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Book 6, The Road to Revenge – Chapter 27, The Wine

Linley couldn’t help but turn his head to the door.

Guillermo was there, dressed in a long, red robe, a smile on his face, his waist straight. His eyes, however, were very fierce and resolved. Under the escort of the two Vicars, Guillermo strode into the room.

“So Guillermo has already arrived. I hope Clayde will be a bit slower.” Linley was filled with anticipation.

The only weakness in this plan of his was the possibility that Clayde and this magus of the ninth rank would come at the same time. After all, the Bloodrupture poison was of no use against a magus.

Linley immediately began to stand up. “Lord Guillermo.”

“Linley, look at yourself. Your face is so pale. Sit, sit.” Guillermo immediately took two quick steps forward to stop Linley from rising.

“Lord Guillermo, I’m fine. Although I suffered some internal injuries while training battle-qi, I can still walk and act normally. Only, it’s a pity that for a period of time, I won’t be able to train battle-qi any more.” Linley said with a long sigh.

“At a time like this, you are still thinking of training battle-qi?” Guillermo said angrily. “External injuries are easy to heal, but internal ones are much more dangerous. If you don’t heal them properly, it’s possible that they’ll cause harm to you for your entire life.”

“Thank you, Lord Guillermo, for your concern.”

In truth, Linley had a very good impression of Guillermo. He couldn’t help but cast a glance to the entranceway. “I hope this Clayde will arrive a bit later.”

Yesterday’s blizzard had caused Fenlai City to become very cold, and there were very few people on the road from the palace. But right now, a hundred-man strong contingent of guards were currently protecting and escorting a lavish golden carriage out of the palace.

“Crunch. Crunch.”

The wheels of the carriage crushed through the snow.

“Ransome [Lan’sai’mu], open the door.” Clayde ordered.

The carriage was extremely spacious, and could easily fit five or six people very comfortably. This Ransome was one of Clayde’s personal bodyguards, and he immediately said, “Yes, your Majesty.” He quickly pulled open the curtain-door, letting in a blast of that frigid air.

But neither Ransome nor Clayde felt the cold in the slightest, despite the fact that Clayde was just wearing a jacket over some undergarments, while Ransome was wearing the traditional uniform of a palace servant.

“This Linley actually managed to damage his vitals due to over-training battle-qi. Jeeze.” Clayde couldn’t help but laugh while sighing.

Ransome said in a low voice, “That Lord Linley is still very young, yet he still has such accomplishments. No matter how talented a person is, one still needs to train hard. For a warrior to be able to injure himself internally due to over-training battle-qi shows to what extent he goes to when he trains.”

The limits to a person’s body’s endurance might perhaps be very high.

But each time one tried to stimulate one’s potential, one couldn’t go too far. Although it was true that hard work was beneficial to a warrior in training, one couldn’t go overboard either. The body wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“Right. This Linley’s future accomplishments will be unimaginable.” Clayde nodded as well.

Seeing the look on Clayde’s face, Ransome sighed secretly.

As Clayde’s personal bodyguard, naturally he had a deep understanding of his master. With the forceful personality that Clayde had, it was very rare for Clayde to be so courteous to someone. But towards Linley, Clayde had never stopped being courteous for a single moment.

“It’s a pity that, in that year, his Majesty…alas. His Majesty knows that he has no hope of entering the Saint-level, which is why he views Linley with such importance.” Ransome knew Clayde’s secret.

Although Clayde was a warrior of the ninth rank, Ransome knew…that unless the Radiant Sovereign was to bestow his divine power upon Clayde, Clayde would never be able to reach the Saint-rank, no matter what.

“Your Majesty, we have arrived at Lord Linley’s manor.” Ransome said softly.

Through the open door, the gate to Linley’s manor could be seen quite clearly. At this moment, there were two powerfully built warriors standing guard outside the gate. These two warriors were elite members of ace divisions of the Knights of the Radiant Church.

“Crunch.” The carriage came to a halt.

Ransome was the first to leave the carriage, then respectfully waited for Clayde to step out as well.

“Your Majesty!” Those two guards bowed respectfully.

“Oh, someone arrived before me?” Clayde noticed that there was another luxurious carriage stationed outside, along with a group of Knights of the Radiant Temple standing outside.

“Right. Lord Guillermo has already arrived.” One of the two warriors guarding the gate said respectfully.

“Lord Guillermo has arrived? That’s fine.” Clayde glanced back at his own squad. “All of you stay here. Ransome, come with me.” After issuing these orders, Clayde made his way through the gate, his personal bodyguard behind him.

Right now, Linley was still engaged in conversation with Guillermo. Neither of them knew that Clayde had already reached the gate.

“This Guillermo still isn’t leaving?” Linley was beginning to grow impatient.

If Guillermo intended to keep on chatting with him like this, who knew how much longer this would go on for? The longer this went on, the more complicated things would get. Growing anxious, Linley suddenly put a hand to his mouth.

“Cough. Cough!” Linley let out a few coughs, coughing so hard that his white face turned red.

“Linley.” Guillermo was very surprised.

He didn’t imagine that Linley’s injury would be as severe as this.

“Linley, you must properly use this medicine I have brought you. They have the effect of assisting the body in healing its internal organs.” Guillermo hurriedly said. “Your body isn’t in good shape right now. Get some rest. I won’t disturb your rest any further.” Guillermo stood up.

After coughing, Linley’s ashen face was even paler than before, without a hint of blood.

“Lord Guillermo, my sincere apologies.” Linley said apologetically.

“It’s fine. Get some rest. Your body is what’s important.” Guillermo reminded him yet again, before leaving the room along with his Vicars.

Just as Clayde and Ransome walked through the gate to Linley’s manor, they heard a voice call out from behind them.

“Your Majesty. Your Majesty.”

Clayde turned around questioningly, only to see Merritt quickly jump out from a carriage. “Your Majesty.”

“Merritt, you came as well?” Clayde chuckled, coming to a stop as he looked at Merrit.

Merritt ran to Clayde. Respectfully, he said, “Lord Linley’s been injured. How could I not come? Your Majesty, how could you go inside with just Ransome? It isn’t safe!” Merritt hurriedly said.

When a ruler paid a visit to one of his subject’s, usually he would bring all of his guards directly inside as well.

The first reason was to protect the safety of the ruler. The second was to display the ruler’s authority and power.

“No need. I’m just checking up on Linley. No need to raise the flag high and all that.” Clayde chuckled. “Much less, within the city of Fenlai, who is capable of posing a threat to me, hrm?”

Clayde’s self-confidence wasn’t without merit.

First of all, Clayde wasn’t worried about most combatants of the ninth rank. The only type of person which Clayde truly feared was a Saint-level combatant, but would a Saint-level combatant come to assassinate him, a king? What’s more, this was Fenlai City, the Holy Capital of the Radiant Church!

Who would dare to act rashly within the confines of the Radiant Church’s headquarters?

“Right, right. Your servant was being too cautious.” Merritt hurriedly said.

“Let’s go. We can go inside together.” Clayde entered along with Merritt and Ransome.

“Your Majesty, Linley is currently recuperating within the private courtyard in the east wing. Allow me to guide the way.” Escorted by the pretty attendant, Clayde, Merritt, and Ransome began to head towards Linley’s resting area. But halfway there…

Clayde and the other two saw Guillermo and his two Vicars.

“Lord Guillermo.” Clayde, Merritt, and Ransome simultaneously paid their respects.

“Clayde, you came as well.” Guillermo nodded. “This internal injury of Linley’s seems to be a heavy one. Just now, he was coughing. When you go to see him, don’t waste too much time. Just see how he is doing, then allow him to rest.”

“Understood.” Clayde nodded.

“Then I’ll leave now.” Guillermo nodded as well, then led his two Vicars out and left.

Clayde went with Merritt and Ransome to Linley’s chambers.

Guillermo’s departure allowed Linley to let out a sigh of relief. But before he had a chance to take a breather, a female attendant came running in to make a report.

“Lord Linley. His Majesty and the Right Premier have arrived.” The female attendant hurriedly reported.

“He’s here?”

Linley’s eyes lit up.

“I’ve waited so long. He finally came.” Linley couldn’t repress the excitement in his heart. “You can go now.” Linley immediately ordered the attendant to leave, and then he calmly stood up, quietly awaiting Clayde’s arrival.

Just a few seconds later, Linley heard the sound of footsteps.

“Linley.” Clayde’s voice rang out as soon as he entered the room. In three quick steps, he arrived by Linley’s side. In a very caring voice, he said, “Linley, your face looks terrible. Quick, sit down and rest. Have a good rest.”

Linley was pressed down to his seat by Clayde.

“Lord Linley.” Merritt was very courteous to Linley as well.

“Thank you, your Majesty. Thank you, Lord Merritt.” Linley said with a rather weak voice.

But the excitement in Linley’s heart was beginning to swell. In the past, after learning of his father’s death, Linley had instructed Hillman to take his clan’s heirloom, the warblade ‘Slaughterer’, to the O’Brien Empire. At that time, he had already made up his mind that the risk of death would not be enough to sway his decision to gain revenge.

Father. Mother!

His father’s death was linked to Clayde as well. If it hadn’t been for Clayde ordering Patterson to abduct his mother, how would his father have died in an attempt to gain revenge? And of course, his mother’s disappearance was Clayde’s doing.

“Your Majesty. I’m fine. I’ve just suffered some internal injuries, and won’t be able to train battle-qi for a while. I can still carry out my normal, day-to-day activities.” Linley said with a smile.

“That’s good. That’s good.” Clayde revealed a hint of a smile as well.

“Lord Merritt, you came as well.” Linley suddenly ‘remembered’ something, and exclaimed happily, “Right! I haven’t had the chance to drink the flagon of fine wine that you gifted to me last time, Lord Merritt. Since both you and his Majesty have arrived today, let’s have a little drink.”

As he spoke, Linley headed to the liquor cabinet next to him.

“No need. Linley, you’ve been injured. You can’t drink any alcohol.” Clayde advised him.

“It’s fine. My wound is just a light one. And a little bit of wine is good to get one’s veins active.” As he spoke, Linley plucked out four wineglasses, along with a bottle of red wine. “Ransome, you should sit as well. At my home, there’s no need to stand on so much ceremony.”

Linley knew a great deal about Ransome.

As Clayde’s personal bodyguard, he was an extremely powerful person as well. Although Linley couldn’t clearly determine his power, Linley was certain that he was at least a combatant of the seventh rank, or perhaps even of the eighth rank.

“No need. I don’t drink alcohol.” Ransome shook his head in refusal.

As his Majesty’s personal attendant, he had to maintain his wakefulness at all times.

“Linley, Ransome never drinks alcohol. No need to invite him to drink.” Clayde shook his head towards Linley. “Linley, when Lord Guillermo saw me just now, he said you were coughing hard. He wanted you to have a good rest. It’s best that we don’t drink.”

Not drink?

Nobody but Linley knew this, but the Bloodrupture poison had already been mixed in with this wine. If Clayde didn’t drink, how would he be poisoned?

“No worries. Lord Guillermo is overly concerned about my welfare.” Smiling, Linley poured everyone a glass of wine. “Your Majesty. This wine is exceptionally delightful. Lord Merritt, come. Let’s all have a toast.” Linley raised his own glass.

Clayde and Merritt had no choice but to raise their glasses as well.

A light ringing sound as their cups touched. And then Clayde, Merritt, and Linley each drank the wine.


Linley suddenly began to cough violently again, spitting out all the wine from his mouth. The coughing Linley’s face turned a sickly red color again.

“Linley, I told you not to drink wine. You just had to drink.” Clayde said in dissatisfaction. He hurriedly went over to help Linley.

“I’m fine.” Linley smiled and reached out to stop Clayde.

Suddenly. Linley stared at Clayde. In a solemn voice, he said, “Your Majesty. There is a very important matter which I would like to discuss with you, your Majesty.”

“A very important matter?” Seeing the expression on Linley’s face, Clayde felt confused.

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