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Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 32, What’s This?

The Planar Battlefield was as quiet and icy as ever.

The wind blew and sand flew everywhere.

Linley, Bebe, Reisgem, and Reishom walked forward casually, preparing to find a good place to rest.

“Eh?” Reisgem suddenly turned his head to look behind.

“What is it?” Bebe said, puzzled. Linley, seeing the situation, turned his head to look behind them as well, but behind them, the scene was still one of desolate, wild grass. There wasn’t a single person present.

But Reisgem furrowed his brows. “It seems someone is present.”

As soon as Reisgem spoke, Linley sensed how from behind, the aura of two badges from their alliance could be sensed. Those two auras were flying forward towards them at high speed. Linley gave a suspicious look, and amidst the wild grassy growth, eight figures suddenly appeared, flying straight for Linley’s group.

Two belonged to the Divine Darkness Plane’s side, while six belonged to the Divine Light Plane’s side.

However, for the purposes of this battle, they were on the same side.

“Montelo!” Reihom’s voice boomed out.

“Montelo!” Reisgem’s face changed. “BANG!” A wild surge of black energy emerged from his body. He had immediately used his Sovereign’s Might, while at the same time, that longspear appeared in his hands. Not hesitating in the slightest, Reisgem bent back, like a powerful longbow that was being pulled, and then threw out the Sovereign longspear in his hands forward.


Filled with Sovereign power, the weapon blasted forth explosively. That amethyst longspear flowed with black light. Moving at high speed, it transformed into a black blur, creating cracks in space as it flew forward.

The Sovereign longspear was aimed at a solitary, arrogant-looking middle-aged man by Montelo’s side.

“Hmph!” By the arrogant fellow’s side, a petite little green-haired lady suddenly exploded with white light. She moved like a gust of wind to receive the blow in front of the arrogant fellow. Her right fist, covered by a black glove, actually came smashing against the Sovereign spear’s tip.


The fist and the speartip collided.

“Rumble…” That petite green-haired lady was knocked back explosively by the collision, and several cracks in space appeared as well. As for the amethyst Sovereign longspear, it flew back towards Reisgem at high speed.

“Reisgem, you killed the members of my Augusta clan. Today, we’ll punish you a bit for it.” Montelo laughed loudly, while at the same time, his body began to blaze with white light as he flew towards Reisgem like a giant bird. While flying through the air, his entire body actually began to shoot out with strands of white ‘silk’, which wound their way towards Reisgem.

Reisgem was furious as well, and he called out through divine sense, “Go all out and kill them! Use your Sovereign’s Might, kill!”

“BANG!” Reihom suddenly stomped on the ground viciously.

“Rumble…” The earth beneath the feet of the enemies suddenly rose upwards as the land instantly rose up, then pressed down towards the seven, blocking their line of vision as well.

“Kill.” Reihom’s eyes were filled with a murderous intent as well, and he too charged forward.

Right at this moment, seven enemy figures were shooting towards them as well. “What terrible luck. One is the Augusta clan, while the other is Reisgem. They immediately used Sovereign’s Might as soon as the battle started. They have no idea of what the concept of being ‘thrifty’ is.” The silver-robed woman, Ranessa, muttered in her heart. Still, her body glowed with a blue light as well.

The battle had instantly exploded!

Linley instantly Dragonformed as well, and Mirage appeared in his hands. He immediately activated a drop of Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might! Linley sighed mentally with praise, “Having an entire canteen of Sovereign’s Might really does change things!” If he only had two or three drops, how could he use it so wantonly as he just did, at the very start of battle?

Linley now understood why the Four Divine Beasts clan could be spread throughout so many planes but still be so powerful. Most likely, the Four Divine Beasts clan of then was much like he was now; they had no reservations about using Sovereign’s Might.

“Oman [Wu’man], you go deal with that Azure Dragon clan fellow! You just so happen to counter the Azure Dragon clan.” Montelo gave the order while shooting forward towards Reisgem.

Actually, there was no need to give the order. Because Reisgem’s side only had four people in total, and because Montelo was dealing with Reisgem, the other seven were more than enough to deal with Linley and the other two.

“Don’t worry!”

That arrogant-looking silver-haired, gold-robed man launched himself off from the ground, instantly arriving by Linley’s side.

Actually, it wasn’t just Oman who attacked Linley. As the saying goes, there were many monks, but only so many alms to go around! Before Oman arrived, a whip wielding youth who belonged to Ranessa’s side attacked Linley. When that long whip struck out, it actually transformed and elongated, coiling towards Linley like a giant serpent slashing out with its tail.

Linley’s form retreated at high speed.


Mirage blocked the whip. Linley’s body instantly radiated a black aura, forming an enormous ‘Blackstone Space’. Although the power of this technique when fueled by Destruction-type Sovereign’s power wasn’t as great as when it was fueled by earth-type Sovereign’s power, the strength of the gravitational power still vastly exceeded that of Highgod power.

Right after Linley blocked the whip, the golden-robed man descended from the heavens.

“Eh?” Linley saw, to his astonishment, that a three-meter long mace suddenly appeared within the golden-robed man’s hands. The golden-robed man smashed directly towards Linley with the mace.


As the spikes of the mace tore through the air, it actually caused spatial fractures to appear.

“Not good.” Linley hurriedly controlled the direction of his gravity. Previously, it was downwards, which made this golden-robed man move even faster. “Repulsive force!”

However, although he was slowed by the gravity, it was too late, because the golden-robed man had already arrived!

That spiked mace was already in front of him. Linley could even sense a powerful gravitational field. “This golden-robed man trains in the Laws of the Earth.” Linley felt a powerful threat from him, and Mirage flipped outwards, filled with Destruction-type Sovereign power, exploding forth.

The tip of Mirage was smashed head-on by the spiked mace.


Linley only felt a terrifying force surge from Mirage to the center of his palm. “Rumble…” That terrifying force caused the draconic scales in the center of Linley’s palm to shatter, and blood oozed out. Mirage was smashed towards Linley’s shoulders, while the spiked mace continued to descend.

Pressing down with Mirage, it smashed heavily against Linley’s shoulder.

And this was after Linley had frantically used Mirage to block; otherwise, the mace would have smashed into his head.

“A Sovereign weapon!” Linley was completely certain that the spiked mace was a Sovereign weapon!


Draconic scales shattered, bones splintered, and blood flew in the air. Linley’s left arm was broken off, while Linley himself smashed towards the ground like a meteor at high speed. With a ‘swoosh’ sound, he entered the ground, leaving behind just a large tunnel. As for the golden-robed man with the spiked mace, he didn’t hesitate at all, immediately following into the tunnel.

“BOSS!” Bebe, seeing this, stared with a changed look on his face.

Linley’s power had reached the commander level, but he was considered one of the weakest commanders. Against a powerful commander who had a Sovereign weapon and who was extremely strong in the Laws of the Earth, Linley was going to be trampled to death.

“Bang!” Bebe was knocked flying as well.

But Bebe was completely uninjured, and he couldn’t be bothered to use his innate divine ability to take revenge on his attacker. Bebe’s first reaction was to dive into the tunnel which Linley was smashed through. “Boss, no matter what, you can’t die!” Bebe hurriedly flew underground.

Actually, from the start of the battle till now, Montelo’s side had no idea that Bebe was the Godeater Rat! After all, during that moment of crisis when Bebe used his innate divine ability earlier, he had been within the mountain. No one outside could see it. In addition, Bebe’s ‘signature’, his straw hat, had been destroyed during the battle with Bayer.

Although Bebe could use divine energy to form another one, Bebe had just finished a life-and-death battle and wasn’t in the mood to make another one yet.

Without having a straw hat, Montelo and the others weren’t able to recognize him.

If they knew that Bebe was a Godeater Rat, perhaps Montelo would have changed the plan. After all, they had people with soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts. But unfortunately, they didn’t know who Bebe was.

“BOOM!” That enormous spiked mace came smashing down once more.

Linley’s Mirage sword once more blocked.

“BANG!” Linley was once more smashed downwards, but fortunately, during the past five centuries of training, Linley had made some improvements with regards to the Laws of the Earth. He had reached a bottleneck in fusing the four profound mysteries, and although he had yet to make a breakthrough, his power had already increased significantly. Thus, faced with the attack of such a powerful expert, he didn’t immediately die.

Instead, he was able to just barely rely on Mirage to preserve his own life.


In terms of weapons, his was slightly inferior.

Both he and the enemy used Sovereign’s Might.

As for the Laws, clearly the enemy surpassed him! Although within the Blackstone Space, the enemy was simply too close. Linley was continuously descending, while the enemy continuously smashed downwards with his spiked mace from above.


Yet another smash.

Linley just barely blocked, but he was once more smashed downwards, his body blasting through the earth and the rocks, continuing to go deeper.

“I can’t go any deeper! If I go any deeper, I’ll encounter spatial tears.” Linley knew very well that the underground of the Planar Battlefield was very dangerous. Once one reached a certain depth, one would encounter spatial tears. The deeper one went, the more spatial tears there would be, until one finally fell into chaotic space.

“Haha, your ability to resist isn’t bad! If I can’t kill you, then I’ll send you into chaotic space.” A savage voice rang out in Linley’s mind.


Yet another mace blow smashed downwards!

Linley was barely able to block, but his palm was already covered with blood, and his body was covered by it as well. Although this was slow to describe, in truth, from the moment Linley’s began fell into the ground until now, only a moment had passed. After all, the golden-haired man was constantly smashing down with his mace, giving Linley no chance to rest at all. At this dangerous moment…

Around Linley’s body suddenly appeared an enormous Azure Dragon Phantom. The golden eyes of the Azure Dragon stared towards this golden-robed man, Oman.

Innate divine ability – Dragon Roar.

But just as he used his innate divine ability, that Oman launched yet another vicious mace blow downwards. “BANG!” Linley’s body once more sank downwards. Given Linley’s current level of power, all he could do was ensure that he wouldn’t be smashed to death. There was no way he could prevent himself from being knocked downwards.


A long spatial tear that was tens of meters long and half a meter wide slashed past Linley’s body. Quite a bit of earth disappeared before the tear vanished.

Linley couldn’t help but feel cold.

“Not good. I’m almost at the limit.” Linley instantly understood that if he went down any further, the spatial tears would become even more common. In addition, with each vicious downwards blow of the spiked mace, Linley would be smashed at least a few dozen meters or even a hundred meters. He was already at the limits; if he sank another few dozen meters or a hundred meters, he probably would have truly been pushed into chaotic space.

“You really are able to resist. But…down you go.”

The golden-robed man, who had already escaped the temporal impact, once more sank downwards, the spiked mace in his hand once more mercilessly smashing down towards Linley.

“Rumble…” A strange energy instantly surrounded the golden-robed man.

Innate divine ability – Godeater!

“Motherf*cker, die!” An enraged bellow rang out. Bebe, at this critical moment, had finally arrived. At the same time, he gave a vicious kick towards the golden-robed man, who launched a backhand blow. With a ‘bang’ sound, Bebe was smashed through the nearby earth.

“Bebe.” Linley hurriedly flew towards Bebe.

“What sort of attack was that?” The golden-robed man was disdainful. “How come I didn’t feel a thing?” The golden-robed man had been staring at the below Linley when Bebe had used his innate divine ability. He didn’t see the illusion of a Godeater Rat, so he naturally didn’t know how powerful this attack was.

As for the ‘Godeater’, in the face of the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact of the golden-robed man, it was like an egg smashing into a rock. It was useless.

The golden-robed man didn’t understand how powerful that attack had been. He thought it was an ordinary strike.

“Swoosh.” Linley already arrived by Bebe’s side.

“Boss, this person isn’t affected by my innate divine ability.” Bebe sent mentally.

“Haha, the two of you, die together.” That sound rang out in Linley and Bebe’s mind, while his figure arrived in front of them.


“Rumble!” Out of nowhere, a ten meter long, one meter wide, terrifying spatial fracture appeared between Linley, Bebe, and the golden-robed man. Terrified, the golden-robed man didn’t dare to draw any closer. If he were to charge into the spatial fracture, then he really would enter chaotic space.

But the strange thing was…

A tiny black shadow actually flew out from the spatial fracture, moving as fast as lightning. This black shadow flew out of the spatial fracture towards the direction of Linley and Bebe.

Linley’s first reaction was to stretch his hand out and grab it.


After grasping this black blur, Linley felt a surge of unusual energy enter his body. As for the nearby Bebe, he clearly saw what this black blur was; this was a seemingly ordinary, but very beautiful crown. Only, the crown had lost its luster long ago, and the sunken cavities for the jewel settings of the crown were all empty. Clearly, the jewels were long gone, and the crown had lost its beauty.

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