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Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 45, Arrangements

The Augusta Patriarch was frowning. He stood there on the balcony, actually turning to stare into the distant Godsgaol Sea. He was silent.

“Patriarch.” Montelo said hurriedly. But the Augusta Patriarch didn’t agree. Montelo knew…that the Patriarch would definitely consider things carefully, and so he no longer rushed him. In his heart though, he felt frantic. “Given the Patriarch’s temper, it’s quite possible that the Patriarch won’t get involved in this matter. If that’s the case, who can I ask to kill the Godeater Rat and the other one?”

“No. I have to kill those two.” Montelo continuously pondered what he should do.

Although Montelo was an important member of the Augusta clan, he didn’t have any important relationships with Highgod Paragons.

It was very difficult to gain revenge after being killed in the Planar Battlefield. After all, commanders capable of killing other commanders in the Planar Battlefield were all powerful. Only Paragons would be completely certain of success in killing them.

There were only a few Highgod Paragons, and they were scattered across the planes. Some Highgod Paragons lay hidden within material planes, while others lived in seclusion in other places. To invite a Paragon was a very difficult task.

Not everyone was like the elven expert, ‘Occluar’, who had a Paragon in his debt.

Forget about Montelo; even the Augusta Patriarch, the Patriarch of the number one clan, was not completely certain he would be able to invite a Paragon.

“Describe the power of Reisgem’s squad in detail.” The Augusta Patriarch continued to stare towards the Godsgaol Sea as he spoke calmly.


Montelo was overjoyed. He hurriedly said, “Their squad has four people. Reisgem, an expert close to Oman in power, a youth of the Azure Dragon clan, and that Godeater Rat! Of the four of them, Reisgem is the strongest. But of course, the Godeater Rat is terrifying as well. That innate divine ability is too formidable.”

“Oh…” The Augusta Patriarch suddenly turned, staring at him with awl-like eyes. “That expert close to Oman in power; there’s nothing special about him?”

“Oman is enough to deal with him.” Montelo said with certainty.

If Oman were to fight Reihom, indeed, as Oman had a Sovereign weapon, he was a counter to Reihom…although the fight would be a tough one, Oman would still be able to kill Reihom.

“To kill that Azure Dragon youth and that Godeater Rat will not be easy.” The Augusta Patriarch shook his head slightly. Actually, he was rather hesitant on whether or not to send out any forces. In truth, Lowe and Chauswey didn’t belong to the Augusta clan. Although they died, the clan’s power hadn’t been impacted much.

If a Sovereign’s Emissary was lost, the Sovereign could accept another one.

Montelo was frantic. He hurriedly said, “If they just killed me, that’s one thing. But this time, they killed four of our people. And, Patriarch, you know what Reisgem is like. He’s the sort that loves to cause trouble. He’s had problems with our clan for a long time now. Now that he’s gained a victory, he’ll definitely go bragging to everyone about it. If our clan doesn’t react at all, then…”

The Augusta Patriarch frowned, that fiery dot in his forehead seeming to emit a flaming light.

The Augusta Patriarch immediately gave the order. “Montelo, go ask Oman to come. At the same time, please ask someone to invite Chegwin [Qie’ge’wen] as well.”

Although Oman’s most powerful divine clone was in the Planar Battlefield, he still had a clone that remained within the clan. As for ‘Chegwin’, he also lived in the Godsgaol Sea. He was also an Emissary of the Chief Sovereign of Light, and was fairly close to the Augusta clan.

“Yes.” Montelo couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.

“It seems there is hope.” Montelo was incomparably excited. Although he didn’t know what arrangements the Patriarch would make, since he already had inquired about Reisgem’s squad’s strength, Montelo believed that the Patriarch would send out a squad that would definitely be successful.

Not attacking was one thing, but if they were to attack, they must be successful.

The Planar Battlefield was as desolate as ever.

“Whoooosh.” The wind howled, and sand flew everywhere. The cold wind blew, and two figures were walking shoulder-to-shoulder within it. At a closer distance, it could be seen that one was a short silver-haired, golden robed, hard-faced man. This was the single survivor of the earlier battle, Oman.

Next to Oman was a tall, skinny man in a green robe. There was a closed third eye in his forehead. This person was Chegwin.

“The Patriarch really dotes on Montelo. He actually intends to get revenge for this matter.” Oman snickered. “And he even invited the two of us to work together.”

Chegwin let out a calm laugh which seemed quite eerie. “Oman, the Patriarch is the most beloved son of the Chief Sovereign. The Patriarch personally asked me to come; how could I not give him face? But Oman…for Reisgem’s group of four to slaughter you to such a degree means they definitely are quite strong.”

“I told you, the only one hard to deal with is that Godeater Rat.” Oman said self-deprecatingly.

If the results of that battle were to be spread out, it would affect Oman’s reputation as well.

“But this time, we are completely certain of victory.” Oman smiled.

“Not necessarily, unless that person agrees.” Chegwin shook his head. “He won’t necessarily agree.”

“If he doesn’t agree, then just the two of us alone will find it rather hard.” Oman looked towards the front.

While chatting, the two of them had already arrived at a military camp. The guards of the camp immediately stared at them vigilantly. Generally speaking, only supreme experts would dare to roam the Planar Battlefield like this. Oman immediately said, “Go report to your commander. Say that I, Oman, have come to pay my respects to him.”

“Milords, please wait a moment.” One of the soldiers bowed slightly, then retreated inside to report.

Moments later…

“The two of you, the Lord Commander has invited you in.” The soldier returned.

Oman and Chegwin smiled as they walked in, shoulder-to-shoulder. They quickly arrived at an ancient, unadorned courtyard. Currently, at the gates of the courtyard, there was a handsome, golden-haired youth. The golden-haired youth looked at Oman and Chegwin, then immediately began to laugh. “Oman, ah, I didn’t expect that Mr. Chegwin would come as well. It’s quite rare for the two of you to come visit me. Please, come in, come in!”

Oman stepped forward, saying in a soft voice, “Ramson [La’mu’seng], is Mr. Magnus here?”

“Him.” The golden-haired youth was stunned. “You came to see him?”

“Right.” Oman nodded slightly.

Right at this moment, a calm voice rang out from within. “Oman, Chegwin, since the two of you have come to see me, just come in. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen you two as well.”

Oman and Chegwin didn’t hesitate any further, immediately following the golden-haired youth inside.

Within the courtyard, there was a stone table and a pitch-black chair, atop which was a man who was casually flipping through a finger-thick book. This man had silver-colored, straight, flowing hair that fell to his waist. It was hanging loose, seeming quite relaxed. The man’s skin was crystalline, and his face was completely clean, without any stubble.

The only facial hair was two silver eyebrows which drooped downwards to his ears.

“Mr. Magnus.” Oman and Chegwin bowed slightly.

Magnus placed the book on the table, then laughed calmly as he gave them a sidelong glance. “Sit.”

Oman and Chegwin both sat down. They unconsciously glanced at each other, both feeling a hint of pressure. This ‘Magnus’ who was in front of them was a true ultimate expert of the Celestial Realm. The outside world was rife with rumors that Magnus was supposedly a Highgod Paragon, but Oman and Chegwin actually knew for certain…

That Magnus was indeed a Paragon.

As a Highgod Paragon who trained in the Edicts of Fate, it could be said that Magnus’ expertise in the soul could be described as the highest amongst Highgods.

“It seems as though the two of you have something you want to discuss, but find hard to.” Magnus laughed calmly.

Chegwin took a deep breath. “Mr. Magnus, let me first describe this matter for you. Not long ago, Reisgem led a small squad, which in the Planar Battlefield exterminated the squad Montelo was leading. Four members died, leaving only Oman as the sole survivor.”

“That formidable?” Magnus was rather surprised. He couldn’t help but look at Oman.

Oman said, awkwardly, “Their squad has a Godeater Rat.”

Magnus now understood, and the nearby golden-haired youth laughed. “I heard of this Godeater Rat long ago. So he belongs to Reisgem’s squad. Montelo’s squad lost four people; only Oman escaped? So Montelo himself died as well?”

“Right.” Oman nodded.

“It was Patriarch Goldman who invited you to come, yes?” Magnus laughed calmly.

Oman laughed helplessly, “Mr. Magnus, you’ve guessed everything. We’ll be straightforward. Indeed, the Patriarch asked us to invite you to assist us. After all…there aren’t many people in the Planar Battlefield who would listen to the Augusta clan, and even fewer who can deal with Reisgem.”

“Does Goldman have mental issues? He wants to act against Reisgem?” Magnus couldn’t help but frown.

There weren’t many who would dare say that Goldman had mental issues. Magnus was one of them. In addition, Magnus and Goldman had a rather deep relationship between the two of them; in the past, when the two of them were weak, they had roamed the Divine Light Plane together. To invite a Paragon to help, relying on the backing of a Sovereign was useless. The only thing you could rely on was friendship and debts.

“No, no.” Oman chortled. “Don’t worry about that. The Patriarch doesn’t intend to act against Reisgem. The Patriarch wants to deal with the other three.”

“I can’t kill the Godeater Rat.” Magnus shook his head.

“Right. Mr. Magnus, you are worried about Beirut?” Oman said.

The nearby golden-haired youth, ‘Ramson’, laughed. “Mr. Magnus doesn’t worry about that, of course. Only, can it be that you don’t know that some time ago, Mr. Bayer personally went to go kill that Godeater Rat? He wasn’t able to. Mr. Bayer even stayed here for a few months to discuss this.”

“Bayer?” Oman and Chegwin looked at each other.

“The Godeater Rat’s defense is incredibly strong, and he has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. The only method is to push him into a spatial rift; otherwise, there is no way to kill him.” Magnus shook his head. “Even in chaotic space, given his material defense, he will probably be able to survive. At most, he’ll be lost. If Beirut asks for his Sovereign to help find him in chaotic space, it’s very possible the Sovereign will.”

Oman and Chegwin only now understood how hard Godeater Rats were to deal with.

“If you want to attack, you can only kill the youth of the Azure Dragon clan and that other person.” Magnus said with a calm laugh.

“Mr. Magnus, if you personally get involved, there definitely won’t be any problems.” Oman said hurriedly. Chegwin looked expectantly towards Magnus as well.

Magnus let out a chuckled. “What did that kid Goldman say to you?” Magnus looked at Oman.

“He said that if you help him out this time, Mr. Magnus, he will give you, sir, a mutated cloudstone.” Oman said rather uncomprehendingly. He didn’t have any idea what the Patriarch’s words meant; although mutated cloudstones were fairly rare in the Divine Light Plane, they weren’t that valuable either, less than a Highgod artifact.

Was a mutated cloudstone enough to ask Magnus to intervene? How could that be made to happen so cheaply?

“That kid, Goldman….he’s always so sly.” Magnus laughed and rose to his feet. “Then I’ll accompany you on this trip.”

Oman and Chegwin couldn’t help but feel surprised. They hadn’t expected that this offer would successfully result in Magnus helping out.

“However, I’ll only be responsible for holding off Reisgem. You can kill the other two. As for the Godeater Rat…you can just ignore him.” Magnus laughed calmly. This ‘Chegwin’ who the Augusta Patriarch had asked to come was also a supreme expert who didn’t fear the ‘Godeater’ ability.

The three of them, together, would be able to easily deal with Reisgem’s group. In truth, Magnus by himself was more than enough.

“Ramson, I’ll make a trip for now.” Magnus said with a laugh.

“I’ll wait for your victorious return, sir.” The golden-haired youth laughed.

Magnus immediately led Oman and Chegwin to leave the military camp. Watching the three depart, the golden-haired youth let out a sigh. “I hadn’t imagined that the Augusta Patriarch would actually be able to invite Mr. Magnus. It seems as though there are no doubts at all about how this battle will end up.”

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