, and Emperor Johann was extremely solicitous of him, to the point of even allowing Prince Julin to take over and rule the Southeast Administrative Province, one of the seven large Administrative Province’s.

As the saying goes, love me, love my dog. Naturally, Marquis Jeff was doted upon by Emperor Johann as well. In the imperial capital, his status was extremely high, and this group of young nobles accepted him as their leader.

“Since you’ve made up your mind, cousin, then I can’t let myself fall behind you.” Scott laughed confidently. “Cousin Jeff, let’s see which of us two bros will be able to successfully woo Ms. Delia.”

“Fine.” Jeff nodded. With an evil laugh, he said, “If we’re successful, it can be said that we’ll have really gained a huge amount of face on behalf of all the men of the O’Brien Empire. After all, those young nobles of the Yulan Empire hadn’t been able to successfully woo Delia.”

“I imagine that Ms. Delia must be tired after her long journey, along with Master Longhaus. How about this. Let Us order some people to arrange places for Ms. Delia and Master Longhaus to rest. Later at night, after you’ve rested, you can attend the dinner banquet which We have arranged. What do you say?” Emperor Johann came to a halt once they reached Boulder Street and said.

The residences of Boulder Street had all been constructed by the imperial clan.

When the imperial clan bequeathed estates to nobles or received guests, it was usually all done within the confines of Boulder Street. The estates here couldn’t be bought with mere money.

“Then we shall do as you suggest, your Imperial Majesty.” Delia said with a smile.

At this moment, Scott and Marquis Jeff quickly walked forward. They, too, knew that Emperor Johann was about to separate from Ms. Delia. They had to seize the opportunity.

Given their status, those guards naturally wouldn’t stop them.

“Ms. Delia and Master Longhaus, I imagine you two aren’t too familiar with our imperial capital. We shall arrange a guide to accompany you.” Emperor Johann said with a laugh.

“Thank you, your Imperial Majesty.” Delia said with appreciation.

“Imperial father.” “Your Imperial Majesty.” At this point, Scott and Marquis Jeff’s eyes lit up, and they called out without any hesitation.

Emperor Johann glanced backwards and saw that it was his son as well as his nephew.

“Scott, Jeff, what is it?” Emperor Johann was in a fine mood today.

Marquis Jeff said respectfully, “Your Imperial Majesty, you plan to arrange a guide? Scott and I are as familiar with the imperial capital as our own homes. I think that the two of us can be the guides. We would definitely make Ms. Delia very happy with our services.”

Emperor Johann glanced at Jeff and Scott upon hearing these words. How could he not guess what these two really intended?

However, Emperor Johann also thought that Delia was a fine woman. If his nephew or his son were able to successfully woo this woman, that would be a good thing as well.

“Let Us ask Ms. Delia first.” Emperor Johann turned to look at Delia. “Ms. Delia, what do you think?”

Delia glanced at Scott and Marquis Jeff. Immediately, both of them stood slightly straighter, putting on gentlemanly appearances. A hint of laughter appeared in Delia’s eyes.

“Thank you. I’ll trouble you two to assist me then.” Delia curtsied slightly.

“No trouble, no trouble at all.” Scott and Marquis Jeff hurriedly said.

A hint of a smile could be seen on the lips of Master Longhaus, who was by Delia’s side. As his disciple, how could he not understand Delia? When they were in the imperial capital of the Yulan Empire, countless young men had pursued Delia. Given Delia’s skill, she had easily beaten them at their own game and played them like a fiddle.

“Milady Special Envoy, this will be the place where you will live while you are here in the imperial capital.” A palace attendant pointed towards an estate in front of them.

The nearby Marquis Jeff immediately said, “Ms. Delia, the Boulder Street is an extremely famous street within the O’Brien Empire. On this street, there are even several Saints who live here. For example, our Empire’s Prodigy Sword Saint, Olivier, and his younger brother. They both live on Boulder Street. The genius Master Linley and his younger brother both live on Boulder Street as well.”

While they passed between the estates, Marquis Jeff continuously introduced them to her.

“Right. These two geniuses would be considered the most outstanding individuals anywhere in the Yulan continent.” Scott didn’t want to fall behind either.

Delia, hearing their words, couldn’t help but allow a complicated look appear in her eyes. But naturally, she quickly returned to her normal, friendly smile.

“That isn’t necessarily the case.” A deep, rumbling sound could be heard from the nearby bear.

Scott and Jeff looked at the big bear and immediately squeezed out a smile. When they were in the welcoming party, they had overheard that this big bear was a Saint-level Worldbear. Saint-level magical beasts could freely change their size. A Worldbear was usually well over ten meters high in their normal form.

He could easily crush them to death with a single paw.

“Delia’s older brother is very formidable as well. He is only twenty seven years old, but has become a magus of the eighth rank. What’s more, he has become the personal disciple of the High Priest.” The big bear looked at Delia. “Delia, am I right?”

Delia smiled slightly and nodded.

Becoming a twenty seven year old magus of the eighth rank was definitely an extremely terrifying accomplishment. At this speed, it would be quite possible for him to become an Arch Magus of the ninth rank before the age of forty.

It must be understood that someone who could reach the ninth rank before the age of forty was, without question, a definite world-shaking genius.

“Dixie is indeed the most talented magus I have ever seen.” Master Longhaus laughed as well. As they spoke, they entered the main hall of their estate.

“Magus talent?”

Lifting his head proudly, Scott said, “Master Longhaus, on the topic of talent as a magus, I understand that our Empire’s Master Linley, also twenty seven years old, is already an Arch Magus of the ninth rank. What’s more, he is a peak-stage Saint-level warrior.”

“A twenty seven year old Arch Magus of the ninth rank? Impossible!!!” Master Longhaus couldn’t believe it at all. “In the entire history of the Yulan continent, there has never been anyone who could reach the ninth rank before the age of thirty.”

“Scott, is this true?” Marquis Jeff asked questioningly.

Scott said with absolute certainty, “It is true. My Imperial father personally told me this. When Master Linley dueled with Olivier, everyone learned how powerful he was as a warrior, but they didn’t pay attention to his abilities with magic. He is indeed already an Arch Magus of the ninth rank.”

Hearing Scott’s words, although on an emotional level Longhaus still couldn’t believe it, his intellect told him that this was probably true.

“Master Linley. An Arch Magus of the ninth rank.” Delia wasn’t too surprised.

In Delia’s heart, Linley was a person filled with secrets and miracles. A sixteen year old grandmaster sculptor, and supposedly the number two genius magus in all of history. But now, he had become the number one genius magus in all of history. Why would that be ‘impossible’?

“You can keep chatting. Delia, I’m going to go take a rest. If you need to talk to me, just notify Parry.” Longhaus instructed.

“Yes, Teacher.” Delia said humbly. Next to her, Scott and Jeff bowed as well.

“Gentlemen, I’m tired as well. I’ll retire to my room and rest. Excuse me.” Delia rose as well.

Scott and Jeff knew that they couldn’t push her, and they immediately nodded. Delia left, with that Wildthunder Stormhawk by her side.

Ever since Master Longhaus had tamed the Worldbear, the Wildthunder Stormhawk’s primary responsibility became guarding Delia. From this, one could tell how much Master Longhaus cared about her.

“He’s also living on Boulder Street. Maybe he’s very close to me.”

Delia stood in front of her window quietly.

That night at Wushan township, when she had bid Linley farewell, then left the Holy Union and returned to her own ancestral nation, she had been preparing to return to the Holy Union after the Yulan Festival. But then, she had heard of the Apocalypse Day which had occurred.

The entire Kingdom of Fenlai had been reduced to rubble and become the playground for magical beasts.

And according to the news available to her clan, a few days before the Apocalypse Day, in the estate of the magus genius, Linley, a demon appeared, attempting to murder the king of the Kingdom of Fenlai. Most likely, Linley himself had already died.

This news had caused Delia to suffer a major illness.

It had taken a full year before she had fully recovered.

In years after this, she had no news of Linley at all, and she had even made up her mind to abandon love and instead focus on carrying out the affairs of her clan and train in magic. But she didn’t expect…that a while ago, news came to the Yulan Empire of Linley and Olivier’s duel.

This news caused Delia’s deadened heart to immediately grow excited. She felt as though she were full of energy and full of hope.

After a few machinations, she arranged for today’s visit.

Delia had planned to wait until the next day before visiting Linley, but after spending merely half an hour in her room, she felt as though she had waited for half a year.

Especially after learning that Linley also lived on Boulder Street…she could no longer resist.

“Little Wind, tell Teacher that I plan to pay Linley a visit.” Delia said to the Wildthunder Stormhawk. A while later, Master Longhaus appeared outside her door.

An indulgent smile was on Master Longhaus’ face. “Delia, I knew that you wouldn’t be able to sit still for long before deciding to go see him.” Longhaus knew everything there was to know about his student Delia’s affairs.

A bashful red flush crept onto Delia’s face.

“Teacher!” Delia wrinkled her nose. “Stop making fun of me. Let’s go.”

“Fine, fine.” Longhaus laughed.

Delia and Master Longhaus, followed by the Worldbear and the Wildthunder Stormhawk, left the estate. When they did, they saw Jeff and Scott waiting outside, seated.

“Ms. Delia?” Jeff and Scott’s eyes lit up, and they immediately rose to their feet. “Where are you headed?”

Delia’s forehead creased, but she still managed to say with a smile, “I was planning to go pay a visit to your so-called genius, Master Linley.”

“Oh, so you are going to visit Master Linley?” Marquis Jeff hurriedly said. “That’s a good idea. But I’m afraid that it will be difficult for you to see him. This is because over two months from now, Master Linley will be engaging in a duel with Lord Haydson at Mt. Tujiao.”

“What?” Delia was stunned, and for once, lost her cool.

“Oh, you just arrived, so you didn’t know. Two days ago, Olivier and Lord Haydson dueled, with the result being that Lord Olivier was badly injured to the point of death. Lord Haydson then immediately invited Master Linley to a duel as well, and Master Linley has already accepted.” The nearby Scott explained.

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