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Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 24, A Dead End? A New Beginning!

Benfield’s speed was far faster than theirs to begin with!

Linley had the Blackstone Space, but Benfield had used Sovereign’s Might. Now, his speed was still faster than Linley’s! If they just let him chase like this, in just a few hundred meters, they would be caught!

“Hmph!” Linley willed…

…his Blackstone Space to suddenly change. The repulsive force transformed into an upwards gravity!

“Eh?” Benfield’s body couldn’t help but sway, and he actually shot upwards.

“My Blackstone Space isn’t as simple as that.” Linley thought to himself. At the same time, he began to frantically change the direction of the Blackstone Space’s gravity, from up to down to repulsive. It must be understood that the power of this gravity was tremendous to begin with, and this sort of constant changing caused even Benfield to be affected tremendously.

Benfield couldn’t help but feel furious.

“All of you, die!” Benfield’s voice was icy.


One translucent arrow after another shot out from Benfield’s body, shooting directly towards Linley and Bebe. Ten translucent arrows sliced through the air towards Linley and Bebe. The speed of this soul attack was extremely fast. Linley and Bebe were only able to dodge very slightly, and four translucent arrows still shot into Linley’s body.

As for Bebe, his body was struck by three arrows as well.

Shocked, Linley’s face turned white. “Bebe, use Sovereign’s Might!” Benfield’s soul attack was described in the materials which Beirut had provided. It was extremely terrifying. Now that Benfield was using Fate-type Sovereign’s Might to attack…one could imagine how mighty it was.

“Rumble…” An earthen-yellow aura instantly spread out from Linley’s body.

Without hesitating at all, Linley used his earth-type Sovereign’s Might!

Within Linley’s mind.

“BANG!” “BANG!” “BANG!” “BANG!” Four translucent arrows struck viciously against the translucent membrane, but shattered like eggs striking against a rock. After shattering, however, they transformed into a large amount of translucent threads which spread out to surround the entire translucent membrane. And then, a large number of threads coiled about, attacking the flaw.

Countless invisible ‘Voidwave Swords’ shot out, clashing against the translucent threads.

“I have a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact and used earth-type Sovereign’s Might, but the patch over the opening was still more than half-broken through.” Linley was stunned.

Linley had rebuilt and repaired the patch over the flaw in his soul-protecting Sovereign Artifact after leaving the Abyssal Mountain. Including the sixty years they had spent in the Planar Battlefield, it had been nearly a century. A hundred years of work was half-wrecked in an instant, and that was after Linley had used earth-type Sovereign’s Might. If he hadn’t used earth-type Sovereign’s Might, he wouldn’t have been able to resist at all.

“How terrifying. Without this soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, even if I used Sovereign’s Might, I probably wouldn’t be able to endure.” Linley’s face suddenly changed. “Bebe!”

Bebe had been struck as well.

“Boss, I’m fine.” Bebe’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley discovered, to his amazement, that Bebe hadn’t used his Sovereign’s Might. However, somehow, Bebe had still been able to endure the blow despite not using Sovereign’s Might. If he had only relied on a soul-protecting artifact, there was no way he should have been able to do this. “Can it be that what Bebe has isn’t a soul-protecting artifact, but a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact? Or perhaps…Bebe’s soul is very unusual and his soul defense is extremely powerful?”

This thought flashed through Linley’s mind.

Right now, however, he couldn’t ponder it in depth, because…things had gotten dangerous!

“Elder Brother!”

A deep voice rang out. The black-armored figure was currently standing atop the giant, coiling crimson snake, which was flying over at high speed. The giant crimson snake had already flown to the area in front of Linley and Bebe.

“Boss, the situation looks bad.” Bebe said frantically.

“I know.” Of course Linley knew the situation was bad.

The front was blocked by the giant crimson snake and the black-armored warrior, while Benfield was behind them. They could neither go forward nor go back!

“How is it that Benfield has two allies such as them? And they aren’t even in the same alliance.” Linley cursed angrily. In the course of his flight, Linley had discovered that Benfield and the other two weren’t in the same alliance; Linley wasn’t able to sense Benfield’s badge’s aura. Clearly, he was an enemy!

But Linley could clearly sense the auras of the ‘red-robed woman’ who had transformed into a giant crimson snake, along with the black-armored man. Clearly, they were on Linley’s ‘side’.

People on different sides who had joined into a single squad.

“Bebe, follow me to flee this way. Hurry!” Linley surrounded Bebe with his earth-type Sovereign power, flying at maximum speed. Linley and Bebe flew towards the side at high speed. By moving in this direction, Benfield wouldn’t be able to attack them easily.

The power of the Blackstone Space had increased nearly a hundredfold as well, and the terrifying gravitational power made it hard for Benfield to catch them.

“Swoosh!” Benfield flew out of the Blackstone Space. Within the Blackstone Space, he wasn’t able to catch up to Linley as well. “You two punks, listen up. Today, I, Benfield, will definitely kill you two. Definitely!” His furious voiced echoed in the air.

As for Benfield, he flew virtually parallel to Linley and Bebe.

The two were separated solely by the Blackstone Space.

The red-robed woman and the black-armored man were frantically trying to catch up as well.

“We can’t keep wasting time with this Benfield. Just now, he simultaneously attacked myself and Bebe, and I found it very hard to endure it. If he continues to entangle us and unleash powerful attacks, I won’t be able to hold.” Linley wasn’t worried about Bebe, because Bebe had been able to endure the attack without using Sovereign’s Might.

“Boss, we have to throw this guy off.” Bebe sent mentally.

“I know.” Linley suddenly turned to look at the nearby Benfield.

Behind him, an illusion of an enormous coiling Azure Dragon that was a thousand meters long suddenly appeared. The draconic head of the Azure Dragon hovered above Linley, staring at Benfield. In Linley’s mind, his earth-type Sovereign power fused with his innate azure light, shooting directly towards the nearby Benfield…

Innate divine ability – Dragon Roar!

This innate divine ability, when used with earth-type Sovereign power, was extremely powerful!

“Eh?” Benfield couldn’t help but feel his body slightly stiffen.

“Quick, flee!” Linley and Bebe hurriedly seized the opportunity to flee.

Benfield was a supreme expert who was particularly skilled in soul attacks, and he also had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact and was protected by Sovereign’s Might. He quickly managed to throw off the restrictive bindings.

“You want to escape?” Benfield saw Linley and Bebe’s figures disappearing, and he hurriedly chased after them.

As Linley and Bebe flew away at high speed, Bebe cursed mentally, “Boss, that Benfield really is annoying. He has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact and a defensive Sovereign artifact. There’s no flaw to attack, and he’s hard to kill, while his own soul attacks are so powerful. He really pisses me off!”

“I’m pissed too, but there’s nothing we can do.”

Linley had expected that the breakthrough of his divine wind clone would arouse some interest, but he didn’t imagine that it would attract the attention of someone as hard to deal with as Benfield. Benfield was definitely a perfect counter to Linley; he had two powerful Sovereign artifacts, giving Linley no way to fight back, and he was also skilled at soul attacks.

How could Linley deal with such a person?

Even by using his innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, the only thing Linley could do was buy himself a little time for fleeing!

“Damnit, Boss, he’s chasing after us again!” Bebe said furiously.

Linley turned to look, and saw a blurry form fly over at high speed.

“This bastard really moves fast.” Linley was extremely frantic right now, but since the two had both used Sovereign’s Might, there was no way he would be able to outspeed this person. “It seems the only thing I can do is use my innate natural ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, to stop him yet again.” Linley mused to himself, but right at this moment…

Linley suddenly discovered that two figures appeared in front of him. Only high class commanders would dare to hover in the air of the battlefield.

“This direction is closed off to you!” A calm voice rang out.

Linley and Bebe could sense the threat the person in front of them posed, and they came to a halt. Linley looked at the two of them and had the feeling…that these two were no less dangerous than Benfield.

The two were very odd. One was nearly four meters tall, his entire body a bronze color, exceedingly muscular and with a solemn, granite face. On the shoulder of this enormous, four-meter tall fellow, an adorable bald youth sat, chewing on some fruit. This youth was a size smaller than even Bebe.

But this youth…made Linley’s heart tremble.

“The two of you, please help stop them. I, Benfield, will owe you two for it.” Benfield said hurriedly.

Favors were hard to repay!

Benfield’s words caused Linley and Bebe’s hearts to sink.

“Swoosh!” Linley and Bebe fled towards another direction.

“Whoosh!” A figure suddenly appeared in front of Linley and Bebe. It was the adorable bald fellow who was eating the violet fruit.

“So fast.” Linley felt shocked in his heart.

“Why are you in such a hurry to run?” The bald youth cracked his lips into a grin. ‘Crunch’ ‘Crunch’. With two bites, he disposed of the fruit, then tossed the pit to one side.

“Elder Brother. The red-robed woman and black-armored man finally arrived as well.”

“The two of you, don’t even think of escaping.” The red-robed woman stared angrily at Linley and Bebe. Linley and Bebe looked at each other, having a bad feeling in their heart. “Boss, three behind us, two ahead of us. If the five attack us together, there’s no way we’ll escape.”

Linley and Bebe didn’t dare to move for the moment.

Because…as soon as they moved, most likely the bald youth and the big fellow would attack.

“Thank you, you two.” Benfield laughed.

Just now, the bald youth had blocked Linley and Bebe. Clearly, this made him feel as though he had been given face, but at the same time, Benfield also felt rather puzzled. “This youth and this big fellow…I’ve never seen them before. When did these two experts suddenly appear?” The movement speed the bald youth had displayed just now had caused Benfield to feel amazed.”

“Hey, Benfield, you got some problems with your brain.” The bald youth began to laugh.

Benfield’s face couldn’t help but change.

“Just because I stopped Linley didn’t mean that it was because I’m helping you.” The bald youth mocked.

“Linley?” Benfield and the other two looked towards Linley. Up till now, they hadn’t known who Linley was.

“You know me?” Linley stared in astonishment towards the bald youth.

The bald youth began to roar with laughter. “Alas, it’s only been a few years, but you no longer recognize me, your teacher.” The bald youth let out an emotional sigh.

“Teacher?” Linley and Bebe were both stunned.

Suddenly, a violet light sprang out from the bald youth’s body, instantly stretching to thousand meters, encompassing Linley and Benfield both. This powerful, yet familiar gravitational force caused a look of shock to appear on Linley’s face. “Can it be that you are…” In Linley’s mind, that adorable juvenile amethyst beast suddenly sprang to mind. That little juvenile beast who had called out in a high-pitched voice while pointing at and commanding countless amethyst beasts.

And Linley himself had, under the ‘torment’ of the juvenile amethyst beast, gained insight into the basics of the ‘Blackstone Space’.


Benfield frowned. “Reisgem!”

“Harhar…yes, it is me.” The bald youth laughed loudly. “What, are none of you able to recognize me when I’m in human form? Oh, it makes sense…my control over my soul is too powerful. I can completely hide my soul’s aura, and you aren’t able to sense it at all. It is understandable that you don’t recognize me. It is understandable.”

The bald youth waved his hand. “Benfield, you turtle, hurry up and leave. Otherwise…I wouldn’t mind playing a bit with you.”

Benfield stared at Linley and Bebe, then clenched his teeth.

“Let’s go.” Benfield had no choice but to swallow his anger as he led his two companions to fly away.

Linley and Bebe both let out sighs of relief.

Reisgem rubbed his bald head, glancing sideways at Linley. Shaking his head, he said, “You are so useless! You learned my supreme technique, but were forced into such a sorry state. You really lost the face of myself, your teacher!”

“Teacher?” Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“And you two really are stupid. If your power is weak, then in the Planar Battlefield, you need to join forces. Didn’t you see how so many people are in groups of three or four?” Reisgem said casually. “Mm…how about this. The two of you, join my hunting squad. We’ll join forces and roam about the Planar Battlefield. What do you say?”

“Join your squad?” Linley couldn’t help but look towards Reisgem, as well as the big, towering fellow behind him.

“If you join us, in the future, we’ll evenly divide the military merits we gain into fourths. We men should be straightforward and keep things simple!” Reisgem puffed his chest out as he spoke, as though he wanted to show what a man he was.

Linley couldn’t help but laugh. Linley and Bebe exchanged glances, nodding slightly.

“We will join!” Linley said.

And so, Reisgem’s hunting squad was expanded from two to four. Their strength had increased tremendously now!

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