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Book 20, The Crown’s Riddle – Chapter 45, Beirut’s True Power!

Many colored streams of light flowed about randomly, collectively forming the vast and endless region of chaotic space.

Chaotic space could be said to be the most dangerous place of all!

Even ordinary divine artifacts that were brought in would be torn asunder by the terrifying chaotic energy streams. Only experts who had defensive Sovereign artifacts or Highgod Paragons would be able to just barely stay alive in the face of the repeatedly clashes of energy in chaotic space. But despite that being the case, Highgod Paragons would be completely helpless in chaotic space.

The explosive streams of energy clashed against each other. When trapped within, the only choice was to allow the energy streams to take you where it willed.

Right at this moment…

A hazy white glow covered a large figure and the area around him. This large figure was dressed with a long white robe that was embroidered with golden patterns. His long gold hair fluttered loosely in an eye-catching manner. He stood there in the center of the vast, endless flows of chaotic energy. The rainbow colored chaotic streams clashed against him, but weren’t able to budge him at all. This person was the greatest experts amongst the seven Sovereigns of Light…the Chief Sovereign of Light.

The Chief Sovereign of Light’s eyes stared coldly into the distance.

“The red caltrop diamond was already in my hands. I didn’t imagine…”

The Chief Sovereign of Light’s eyes held a hint of anger in them. “However, even if that woman, the Redbud Sovereign, is the one behind him, when he moves from the Okerlund Plane to the Infernal Realm, he will be randomly teleported to one of the teleportation arrays. Perhaps the red caltrop diamond will fall into the hands of the other Sovereigns.

He immediately send the word through a clone he had left behind in the Divine Light Plane. “Derry [De’lei], keep an eye on Linley. See which teleportation array Linley travels through and which plane he goes to.”

“Yes, Chief Sovereign.”

Although Clementine had led a large group of Highgods away, in truth, those Highgods actually obeyed the orders of Derry, because Derry was one of the two individuals who maintained contact with the Sovereign. Those Highgods immediately spread out their divine senses, locking upon Linley and Bebe, located above the ocean.

They were watching Linley’s movements.

Linley naturally used his own divine sense to prevent the other Highgods from tracking him.

“Take the chance? No way! There are too many Sovereigns paying attention to the Overgod talismans. I imagine that the vast majority of teleportation arrays have Sovereigns nearby. Although I am powerful, in the face of a Sovereign, I won’t be able to fight back at all.” Linley shook his head. “I can’t make any mistakes when it comes to this red caltrop diamond.”

“Then…what should we do?” Bebe was rather irritated and upset as well.

Linley pondered for a while, but still wasn’t able to come up with a completely secure option. Although there were Sovereigns in the Infernal Realm who seemed to be on good terms with Linley, in reality, that was just some special attention that they paid to him, a junior. If it involved the red caltrop diamond…although the planar projection clone of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had spoken quite nicely, things wouldn’t necessarily remain that way once Linley returned to the Infernal Realm.

After all, in the Okerlund Plane, his projection clone wasn’t able to do anything to Linley, and so trying to force him was pointless.

But once they arrived in the Infernal Realm, wouldn’t the Sovereign want to take the Overgod talisman?

“Boss, let’s go ask my Grandpa Beirut. Perhaps he has a way.” Bebe suddenly suggested.

“That’s our only choice.” Linley nodded slightly.

The Yulan Plane. The Baruch Empire. Dragonblood Castle.

In recent days, Beirut had been living in Linley’s Dragonblood Castle, while Linley’s divine clone would often chat with Beirut regarding the advancement of matters in the Okerlund Plane. They often spent time together recently, causing Linley and Beirut to feel even closer and more friendly with each other.


A figure flashed forward and arrived within the empty garden. It was Linley. Within the garden, Beirut was teasing two young children of the Baruch clan quite happily.

“The two of you, go play over there for now.” Linley said while laughing calmly.

“Yes.” The two children, upon seeing Linley, didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly. They immediately left obediently.

Within Dragonblood Castle, Linley’s status had long ago risen to an extreme. In the hearts of the descendants of the Baruch clan, Linley was the most supreme exalted person alive.

“What has you in such a hurry?” Beirut laughed calmly.

Linley said helplessly, “Lord Beirut, the situation right now is quite grim.”

“Oh?” Beirut frowned, staring solemnly towards Linley.

“This is the situation. I’ve already acquired the red caltrop diamond, but I am quite frustrated about how I should return to the Yulan Plane! After all, the Okerlund only has eleven teleportation arrays which lead to the Seven Divine Planes and the Four Higher Planes. There are so many Sovereigns…I’m worried that most teleportation arrays probably have Sovereigns watching them. Once I appear, they will probably come to seize it.”

Beirut nodded slightly.

“Linley, you wish to keep the red caltrop diamond for yourself?” Beirut suddenly said.

“Yes.” Linley nodded.

If Linley had to offer the red caltrop diamond to a Chief Sovereign, for example the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, he could just teleport to the Infernal Realm. Most likely, the other Sovereigns of the Infernal Realm wouldn’t dare fight over something of the Chief Sovereign’s. If Linley lied and said that he gave it to the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, then moved to teleport back somewhere else…

This wasn’t very practical.

First of all, if he were to lie and use the Chief Sovereign of Destruction to deceive others, that would be deceiving the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

Secondly, if there were any other Sovereigns nearby, they surely wouldn’t just watch as Linley arrived, then teleported back to the Yulan Plane right away! Most likely, as soon as Linley told the teleportation staff members where he was going, his lies would be seen through.

“Describe what happened in the fight over the red caltrop diamond in detail to me.” Beirut said solemnly.

“Alright. Back then, the eight Paragons and I all arrived at Lionheart City. We were all trying to guess at the real meaning of the three words, ‘Lion Heart City’, and what they meant…” Linley began to describe in detail everything, including how the Chief Sovereign had descended a projection clone.

As Beirut listened, he began to frown.

“The Chief Sovereign of Light actually went into chaotic space and was hastening towards the Okerlund Plane?” Beirut said in surprise.

“Right. Clementine told me. This was precisely why the Chief Sovereign of Light was so angry, I suppose.” Linley said.

Beirut fell silent.

“If you are going to take it for your own…then…” Beirut pondered carefully.

“Linley!” Beirut suddenly said. “Let’s do this. Your original body and Bebe shall remain in the Okerlund Plane for now. Pretend to have gained a sudden insight and begin to engage in closed door training. Shut yourself in for ten days or so.”

“Lord Beirut, are you saying…?” Linley was slightly stunned, but then he understood. “You are telling me to delay? As time passes, those Sovereigns will no longer remain by the teleportation arrays? But that’s not necessarily true; if the Sovereigns just go ahead and begin training in the area around the teleportation arrays, they could easily wait for ten million years.”

Sovereigns were in possession of eternal life. What was a ten million year wait to them?

“That isn’t the reason.” Beirut laughed calmly. “A little while later, you’ll know.”

“Alright.” Linley still trusted Beirut greatly.

Only, Linley was puzzled…Beirut asked him to remain in the Okerlund Plane for ten days? Why?

Within chaotic space.

The Chief Sovereign of Light had already embarked on the way back.

“Chief Sovereign, that Linley and Bebe actually are in no hurry to leave the Okerlund Plane. They’ve suddenly begun to train, right there in the air above the sea. Linley seems to have gained some sort of insight. Bebe is next to him, standing guard.” The communications staff reported back immediately to the Chief Sovereign of Light.

“He had an insight? Linley has several divine clones. One reached the Paragon level, and the others are gaining insights as well. His talent is indeed formidable.” Although the Chief Sovereign of Light didn’t have any positive feelings towards Linley, he still had to somewhat sigh in approval in his heart.

Given the Chief Sovereign of Light’s speed, that very day, he returned back at the Divine Light Plane.

The eleventh day after Linley acquired the red caltrop diamond!

Within Dragonblood Castle.

Linley was accompanying his father, Hogg, drinking and chatting. Right at this moment, Beirut suddenly walked over from a nearby door.

“Linley!” Beirut said solemnly.

“Father. I’ll go accompany Mr. Beirut first.” Linley said. Hogg knew that Linley and Beirut had something important to discuss, and so just laughed and withdrew.

“Follow me.” Beirut said calmly, then flew out.

Linley hurriedly followed.

“Swoosh…” Beirut flew forward, with Linley hurriedly following from behind.

“So fast.” Linley was startled that he was actually almost unable to keep up.

Linley’s divine clones had all undergone a soul mutation as well, and his bodies were all very powerful, and also in possession of strong Will. They were all capable of using fused divine power as well. The speed of his divine clones wasn’t that much weaker than his original body’s. And yet, he was almost unable to keep with Beirut!

In the blink of an eye, Linley and Beirut departed from the Yulan continent region and arrived within the South Sea region.

Beirut suddenly came to a halt, and Linley did so as well.

“Lord Beirut you, you are…?” Linley said, puzzled.

“Didn’t you say that you want to know a way to return to the Yulan Plane?” Beirut’s eyes had a special light in them. A smile that wasn’t a smile played on his lips as he looked at Linley.

Linley was completely baffled.

“The way is very simple! Pass through chaotic space and return to the Yulan continent.” Beirut laughed calmly.

“Pass through chaotic space?” Linley was startled. According to legends, even Paragons would be helpless within chaotic space. “Lord Beirut, this…chaotic space is very terrifying. Highgod Paragons that are driven within can do nothing but be carried away by the currents. Although I am stronger than Paragons, I’m not necessarily going to be able to withstand chaotic space.”

Linley didn’t have much confidence!

“I’m not asking you to go alone.” Beirut said with a smile, and then he opened his hand into a palm.

With a palm blow, he slashed open the air!

“Rumble…” The weak spatial walls of the Yulan Plane ruptured, immediately revealing a massive spatial tear.

Material planes were very weak. At Linley’s level, experts could just use their control over elemental essence to chop out a small pocket dimension within a material plane. But of course, this was something they could only accomplish in a material plane. If it were the Infernal Realm or the Netherworld, there was no way this could be done.

Sovereigns, however, could even create their own independent divine plane through their terrifying control over elemental essence.

Independent divine planes versus pocket dimensions formed from material planes.

From this one, one could tell the terrifying difference in power between Sovereigns and Deities.

“Follow me.” Beirut grabbed Linley, took a step forward, then threw him through the spatial rift.

“This…Lord Beirut!” Linley was shocked.

He was grabbed and pulled by Beirut directly out of the Yulan Plane and into chaotic space.

Multicolored flows of chaotic space spun everywhere in such an eye-catching, beautiful manner. But Linley was now trapped, and one surge after another chaotic energy clashed against his body. Linley didn’t hold back at all, instantly activating the fused divine power within his body to resist the clashing chaotic energy.

“Crackle…” A spatial tear appeared nearby.

Chaotic energy crashed against Linley, wanting to drive him into the spatial rift, but Linley resisted.

“The energy of chaotic space truly is frightening. No wonder even Highgod Paragons are helpless. However, I’m able to just barely move against the current.” Linley discovered that, at full strength, he was still able to resist the spatial flows and move forward. Linley felt as though…

He was a toddler who was advancing through rapid river waters.

“Linley, how do you feel?” Beirut’s voice rang out.

Linley turned to look.

Beirut stood there with a faint smile within streams of chaotic energy, not paying them any attention at all.

“Lord Beirut, you…?” Linley was surprised.

Even Paragons would be washed away by the chaotic streams of energy. But Beirut just stood there, unmoving.

“Haha, if you move at that slow speed, even thousands of years wouldn’t be enough for you to make it from the Yulan Plane to the Okerlund Plane.” Beirut, seeing Linley’s movement speed, couldn’t help but laugh. As he spoke, Beirut released a strand of green light from his body, covering Linley within it.

“It is easy to get lost within chaotic space. Your original body is in the Okerlund Plane, and so you should know the correct direction. Guide the way. I’ll make haste.”

Beirut led Linley forward. Under the protection of the green light, they transformed into a flash of green lightning and instantly disappeared.

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