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Book 6, The Road to Revenge – Chapter 3, Assembling at the Township

Late at night. Linley’s bedroom.

The sound of muscles and bones rumbling could constantly be heard coming from Linley’s body, while Linley’s very skin was rising, then falling. Beads of sweat were pouring out of every single pore on Linley’s body, but Linley’s face was very calm and peaceful.

At this moment, Linley was training in accordance with the Secret Dragonblood Manual.

The first time Linley activated the Dragonblood in his veins, he was vaulted directly to the rank of warrior of the sixth rank. According to the records contained within the Secret Dragonblood Manual, the first time one trained is when one’s Dragonblood would be at the highest density, which is why the improvement would be so fast.

The further down the road the training continued, the harder it would become.

Especially upon reaching the ninth rank, if one wished to break through to the Saint-level, the amount of time that would be needed was probably more than all the other time spent combined.

“Right now, the Radiant Church highly values me. Given my status as a master sculptor, my personal status has dramatically increased. But my own personal power isn’t enough yet. Although they are courteous to me, that is primarily because of my potential. If I am to gain revenge, I don’t yet have enough personal power.”

Linley knew full well that he currently didn’t have enough power. After all, he couldn’t afford to assume the Dragonform and transform into a Dragonblood Warrior when he wanted to kill someone.

Unless the situation was critical, Linley definitely did not want to enter the Dragonblood Warrior forms. Because once it was discovered that he could transform into a Dragonblood Warrior, it would become very dangerous for him. After all, the fame of the Dragonblood Warriors was simply too great.

Once a Dragonblood Warrior entered the Saint-level, he would definitely be a peak-tier Saint-level combatant.

“Boss, you’re working too hard.” Lying on the bed, Bebe was watching Linley train.

Aside from Bebe, Doehring Cowart was also watching from the side. Doehring Cowart could clearly tell what sort of mental state Linley was in. His father had suddenly died, and he had also found out that his mother hadn’t died in childbirth after all, and had been abducted. These two pieces of news had suddenly descended upon Linley.

This sort of mental blow was far more vicious than Alice’s change of heart.

Doehring Cowart could feel the boundless hatred and murderous desires in Linley’s heart. Doehring Cowart knew very well that if Linley didn’t find an outlet for that hatred, he could very well turn into a murderous demon.

“I hope that Linley will be able to get his vengeance quickly. Otherwise, if he remains in this state for too long, the changes to his heart will become greater and greater.” Doehring Cowart was beginning to worry.

The next morning.

Within the Baruch clan’s manor, many servants were preparing all sorts of edibles. As soon as Linley stepped out of his bedroom, he saw them bustling about.

“Linley, the people who are coming today are most likely important people. Is this how you intend to receive them?” Doehring Cowart appeared by Linley’s side.

Linley and Doehring Cowart had both guessed correctly. The important people of Fenlai City and of the Radiant Church had quickly received word of Linley’s father’s death. 80% to 90% of them had come to pay their respects to Linley’s father, so naturally, Linley would have to receive them.

The materials that Linley had prepared could be considered not bad, but the skill of the chefs was too poor. There were only two chefs in the entire Wushan township whose cooking skills could be considered adequate.

“You are going to have these two chefs of this small township receive these major personages?” Doehring Cowart laughed.

“Let them taste some of the local dishes of my homeland. This is already quite enough.” After speaking, Linley immediately went to eat breakfast. After breakfast, Linley continued to kneel in front of the memorial spirit tablet, observing the rites of filial mourning. By seven in the morning, hoof steps could be heard from outside the Baruch clan’s manor.

An extremely lavish carriage parked itself outside the manor.

“Third Bro!” A familiar voice called out.

Still kneeling in the main hall, Linley turned his head and saw Yale, George, and Reynolds rush inside. Having suffered two heavy blows, Linley was currently feeling extremely depressed. But upon seeing those three bros whom he had grown up with at the Ernst Institute, a hint of a smile appeared on Linley’s face.

Upon entering the main hall, Yale, George, and Reynolds all knelt down on prayer mats in the middle.

“Third Bro, I got the news last night about your father’s passing. Overnight, I called over Second Bro and Fourth Bro to come along with me. I guessed that today, there are going to be many nobles present, so I also brought along several chefs from Fenlai City to come overnight as well.” Yale said in a soft voice.

“Thank you.” Linley could imagine how busy his three bros must have been in the past few hours.

Recruiting chefs, preparing the carriage convey. Most likely, Reynolds and George had hurried over to here directly from the Ernst Institute, meeting Yale on the road at night and then arriving here together.

“Third Bro, don’t be too heartbroken.” George gently patted Linley on the shoulders.

Reynolds was also by Linley’s side. “Linley. No matter what happens, you will always have us three bros. No matter what happens, don’t allow yourself to be struck down. Remain strong.”

Linley looked at Reynolds, a hint of a smile appearing on his face.

Linley felt very warm in his heart upon hearing Reynolds, normally the most mischievous of them all, saying such words.

No matter what or when, he would always have these three bros.

“Thank you all.” Linley looked at Yale. “Boss Yale, I’d like to hand over the responsibilities of hosting these nobles to you. I have no experience in this area.”

Yale nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ve brought quite a number of people over. They will definitely do a good job of receiving them.”

The quiet little Wushan township was not quiet at all this day. Time after time, the citizens of Wushan township would gather together and discuss the nobles who had just passed by.

“That group in the morning had at least four horses, and that carriage was huge and magnificent. All of those brave knights, wow…I’ve never seen such an awesome looking troop of knights.” An old man sighed with praise as he stared at the troop stationed outside the Baruch clan’s manor.

The locals nearby also nodded in praise.

In such an ordinary little town, how often would they have the chance to encounter a wealthy noble? That troop of knights which Linley had brought with him when he had returned, by itself, was already a source of endless discussion amongst the locals.

“What do you guys think? Is young master Linley also a powerful nobleman in the outside world?” A woman guessed. “Two days ago, I saw Linley lead that powerful troop of knights on his return.”

Wushan township was filled with constant chatting and speculation.

And then, in the middle of the day, around eleven or so…the earth began to shake again. All the denizens of Wushan township could feel that dense, orderly sound of galloping hoof steps.

This time, the density of the hoof steps was far heavier than when Yale came.

Wearing brilliantly gleaming armor, an extremely powerful mounted unit first galloped through. Behind them were two extremely lavish carriages which were being pulled by four handsome stallions. The people driving the carriages were all extremely powerful-looking warriors.

Behind these two carriages were a series of carriages filled with gifts, also under escort by a unit of knights.

All of the citizens of Wushan township craned their necks to watch.

The majestic aura of the ace regiment of Knights of the Radiant Church charging through made all of the citizens of Wushan township felt like a mountain was pressing down on them. All of the citizens felt their heart was trembling, and all of the beautiful, lavish carriages gleamed so much, it made them squint their eyes.

“What sort of people are these?” The citizens of Wushan township were filled with shock and surprise.

This carriage procession finally came to a halt in front of the Baruch clan’s manor.

At the Baruch clan’s manor, there were many people who were prepared to station and stable these horses and carriages.

“Lord Cardinals Guillermo and Lampson, have arrived!”

That loud, high-pitched voice rang out from within the Baruch clan’s manor, causing a huge commotion amongst the denizens of Wushan township.

It was actually two Cardinals!

In the eyes of the citizens of the Holy Union, the Cardinals of the Radiant Church were all lofty figures. In their hearts, the Cardinals were like the stars in the night sky, beautiful to behold, but untouchable. But today, two Cardinals of the Radiant Church had actually come to Wushan township.

“Clatter!” “Clatter!” “Clatter!” Hoof steps could be heard yet again. Shortly after the troop with the Cardinals had entered the township, another very similar troop arrived as well, with carriages that seemed even more lavish, with beautiful female attendants and palace attendants with skin as white as any woman.

The carriage was golden and extremely extravagant.

The mighty knights were exhibiting their top-notch riding skills. The hoof steps were so much in lockstep, they sounded like a single great drumbeat, shaking the hearts of the citizens of Wushan township.

The denizens of Wushan township were stupefied.

“Who…who are these people?” Many denizens hadn’t seen these people in their entire lives.

When this new troop arrived outside the Baruch clan’s manor, that voice once more rang out from within the manor. “His Majesty, King Clayde of Fenlai has arrived!”

“His Majesty the King!”

All of the citizens of the town looked at each other.

To the citizens of a kingdom, the king of a kingdom was the brilliant sun shining in the sky, with the power over life and death. But his Majesty the King, who should have been in his palace, had actually come to the tiny little Wushan township.

The nonstop clatter of hoof steps.

One troop of soldiers came after another. One carriage after another pulled up in front of the Baruch clan’s manor.

“Duke Bonalt of the Kingdom of Fenlai has arrived!”

“Marquis Jebs of the Kingdom of Fenlai has arrived!”

“Count Juneau of the Kingdom of Fenlai has arrived!”

“Miss Delia of the Leon clan of the Yulan Empire has arrived!”

“Lord Bernard of the Debs clan of the Kingdom of Fenlai has arrived!”

That voice rang out again and again, causing the citizens of Wushan township to be totally speechless. What was going on? Why were so many members of the upper class congregating here at Wushan township? But the citizens of Wushan township could guess the reason.

The only major event which had occurred at Wushan township was Hogg’s death.

But Hogg was just the noble of a minor township. Could his passing cause his Majesty the King as well as two Cardinals of the Radiant Church to come? These citizens couldn’t help but think back to the triumphant image from a few days ago of Linley returning with a troop of knights at his back.

“All of this must have something to do with young master Linley.”

Although these common citizens didn’t know the specifics of Linley’s situation, they were able to guess.

Within the Baruch clan’s main hall, Linley was still kneeling on one side.

The Cardinals, the King, the Dukes, the Marquises, the Counts, all either bowed or knelt down with sincerity, paying their respects. Although the likes of Cardinal Guillermo only bowed, without question, the only people they ever even bowed to were tremendously important figures.

But today, they were bowing to the departed Hogg.

“Linley, don’t be too heartbroken.” Guillermo said softly by Linley’s side.

“Thank you.” Linley bowed fractionally.

“Linley, your father’s passing truly fills us all with regret.” King Clayde also comforted Linley.

After a while.

“Linley, don’t be too heartbroken.” A clear voice.

Raising his head, Linley saw that Delia, dressed in simple clothes, was there, her face filled with concern.

“Thank you.” Linley said in a soft voice.

Delia nodded fractionally before being led away by servants as well. One noble after another came in to pay their respects to Linley’s father. Even that Bernard, leader of the Debs clan, had come to pay his respects.

“Master Linley, don’t be too heartbroken.” Bernard said courteously.

Linley responded with the same courteous thanks. “Thank you.”

“Duke Patterson of the Kingdom of Fenlai has arrived!” Suddenly, the announcing voice rang out from outside.

Linley frowned very slightly.

His father’s death was linked to this Duke Patterson. But Linley knew very well that his father had disguised himself before entering Duke Patterson’s manor. Most likely, Duke Patterson had no idea that Linley’s father was the person whom had succumbed to the severe injuries caused by his subordinates.

Patterson looked extremely similar to Clayde. Both of them had long, golden hair, with eyes that seemed hawk-like. His waist was straight as a ramrod, and he had the aura of a noble.

Entering the main hall, Patterson bowed respectfully in front of Hogg’s memorial spirit tablet.

“Master Linley, don’t be too heartbroken.” Patterson walked over to Linley and said with sincerity.

Linley raised his head and glanced at Patterson. Seeing the sincere look on Patterson’s face, he still responded with the same courteous, “Thank you.” From the surface, one couldn’t tell that Linley’s treatment of Patterson was any different from his treatment of anyone else.

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