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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 33, Bulo, Unwilling to Give Up

Given how the situation had developed, in his heart, Bulo was filled with unwillingness to accept this outcome. “Hales and his brother both died. On this assault, our side lost a pair of Seven Star Fiends, but not a single one of the Seven Star Fiends of the Four Divine Beasts clan perished. And I even used up a drop of Sovereign’s Might!”


Once the results of this battle became widely known, this would definitely result in the other members of the clan looking down at him, and the Patriarch would definitely be unhappy as well.

“But this person has a Sovereign artifact.” Bulo looked towards Phusro. Although his heart was filled with rage, he could only choose to submit. After all, resisting meant death! There was no question about this.

“Based on your transformation, you should be from the Netherworld’s Ashcroft clan.” Phusro stared down from up above, then said casually, “When you go back, convey some words back to your Patriarch. Just say that this time, I’m giving your Patriarch face and so I’m not killing you. But if next time, you guys still dare to do anything to my friend ‘Linley’, then hehe…haha…well, you can go imagine what the repercussions will be. Just remember, the only thing that matters is that you don’t do anything to Linley. As for the others, I don’t give a damn.”

Bulo’s heart trembled.

As for Emanuel, his face turned ugly to behold. He glanced sideways at Phusro. “This big fellow seems to have some sort of friendship with Linley, rather than some sort of friendship with my clan.” Phusro’s words made it very clear…

He wouldn’t get involved in the battle between the eight great clans and the Four Divine Beasts clan.

Linley’s heart was filled with questions.

“Phusro and I…in actuality, the only time we met and chatted was that time when he escaped. In truth, the relationship between us isn’t that deep. For my sake, he would be willing to set turn his face in opposition against the eight great clans?” Linley didn’t understand.

Could it be that he was just that charismatic?

It was easy to understand why Phusro would save him, but threaten the enemy’s Patriarch? This was very hard to understand.

“Right. I will definitely convey your words.” Bulo’s heart still held rage within it, but on the surface, he still lowered his head in submission. At present, Bulo had already completely reverted back to his human form, and even the two serpents hanging from his ears didn’t dare to hiss.

“Well, f*ck off, then!” Phusro waved his hand.

Bulo immediately transformed into a ray of light, moving towards the depths of the mountain forests, then disappearing.

After flying twenty or thirty kilometers, Bulo landed to the ground. His wrinkle-covered face began to twist and contort with rage, and his pair of viperous eyes became filled with a sinister light.

“Am I supposed to go back? Say that I failed to kill a single Seven Star Fiend, but that two of ours died?” Bulo was livid.

It wasn’t a major issue if any of the other Elders of the clan failed in a mission. But…he was Bulo! A ‘trump card’ level figure within the clan. For him to meet with a result such as this on a mission…the other members of the eight great clans would definitely discuss this behind his back.

He couldn’t accept being embarrassed like this!

When one possessed unlimited lifespan such as these supreme experts, one would care deeply about their ‘face’.

“No. That Phusro is very possibly going to leave. Once he leaves…I can absolutely intercept them and kill them enroute.” Bulo’s eyes lit up. Even though he didn’t dare to kill Linley, he still dared to kill Emanuel.


His Sovereign’s Might turned transparent, and immediately spread out to a distance of tens of kilometers, encapsulating Phusro, Linley, and Emanuel, the three of whom were still engaging in conversation.

Sovereign’s Might could be used for material attacks and could also be used for spiritual attacks.

Using divine sense to investigate, in turn, was in reality just spreading out one’s spiritual energy.

This Sovereign’s Might, since capable of being transforming into spiritual attacks and spiritual barriers, naturally was also capable of being used for ‘divine sense scouting’, and the effectiveness of it was very great. Even the distance and area at which it could be used was greatly expanded! But of course, how could an ordinary supreme expert possibly be willing to use up Sovereign’s Might for divine sense scouting?

The effect of using Sovereign’s Might to do scouting was akin to a Sovereign himself scouting. Naturally, Phusro, Linley, and Emanuel didn’t notice it at all.

“Hey, little fella, you can go back now.” Phusro gestured disdainfully towards Emanuel. “It’s been a long time since Linley and I met, and there’s some things we have to say to each other. Hurry on back. What, do you want to eavesdrop on our conversation, kid?”

Emanuel didn’t dare to say anything.

“Linley, I’ll head back for now, then.” Emanuel smiled towards Linley while also making a respectful, fractional bow towards Phusro. But Phusro simply snorted, causing Emanuel to be rather embarrassed.

“Elder Emanuel, have a safe trip.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Elder Linley, you’ll be going back by yourself. You need to be careful of the enemy as well.” Emanuel said, seemingly in a very friendly way. And then, Emanuel immediately flew away.

“Travelling by himself?” Bulo, who was using his Sovereign’s Might to watch this, couldn’t help but reveal a smile on his ancient, withered face. And then, his muddy yellow eyes narrowed. “I need to hurry. My Sovereign’s Might has almost been used up. I need to seize this bit of remaining time to kill that fellow named Emanuel.”

Bulo immediately transformed into a ray of light, flying in pursuit.

A drop of Sovereign’s Might in liquid form could be used for a fairly long period of time. Even if Bulo didn’t use the Sovereign’s Might, he would be able to easily kill Emanuel. Given that he had in fact used it…at present, Emanuel had no ability to fight back at all.

Emanuel travelled back by himself towards the direction of the Four Divine Beasts clan, his face extremely sinister and gloomy.

This time, he had wanted to let Linley’s strongest clone be killed. That goal had become a failure. But that was secondary. More importantly…he not only hadn’t had any gains, he had even used up a drop of Sovereign’s Might!

“A drop of Sovereign’s Might…I only had one drop!” Emanuel felt great unhappiness in his heart.

If one had to use up Sovereign’s Might, one had to at least have some gains to show for it. But what had he gained?

“The ancestors are dead. The clan’s stockpile of Sovereign’s Might has continuously dwindled, and is in fact personally overseen by the Patriarch. The Patriarch has always been biased against me…how can he possibly give me another drop of Sovereign’s Might?”

While flying back, Emanuel continued to consider what to do.

“It’s all Linley’s fault. He didn’t use his Sovereign’s Might to join forces with me in killing that Bulo. If we killed Bulo…the Patriarch definitely would have bestowed another Sovereign’s Might upon me for rendering such a great merit.” Emanuel’s heart remained filled with discontent.

But right at this moment…

“Eh?” Emanuel suddenly felt his heart clench in fear. He couldn’t help to turn and look, and as he did, a black bolt of lightning seemed to strike towards him. The terrifying aura which emanated from that black flash caused Emanuel’s face to change, instantly turning white!

“Sovereign’s Might!” Emanuel’s eyes turned round and huge.


Emanuel’s entire body was blown apart, and his divine spark fell down.

At this moment, a figure appeared in mid-air. Bald. Ancient. The figure was Elder Bulo.

“Hmph. At least I’ve killed a Seven Star Fiend. When I go back, I’ll be able to defend myself.” Elder Bulo had been very unwilling to accept this outcome, but after killing Emanuel, he immediately felt much better. When he went back to make the report…

He could completely explain that the reason why Linley didn’t die was because of that Phusro. He himself didn’t have the ability to do anything about it. But at least he had killed the other Seven Star Fiend.


With a wave of his hand, Elder Bulo collected the interspatial ring, then let out a low snort. “So he really did have a divine clone staying in the Skyrite Mountains. This ring is pointless to me, then.” Applying a bit of force to it, he made the interspatial ring shatter.

As for that divine spark hovering in front of him, Elder Bulo couldn’t even be bothered to grab it. He didn’t care about such a thing.


Elder Bulo lowered his head to look at himself. The black aura surrounding him had almost vanished.

“Better leave.” Elder Bulo seized the remaining moments to immediately fly towards the east, vanishing. And, just moments after Elder Bulo left, two figures pierced through the skies and appeared here. It was Linley and Phusro.

Linley lowered his head, looking down carefully at the ground.

He had been chatting idly with Phusro, but suddenly, he had sensed an astonishing energy ripple, and so he had immediately hurried over. The remnants of Emanuel’s shattered corpse were still on the ground, and his divine spark and divine artifacts were hovering there as well.

“I still came late.” Linley said. “Emanuel’s already dead.” With a flip of his hand, Linley collected the divine spark and the divine artifact.

“If he died, he died. What’s the big deal.” Phusro said disdainfully.

Linley couldn’t help but laugh.


Linley didn’t feel the slightest bit of grief for Emanuel’s death. Earlier, at that dangerous moment, Emanuel had intentionally pretended that he didn’t hear Linley’s divine sense. He hadn’t helped, hoping to use Bulo to kill Linley.

“However, with him dead, I’ll have quite a few difficulties once I return.” Linley frowned. Emanuel, in the clan, was connected to quite a few people. “Hmph. We’ll wait and see. It was Bulo who killed him, after all.”

Upon sensing the aura of Sovereign’s Might from this place, Linley was able to guess that this was Bulo’s doing.

“Hey, Phusro. You weren’t finished speaking just now.” Linley turned to look at Phusro and laughed as he spoke.

“Oh. Right. That year, when I arrived at the ‘Muja Continent’, I acquired my Sovereign artifact.” As Phusro spoke, he began to laugh so happily that his eyes half-closed. Clearly, he felt quite delighted.

Muja Continent? Linley knew that this was one of the five continents of the Infernal Realm.

“Linley, have you ever seen a Sovereign?” Phusro said in an intentionally mysterious manner.

Linley shook his head. “No. I’ve only seen a scryer recording of a Sovereign. However, all I saw was an enormous blurry face formed from energy.”

“That’s just an illusion the Sovereign generated. It isn’t the Sovereign’s true body.” Phusro said smugly. “Linley, there’s something you don’t know…when I arrived at the Muja Continent, I met a supreme expert and engaged in a competition with him!”

“Competition?” Linley was stunned.

“Whatever we competed in, I lost!”

Phusro said resignedly. “We competed in material attacks. I lost. We competed in spiritual attacks. I still lost. We competed in speed. I lost…even when we competed in the aspect I am proudest in, my physical strength, I still lost.”

“You lost in everything?” Linley was shocked. At the same time, he couldn’t help but guess what the truth was.

“Only later did I discover…”

Phusro laughed. “He was a Sovereign!”

Although Linley had guessed this, upon hearing this, he was still shocked. After a moment, he laughed loudly, “Haha, Phusro, you actually competed against a Sovereign? Haha…”

“How was I supposed to know that he was a Sovereign? He hid his true power. I only took him to be another Highgod.” Phusro said resignedly. “He didn’t reveal off any of his majestic Sovereign’s presence…only at the end, when he asked if I was willing to be his Emissary or not, did he show off his majestic Sovereign’s presence. Only then did I realize he was a Sovereign.”

“A Sovereign of what element?” Linley asked.

“A fire-type Sovereign!”

Phusro laughed. “I am a fire-type expert. When I competed with him in attacks, we both competed in using fire-type attacks. Linley…I have the feeling that ever since I met you, my luck has been excellent!”

“The first time I met you, I escaped from my countless years of bondage.”

“And then, just a few centuries later, I became a Sovereign’s Emissary.”

Phusro was quite delighted with himself. “This is the Sovereign artifact the Sovereign bestowed upon me. My power was comparable to the Infernal Asuras to begin with. Now that I have a Sovereign artifact…haha, in the entire Infernal Realm, there are very few people capable of surpassing me.”

“Very few who can surpass you? You mean to say, there’s still some people stronger than you?” Linley laughed.

“A few, I suppose.”

Phusro said. “After all, in the Infernal Realm, there’s a number of Sovereign’s Emissaries. There’s also a few extremely rare divine beasts who have extremely powerful innate divine abilities…but actually, the most powerful of all are those Highgods who have become Paragons.

Linley nodded as well.

Paragons had completely mastered and completely fused all of the profound mysteries of one of the Elemental Laws. Fusing five profound mysteries and fusing all six profound mysteries to mastery…although it was only a difference of one profound mystery, the difference in power was tremendously great.

“I’ve been in the Infernal Realm for so long, but I haven’t seen a single Paragon yet.” Linley laughed.

“Neither have I.” Phusro shook his head helplessly. “Based on what the Sovereign said, these Paragon-level Highgods, although in terms of power are of course inferior to Sovereigns, are actually even fewer in number than Sovereigns…”

Linley agreed with this as well.

“I wonder…if one were to fuse all profound mysteries into one and become a Paragon, the most invincible of Highgods…what sort of power one would have.” Linley sighed to himself.

“Linley, I have some things to attend to. I’ll leave for now.” Phusro laughed. “As for your Four Divine Beasts clan, don’t just stupidly go battle for them nonstop. Protect yourself and improve your own power first.” After speaking, Phusro flew away.

Linley chuckled, watching Phusro leave.

“Time to go back.” Linley lowered his head, glancing at Emanuel’s corpse on the ground, then flew towards the Skyrite Mountains.

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