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Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 44, Results

Montelo’s corpse lay there on the ground. This area was utterly silent and still, with only the constant howling of the cold wind.

Linley collected the gold badge, a smile on his face. “This is the second gold badge we acquired in this battle!” In this moment, the only thing Linley could see was this gold badge. As for Montelo’s defensive Sovereign artifact, Linley’s glance swept directly past it. This defensive Sovereign artifact would be reclaimed by the Sovereign later.

Bebe ran over, saying excitedly, “Boss, the second one! Earlier, when that green-haired woman died, the badge was Reisgem’s. This one is ours. Now, we have a total of four commander badges!”

“Right, four! My father, Boss Yale, George, and Delia’s older brother. We have enough already!” Linley let out a long sigh of relief.

Bebe grinned as well.

“Boss, do you think Grandpa Doehring can be brought back to life?” Bebe suddenly said.

Linley was stunned.

“Grandpa Doehring?” Within Linley’s mind, the events from two thousand years ago suddenly reappeared. At that time, he was just an ordinary child, a youth whom Grandpa Doehring gave guidance to, helping him to steadily grow.

In Linley’s life, Grandpa Doehring and Bebe held extremely important places. Whether thousands of years, ten thousand years, or even more time passed, Linley would never forget Grandpa Doehring. The death of Grandpa Doehring was a scar embedded deep within Linley’s heart, an eternal regret.

“Grandpa Doehring’s soul dissipated.” Linley said with a sigh.

“If a person’s soul dissipates, does that mean they can’t come back to life again?” Bebe was rather unwilling to accept this.

“Only when the soul remains alive can one reform into an undead.” Linley shook his head. “Bebe, enough of this. Let’s go find Reihom and Reisgem.”

Grandpa Doehring’s death…each time this scab was picked at, Linley felt agonized and miserable.

“Alright.” Bebe stopped discussing this, immediately following Linley towards the direction of a powerful surge of Sovereign power.

Next to a desolate mountain, Reihom and Chauswey were undergoing a major battle.

Reihom had already transformed into a ten meter tall giant, his entire body like steel. A king amongst the race of World Titans!

Reihom’s fierce, sharp gaze stared towards the little fellow before him. His two arms were like meteors, crashing down again and again. Or he stomped down, or kicked, or stepped…simple motions, but each one caused space to tremble and fracture. The earth itself was constantly rising up and sinking down, obeying Reihom’s wishes.

“Whooosh.” Chauswey continuously dodged, flashing about.

“This big fellow’s attacks are too strong, in particular after he transformed. My speed is inferior to his.” Chauswey was extremely panicked, and the white light around his body continuously flowed out, like strands of silk, protecting him perfectly. “I’ll only have one chance. I have to succeed.”


Six white ribbons of light shot straight towards Reihom’s chest. Reihom’s giant hand suddenly slapped over in a dance, and of the six ribbons of white light, five of them coiled around Reihom’s right elbow, while the one remaining white ribbon transformed from being as soft as lace to as sharp as a the tip of a sword. It shot towards Reihom’s chest!


The enormous Reihom suddenly let out an enraged bellow, his howl causing space itself to visibly ripple. The ‘fist’ on his body suddenly became filled with all sorts of golden magical runes which suddenly lit up. A brilliant golden light spread out from every single magical rune, and Reihom suddenly swung his fist over, smashing through this white ribbons.

Chauswey’s face instantly changed. “How is that possible?”

“Clang!” The white ribbon piercing towards Reihom’s chest only went in slightly, but at a certain depth, it was unable to penetrate any further.

“RAAAAWR!” The furiously roaring Reihom slammed both his arms together in a pincer strike against Chauswey.

Still stunned, Chauswey retreated frantically. Just as he was about to escape Reihom’s attack range, suddenly, Reihom’s two giant palms suddenly shot out with pillars of white light. These two pillars of white light had flecks of golden light on their surfaces, and shot at high speed towards the distant, retreating Chauswey.

“No!” Chauswey instantly generated a large number of white ribbons from his body, forming into layers of protection.


The two pillars of gold-flecked white light struck directly onto Chauwey’s body. The many layers of protective ribbons surrounding Chauswey’s body were shattered inch by inch, then the two pillars of light flashed forward as Chauswey watched in terror, entering his body. With a terrifying, thunderous sound, Chauswey was transformed into dust.

Reihom’s body shrank.

“Whew. Whew!” Reihom’s chest heaved like a bellow, letting out a few heavy pants, his face ashen. The supreme technique he had used just now was something that he wouldn’t use, save at a critical moment. Once he used it, for a short period of time, his power would drop dramatically, and it would be quite some time before he recovered.

“I didn’t expect that this Chauswey would be so hard to deal with.” Reihom had to rest for quite a while before he recovered. “Fortunately, we got another commander badge.”

Reihom, from the corner of his eyes, saw a commander badge lying on the ground. As for the two rings, Reihom didn’t even look at them. He knew that one was an interspatial ring, while the other was a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”

Two auras were moving close rapidly.

“Eh?” Reihom turned his head to look, then let out a sigh of relief. The newcomers were Linley and Bebe.

“Reihom, you killed Chauswey?” Linley, seeing the rubble on the ground, couldn’t help but laugh.

“I had to spend quite a bit of effort to kill him.” Reihom had a rare smile on his face. “That Chauswey trained in the Laws of Water and was skilled in defense. Despite my attack power, I nonetheless actually had to use a forbidden technique to kill him. Right, did you kill Montelo?” Reihom had a hint of anticipation in his eyes. Originally, it was his dear friend who had been killed by Montelo.

“Killed’m.” Linley flipped his hand over. “This is his commander badge.”


Reihom couldn’t help but feel wildly overjoyed.

Right at this moment, another aura drew close at high speed. Linley’s group of three turned to look. The newcomer was Reisgem. Reisgem glanced at the commander badge in Linley’s hands, and he couldn’t help but start to laugh. “Haha, Montelo, that bastard. He finally died! That fellow has pissed me off for the last time. I want to see how he’ll continue to be so boastful in the future. Reihom, you killed Chauswey?”

“Yes.” Reihom took out a commander badge as well.

“Hey, Reisgem, what about you?” Bebe chortled, and Linley also laughed as he looked towards Reisgem. Everyone was in a very good mood.

“Me?” Reisgem couldn’t help but let out an awkward laugh. “Well, uh…this is a bit embarrassing. Although I was able to surpass him in speed, Oman really is hard to deal with. He was able to block my attacks, and then the two of us went underground into a major battle. That fellow actually ran deep into the underground region, to the place where spatial rifts randomly appear…that place is too dangerous. In the end, I had to give up.”

Battling deep underground was indeed very dangerous.

“For Oman to have been forced by you to do that is already pretty catastrophic for him.” Linley understood that unless he had no other options, Oman wouldn’t have made that choice.

Although Oman’s strength was excellent, when trapped in the Amethyst Field, he was indeed at a disadvantage. Given Reisgem’s Sovereign weapon, Oman would be able to block, but as time went on, if he slipped a single time, it would be the end. For him to dive deep underground meant that Oman was desperately trying to find a hope of life in a sea of death.

“Haha, most importantly of all, we killed Montelo. No matter what, we’ve had a major victory.” Reisgem began to laugh. “This time, we got a total of three commander badges. Linley, last time, we gave you a badge. This time, of the three badges, two should be mine and one yours. No objections, right?”

“No objections.” Linley said with a laugh.

One badge was enough.

“But next time, if there are any more commander badges, they’ll be ours.” Bebe chortled.

“Of course.” Reisgem raised his eyebrows and laughed. “Our four-person squad is all but invincible. Uh, but of course, we’d best not encounter any more Highgod Paragons.” Linley’s group felt nervous when they thought of Bayer. Highgod Paragons really were overly powerful.

The Divine Light Plane. Deep within the Godsgaol Sea, within the Aumight Island.

Aumight Island was the headquarters of the number one clan of the universe, the Augusta clan. The Augusta clan was extremely large, because the Chief Sovereign of Light was himself just of an ordinary race. Naturally, his reproductive abilities were great, and his progeny were numerous. This caused the Augusta clan to vastly outstrip the Four Divine Beasts clan in number.

Aumight Island had nearly a million people. And this was just the place where the elites of the Augusta clan lived!

The Augusta clan’s true population was spread out throughout the eighty one islands nearby Aumight Island. They numbered in the hundreds of millions. Although numerous, many were only of ordinary talent…but of course, with such a large base, a few geniuses would occasionally appear.

Many of the members of the Augusta clan desired to join Aumight Island.

“Rustle…” The waters of the sea slapped against the shores of Aumight Island.

Atop Aumight Island, the elites of the clan were separated from each other. Most of them were rather solitary and arrogant. As the elites of the number one clan of the universe, they naturally had much to be proud about. However, once they looked towards the center of Aumight Island, to that towering white temple completely made out of marble which was more than ten thousand meters tall, they had envy in their eyes.

Within the Temple of Augusta.

A figure strode forward through a corridor, which had paintings hanging on each sides of it. The guards standing at the sides of the corridor all immediately bowed.

“Your Highness!” “Your Highness!”

The figure just strode forward past them.

“What’s wrong with his Highness? Why does he have such an ugly look on his face?” Two Emissaries discussed softly amongst themselves.

Before a ten-meter tall, unadorned violet gate. The figure came to a halt here and said in a low voice, “Send the message that I wish to see the Patriarch.”

“Yes, your Highness. Your Highness, please wait a moment.” The two violet-robed guards said, and one of them bowed, then retreated into the corridor.

“How did this happen! Reisgem…and that Azure Dragon clan punk. And that Godeater Rat!” This ‘Highness’ was Montelo. However, now that Montelo had lost his most powerful clone, he was no longer one of the most powerful, towering figures of the Augusta clan. But of course, the people in the clan didn’t know it yet.

Moments later, the violet-robed guard came out.

“Your Highness, please enter. The Patriarch is within, waiting for you.” The violet-robed guard said respectfully.

Montelo directly entered.

This was the residence of the Patriarch. It had a dining hall, a meeting hall, beautifully adorned rooms, and more. Montelo saw the figure standing atop a balcony, and upon seeing it, even someone as arrogant as Montelo had to lower his head. “Patriarch, my most powerful divine clone died!”

“Hm?” The white-robed figure couldn’t help but turn. He had a pair of sharp, sword-shaped eyebrows, and a fiery red dot in his forehead.

This person was the Patriarch of the Augusta clan, and the most successful of the 182 children of the Chief Sovereign of Light. He was the strongest of them all. Although the Chief Sovereign of Light couldn’t give him too many Sovereign artifacts, by making his other Emissaries work together, he was able to ensure that the Patriarch acquired sufficient Sovereign artifacts.

The Augusta Patriarch had three Sovereign artifacts! Given that he was extremely powerful to begin with, even a Highgod Paragon would at most be able to push him into chaotic space.

But even if he was pushed into chaotic space, the Chief Sovereign of Light would probably be able to save him.

“What happened?” The Augusta Patriarch said in a low voice, and the fiery red spot in his forehead expanded slightly.

Montelo lowered his head, his words filled with resentment. “Patriarch, it was Reisgem! I wasn’t afraid of him, but who would have imagined that he brought a youth. That youth was actually a Godeater Rat!”

“Godeater Rat?” The Augusta Patriarch instantly understood.

It was very hard to kill this nephew of his. But a Godeater Rat could indeed accomplish it.

“Patriarch, the ones who killed me were a youth of the Azure Dragon clan and that Godeater Rat. They are currently with Reisgem.” Montelo said with pain.

“Reisgem?” The Augusta Patriarch shook his head. “That’s the only child of the Redbud Sovereign. I definitely will not agree to Reisgem being killed.” The Augusta Patriarch was quite decisive about this. He knew that even his father, the Chief Sovereign of Light, wouldn’t easily fight with the Redbud Sovereign.

Yes, the Chief Sovereign of Light was strong enough to deal with the Redbud Sovereign. Unfortunately, the Redbud Sovereign belonged to the seven great Sovereigns of Destruction. Their leader, the ‘Chief Sovereign of Destruction’, surpassed the Chief Sovereign of Light.

More importantly, the Chief Sovereign of Light couldn’t possibly go deal with another Sovereign for the sake of a grandchild.

“Patriarch, it will most likely be very hard for me to regain my former power. I know this puts you in a difficult position, but I hope you will consider the contributions I have rendered to the clan over all these years and get revenge for me.” Montelo’s face was filled with indignation, and he said in a low voice, “I didn’t plan to kill Reisgem. I only hope, Patriarch, that we can kill that Azure Dragon clan’s brat, and that Godeater Rat!”

Montelo deeply hated Linley and Bebe. If it hadn’t been for Linley entangling him, he would have fled long ago. After all, Bebe didn’t have the ability to stop him.

The Augusta Patriarch was silent.

Montelo said hurriedly, “Patriarch, our clan has suffered major losses this time. Lowe and Chauswey both died. Actually, my personal grudge is a small matter, but we lost four experts. Can it be that the Augusta clan isn’t going to respond at all? What about our clan’s face? If our clan doesn’t respond, others will secretly laugh at us.”

“Hm?” The Augusta Patriarch lifted an eyebrow. Clearly, he was moved by these words.

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