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Book 8, The Ten Thousand Kilometer Journey – Chapter 46, A Change of Plans

Within the courtyard.

“Boss, just now, when I dug my way through the tunnels and went outside, I saw that five men left alongside that Danlan chick.” Bebe’s eyes were shining with an angry light. “That bad woman! She definitely had ill intentions.”

Linley laughed calmly. “No need to over-think things. That woman was almost certainly someone the Radiant Church sent to kill me. Just now, if I had chased out after her, most likely as soon as I stepped out of the gate, the people lying in ambush outside would’ve attacked at the same time and killed me. If she hadn’t already made up her mind to kill me long ago, why would she have arranged for people to lie in ambush? What’s more, I couldn’t sense those people at all.”

He hadn’t been able to detect the presences of those five men hiding outside. These five men were definitely experts, experts that were no weaker than he himself.

“Master, what should we do, then?” Haeru mentally transmitted.

With a thought, Linley summoned his adamantine heavy sword to his hands. “What should we do? We don’t need to mind them. When Jenne returns, I’ll immediately take her away from here. If they follow, I’ll kill them.”

As long as he wasn’t ambushed, after transforming into his Dragonform, with the adamantine heavy sword in hand, Linley was confident of dealing with even an early-stage Saint-level expert.

A short while later.

“Big brother Ley.” That familiar voice rang out.

“Enter.” Linley laughed as he stood up, casually pulling the gate open. Jenne and Keane walked in.

Keane looked at Linley, sighing. “Big brother Ley, my sis almost got taken advantage of this time. Fortunately I was cautious and arranged people to surround and guard her room.”

“Taken advantage of?” Linley looked at Jenne.

Jenne shook her head and laughed. “It’s nothing. It’s just that Albert, the first successor to the clan leader position. Tonight, he was planning to secretly enter my room. Fortunately, my little bro had taken some precautionary measures. That Albert was afraid of this situation getting out of hand as well. After all, there were many people inside the castle.”

“That Albert has always had bad intentions towards you. I don’t dare to be caught off-guard. Even if I stop being the city governor, so what? No matter what, I won’t allow you to be taken advantage of by that bastard, sis.” Keane said solemnly.

Somewhat moved, Jenne looked at her little brother.

Linley looked at Keane with praise in his eyes as well.

“Sis, in the future, when you are following big brother Ley, you have to take good care of yourself.” Keane’s eyes were starting to turn red. “But as long as you are with big brother Ley, I’m not too worried about you.”

Lyndin was standing not too far away from the hotel, and had watched as Jenne and her younger brother had entered.

“Let’s sit down nearby and take a rest for now.” Lyndin pointed at the first floor of the hotel. “But while resting, we have to keep an eye on things outside. When Jenne and Keane head out, we’ll immediately follow them.”

The other five all nodded, and they followed Lyndin into the hotel.

But after one or two minutes, Albert brought around ten or so people into the hotel.

“Is this the place?” Albert asked one of his subordinates.

“Yes, young master. Miss Jenne entered this hotel.” Hearing this, Albert nodded. “Go investigate for me and find out who the bastard is that Jenne likes.”

As he spoke, Albert rubbed the wound on his face.

Last night, he really did cut quite the sorry figure.

He knew that Jenne was a magus of the third rank, but he himself was a warrior of the fourth rank. He was planning to slip in while she was asleep and rape her. That shouldn’t have been too hard. So, late at night, he stealthily crept towards Jenne’s room.

But who would’ve expected that Jenne’s room had a female guard in it, and not just Jenne.

What’s more, there were guards hidden outside the room as well.

He, the stately successor to the clan leader position of the Jacques clan, was soundly thrashed by that female guard. Fortunately, Jenne and the female guard knew who he was and so had not dared to kill him. At the time, Jenne had also told him to give up, because in the future, she was going to travel to the ends of the earth by the side of the man she loved.

“Could it be that she is going to go by the side of this mysterious warrior of the ninth rank and travel the world with him?” Albert’s heart was filled with suppressed rage.

“Let’s sit here for a while. We’ll have some food and wait.” Albert shouted.

Albert led his group of men into the Nile Hotel as well, into the main floor. But as soon as the fuming Albert entered the hotel, his eyes immediately lit up as he saw who was inside.

Albert stared fixedly at Lyndin.

“This beauty is as lovely as an angel.” Albert sighed to himself.

Albert was quite choosy. He was already bored with ordinary beautiful girls. But Lyndin truly was astonishingly beautiful. Not only were her facial features exquisite, she also had that cold, holy aura about her.

Lyndin, no longer putting on an act, had totally returned to her usual temperament.

The holier and purer a woman seemed, the more Albert desired her. Albert felt extremely satisfied when he had a holy and pure woman beneath his thighs.

“Pretty lady, your humble servant is named Albert Jacques. Very happy to meet you.” Albert walked over, saying modestly.

Lyndin glanced at him, not paying him any attention.

“F*ck off.” One of the golden-haired men next to Lyndin barked.

“You lookin’ to die?” The guard behind Albert immediately drew his weapon, staring coldly at the golden-haired man. This time, as he followed Jenne over, Albert had been very careful.

He knew that Jenne’s paramour was a warrior of the ninth rank, and thus everyone he brought today was an expert. One of them was a student of his great grandfather, a warrior of the ninth rank.

“Jacques?” Lyndin suddenly turned to look at him. She only now had paid attention to the lineage of the buffoon in front of her.

“Yes.” Albert smiled proudly.

One of Albert’s servants said arrogantly, “The young master of my clan is the successor to the clan leader position. Your group actually dares to be impolite to the young master?”

The Northwest Administrative Province was the domain of the Jacques clan. Albert was the successor to the clan leader position. Indeed, he had the right to act so overbearingly.

“Albert.” A middle-aged man standing behind Albert said softly, “None of those six, including that woman, are weak. It is very likely that they are all warriors of the eighth rank, and perhaps even of the ninth.”

Albert was startled.

At this moment, Lyndin rose to her feet, smiling. “Young master Albert, hello. I’ve come with my five fellow apprentices in search of a man we intend to kill.”

“Five fellow apprentices? Who is your master?” The middle-aged man behind Albert asked.

“The Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson.” Lyndin said.

The reason why Lyndin dared to make wild claims like this was primarily because the Monolithic Sword Saint was a man who liked to roam all about the world. Thus, there were most likely very few people in the entire O’Brien Empire who knew exactly who the apprentices of the Monolithic Sword Saint were.

“The Monolithic Sword Saint?”

Everyone was shocked.

“Young master.” A servant of Albert’s came running over. “Young master, we have the information. The man whom Miss Jenne came here to meet registered under the name of ‘Ley’.”

“Ley?” Albert frowned.

“Never heard of him.” Albert turned to look at the expert he had brought. “Uncle Slan [Si’lan], are you confident you can deal with him?” The middle-aged man frowned.

But hearing this, Lyndin’s heart was suddenly swayed.

“Young master Albert, can it be that you have a grudge against that man named Ley?” Lyndin laughed.

Albert looked at her in surprise. “What of it?”

“My five fellow apprentices and I have come to deal with him.” Lyndin smiled.

Albert was immediately excited. He really did hope to develop a closer relationship with this holy, pure beauty, and this was an excellent opportunity.

“Perhaps I will not only kill Ley and acquire Jenne, I will also acquire this beauty in front of me.” Albert’s heart began to quiver. Lyndin’s beauty was not one whit inferior to Jenne’s, and in fact she was even superior.

Albert smiled. “That is wonderful. Everyone will work together, then. What is your name?”

“I am called Danlan.” Lyndin still used the same false name.

“Beautiful Lady Danlan, your master, Lord Haydson, has previously paid a visit to the Jacques clan before as well. At that time, he had spent a full month together with my great grandfather.” Albert said, attempting to draw a closer connection.

“Oh?” Lyndin seemed rather surprised.

“Indeed.” Albert then looked at the five men behind Lyndin. “Are your people confident in your ability to deal with Ley?”

“Do you not have faith in the disciples my master taught?” Lyndin said somewhat unhappily. That frown on Lyndin’s face when she was unhappy only made her look all the more mesmerizing. Albert could almost feel his heart twitching ferociously.

Just as Albert and Lyndin were chatting, the people keeping tabs on Jenne rushed in from the outside.

“Young master, bad news! That Ley took Miss Jenne with him and actually separated from young master Keane. And they just exited the courtyard. It seems they plan to leave.”

Albert immediately jumped to his feet.

Albert, Lyndin, and the others all stared at the outside through the window. Indeed, Jenne was following Linley on the street in a direction heading outside of the city.

As far as Keane, his group was taking a different route. The two even waved farewell to each other.

“She’s leaving? Jenne is really leaving with this Ley?”

Lyndin’s face changed, and her mind became unsettled.

The strategy she had just came up with had just been ruined by Linley suddenly leaving with Jenne. She didn’t expect that Jenne would leave with Linley. After all, Jenne had been with Keane for all these years.

“Jenne is really going to leave with that bastard? It seems the two of them really do plan to wander the world together.” Albert fumed. “Men, attend me!”

“Don’t be hasty.” Lyndin’s eyes lit up, and she immediately interrupted him.

Albert looked questioningly at Lyndin. Lyndin, by now, knew that with Linley’s departure alongside Jenne, her previous plan was now useless.

But there was another way.

“Albert, send some people to follow them. Once they leave the city, we will ride horses after them. Outside the city… my fellow apprentices and I will kill him.” Lyndin said confidently.

Outside the city, most likely McKenzie would only be able to arrive after they had already killed Linley.

“Oh?” Albert was delighted. If he didn’t have to personally act, of course he would only be all the happier.

“How about this. After they leave the city, lead a squad of knights after them. Myself and my five fellow apprentices will join the squad, so Linley doesn’t notice us at first. When the time is right…” Lyndin laughed coldly.

When Linley was caught off-guard, the six of them would suddenly erupt from the squad and surround Linley, setting up the Angel Battle Formation.

In a short period of time, they would kill Linley.

Once the Angel Battle Formation was successfully set up, they had a virtually 100% chance of killing Linley. After all, when Angels set up the Angel Battle Formation, even if they didn’t go all out, they could still kill early-stage Saint-level experts. Once they did go all out and allow their bodies to collapse, even a middle-stage Saint-level expert might perish.

“No problem.” Albert patted his chest and guaranteed.

Lyndin and the other five were all smiles, while Albert was smiling radiantly as well.

Outside the city.

Jenne rode on the back of the black panther, while Linley was walking, as smooth and graceful as the wind. While walking, Linley chatted and laughed with Jenne.

Jenne’s face was radiant, filled with the light of true happiness. As long as she could often see Linley and chat with him, Jenne felt that she was already very happy and fortunate.

“Jenne, in a bit, please be careful.” Linley suddenly said.

“What?” Jenne was somewhat startled.

Linley said casually, “There’s a squad of knights chasing after us.” A hint of a murderous intent was in Linley’s eyes. This squad most likely had to do with the Radiant Church.

“It is about time to truly test the power of the Hundred Layered Waves anyhow.” Linley intentionally continued forward at their current pace, allowing the squad to have the chance to catch up.

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