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Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 46, The Unfinished Battle

The desolate landscape. Three figures were striding across it, shoulder-to-shoulder.

“Mr. Magnus, right here.” Oman said.

Magnus looked about, then nodded slightly. “When Reisgem’s group of four chased after you three, they separated and attacked separately. Then with this place at the center, let’s start searching out in a circular area.” Magnus believed that Reisgem’s group shouldn’t have gone too far; they should have found a nearby place to rest.

“Sorry to trouble you, Mr. Magnus.” Chegwin laughed.

“I’ll just consider it as going out for a walk.” Magnus said with a calm laugh. “But if we are going to do this, you’ll have to make your preparations. It might take a very, very long time.”

If things were fast, it might just take a day or two, but if Reisgem was resting more than a few hundred thousand kilometers away, they’d probably have to spend more than a century.

“Mr. Magnus, if you have the patience to wait, how can the two of us be impatient when accompanying you?” Chegwin and Oman immediately followed Magnus, carefully inspecting their surroundings. Generally speaking, the radius of a commander’s divine sense was fairly small, but for the likes of Soul Mutates and Paragons or those who used Sovereign’s Might, the radius would be much larger.

After all, Highgod Paragons had evolved souls as well.

The three began from this point and spread out in an ever-increasing circle. This was really quite boring, but Magnus wasn’t impatient in the slightest, leisurely carrying out his stated plans, as though he was on a walking tour of the Planar Battlefield.

Time moved on silently, and in the blink of an eye, three months passed.

During their journey, each time Magnus encountered a mountain or a hill, he would go deep in for a search. Today, they arrived at Ramhorn Mountain!

“Ramhorn Mountain is fairly large. I’ll need to spend a bit of time to do a detailed inspection.” Magnus instructed them, and then he flew closer to Ramhorn Mountain. He first stood at the base of Ramhorn Mountain, giving it a careful inspection, but moments later, his voice entered Oman and Chegwin’s minds. “Haha, the two of you, come over. I found them.”

After having searched for three months, even Magnus felt happy at having found the target.

“Found them?”

Oman and Chegwin revealed looks of delight and laughter on their faces as they immediately flew over.

“The two of you, don’t make any moves.” Magnus instructed mentally.

As a Highgod Paragon, his soul had evolved once more. Unless a Highgod Paragon intentionally wanted to reveal his soul aura, as long as he was careful, commanders wouldn’t be able to sense him at all. Originally, when Bayer had located Linley and them, he had used the same method.

Only after Bayer had voluntarily revealed his aura did Linley and the others realize he was present. By then, Bayer had already entered the corridor.

“The four of them are gathered together in one place and chatting. Reisgem and the other four really know how to enjoy themselves. They actually built a quite impressive estate for themselves inside.” Magnus laughed mentally towards them. Moments later, Magnus said in an understanding tone, “Oh, so the Godeater Rat is ‘Bebe’. The two others are called Linley and Reihom.”

Clearly, he had learned their names from their conversation.

“Linley, Bebe, Reihom?” Chegwin and Oman memorized the names. Prior to this, they didn’t know the names of the enemies.

“Prepare to act.” Magnus said with a calm laugh. “Do as I instruct…” Magnus gave missions to Oman and Chegwin for them to carry out.

In the estate within Ramhorn Mountain.

After the complete victory they had won, Linley’s group had once more returned to the cave estate within Ramhorn Mountain. Linley’s group of four was extremely happy here. Linley’s other divine clones were focused on training, while his main body accompanied Bebe and Reisgem in idle chatter.

“Come, cheers.” Reisgem chortled as he raised a cup.

Linley, Bebe, and Reihom all laughed and raised their cups as well, downing it together.

“Bebe, as your elder bro, I don’t want to put you down.” Reisgem slapped Bebe on the shoulders, then laughed, “But look at me. Over the past three months, I’ve still spent most of my time training, while occasionally having some fun with everyone. But you? As soon as you train for a day or two, you lose the patience to train any further. How long will it take for you to make a breakthrough in fusing like this?”

“Fusing?” Bebe rubbed his nose, then chortled, “Forget it. I had better just eat more divine sparks and strengthen my body to the limit first. Based on what Grandpa said, I’m still quite far off from the limit. It’s still hard for me to even start to forge godspark weapons.” As he spoke, Bebe grabbed a Highgod spark, then tossed it into his mouth.

Bebe had acquired many Highgod sparks from Beirut. Highgod sparks, to Beirut, were nothing at all. After all, normally speaking, divine sparks were indestructible. Aside from Godeater Rats, who were able to destroy them, others weren’t able to do it at all. Thus, the number of divine sparks in the Netherworld, Infernal Realm, and other places was constantly growing.

But of course, Sovereigns collected divine sparks as well, so as to reduce the number of divine sparks in the various places. Otherwise, if there were too many divine sparks, they would become worthless. What the Sovereigns did was to collect large amounts of divine sparks, and at a certain number, the Overgods would come collect them.

If Beirut wanted divine sparks, he naturally was able to easily acquire a large number of divine sparks from the Sovereign for Bebe to eat.

“Eating divine sparks. How badass is that.” Reisgem sighed in praise. “I want to do it as well, but I can’t.”

Bebe was startled, then lowered his head to look at the divine spark he was holding. He immediately began to laugh. “Reisgem, I didn’t notice it before you said anything, but now that you say it, I really do feel…as though eating divine sparks is a unique trait that no one else but me possesses. Uh, and my grandfather as well.” As he spoke, Bebe intentionally tossed a divine spark into the air, and as it descended, it just so happened to fall into his mouth.

After eating, Bebe smugly raised an eyebrow towards Linley and Reisgem.

Linley, seeing this, couldn’t help but laugh.

Prior to this, Linley had always carried many great burdens, but now, Linley’s life was quite simple. After all, he had already acquired four commander badges. “Now, what we need to do is to slowly wait, until the conclusion of the final battle.” Linley wasn’t preparing to participate in the final battle at all.

Having already acquired enough commander badges, Linley would at most watch the final battle to its conclusion. Linley didn’t believe that he would be able to acquire ten more commander badges and trade for a Sovereign artifact.

Right at this moment…

“Eh? Divine sense?” Linley’s group of four rose to their feet, stunned. They sensed a powerful divine sense sweep towards them. What Linley’s group had no idea was that…this was the divine sense which Magnus had only intentionally revealed after watching for a long period of time and after having finished his combat preparations.

“Either a Paragon or a Soul Mutate Highgod.” Linley instantly came to this conclusion.

“BANG!” An explosive sound blasted forth.

“Reisgem!” A gentle voice rang out. Linley’s group of four looked through the courtyard gate. They were able to clearly see three figures flying in, instantly arriving within the front courtyard. Linley’s group looked closely at the group. The leader was a pale-faced, beardless man with drooping silver eyebrows. Upon seeing this person, Linley’s group of four was terrified.

“We meet again.” Oman laughed coldly.

“It’s actually the three of them.” Linley knew something about the supreme experts. “The leader is Magnus, a suspected Highgod Paragon. Judging from the divine sense he sent out just now, he probably really is a Paragon. Next to him is Oman and Chegwin. Chegwin’s true body is that of a divine beast, the ‘Suanni Lion’. Terrible!”

Chegwin was even harder to deal with than Oman! As for Magnus, he was undefeatable.

The arrival of these three figures utterly terrified Linley’s group of four.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Reisgem strode forward and shouted loudly, while hurriedly sending via divine sense to Linley and the others, “The situation is bad. That Magnus is a Highgod Paragon. Chegwin has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, and Bebe won’t be of any use. If we fight against them, we have no chance at all. The only method is to flee! Immediately, we’ll scatter in all directions. The more of us who escape, the better.”

“What are we doing?” Magnus let out a calm laugh.

“BANG!” The flat gray marble floor of the courtyard suddenly rippled like in a tempest, sweeping towards Magnus and the other two, blocking their vision.

“Flee!” Reisgem called out frantically.

Linley, Bebe, and Reihom didn’t even think of fighting; not hesitating at all, they turned and fled, boring through the nearby stone walls.

“Boss, quick, flee. Right now, you and Reihom are in great danger.” Bebe sent frantically. Bebe also understood…that of the four, he had the most monstrous defensive and others wouldn’t be able to kill him. As for Reisgem, others wouldn’t dare to kill him. Thus, Linley and Reihom were in the worst situation.”

Linley’s body merged directly into the stone wall, and then passed through it at high speed, fleeing.


“None of you will escape!” A calm voice barked out. At the same time, in a circumference of hundreds of meters, the mountain stones began to rumble, then collapse into dust. Very bizarrely, a part of the entire Ramhorn Mountain disappeared, and quite a few stones fell into the opening. The fleeing figures of Linley and the others were revealed.

“What power is this?” Linley was stunned.

This was a sort of restrictive power, a power that made it hard for others to resist. Linley’s face changed. “The Edicts of Fate!” Linley knew that amongst the four Edicts, the Edicts of Fate were the strangest, most terrifying of Edicts. The Edicts of Fate were also exceedingly hard to train in. ‘Oracular Magic’ was nothing more than a simplified version of employing the Edicts of Fate; it couldn’t even be considered a basic form of it.

A Highgod Paragon that trained in the Edicts of Fate was even harder to deal with than other Highgod Paragons.

Two figures flew over at high speed. “Swoosh!” “Swoosh!” These two charged to the edges, staring coldly at Linley and the others.

“You won’t be able to escape. I told you already.” Magnus said calmly.

“Magnus, what are you going to do.” Reisgem said angrily. Someone who trained in the Edicts of Fate was very hard to deal with. Magnus was far harder to deal with than Bayer!

“Don’t worry. I’ve only come to deal with these two…” Magnus pointed with a calm laugh towards Linley and Reihom. “Linley and Reihom. Once we kill those two, this matter will be over. Reisgem, you other two can continue to remain here in the Planar Battlefield.”

“In your dreams!” Bebe stood next to Linley and howled angrily.

Linley stared cautiously at Oman, then at the nearby Magnus. Linley also knew that this time, things were truly grim! Magnus was a Highgod Paragon, while Oman and Chegwin were also very powerful. To leave alive…would be too hard.

“If Mr. Leylin was here, there would still be hope. But even if Mr. Leylin knew that I was in danger, he wouldn’t be able to cross that great distance and arrive in time.” Linley knew very well that even Sovereigns were incapable of teleportation, much less Paragons.

This time, it was very dangerous.

“Magnus, you…” Reisgem was just about to speak.

Magnus just barked, “Reisgem, you’d best not interfere. Give my accomplishments in the soul, it wouldn’t be too hard to kill you. Just stand and watch.”

Reisgem’s response to Magnus was a flashing violet spear that flew towards him.

“How boring.” Magnus waved his hand, and a long silver whip appeared. The long whip coiled through the air, wrapping around the spear, and then it coiled further down the spear towards Reisgem, so fast that just as Reisgem was about to use his innate divine ability, he was bound by the long silver whip.

Instantly, Reisgem was tightly bound by the long silver whip.

“You are no match for me.” Magnus said calmly.

“Do it.” Magnus said to Oman and Chegwin.

Linley and Reihom didn’t flee, because they knew…that in front of Magnus, they wouldn’t be able to escape. In terms of both techniques and speed, they were vastly outstripped. When they fled from Bayer’s attack, they were able to do so only because Bayer’s sole target was Bebe; he didn’t want to kill the others.

But this time, it was the opposite; Magnus didn’t want to kill Bebe or Reisgem, just Linley and Reihom.

Linley and Oman stared at each other.

“He wants to kill me. Even if I die, I’ll take this Oman down with me.” The Dragonformed Linley, with a ‘bang’, caused black Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might to suddenly blaze about him.

Oman’s body also blazed with light-type Sovereign’s Might. Oman laughed coldly at Linley. “So you are Linley. Last time, I let you escape. This time, you won’t be able to.”

“Our last battle wasn’t finished. This time, let’s continue.” Linley stared coldly at Oman. Prior to this, Linley was far from being Oman’s match, but now that Linley had fused four profound mysteries, what would the results to this battle be?

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