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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 64, Supremacy

“The Grand Elder went to the dueling platform?” Linley was very puzzled as well.

He immediately followed Beirut, Phusro, and the others as they flew out of the great gorge. After flying out of the gorge, Gislason glanced sideways at the elemental barrier covering the entire Skyrite Mountains, then shouted towards a group of patrolling warriors above Dragon Avenue, “Convey my orders. The entire elemental barrier is to be withdrawn and dispersed!”

“Uh….yes, Patriarch!”

These patrol warriors were rather surprised, but then they immediately came to their senses.

Linley stared at the elemental barrier covering the entire Skyrite Mountains. “This is an insult. A humiliation for the clan!” Others were insulting them, but all they could do was hold their hands over their ears, not daring to fight back? If this wasn’t humiliating, what was?

The dueling platform between the Skyrite Mountains and the eight great clans. After multiple battles, it was filled with countless holes already, and dark red blood stained the entire dueling platform.


An illusory draconic claw pierced through the enemy’s skull, then retracted. The Dragonformed Grand Elder glanced calmly into the distance. “Hmph. Next!” This was the third person she had killed on the dueling platform.

The first person she had killed had been an ordinary Highgod who had won a previous battle.

The second person she had killed was just a Six Star Fiend.

But the third she had killed, that was an Elder-level expert.

“Gaia! It seems today, you are looking to die.” The experts of the eight great clans hastened over as well.

“Looking to die? I want to see which of you members of the eight great clans will be capable of killing me today.” The Grand Elder’s icy gaze swept through them, no fear in her eyes at all. The past ten thousand years had already pressured the Grand Elder to the point of madness.

Her father had died, causing the Grand Elder endless grief.

The clan had been unable to escape from this disaster, and as they had fled and been pursued, her husband had died.

And now, a few centuries ago, her one and only son, Forhan, had died as well. And she herself had been forced to kill him with her own two hands.

Who could understand the level of grief, pain, and depression in the Grand Elder’s heart? Still, in her heart, she always remembered the clan, and that she had to remain strong for the clan. But in the past few days…

The eight great clans had been like mosquitoes, constantly mocking and insulting the Four Divine Beasts clan to the point where the clan had even been forced to set up an enormous elemental barrier. This sort of action caused the Grand Elder to feel humiliated.

She wasn’t able to endure it any longer. She didn’t want to continue suppressing herself either. She was afraid that she would go insane!

Kill, then!

Kill to her heart’s content! Only in slaughter would she be able to vent the rage and grief in her heart.

The Grand Elder stood there arrogantly on the dueling platform, her silver masked smudged with a hint of blood. “Who will come fight against me? No matter who comes, I will accept the challenge.” The Grand Elder’s gaze swept past the eight Patriarchs as she snickered.

The eight Patriarchs all felt that this was rather troublesome.

The second generation members of the Four Divine Beasts clan all had Sovereign artifacts. Gislason, for example, had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. As for the Grand Elder, Gaia, she had an armor-type Sovereign artifact that was fused with her draconic scales.

Although the eight great clans didn’t fear her, the Grand Elder was very hard to deal with, given that she had an armor-type Sovereign artifact.

“Patriarch Barbary, it should be easier for you to deal with her. You go.” Patriarch Boleyn said.

Patriarch Barbary swept his tiger-like gaze forward towards her. Nodding slightly, his body suddenly flickered as he flew atop the dueling platform.

“I knew that it would either be you or Venna. None of the other six dare.” The Grand Elder snickered. This armor-type Sovereign artifact made it so that the Grand Elder could ignore the material attacks of the enemies, while she herself could use her powerful body to attack.

The Grand Elder’s soul defense was also very strong; after all, she had that azure glow that was her innate ability, as well as an ordinary soul-protecting artifact.

But of course…

Although she was powerful, the eight enemy Patriarchs were also powerful.

“Gaia, today is the day of your death.” A deep voice rang out, which seemed to reverberate within that mighty chest. Patriarch Barbary, more than three meters tall, extended his right arm. A long blue whip suddenly appeared, tens of meters in length, like an enormous blue serpent.

“Who knows which of us shall be the one to die!”

The Grand Elder said in a fierce voice. And then, her body suddenly shot forward, instantly passing through the dueling platform. Patriarch Barbary leapt forward as well, his long whip lashing out, forming multiple circles that sought to wrap themselves around the Grand Elder.

By the time Beirut, the Patriarch, and the others hurried over to the borders of the Skyrite Mountains, the Grand Elder and Patriarch Barbary had already been locked into fierce combat. Still, in this battle, the Grand Elder was at a disadvantage.

That long whip was too monstrously powerful.

“This…this is the power of the Grand Elder?” Linley stared, amazed, at the scene before him. The Grand Elder and Patriarch Barbary had completely transformed into two balls of dancing shadows, but the low sound of hammer-like blows and the spatial explosions that could be seen everywhere caused Linley to stare in disbelief.

Beirut glanced sideways at Linley, then laughed calmly. “Don’t be so surprised, Linley. Gaia’s draconic scales includes an armor-type Sovereign artifact in them. Naturally, her punches and kicks are formidable. As for her opponent, that long whip is a weapon-type Sovereign artifact. Sovereign artifact against Sovereign artifact…the collisions will naturally be very powerful.

Linley took a deep breath.

“Linley, the power of your weapons are a bit weak. Would you like a weapon that is a bit more powerful?” Beirut laughed calmly.

Linley turned to look towards Beirut, his eyes filled with amazement. No matter how stupid he might be, he could tell that Beirut seemed to be offering him a powerful weapon. What sort of weapon? The first thing Linley thought of was…a godspark weapon!

“It isn’t easy for me to make a godspark weapon either.” Beirut laughed calmly. “So you work hard first. Once you become a Highgod, I’ll make one for you.”

Linley’s heart surged with excitement.

With a godspark weapon, he would at least have some capability of resisting the attacks of an enemy with a Sovereign weapon.

“Work hard and become a Highgod soon.” Beirut chortled.

Linley turned his head to stare at the platform. The Grand Elder’s battle against Patriarch Barbary had already reached a feverish point, and that long whip seemed to have transformed into countless giant serpents, surrounding the entire dueling platform.

“How could it become like this?” Linley stared at the dueling platform in surprise. The longer Patriarch Barbary fought, the more relaxed he seemed to be. That long whip had already reached the level of seeming to have a million branches, constantly and endlessly encircling the Grand Elder.

The more he watched, the more Linley realized how truly limitless the profound mysteries were.

“He’s trained quite well in the Laws of Water.” Beirut said in praise.

“Eh?” Beirut glanced sideways at Linley. “This kid…he really does get absorbed so easily.” Beirut finally began to understand why Linley trained so quickly.

While Beirut’s group was watching the duel, the Patriarchs and Elders of the eight great clans were staring towards them in shock. “That Beirut came. He actually came!”

“Beirut won’t interfere, will he?” A hint of panic flashed through Patriarch Boleyn’s eyes.

“We didn’t violate his orders. He won’t interfere.” Patriarch Reinales said with certainty, but despite saying that, he still felt worry in his heart.

The eight great clans felt a hint of dread towards Beirut.

When one reached the level of the clan leaders of the Four Divine Beasts clan, the Patriarchs of the eight great clans, or the Grand Level, it could be said that their power was comparable to the Asuras of the Infernal Realm! But although they were powerful, they weren’t monstrously powerful.

Soul defense, material defense…they had no weaknesses.

At their level, they had no need to fear each other. For someone on the other side to kill them would be difficult. But for them to kill someone else on the same level? Also difficult! It was much like how right now, Patriarch Barbary and the Grand Elder found it very hard to make this battle a life-and-death battle!

But Beirut was different!

Monsters like Beirut and Dunnington stood at the very peak of Highgods. They were capable of killing Asuras of the Infernal Realm. The power of individuals such as them was on a terrifyingly strong level.

If Beirut truly wanted to unleash a bloodbath, he could massacre the eight great clans. One could imagine how terrifying he was!

“Life without end, in a constant cycle…life without end, in a constant cycle…” Linley murmured to himself. He actually closed his eyes, and in his mind appeared the blurry shadow of that whip, and the profound mysteries held within it…

Seven Elemental Laws. Four Edicts.

Although they had different names, they all had some commonalities; for example, earth had the Essence of the Earth, while fire had the Essence of Fire. Some soul mutants, in turn, were capable of fusing and simultaneously using profound mysteries from different Laws.

Why were they able to fuse them?

Because they had commonalities and shared characteristics!

Different Laws weren’t completely separate; their profound mysteries were all interconnected. The Elemental Laws of Water had a hint of a connection with the ‘Profound Mysteries of Vitality’ of the Laws of the Earth. At this moment, Linley just so happened to seize that connection…

Linley was completely absorbed in his insights, but Gislason and the others were growing somewhat frantic. “Lord Prefect, my little sister’s situation is becoming worse and worse. Let’s pause it.” Gislason wanted to pause it, but he didn’t have the ability to.

Two Sovereign artifacts were clashing against each other. He didn’t dare to intervene!

“This sort of battle is indeed pointless.” Beirut laughed calmly.


He moved so quickly, it seemed as though he had teleported!

Beirut instantly inserted himself into the center of the dueling platform. With a low thudding sound, the entire battle suddenly ground to a halt. Beirut was gripping one end of the long whip in one hand, while clutching the Grand Elder’s draconic claw in the other.

“Whoah…” Bebe stared, wide-eyed.

“Too powerful.” Gislason, the Vermillion Bird Matriarch, the other clan leaders, and even the Patriarchs of the eight great clans couldn’t help but feel their hearts clench tightly. The Grand Elder’s punches were comparable to the attacks of a Sovereign artifact, while the long whip really was a Sovereign artifact, and had transformed into countless movements.

But Beirut had effortlessly grabbed each with a single hand.

He dared to actually grab Sovereign artifacts with his bare hands…the power and might of Beirut caused Gislason and the others to be completely stunned. Although Beirut was also an Asura of the Infernal Realm…he vastly outstripped the other Asuras.

“Enough. Let it be finished.” Beirut said calmly.

The Grand Elder and Patriarch Barbary were both stunned. The Grand Elder silently retreated, while Patriarch Barbary opened his mouth as though he wanted to say something, but he didn’t dare to. In the end, all he could say was, “Since the Lord Prefect has made the request, I will spare her life.” After speaking, all he could do was fly back.

The eight great clans on one side. The Four Divine Beasts clan on the other. And between them, standing in the center of the dueling platform, surrounded by countless experts, was Beirut.

“Lord Prefect, why didn’t you tell us that you were coming?” Patriarch Boleyn laughed merrily, seeming to be quite friendly. There weren’t many clans that would dare offend monstrous individuals such as Beirut or Dunnington.

Even when the Four Divine Beasts clan was at the height of their power and glory, with the four Sovereigns behind them, although the clan didn’t fear Highgod Paragons, they wouldn’t want to offend figures on that level either.

“Oh. Today, I came to help your two sides resolve your differences with each other.” Beirut laughed calmly.

The Patriarchs and Elders of the eight great clans couldn’t refrain from having stiff looks appear on their faces.

“It has been more than ten thousand years now. You have been battling in my Indigo Prefecture this entire time, and I have been watching everything. By now, the Four Divine Beasts clan have lost enough of their Elders, and their reputation has been badly damaged as well. This punishment is sufficient! As I see it, your eight great clans should return to the places from whence you came.” Beirut said elegantly and lightly.

Return to the places from whence they came?

The eight Patriarchs were so furious, their faces reddened. The Elders of the eight great clans were also so angry that they could die.

“Lord Prefect.” Unable to restrain his fury, Patriarch Edric spoke out. “In all these years, our eight great clans have never disobeyed your orders. We have never attacked into the Skyrite Mountains. Back then, you said…that as long as we do not attack into the Skyrite Mountains, you will not interfere. So why is it that today you are interfering?”

The eight Patriarchs felt hatred.

Hatred for Beirut for not honoring his promises. They were indeed afraid of Beirut, but no matter how powerful Beirut was, he couldn’t just ignore his promises.

Beirut just let out a calm laugh. He didn’t say a word.

Patriarch Boleyn’s hoarse voice rang out as well. “Lord Prefect, it is true that many members of the Four Divine Beasts clan have died. But over these years, haven’t our eight great clans also lost many people? What’s more, when the four Sovereigns were alive, the Four Divine Beasts clan’s actions left behind one blood debt after another. My own son was killed by the members of the Four Divine Beasts clan, and the reason? That person took a fancy to my son’s wife!”

“Lord Prefect.” The Nether Serpent Patriarch also said in a low voice. “I had nine sons and daughters, but now? Only one is left! The other eight all died, and all of them died unjust deaths. Even if our Barbary clan ignores the other blood debts which were incurred…if it weren’t for the fact that we hate them so much, why would we be willing to sacrifice even our Elders, for the sake of eradicating them?”

“Beirut.” Reinales said in a low voice. ‘You and I are both Emissaries under the command of the Bloodridge Sovereign. I imagine you know my story…you tell me. Can I possibly so easily give up the enmity I hold against them?”

“Lord Prefect…”

All eight Patriarchs spoke out angrily.

They had killed many members of the Four Divine Beasts clan, yes…but had it been easy for them? Their Elders had died as well, one after the other. In addition, the stockpile of Sovereign’s Might which their eight great clans held was smaller than the stockpile held by the Four Divine Beasts clan. In fact, over the course of revenging themselves upon the Four Divine Beasts clan, the eight great clans had actually lost slightly more Elders.

It was only because those losses were evenly spread amongst their eight clans that they had been able to withstand these losses.

Over all these years, they too had lost around two hundred Elders! Their Elders were also the pillars of their clans. Did they want their Elders to die? They weren’t willing for it to happen…but over the course of countless years, from ancient times till now, the amount of hatred that had accumulated was simply too great!

They were willing to move their entire clans and willing to spend the lives of their Elders in order to fight. They were even willing to use words to insult and mock. These actions were very despicable, and they cared about their face as well. Did they want to do these things?

No…but they had no choice!

The Four Divine Beasts clan had retreated into the Skyrite Mountains. This was their only way to get them to come out!

“I know that your eight great clans and the Four Divine Beasts clan have great enmity. But the Four Divine Beasts clan has lost nearly ninety percent of their Elders, and their reputation has suffered greatly as well…I expect that the entire Infernal Realm will come to learn of these things. The glory of the Four Divine Beasts clan is over, and many of their Elders died…it is enough!”

Beirut said calmly, “And what’s more, in the past, they didn’t exterminate your clans either.”

“Lord Prefect, originally, you said that if we didn’t attack the Skyrite Mountains, you wouldn’t interfere. But today!” Patriarch Boleyn couldn’t help but speak out. The other seven Patriarchs as well as a large group of Elders were all staring at Beirut as well.

The Four Divine Beasts clan was staring at Beirut as well.

The members of the Four Divine Beasts clan had nearly been pushed to the brink of madness. Each of them was filled with the utmost agony. They now hoped…that the issues between the two sides would come to an end!

“I did indeed give my word!” Beirut laughed calmly. “And it is true that you have never attacked the Skyrite Mountains. However…today, I’m not the one interfering in this matter. Rather…the almighty Sovereign is!”

Beirut waved his hand, and a piece of lambskin parchment with complicated magic runes appeared within it.

“Crackle…” The lambskin suddenly ignited, and a strange energy ripple spread out.

The eight Patriarchs were stunned.

“Sovereign?” They didn’t dare believe it.

But right at this moment, a very unique sort of energy appeared in the world. A black energy quickly began to coalesce in the skies, and this black energy was the awe-inspiring ‘Destruction-type Sovereign power’. To coalesce Sovereign power out of thin air…what sort of ability was this?

A large amount of Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might took form in mid-air, coalescing into an enormous black face that was tens of meters high.

A terrifying, awe-inspiring aura of supremacy spread out.

“Sovereign!” Reinales was the first one to sink to his knees in supplication. He could immediately recognize…that this was the Bloodridge Sovereign whom he served.

The enormous black face floated there in mid-air, staring down at the various Patriarchs and Elders, as well as the millions of clansmen of the two sides. Everyone felt as though they couldn’t breathe. “Whoooosh.” Countless people fell to their knees, all of them incomparably nervous.

“Sovereign.” Beirut bowed.

The enormous black face revealed a hint of a smile towards Beirut, and then said in a voice that echoed like thunder, “Let the matter between the eight great clans and the Four Divine Beasts clan come to an end. Return to the places from whence you came.”

“Yes!” Reinales was the first to respond.

Although the other seven Patriarchs were reluctant in their hearts to do so, they still said in a respectful voice, “Yes!”

Beirut alone was enough to engender terror in them, to say nothing of a Sovereign. It would be utter simplicity itself for a Sovereign to annihilate all eight of their clans. The supremacy of a Sovereign…was inviolable and irresistible!

“Beirut.” The enormous black face turned to look towards Beirut, his gaze like pillars of light.

“Sovereign.” Beirut bowed.

“Who is that youth standing over there?” The enormous black face said. “In this place, aside from yourself, only that youth remains on his feet.” The Sovereign’s gaze was focused towards the distance. When a Sovereign descended, who would dare to be so wild and arrogant as to remain on his feet? Puzzled, Beirut turned his head to look, and Gislason and the others did so as well…

And they saw that Linley was standing there, his eyes shut, not moving at all. It seemed as though he even had a hint of a smile on his face.

“Linley?” Beirut felt rather amazed as well.

Just now, when they saw the Sovereign appear, Gislason and the others had all immediately knelt down nervously to await the Sovereign’s edict. Who would pay attention to Linley? Even if they had noticed anything, they wouldn’t dare to make a sound.

“Boss.” Bebe said frantically through their soul connection, but Linley didn’t react at all.

“Sovereign, he’s Linley, the one I mentioned to you before.” Beirut said in a low voice.

“Oh.” The Sovereign looked towards Linley curiously, and the beam of light emanating from his eyes fell upon Linley. “Someone is actually absorbed in gaining insights during the moment when I descend. In all my years, I’ve never seen this sort of situation happen before.”

And right at that moment…


A unique ripple surged out as the Laws of the universe descended. This sort of Law-ripple was one which everyone here was all too familiar with. These were the ripples of the Law which appeared when one became a Deity, or when one’s divine spark transformed. From within Linley’s body, a divine spark emanating an earthen yellow aura flew out.

The Laws of the Earth were transforming this divine spark, and at the same time, the soul was being transformed as well…

A Sovereign. The four clan leaders of the Four Divine Beasts clan. The Patriarchs of the eight great clans. Hundreds of Elders. Countless clansmen. They all watched as Linley became a Highgod. This perhaps had never before happened in the entire history of the Infernal Realm.

Some time later…

Linley opened his eyes.

“What’s going on?” Stared at by countless people, Linley couldn’t help but feel badly startled.

And then, Linley suddenly sensed a terrifyingly powerful presence. He couldn’t help but raise his head to stare into the air, where that enormous black face was staring at him. The twin beams of light emanating from those enormous eyes caused Linley’s heart to clench.

Linley, having seen a scryer recording of a Sovereign, instantly understood in his heart.

“Sovereign? When did this Sovereign come?” Linley was completely awestruck.

The lips of that enormous black face crooked upwards. “Amusing. Amusing.” And then, the enormous black face suddenly vanished. That enormous swirl of Destruction-type Sovereign power suddenly vanished, as though it had never existed.

Beirut flew over, staring at Linley, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry. “Linley, I told you that I’d make a godspark weapon for you when you became a Highgod, but there was…there was no need to make your breakthrough right away.”


Linley didn’t know what to say.

He himself hadn’t known that he would suddenly gain that moment of insight.

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