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Book 9, His Fame Shakes the World – Chapter 10, The Two Geniuses

Olivier immediately flew backwards to the viewing platform, staring at Linley with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

But then, Olivier began to laugh loudly. “Great, great, great! The speed of your sword attacks actually can match my ‘Phantom Dream Sword’ technique.”

“You aren’t bad either. You were actually able to block my ‘Rippling Wind’ technique.” Linley’s cold voice rang out.

Profound Truths of the Wind – Rippling Wind.

Lightshadow Sword – Phantom Dream Sword.

The strength of these two techniques were equal.

After praising their opponents, the two geniuses fell silent, carefully watching the other. Clearly, this exchange had resulted in both men viewing the other as equals.

The tension in the Colosseum was so thick, it could be sliced with a knife. The terrifying, repressive aura caused the 80,000 viewers to feel as though they didn’t even dare to breathe.

“If you can receive this next attack of mine, I can spare your life.” A hint of appreciation towards Linley could be seen in Olivier’s eyes. “By receiving this next attack, you’ll be demonstrating that you are qualified to be considered a rival of mine.”

As soon as he said these words, Barker and the others actually began to curse.

“F*ck his grandmother, this Olivier wasn’t able to show any superiority over Lord Linley at all, and he actually dares say something like…‘by receiving this next attack, you’ll be qualified to be my rival’? What sort of bullshit is this?” Gates cursed loudly.

Barker and the other brothers were muttering unhappily as well.

Indeed, these words from Olivier made many of the people watching this battle unhappy. They had clearly seen how Olivier hadn’t been able to seize any advantage. How could he say such a thing? This was simply too arrogant.

“Rival?” Linley laughed calmly. “If you can take this next sword of mine, you’ll be qualified to be my rival as well.”

The two said the exact same things to each other.

“Haha…then have a taste of the power of my ‘Sword of the Aurora’!” Olivier laughed loudly. And then, he flew once more at high speed directly towards Linley.

Linley laughed coldly.

Linley, too, began to prepare the second stage of the Profound Truths of the Wind – Tempos of the Wind. This was a single-target sword attack, relying on ultimate speed and power.

“BOOM!” Sonic booms erupted.

Linley’s ferocious draconic tail swaying behind him, Linley transformed into a blur as he also charged straight forward, the Bloodviolet sword in his hands transforming into a brilliant violet light.

The brilliant white aura covering Olivier’s Icedream sword suddenly expanded dramatically, transforming Icedream and making it as dazzling as the sun itself.

The piercing white light forced everyone watching the battle to unconsciously narrow their eyes.

The most powerful attack of the Lightshadow Sword technique – Sword of the Aurora!

The most powerful attack of Linley’s Profound Truths of the Wind – Tempos of the Wind!

That devilish violet light moved as fast and as ferociously as a bolt of lightning, but at the same time it carried with it the gentleness of the spring wind. These totally opposite auras were manifested at the same time with this attack.

That sort of strange tempo caused many people to feel a strange fear in their hearts.

“What a powerful sword attack!” The eyes of Monolithic Sword Saint Haydson lit up. He could totally sense how powerful this attack by Linley was.

This sort of strange, uniquely intersecting tempo caused a natural wind-edge to form on the surface of Linley’s Bloodviolet sword. Or, to put it more accurately, it was a spatial edge.

The devilish violet light. The piercing white light. They intersected in the middle of the air above the Colosseum.

“Boom!” The terrifying force of the collision blasted out in every direction. The dueling platform below was slashed open by countless invisible blades, with many gouges appearing in its surface. At the same time, a frighteningly powerful wave of force emanated in each direction, causing the 80,000 viewers to sway and stumble.

“Crunch!” Some of the cups located near the edges of the dueling platform were actually shattered by the force of the wind.

Those onlookers held on for dear life against their stone seats as their bodies swayed. Only after that wild blast of wind left did the Colosseum slowly return to its normal calm. But to the shock of many of the watchers, many of their outer layer of clothes had been blown off of them by the wind.

What terrifying force.

Everyone stared in astonishment at the two experts in mid-air. At this time, Olivier and Linley were silently staring at each other in mid-air.

Tempos of the Wind. Sword of the Aurora.

Once again, they were equally matched.

Olivier stared at Linley, his gaze slowly brightening. A hint of a smile actually appeared on Olivier’s face. “Linley, what was the name of that sword technique you just used?”

Linley didn’t try to dissemble. “Profound Truths of the Wind, second stage – Tempos of the Wind.”

“Tempos of the Wind…Tempos of the Wind…” Thinking back to the attack Linley had just used, Olivier looked at Linley with eyes filled with approval. “Linley, I can hardly believe that you are a young grandmaster sculptor as well. To be so accomplished, but not yet be even thirty years old. I admire you.”

Olivier’s attitude towards Linley had totally changed.

“I previously said that if you could withstand this blow from me, I would spare your life. I will keep my word. From today onwards, your name has now been added to my list of rivals. I eagerly anticipate your growth and development.” Olivier said with a smile.

Linley frowned.

This Olivier was simply too arrogant.

Barker and his brothers were standing below them. Gates, the most irascible of the lot, immediately jumped to his feet. “F*ck his grandmother! Olivier, you didn’t beat our Lord. How dare you prattle on and swagger about like a bushy-tailed wolf! F*ck, I hate people like you.”

This loud shout caused the countless onlookers to be unable to control their laughter.

It must be said that many people agreed with Gates’ words.

The words which Olivier had just said were the words an elder expert would say to a junior. They had a lecturing aura to it. He had even said, ‘I look forward to your growth’ and ‘I will spare your life’.

If Olivier had truly won, others would acknowledge these words as having bearing and composure.

But he hadn’t won. Nobody could sense that Olivier had held even the slightest bit of advantage. If they continued fighting, it was hard to say who would win.

“Hrmph.” Olivier sneered coldly. His cold, gloomy eyes swept the surrounding area, and the Colosseum immediately fell silent.

Olivier looked at Linley. Calmly, he said, “Six years ago, you would indeed have been able to stalemate me. But now…”

“You just barely qualify for me to utilize the obsidian sword. But if I use it then today you, a genius, would definitely lose your life.” Olivier’s calm voice echoed in the Colosseum.

Only now did most people in the Colosseum remember…Olivier had two swords on his back. The Icedream sword was only one of them.

Obsidian sword?

“Obsidian sword? Olivier, you’ve truly mastered it?” At the judge’s stand, the Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, spoke out, attracting the attention of everyone present.

From the looks of it, the Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, had some sort of prior relationship with Olivier.

Olivier turned to look at the Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson. In a calm voice, he said, “Mr. Haydson, thank you for the advice you gave me six years ago. It resulted in me gaining certain insights. Three years of battles, followed by three years of quiet meditation in the desolate mountains. I have now mastered the ‘obsidian sword’, which is even more powerful than the ‘Lightshadow’ technique.”

The Colosseum was filled with cries of astonishment.

“Even more powerful than the Lightshadow Sword technique? No wonder Lord Olivier said that he was sparing Master Linley’s life.”

“That year when he defeated Lord Dillon, Lord Olivier had used the Lightshadow Sword technique. Back then, Lord Olivier only had a single sword on his back, but now he has two. Ten years. He really has improved.”

Many people sighed in amazement at Olivier’s prowess. The power he had demonstrated just now wasn’t his true power. How terrifying was Olivier truly?

“My big brother, he…” Wharton knew that Linley was fighting for his sake, and now, he was beginning to worry for Linley.

Wharton was worried, but Barker and his brothers, on the contrary, weren’t worried at all.

“Wharton, his Lordship hasn’t revealed his true power yet.” Barker laughed as he glanced at Wharton. “When his Lordship sparred with you, he only used the Bloodviolet flexible sword. He didn’t dare test his true attack against you.”

“Right. Linley has an even more terrifying adamantine heavy sword.” Zassler said solemnly.

Having been with Linley for so long, Zassler and the Barker brothers knew exactly how terrifyingly powerful the adamantine heavy sword was. When Linley was only at the peak-stage of the ninth rank, his usage of the ‘Hundred Layered Waves’ technique with the adamantine heavy sword would have been irresistible by even Saint-level Undying Warriors despite them being known for their defense.

Even most mid-stage Saint-level experts would probably suffer a severe injury.

And now, Linley’s base power and battle-qi were all at the Saint-level. If he were to once more utilize his ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’, most likely even peak-stage Saint-level experts wouldn’t be able to take a blow from him.

After all, the vibrational attacks which Linley had developed based on his insights was simply too terrifying. Battle-qi and muscle power virtually did nothing to defend against it.

“Linley, I eagerly anticipate your future challenge.” Olivier said with a calm laugh.

Olivier was also someone who pursued the peak of power. A good rival was hard to find. For Linley to be so powerful in his twenties meant that in the future, he would definitely be a good rival for Olivier.

“Lord Olivier really does have the bearing of an expert.” Many people sighed in praise. But Blumer, located near the judge’s stand, was unhappy. “Why can’t elder brother simply just kill Linley and get it over with?”

The spikes protruding from Linley’s head gleamed with a metallic light.

“Olivier.” Linley’s dark golden eyes stared at Olivier. “I told you long ago. A person should know their limits. Do you think your obsidian sword is very powerful?”

“Hrm?” Olivier’s face changed as he looked at Linley. Linley didn’t know what was good for him!

But Linley extended his hand. Suddenly, an astonishing azure-black heavy sword appeared in his palm.

“My most powerful weapon…the adamantine heavy sword.” Linley stared at Olivier. “Once I use the adamantine heavy sword, even I can’t fully control its power. I might kill you.”

Olivier started.

The Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, was stunned as well. Blumer stared at the mid-air Linley in astonishment as well. The 80,000 viewers had all fallen silent.

In mid-air, the ferocious Dragonformed Linley wielded his adamantine heavy sword and stared coldly at Olivier. “From what you are saying, it sounds like your obsidian sword is very powerful. I want to see for myself if your obsidian sword is more powerful, or if my adamantine heavy sword is more powerful.”

“Adamantine heavy sword? Adamantine?” Olivier and Haydson were both secretly shocked.

The legendary material which supposedly even Deity-level experts would find difficult to break?

“Haha…good. Wonderful.” Olivier began to laugh loudly. “I take back my earlier words. I, too, want to see if your adamantine heavy sword is everything you claim it is. Linley, be careful. My obsidian sword might just claim your life.”

As he spoke, Olivier sheathed his Icedream sword, then slowly drew out his obsidian sword. The obsidian sword was the same size and shape as the Icedream sword, but its pitch-black surface looked very ordinary. However, when Olivier placed the obsidian sword in front of him, a layer of cold, dark light began to flow over its surface.

That black light seemed capable of devouring everything around it.

“The obsidian sword’s techniques were developed based on my insights into the Elemental Laws of Darkness.” Olivier stared coldly at Linley.

Linley wielded the adamantine heavy sword in his hands. Because it had been struck by heavenly lightning when it had been forged, the adamantine heavy sword’s surface gleamed with that azure light.

“The adamantine heavy sword’s techniques were developed based on my insights into the Elemental Laws of the Earth.” Linley’s dark golden eyes were fixed upon the opponent as well.

One wielded an obsidian sword. The other wielded the adamantine heavy sword.

Two ultimate geniuses. 80,000 pairs of eyes in the Colosseum were focused on them. The entire Colosseum seemed to be holding its breath. Both Blumer and Wharton began to grow anxious and nervous.

Right now, no one knew who would win; Linley, or Olivier!

“Bang!” “Bang!”

Two terrifying sonic booms erupted, as the two people charged directly towards each other from hundreds of meters away. But just at this moment, the Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, who had been seated at the judge’s stand, suddenly disappeared from his seat. He took three steps in mid-air, moving as fast as lightning, suddenly interposing between the two.

“Stay your hands!”

An earth-colored ripple of power erupted forth from the body of the Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, striking simultaneously against Linley and Olivier. Linley had the sensation of being struck by countless meteors, and his body was repelled backwards by several dozen meters. Olivier had also been knocked backwards in the same way.

Linley and Olivier both turned to stare at Haydson.

The Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson, laughed calmly as he looked at each of them. “Linley. Olivier. Both of you are incredible geniuses of the entire Yulan continent. You are both so young. Judging from your words, both the adamantine heavy sword technique and the obsidian sword technique are extremely vicious, dangerous sword techniques, which even you two are unable to fully control. If this battle were truly to continue, then one of you will definitely die, or perhaps even both of you. For two such geniuses to fall would be a huge loss to the entire Yulan continent. I suggest…that we bring this duel to a end for now.”

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