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Book 21, The Peak – Chapter 20, Fight, Kill!

“The Divine Light Plane? Right.” Linley sent back and laughed. “Just now, when we were watching those two Chief Sovereigns battle, we had to delay that slightly.”

“Let’s head out now, then.” Augusta smiled in such a friendly manner, as though he were about to invite his closest friend over.

But between Linley and Augusta, there clearly existed multiple enmities.

The first was that Linley’s ancestors had been killed by Augusta. The second was Beirut and Augusta had enmity between them as well. The third was that when Linley was a Highgod, Augusta had threatened Linley to force him to hand over the nine soul pearls, and had wanted to kill Linley. Fortunately, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had appeared.

But right now, it seemed as though the two of them had forgotten all these things.

“Haha, let’s leave together.”

Linley chortled, and thus accompanied Augusta to fly back towards the distant Windflow Mountain.

“Augusta.” A voice rang out, and a figure suddenly flew over, moving like a bolt of lightning.

Linley turned to look. This person had long, golden yellow hair, with the seal of a lightning bolt on his forehead. It was the Chief Sovereign of Lightning. The Chief Sovereign of Lightning chortled, “Augusta, you are going back? What a coincidence. I just so happen to have an important affair in your Divine Light Plane as well.”

“Oh?” Augusta had a sudden thought, then smiled. “Linley is coming as well. Let’s go together.”

Linley couldn’t help but feel surprised, and he gave Augusta a glance as he mused, “Augusta relies on his Overgod artifact for his power, but this Chief Sovereign of Lightning has a Sovereign clone. In terms of Will alone, he is on a level higher than Augusta. In addition, he is of the lightning-element, and so his speed is exceedingly quick. If he gets involved…can it be that Augusta feels confident in being able to deal with him?”

This Chief Sovereign of Lightning, all smiles, followed Linley and Augusta towards Windflow Mountain.

Halfway over, a voice suddenly rang out in Linley’s mind. “Linley, behind you, there are five other Chief Sovereigns who are following. There are two with you right now. It seems as though all seven of these Chief Sovereigns are rather envious of your Overgod artifact. How about you come to my Netherworld instead.”

The speaker was the Chief Sovereign of Death.

Linley couldn’t help but chuckle. His divine sense surpassed that of all of the Chief Sovereigns, and so he had discovered those five behind him long ago. What shocked Linley was that the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, still dared to follow him as well.

“Thank you, Chief Sovereign. I’m completely able to deal with this matter by myself.” Linley sent back.

“Oh? It seems you are quite confident in yourself. Since you say that, be careful that in the future, you won’t even have the chance to feel regret.” The Chief Sovereign of Death sent, and then no longer paid attention to Linley. She quickly used Windflow Mountain’s teleportation array and left the Divine Wind Plane, returning to the Netherworld.

Linley chuckled.

In terms of power, who did he fear?

Of the eleven Chief Sovereigns, the only one who caused Linley to feel dread was…the Chief Sovereign of Destruction!

“Once I use my fused Sovereign power, my strength will increase a hundredfold. The Chief Sovereigns of the Laws are not worthy of concern. Even the Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts…the Chief Sovereigns of Death and Life wouldn’t necessarily be able to catch up to me when I’m flying. As for the Chief Sovereign of Fate, the reason he can resist ‘Spacetime Paradox’ is because of his soul-protecting Overgod artifact. It isn’t that he himself is particularly powerful. In terms of power, he isn’t that much stronger than the other Chief Sovereigns. After all, he doesn’t have an Overgod weapon! Against him, I still feel confident in being able to stay alive. Only…the Chief Sovereign of Destruction!”

The supreme technique of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, ‘Spacetime Paradox’, was simply too terrifying.

When that technique was unleashed, the power of his soul attack was a thousandfold greater! The other Chief Sovereigns, in the face of that attack, would definitely perish. Only the Chief Sovereign of Fate could resist it.

“However, no need to worry about him.” Linley was very confident. “First of all, in the eyes of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, he most likely only views the Chief Sovereign of Fate as being a match for him. Secondly, once I completely fuse the four types of profound mysteries from four Laws, my power…even the Chief Sovereign of Destruction won’t be able to do anything to me.”

Linley was very confident.

His soul was extremely powerful to begin with. If he then fused four profound mysteries from different Laws, why would he need to fear ‘Spacetime Paradox’?

Actually, Linley’s potential was greater than just this, because Linley didn’t want to go kill the other Sovereigns! Even if Linley didn’t make a breakthrough in the Laws, if Linley were to fuse with a fire-type Lesser Sovereign Spark…then his power would increase a hundredfold! Linley, at one leap, would rise to a level of power that was capable of threatening the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.

Only, if others didn’t make trouble for him, Linley didn’t want to go kill the other Sovereigns for no reason either.

This was because, by relying on his own training, he would still have the ability to surpass all of the Chief Sovereigns.

Windflow Mountain.

Linley, the Chief Sovereign of Light, the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, and three other Chief Sovereigns were standing besides the teleportation array.

“Divine Light Plane.” The Chief Sovereign of Light produced a Sovereign’s medallion.

Sovereigns generally wouldn’t reveal their true identities, even when using teleportation arrays.

A blurry light arose as the teleportation array was activated. In the moment of activation, a smile appeared on Linley’s face. Smiles also appeared on the faces of Augusta and the others.


Just a few moments after Linley’s group of three departed, five figures descended from the skies. It was the other five Chief Sovereigns.

“Hmph. That Augusta and Hurley [Hu’er’lei], they are stronger than the rest of us five. I imagine all of us have the same idea today. On this trip…if the five of us move separately, most likely, none of us will have a chance to acquire the Overgod artifact.” The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, glanced towards the other four. “Thus, it’s best if we join forces. Once the opportunity comes, we will rely on our own power to acquire the Overgod artifact.”

The other Chief Sovereigns all nodded in agreement.

They all understood what the others were thinking.

If after acquiring the Overgod artifact, Linley was able to rise in power to the level of the Chief Sovereign of Light, most likely the other Chief Sovereigns wouldn’t dare to have these sorts of thoughts.

But Linley, after possessing the Overgod artifact, was only comparable to the Chief Sovereign of Wind? Naturally, nobody would fear him. The Chief Sovereign of Wind was one of the weakest of the rest of the Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns.

“The Divine Light Plane.”

The other five Chief Sovereigns also entered the teleportation array, and the Chief Sovereign of Wind spoke out calmly while revealing his Sovereign medallion.

“Yes, milord.” The soldiers hurriedly once more activated it.

In the blink of an eye, the five Chief Sovereigns were teleported away.

The soldiers at the peak of Windflow Mountain were puzzled.

“How bizarre. The two groups of people that came back to back all had Sovereign medallions. It seems that most of them are Sovereign’s Emissaries. Why have so many major figures gone to the Divine Light Plane?”

“For so many Sovereign’s Emissaries to go there…there must be a treasure of some sort.”

The bored soldiers began to casually chat about this matter.

How could they have known…that the eight people who had just passed were all at the Chief Sovereign level!

Linley’s group of three emerged from an island, then flew away from it.

“Linley, where are you going to go?” Augusta laughed in a very friendly manner.

“Me? Haha…to be honest, this is my first time coming to this Divine Light Plane. However, my divine sense has already located the person I am looking for in the south.” Linley laughed as he pointed towards the south. “However, this friend of mine is an Angel.”

“Angel?” Augusta was startled.

“Right. Thus, I would like to ask you, Augusta, to help out. I hope that you can permit my friend to regain freedom and free will.” Linley laughed.

“Angels are all born from the ‘Angelic Resurrection Pool’. To have them regain freedom? Hard, hard. Hard!” Augusta frowned, saying the ‘hard’ word three times in a row.

“Very hard?” Linley laughed and asked.

“What’s so hard about it? I know a simple method.” The nearby Chief Sovereign of Lightning laughed clearly.

“What method?” Linley turned to look.

The Chief Sovereign of Lightning laughed loudly. “The Angelic Resurrection Pool is connected to the souls of the Sovereigns. As long as you kill the Sovereign, the Angels that are controlled by the Angelic Resurrection Pool will naturally regain their freedom.”

“Hurley.” Augusta frowned, looking at him. In an icy voice, he said, “Why have you come to my Divine Light Plane?” How could Augusta not understand what the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, was thinking? Even if he was an idiot, he would know that it was for the Overgod artifact.

“I…” The Chief Sovereign of Lightning raised an eyebrow, then laughed. “I’m here to search for a friend as well. Although he isn’t an Angel, he just so happens to be in the south as well.” He even pointed while speaking.

Augusta laughed coldly in his heart.

Searching for a friend?

Neither Linley nor Hurley were here to simply search for a friend.

“Hurley.” Linley turned to look and said with intentional surprise, “Did you just say that if I want an Angel to regain freedom, all I have to do is kill the Angel’s Sovereign!”

“Right.” Hurley laughed intentionally as well. “But the Chief Sovereign of Light has seven Sovereigns. Given your power, Linley, it wouldn’t be hard to kill the other six. However…the toughest one will be the one in front of you, Augusta. He is very powerful, even more powerful than the Diya that you battled.”

Augusta began to feel that the atmosphere was turning dark.

“What’s going on today? Aside from the two of you who have come to search for friends, the other five Chief Sovereigns have come as well. Can it be that they are searching for friends as well?” Augusta said with a smirk.

Linley turned to glance backwards.

The other five Chief Sovereigns? Linley didn’t care about them at all.

“Augusta.” Linley looked towards Augusta, then laughed helplessly. “For the sake of my friend, then…”

“You’ll have to die!”

Linley’s voice rang out, and as it did, a jade green longsword appeared in his hand. It was the Life Overgod Sword. Wielding the Life Overgod Sword in his hand, Linley, not hesitating at all, stabbed straight towards the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, who was next to him. The blow was aimed for the head!

The inky green fused Sovereign power instantly activated!


In the instant the fused Sovereign power filled the Life Overgod Sword, the world seemed to shatter.

“Hmph.” Augusta, who had been completely confident when the sword appeared, suddenly had a changed look on his face. He hurriedly pulled out a sword of light as well, and he slashed out in a mysterious arc as he blocked the sword attack.


It was as though countless mountains were crashing down upon him.

“Crack!” Augusta, who had been caught somewhat off-guard to begin with, actually had his sword of light be smashed backwards and land against his own body. His own body began to bleed from the impact, and he spat out a large mouthful of blood.


The surrounding space within a thousand kilometers had completely collapsed, as a terrifying large hole had appeared. Augusta himself was smashed straight into chaotic space.

“Rumble…” Because of that terrifying sword blow, the space within a thousand kilometers had completely collapsed, while within a hundred thousand kilometers, because of the spatial ripples that had been created, every single living creature died. Even some of the closer islands were completely reduced to dust, leaving behind nothing whatsoever.

Right as Linley had struck out against Augusta…

“This is the moment!” The Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, was fairly close to Linley. He simultaneously struck against Linley.

He thrust out with a spear.

The spear was crackling with a large amount of lightning, and it shot directly out from the Chief Sovereign of Lightning’s hands. This shooting motion was all but perfect, and as the spear slashed through the skies, it pierced directly towards Linley’s forehead. “Crackle…” Just a hint of a ripple spread out through the surrounding area.

Clearly, the power of this attack was focused to an utmost degree.

Linley had heavily injured Augusta with one blow, and he immediately turned to stare at Hurley.

Seeing that the spear was shooting towards his forehead, and had almost arrived, Linley couldn’t help but frown. He let out a growl. “You are asking for death!” Linley’s voice seemed to thunder outwards and fill the skies.

In the same instant, Linley launched a casual backhanded blow with his sword…


The Life Overgod Sword, infused with his fused Sovereign power, slammed directly against that spear. “Bang!” The spear was instantly shattered into countless shards which shot everywhere.

“Not good!” The Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, instantly had a changed look on his face. “This isn’t right. Linley’s power isn’t right! If he is comparable to Diya when he uses his Overgod weapon, how could he shatter my Sovereign weapon? How could he have easily wounded Augusta? He…he was hiding his power!”

Hurley now knew that something was off.

But…it was too late!

How fast did the Overgod weapon move?

“Ahhh!” The Chief Sovereign of Lightning let out a furious howl. His body suddenly separated into two and fled frantically towards two directions.


Linley’s Life Overgod Sword chopped out, and a clearly visible inky jade sword light slashed through one of the bodies. That body instantly transformed into dust, leaving behind only a jewel that emanated an earthen yellow aura.

“Hmph. Count yourself lucky.” Linley glanced at the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, who had already fled far away. With a wave of the hand, he retrieved the earth-type Lesser Sovereign spark.

Clearly, the one he had just killed was Hurley’s earth Sovereign clone.

The Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, fled extremely quickly. After having lost his earth Sovereign clone, he didn’t even dare to turn back and look!

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