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Book 18, Highgod – Chapter 3, Goals

The descent of the natural Laws attracted attention from many of the dwellers within the gorge. The members of the Yulan branch all hurried over, looking towards the building where Linley, Ina, Delia, and the others lived.

The clansmen watched as Baruch walked over as well, and they immediately parted for him.

Baruch walked towards Linley. “Linley, who made the breakthrough? Is it Bebe?” Baruch knew that this building was one where Bebe lived in, and so it was very normal for him to come to this conclusion. Linley was in an excellent mood, and he laughed while nodding.

“Bebe actually became a Highgod? He’s even faster than me.” Baruch shook his head and laughed. Baruch had also reached a bottleneck in the Laws of Water, and would become a Highgod with one more step.

“Clan leader, perhaps tomorrow, you’ll become a Highgod as well.” Linley said consolingly.

How could Baruch compete against Bebe?

Bebe had those soul slice fragments, and thus rose in power at an unnatural speed.

“Uncle, my father is now a Highgod as well. Is he going to be as powerful as you?” Ina’s eyes were shining as she looked towards Linley.

“Not so fast.” The nearby Wade said confidently. “Uncle Bebe just reached the Highgod level; he’s going to need time for training, whereas my father was able to kill Seven Star Fiends even before he reached the Highgod level. He’s much more powerful now.” Wade clearly felt very proud of Linley.

“But Father himself said…” Ina didn’t really understand.

“He’ll be a match for me.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Father…” Wade looked towards Linley, puzzled.

“Wade, even I don’t feel confident in my ability to resist your Uncle Bebe’s innate divine ability.” Linley explained.

Once Bebe reached the Highgod level, his normal attacks might be ordinary in power, but his innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, was without question an absolutely dominating ability. How many Highgods would be able to endure the ‘Godeater’ attack? After all, there wasn’t even a way one would be able to counter the Godeater technique.

“Boss, stop boasting about me.” A voice rang out, and Bebe, wearing that straw hat, walked out of the room with a chortle.

“Father.” Ina immediately ran over.

Linley just laughed in surprise. “Bebe, being so modest? How rare.” This was completely different from Bebe’s normal temperament. Linley could sense…that Bebe had indeed reached the Highgod level.

“Come inside and sit.” Nisse welcomed everyone warmly.

Linley, Baruch, and the others all immediately entered the living room. Nisse quickly prepared beverages for everyone. Bebe’s face was all smiles, and he was so delighted that even his eyebrows were jumping up and down. Laughing loudly, he said, “Boss, don’t boast about me any longer. After having become a Highgod, I know what level of power I now have.”

“Oh?” Linley said, puzzled.

“I finally understand that Grandpa Beirut…tricked me!” Bebe said resignedly.

Beirut had once told Bebe that once Bebe became a Highgod, his power would be close to Beirut’s.

“My most powerful attack is indeed comparable to Grandpa Beirut’s. But that’s just my innate divine ability. I’m at most able to use my innate divine ability twice before my spiritual energy is essentially used up. Without my innate divine ability, all I’m good for is taking hits…I’m pretty much an unkillable humanoid golem.” Bebe clearly was rather unhappy. “Compared to Grandpa, I’m still a long way off.”

Linley laughed.

“Bebe, with that innate divine ability, within a short period of time, you’d at least be able to kill two supreme experts. That’s enough.” Linley said. “Your grandfather didn’t lie to you. When you execute that innate divine ability, how many Highgods can possibly overcome you?”

Bebe sighed emotionally, “I heard that when Grandpa blocked the eight great clans in the past, he only used a single black staff. Every single Elder of the eight great clans who was struck by that staff immediately died, and even the Patriarchs who used Sovereign artifacts against it were badly injured. Grandpa never even used his innate divine ability…”

Linley couldn’t help but shake his head.

“Bebe, your grandfather has fused quite a few profound mysteries.” Linley said. “You haven’t even fused one. How can you compete against your grandfather?”

Lord Beirut’s punches and kicks already possessed such tremendous power…but as for Bebe, he had to use his innate divine ability to fight at that level. Clearly, Bebe was rather unhappy about this.

The nearby Baruch said in a booming voice, “Bebe, innate gifts is one thing, but hard work is necessary as well…I, too, have heard that the strength of your body is even greater than Linley’s Dragonform. But you haven’t fused any of the profound mysteries at all. I imagine that given how Lord Beirut can be one of the ultimate figures of the entire Infernal Realm, he surely must have fused quite a few profound mysteries.”

“Right.” Bebe nodded.

Linley could guess, however, that the toughness and strength of a Highgod Godeater Rat’s body was probably comparable to a divine spark. Most likely, it was tens of times or even a hundred times more powerful than his Dragonform. As for Lord Beirut, most likely, even if he only fused four or five profound mysteries, he would still be more than powerful enough to dominate the continents.

With a powerful body as the base, matched with four or five fused profound mysteries…Beirut definitely had the ability to trample all comers in the Infernal Realm, especially since he had a Sovereign artifact…

“Who knows how many profound mysteries Lord Beirut has fused.” Linley was curious.

In the past, from the conversation between Linley and Beirut, Linley had learned…that Beirut hadn’t reached the Paragon level. However, his innate gifts were simply too powerful; even if he ‘only’ fused four or five profound mysteries, he would be comparable to a Highgod Paragon.

“I need to work hard to fuse profound mysteries as well.” Bebe clenched his teeth.

Seeing the look on Bebe’s face, Linley couldn’t help but laugh. “Then Bebe, I’m just going to wait and see how well you do in your fusing.”

“Bebe.” Suddenly, the nearby Nisse spoke out.

“Hm?” Bebe looked towards her.

“Have you forgotten something?” Nisse stared at Bebe. “Something very important!”

Nisse’s stare caused Bebe to feel rather puzzled. He couldn’t help but scratch his head. “What are you talking about?” Nisse was so upset, she didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. In the end, she explained, “Back then, you told me that after you became a Highgod, then…”

“Oh…are you saying, go pay a visit to your brother, Salomon?” Bebe immediately realized what she was talking about, and his face went sour. “You were serious about that?”

Nisse’s face immediately became unsightly, and she fell silent.

That look on Nisse’s face caused the atmosphere of the entire hall to become rather awkward. Linley frowned, then immediately sent through divine sense, “Bebe, what’s this about?”

Today clearly was a festive day; how did it end up being so unhappy?

“Boss, Nisse’s been here all these years, and has always wanted to go visit her elder brother, Salomon. But you know as well as I do…Salomon, that fellow who forgets the kindness of others, should feel lucky that I don’t go kill him. Go pay a visit to him? But at the time, I didn’t want Nisse to feel so awkward, so I coaxed her and told her that I wasn’t strong enough yet, and that the trip back would be dangerous. I said that after I became a Highgod, I would have enough strength to escort her to the Jadefloat Continent. I just spoke casually, wanting to make her feel better, but who would’ve imagined…that she always kept these words in her heart.” Bebe had a sour look on his face.

Linley completely understood.

Bebe hadn’t been serious about it, but Nisse had always remembered it. After all, after the death of her parents, all she had left was her elder brother. Although Salomon hadn’t treated Linley and the others with sincerity, he had always been devoted to his younger sister.

“In the past…you just said that to make me feel better?” Nisse finally spoke, a hint of moisture in her eyes.

Bebe was stunned…but he was the obstinate sort.

Back then, he used his ultimate attack with that godspark weapon, wanting to kill Salomon with that dagger. Afterwards, the Seven Star Fiend, Elquin, blocked his attack to save Salomon, resulting in Elquin even losing a divine artifact of his own.

Given the situation, how could Bebe willingly lower his head and go ‘pay a visit’ to Salomon? Most likely, in Salomon’s heart, he also felt a hint of hatred towards Bebe.

“Ninny, the way your elder brother acted towards me that year…and the fact that he tried to get my Boss and Delia killed…” Just as Bebe said these things, Nisse’s tears actually began to uncontrollably leak outwards.

Nisse only had this one brother, after all.

Delia, seeing this, knew that things were headed in a bad direction. She immediately said through divine sense, “Bebe, stop saying these things. Although Salomon’s actions back then could be considered unrighteous, it was because he falsely believed Linley had betrayed him. For Nisse’s sake, make the trip. Otherwise, Nisse will forever have a thorn in her heart…Linley agrees with me on this.” Delia simultaneously sent the divine sense into Linley’s mind as well.

Clearly, Delia knew that Linley’s words were the most effective for persuading Bebe.

“Forget it, Bebe. Give Salomon a chance. If Salomon refuses to show regret and change his ways, then you can act accordingly.” Linley sent mentally.

Linley could imagine how Nisse felt.

After all, Nisse hadn’t done anything wrong. She was blameless in this matter.

“Fine, Boss. I’ll give that fellow one chance!”

Bebe glanced at Linley, then said towards Nisse, “Your elder brother really was a bastard for doing what he did!”

“My brother has regretted it ever since. He really didn’t know. He mistakenly accused you, which is why he acted that way. Afterwards, he really regretted it.” Nisse said hurriedly.

Bebe reached out with his hand, taking Nisse’s. “Ninny, fine then. For your sake, I’ll accompany you on a visit to see your elder brother…but with regards to the question of whether or not I’ll give him face when I see him, that will depend entirely on his attitude! If he still acts that way…then you can’t blame me.”

Bebe still couldn’t swallow his anger.

“My elder brother will definitely apologize.” Nisse said hurriedly, and a hint of a smile appeared on her face once more.

“Father, Mother.” Ina finally dared to speak out. “I want to go with you as well!”

“No way.” Bebe frowned. “Ina, you haven’t even become a Deity. We’ll be going to the Jadefloat Continent. The journey will be a long one, and if we encounter any danger on the way over, the slightest shockwave will kill you.”

Nisse agreed. “Nana, wait for the future.”

Seeing that both her father and her mother were of one mind, Ina felt helpless as well.

The next day, as per Nisse’s request, Bebe accompanied Nisse. The two left the Skyrite Mountains, heading towards the Coldcalm Prefecture of the Jadefloat Continent. This was a very long trip, and the roundtrip would most likely take nearly a century.

As for Linley and Delia, they accompanied Wade and Ina in a tour of Indigo Prefecture.

Despite having been in Indigo Prefecture for so many years, they hadn’t had a chance to visit many of the famous places of Indigo Prefecture. While they encountered some difficulties when adventuring in the Indigo Prefecture, given Linley’s power, he was able to effortlessly resolve them.

In the blink of an eye…

A hundred years of roaming about had passed. During these hundred years, Linley’s four divine clones had focused on their training, with the fastest gains being made by his divine water clone, which finally started on a sixth profound mystery. His divine wind clone was working on the eighth profound mystery as well…but his divine fire clone was doing terribly, still stuck on four mastered profound mysteries, and not having made any progress in gaining even a basic understanding of the other two.”

Clearly, Linley’s talent with regards to fire was significantly weaker.

Within the metallic lifeform. Linley was seated on a chair.

“Linley, you’ve reached the sixth profound mystery in water. Look at how happy you are!” Delia brought over a plate of food and wine.”

Linley’s eyes were gleaming. “Wrong. I’m not happy because I’ve reached the sixth profound mystery in water. Rather…it’s because my Profound Mysteries of Strength and Gravitational Space have started to connect just slightly.” Linley was indescribably happy. “It’s been two hundred years. More than two centuries have passed since the affairs between our Four Divine Beasts clan and the eight great clans have come to an end. I’ve finally made a small improvement in the Laws of the Earth! This improvement signifies…that I have hope of fusing four profound mysteries.”

“Fusing four? How long will it take?” Delia asked.

“Not sure. Although the Profound Mysteries of Strength are fusing with the ‘Essence of the Earth’ and ‘Gravitational Space’, it’s just a connection; they aren’t completely fused yet. Fortunately, it is completely fused with the Throbbing Pulse of the World. After the other two are completely fused…I’ll have four profound mysteries, fused into one.” Linley knew very well that in order to have four mysteries fused, he would have to separately fuse the Profound Mysteries of Strength with the other three profound mysteries.

And then, he would begin a final, complete fusion.

“But how long will it take?” Delia asked again.

“If I’m fast, a few centuries or a thousand years. If I’m slow, ten thousand years.” Linley laughed.

“So long?” Delia laughed as well.

Linley said solemnly, “Delia, I’ve been training for roughly two thousand years now, in total. If I continue to train at this rate…to be able to fuse four profound mysteries within ten thousand years is a cause for celebration.” Linley stared out at the Infernal Realm from outside the window.

“I no longer have any regrets. I only hope that one day, I will reach the peak of training. Whether it be in ten thousand years, a million years, or even longer…I will continue to pursue my goals.” Linley’s eyes were filled with a hopeful light.

That year, Doehring Cowart had set him on the path of training. Although Linley’s number one priority had been revenge, while training to gain his revenge, Linley had fallen in love with training, and the feeling of constantly exceeding his own limits.

“Linley, you will definitely succeed. I will accompany you the entire time, and wait for you to reach that peak!” Delia couldn’t help but take Linley’s hands into her own and say in a soft voice.

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