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Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 26, The First Battle

Linley’s eyes instantly lit up.

“Reisgem, they found a target!” Linley sent through divine sense, while transforming into a blur that flew at high speed towards Bebe’s location. “A target?” Reisgem was startled and delighted as well. His speed also increased, and he was actually a level faster than Linley. The distance of three kilometers was crossed in the twinkling of an eye.

But by the time Linley and Reisgem arrived, they discovered that Bebe and Reihom were just standing there.

“Bebe, what’s going on? The target?” Linley had a guess as to what happened.

“That person was too crafty. As soon as I saw him, he immediately turned tail and fled instead of fighting back!” Bebe said helplessly, a bitter look on his face, while the nearby Reihom said in a deep voice, “The young master and I encountered this person not too long ago. As soon as this person saw me, he was so frightened he instantly fled.”

“We encountered him before?” Reisgem shook his head. “Forget it. He can just consider himself lucky.”

“As I see it, Reihom, you should slightly change your body. Your appearance is simply too easily distinguishable.” Linley said with a laugh. The big fellow nodded slightly, then with a sound of acknowledgment, began to shrink from being a giant of four meters in height to an ordinary person two meters tall.

Reisgem winked and laughed, “Hey, Hom, in this shape, it’s going to be quite hard to sit on your shoulders.

Linley immediately thought back to how, when he had first seen Reisgem, Reisgem had been sitting on the giant’s shoulders.

“Reisgem, let’s continue to head out.” Linley said with a laugh.

“Right.” Reisgem nodded, then gritted his teeth. “Hmph. Hom and I have been in the Planar Battlefield for many years now, but we only have a single gold badge. This time, we have to get some more.” Reisgem and Reihom had both come from the Infernal Realm, and so belonged to the side of the Divine Darkness Plane.

They, too, had crossed the Stellar River and arrived on this side.

“You guys only have one as well?” Bebe couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hmph, if I had your innate divine ability, I would’ve killed quite a few commanders already.” Reisgem said with a sniff. “Enough, let’s head out. Linley, the two of us will go this way!” Their forces separated once again. Because the geography of the Planar Battlefield was varied, with tall grass and hills everywhere, at a distance of three kilometers, it was generally not possible to see someone else.


A cold wind howled drearily, and two figures advanced, one in front, one in the back. The leader was a white-robed man with long jade hair that drooped all the way to his waist. He had an astonishingly, breathtakingly beautiful face, and his skin was almost crystalline and translucent, as though he were a jade statue. In addition, in the center of his forehead, there was the seal of a crescent moon.

He quietly walked, casually glancing at his surroundings, as though this Planar Battlefield was his garden.

Behind him was a female warrior dressed in armor.

“Milord, should we be looking for a place to rest? All of those commanders have hidden themselves deeply. When they see you come, milord, all of them are so terrified they all scamper away.” The brown-haired female warrior said with a laugh.

The jade-haired, white-robed handsome youth strolled forward and said, “Fine, then let’s just look for a place up ahead to rest. Mm? It seems as though we don’t need to be in a hurry to rest. We have some prey.” The white-robed youth’s lips crooked upwards, and the crescent moon in his forehead began to glow with green light.

Linley’s group had been traveling for half a month now. Although they had encountered a few targets, when they took a close look, they found that the targets were just Deathgod Golems. They ran into five Deathgod Golems, but not a single person who had dared to reveal himself. But Linley’s group wasn’t discouraged at all.

After all, there were only so many commanders to begin with. Some were in the army camps, while others were in hiding. There weren’t many who dared to roam around outside.

“Those supreme experts…all of them are indeed almost flawless.” Linley chatted with Reisgem quite often over the course of their journey.

Only now did Linley realize…that Reisgem actually only had a single Sovereign artifact; a Sovereign weapon! Only, Reisgem naturally possessed an extremely powerful body and powerful soul. Although his body was inferior to Bebe’s, his soul was far, far more powerful!

Reisgem’s true body had 108 spikes atop it, and the Amethyst Mountains, which contained vast quantities of amethysts, also had 108 caves.

Linley’s guess was…“The Redbud Sovereign and the Amethyst Mountains definitely have a unique connection to each other. Reisgem is pretty much the same! I can understand why his soul is so powerful. After all, the Amethyst Mountains are a place where countless amethysts are generated.” The Amethyst Mountains also had a large number of amethyst beasts, whose bodies were exceedingly tough. Naturally, Reisgem’s body was also tough.

On the whole, Reisgem was very balanced!

Even if he didn’t have a Sovereign artifact, he would still be very powerful. Combined with a Sovereign artifact, he was able to dominate the Planar Battlefield.

“Those Sovereign’s Emissaries who acquire Sovereign artifacts use them to cover up their flaws.” Linley understood this principle.

While Linley and Reisgem made their way through the Planar Battlefield, staring at their surroundings and looking for a target, Linley suddenly stared towards the front…up ahead, two figures had appeared, one in front, the other behind. The two had discovered Linley and Reisgem as well, and they simply stood there fearlessly, staring at them.

“Oh, them?” Reisgem laughed.

“Occluar [Ao’ke’lu’wei’er] of the Life Realm?” Linley was startled.

Occluar was the genius of the ‘Divine Moon Elves’, and one of the highly ranked supreme experts of the Life Realm. He trained in the Edicts of Life, and was skilled in soul attacks. He could be considered a perfect counter for Linley!

“Bebe, we have our target. Hurry over.” Linley hurriedly send through the soul bond.

Linley and Bebe were able to communicate at a very great distance.

Even here in the Planar Battlefield, where divine sense would only stretch for a hundred meters, he was still able to easily chat with Bebe at a distance of many kilometers. It must be understood that when Linley was not even a Saint yet and was trapped within the Radiant Temple of the Radiant Church, he was still able to communicate spiritually with Bebe. At that time, Linley wasn’t even capable of making his spiritual sense leave his body. This was one of the benefits of a spirit bond.

The Planar Battlefield. Atop the desolate earth.

Linley and Reisgem on one side, Occluar and his companion on the other. The two stared at each other. They paused slightly, but in the next instant, the two sides attacked without hesitation!

“Linley, use your innate divine ability against that woman!” Reisgem sent out excitedly, while at the same time, without hesitating at all, Reisgem transformed into a streak of violet light, shooting towards the front.


Linley hurried forward as well, flying towards the enemies at top speed.

“Hmph. They are looking for death.” Occluar, seeing the two charge towards him, couldn’t help but let out a cold laugh. He just stood there, waiting for them to come. He had planned to attack them, only because he was afraid they would flee. But seeing Linley and Reisgem attack, he naturally was more than happy to just wait. Wouldn’t it be excellent to just sit here and wait for them to come and be killed instead?

Reisgem was in front, Linley was behind.

When Linley was at a distance of 150 meters from the enemies, Linley’s eyes suddenly flashed with azure-golden light, while at the same time, an enormous coiling Azure Dragon Phantom that was a thousand meters long appeared behind Linley. That Azure Dragon head hovered above Linley, staring at its target…

The brown-haired woman!

“Eh?” The white-robed elfin youth, Occluar, was startled. “Azure Dragon clan?” He now realized that Linley was using this technique against his servant.

However, he still disdainfully stood there. “The innate divine ability of the Azure Dragon clan can at most impact the passage of time. I simply need to make it so that they won’t be able to draw close for a short period of time. They can forget about harming my subordinates.” The white-robed elfin man’s body blurred, and he came attacking towards Reisgem!

Reisgem cracked his lips into a grin.


“BANG!” A violet light exploded forth from Reisgem, creating an enormous sphere of hundreds of meters across. A terrifyingly powerful gravity instantly took effect on the body of the elfin man, Occluar. Occluar suddenly felt as though his body had become countless times heavier, and he couldn’t help but sink downwards.

As for Reisgem, he waved his hand out…


A blurry light shot out, striking towards the brown-haired female warrior. The brown-haired female warrior seemed to have just recovered from the field of slow time. Faced with this attack, she wasn’t able to resist at all, and the blurry light shot directly into her body. The brown-haired female warrior’s body trembled slightly, and then collapsed to the ground.

“Whap!” A white badge floated out from her body.

“So she was this weak.” Reisgem shook his head disdainfully.

“Reisgem!” The elfin man, Occluar, stood there staring coldly at Reisgem, his eyes seemingly filled with rage. “You killed my servant…what, do you think you are able to overcome me?”

“No, no, I don’t think I can.”

Reisgem chortled and just stood there, facing the elfin man. Reisgem knew how strong Occluar was. If Linley and Bebe weren’t with him, there was no way he would be able to kill Occluar. At their respective levels…they wouldn’t be able to really do anything to each other.

Occluar was only certain of who Reisgem was after Reisgem spread out his Amethyst Space.

Otherwise, if he had known in advance, Occluar would’ve retreated long ago.

“Although I don’t think I can beat you, today, I really want that gold badge of yours, so…sorry.” Reisgem chortled.

Occluar’s face sank, but then he snickered as well. “Oh, so you want to kill me and get my gold badge? By relying on who? That Azure Dragon punk behind you?” Occluar didn’t care at all about the death of his servant; after all, he had only brought the servant to the Planar Battlefield to attend to him. For battle, he himself was sufficient.

Occluar looked carefully at Linley, as though wanting to tell how strong Linley was. After all, it seemed as though no one within the Azure Dragon clan had ever been able to threaten his life.

“No, I don’t have that power.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

Linley knew as well that this Occluar was far more powerful than that elfin Elder of the eight great clans who had nearly killed Delia when he had sent her into that coma. In addition, Occluar had a defensive Sovereign artifact.

“Boss, we’re here.” Bebe sent mentally.

“Wait for your chance, then make your move.” Linley sent.

“Reisgem, I don’t have the time to waste with you. I’m leaving now.” Occluar let out a cold snort, then turned to leave.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”

Two figures landed on the path behind him, one tall figure and one short figure. It was Reihom and Bebe.

Occluar’s eyes narrowed. As he saw it, there were far too few people capable of killing him. He didn’t believe the four of them were capable of it. He couldn’t help but grow rather angry as he let out a low snort. “Reisgem, there’s no point in us battling. Your behavior, however, makes me very angry. Today, let’s have a little fight. Let’s see if your soul attack is stronger, or if mine is.”

Linley’s face changed.

He was able to see quite clearly how suddenly, two translucent wings suddenly appeared from Occluar’s back, while at the same time, a dazzling green light shot out from the center of his forehead, instantly transforming into sixteen green crescent moons. In a place as dark as this Planar Battlefield, the light of these green crescent moons was quite dazzling to behold.

The sixteen green crescent moons shot out in a devilishly arcing line, striking towards Reisgem. Clearly, Occluar only considered Reisgem to be a threat, and didn’t care about the other three at all. This wasn’t his fault; he didn’t fear any material attacks, and as for soul attacks…

That was his specialty. What was there to fear? Over the course of countless years, he had never suffered in a competition in the soul.

“Hey, elf punk, are you looking down at me?”

Occluar didn’t even look at Bebe, but suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, he saw an enormous illusion appear. He couldn’t help but turn to look, and as he did, the formerly completely confident Occluar had his face instantly turn white and his eyes become full of terror. “How…how can this be? That’s…”

The enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat had appeared behind Bebe.

Innate divine ability – Godeater!

“Heh heh, even I can’t block it. You? Block it? Go die.” Reisgem, seeing this, laughed. He felt all the more certain that having Linley and Bebe join forces with him was an extremely wise decision.

With the Godeater technique having emerged, Occluar instantly slumped to the ground.

“Clink!” A gold badge fell out of his body, and a beautiful set of green armor also emerged, falling out of Occluar.

The first battle of their hunting squad…was a complete success!

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