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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 30, Surrounded And Attacked

Within Indigo Prefecture’s borders. Within the vast, empty skies, a serpentine, dragon-shaped metallic lifeform was flying through the air. Moments later, another metallic lifeform in the shape of a black panther followed from behind.

Within the dragon-shaped metallic lifeform, there were twelve people in total.

To be precise, there was Emanuel’s group of eleven, along with a Deathgod Golem. Emanuel looked at the Deathgod Golem, and he couldn’t help but feel rather uncomfortable in his heart. This Deathgod Golem belonged to Linley. By placing the Deathgod Golem here, Linley would be able to accurately determine the location of the metallic lifeform at all times.

“Elder Linley, your metallic lifeform had best not be too far away from mine. Otherwise, if battle begins and you were unable to make it over, that would be terrible.” A yellow light flashed through Emanuel’s eyes as he said in a low voice.

The Deathgod Golem’s eyes opened, and it looked towards Emanuel.

“Elder Emanuel, don’t worry. Although the location of the metallic lifeform that I am on is constantly changing, the distance between us won’t become too great. Once battle starts, I’ll immediately hurry over.” Linley’s voice came out of the Deathgod Golem.

“That would be good.” Emanuel said.

By having the Deathgod Golem ride on Emanuel’s metallic lifeform, Linley was able to easily locate Emanuel at all times, which naturally allowed him to more easily control the location of his own metallic lifeform. It might be more than ten kilometers away from Emanuel’s, or it might be within ten kilometers, or it might even fly up ahead of Emanuel’s.

In short…

He was trying not to arouse anyone’s suspicions.


The dragon-shaped metallic lifeform suddenly passed through a very wide river, and the waters of the river rolled about turbidly. Suddenly, a head suddenly appeared from within the waters, and this person stared up at the metallic lifeform as it flew past. “Hmph. The Azure Dragon clan’s men truly are daring. They still dare to so arrogantly follow these predetermined paths…all of them are just looking for death!”

When clansmen of the Four Divine Beasts clan were intentionally challenging their enemies to a fight, they would change the shape of their metallic lifeforms into the shape of one of the four divine beasts. That way, the intelligence agents would immediately be able to recognize it. Adding a divine sense sweep…they would thus be certain.

“I need to immediately report this back to the clan.” This person didn’t even glance at the other metallic lifeform.

This was because the metallic lifeform Linley was on was more than seven or eight kilometers away, and it wasn’t following in a direct line. After all, the line of sight for a Deity was limited, and so too was their divine sense. Given that he was seven or eight kilometers away, and that there were many mountain forests blocking the line of sight, how could anybody notice?

The intelligence network of the eight great clans was extremely efficient. That very day, the news made its way back. Although the eight great clans were separated into two different areas, the exchange of information between them was still very fast, and they immediately came to a conclusion.

This time, the assignment of assaulting the Azure Dragon clan’s squad was assigned to the Ashcroft clan and the Barbary clan. This was because last time, each of the two clans had lost a Seven Star Fiend to the Azure Dragon clan. This time, it was their turn for revenge.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

Twenty people were currently flying at a low altitude through the air.

“Last time, we lost two Seven Star Fiends, but they didn’t lose a single one. This time, we definitely have to kill that Seven Star Fiend belonging to the Azure Dragon clan.” The leader, a tall, green-eyebrowed man, said in a solemn voice.

“Elder Brother, this time, Elder Bulo [Bu’lo] will be with us. There definitely won’t be any problems.” Another person, a somewhat skinnier, green-eyebrowed man, laughed.

These two siblings were both three meters tall, a typical example of a Barbary clan member. The only thing remarkable about them was their green eyebrows. ‘The Green Eyebrow Brothers’ of the Barbary clan were a pair of very famous Seven Star Fiends, and were exceedingly strong.

As for Bulo…

His fame was widespread in the Netherworld, and he was one of the supreme experts of the Ashcroft clan. For three commanders to be sent on this mission was because this time, the clans were determined to avenge the previous humiliation.

It didn’t matter if their people died.

But two Seven Star Fiends of theirs died without killing a single Seven Star Fiend of the enemy? There was no way the eight great clans would accept this!

The tall, powerful green-eyebrowed man turned to look at the person next to them. He couldn’t help but feel his heart tremble. This person was just 1.7 meters tall, and in the eyes of the Barbary clan, such a person was just a ‘tiny little fellow’.

But…nobody dared to look down this person.

His entire body was covered in a long gray robe. He was bald, and his dry, wavy hair was slick against his head. His hair seemed yellow and dry, as though it had no life in it at all. His face was covered in frowns and wrinkles, giving him an ancient appearance, at in his ears hung a pair of green serpents.

“Hiss…” Those two green serpents were speaking in the serpentine language.

“I hope that this time, the Azure Dragon clan sent out that person named Linley!” Bulo opened his eyes, which were of a very muddy color, with some occasional yellow light flashing through them. He said in a hoarse voice, “Last time, it was he who killed my grandson.”

“If Linley goes, then Elder Bulo, we will definitely let you personally deal with him.” The skinny, green-eyebrowed man said hurriedly. Mosley had been Bulo’s grandson.

“Right.” Bulo nodded.

The green-eyebrowed siblings, although powerful members of the Barbary clan, in terms of status…were just middling amongst their Assembly of Elders. But this Bulo was different; Elder Bulo’s status in the Ashcroft family was extremely high.

In terms of power, he was within the top three for his clan as well. For the Ashcroft clan to send him out meant that, clearly, this time they were determined to kill the Azure Dragon clan’s forces.

“I wonder how this Linley compares with that Genius Elder, ‘Blue’, of the Azure Dragon clan.” Elder Bulo chuckled.

“He’s definitely inferior.” The tall, green-eyebrowed man said. “Although that Linley has a tough body, it seems his soul defense isn’t that great…far weaker than that Genius Elder. For you to kill him, Elder Bulo, he should feel honored.”

Bulo, as a member of the Ashcroft clan, was a soul attack specialist to begin with. At the same time…his body was also extremely powerful.

Anyone capable of being in the top three of one of the great clans was a person of terrifying power.

That year, when Bulo had battled with the ‘Genius Elder’, Blue, neither had been able to kill the other.

If Linley and Emanuel had known that this time, the enemies had sent out this many experts, and especially that Bulo was amongst them, they probably would have retreated long ago. But Linley and Emanuel didn’t know…so naturally, they continued to advance.

Within that black panther shaped metallic lifeform. Linley was currently drinking wine with a Highgod.

“It’s been half a year. The eight great clans really are inefficient.” Linley sighed.

“Captain, the eight great clans live at the borders of Indigo Prefecture. They are hundreds of millions of kilometers away from us. Even if they are efficient and fast, they’ll still need half a year before making their way to us. If they are slow, it might even take them one or two years.” That squad member said.

Linley glanced at this squad member.

This squad member was named ‘Isadore’ [Yi’sa’duo]. During the last attack, some members of Linley’s Squad Thirteen had been lost. Although Shanda and the others still had divine clones, the power of those divine clones was insufficient, and so they retired from Bloodbath Gorge.

Isadore was one of the replacements.

“Isadore, be careful during the battle.” Linley laughed. When he had gone and informed Squad Thirteen that this time, he only needed to bring one person, Isadore had very excitedly convinced the others to allow himself to be the one to accompany Linley.

“I know, Captain.” Isadore’s eyes were gleaming. “But Captain, although I have to protect myself, I need to kill our enemies as well. Over the past ten thousand years, I’ve been waiting for this day the entire time…the forces of the eight great clan were merciless in their pursuit of us that year. When our Four Divine Beasts clan was powerful, they all cowered before us, but now that our ancestors are dead, they begin attacking like wild dogs. Men, women, the elderly, the young…they’ll wipe out any member of our Four Divine Beasts clan!”

Isadore’s heart was filled with anger and hate.

Linley couldn’t help but sigh. “This hatred and enmity truly has become a great one!” That year, each of the great clans had wildly pursued and attacked, all the way to Indigo Prefecture. This had been a very major event. When Linley had just arrived in Indigo Prefecture and been buying books, even that staff member had known that the Four Divine Beasts clan was engaging in a major battle.

Within the dragon-shaped metallic lifeform.

“Everyone, be careful. The enemy can appear at any moment.” Emanuel said quietly. “Remember. Don’t permit anyone to draw near our metallic lifeform. Anyone who draws near, be it Demigod or God, will be executed.”

Last time, Linley had relied upon drawing close to the metallic lifeform before launching a sudden ambush, thus causing Emanuel to be wary as well.

“Haha…” Nearby, Linley’s Deathgod Golem began to laugh. The Deathgod Golem had Linley’s consciousness within, and it could thus be considered one of Linley’s clones, in a way.

“There’s nothing funny about it, Elder Linley. You were able to hide your strength. Perhaps others can do the same. It’s best to be cautious.” Emanuel said.

“Yes. It’s best to be cautious.” The Deathgod Golem spoke in Linley’s voice.

Right at this moment…

“Not good! The enemy arrived!” Emanuel’s face changed, and he instantly collected this metallic lifeform. Immediately, the eleven of them and the Deathgod Golem were now hovering in mid-air. Linley, through the Deathgod Golem, was able to see everything clearly. On the ground below them, twenty-plus figures were charging up at high speed.

“So many?” Emanuel’s face changed dramatically.

“Elder Linley!” Emanuel immediately urged. “Hurry over.”

“Don’t worry.” The Deathgod Golem said.

“Haha…child of the Azure Dragon clan, you can die now.” Amidst the loud laughter, two tall, powerfully built green-eyebrowed men who looked similar charged up, wielding double-edged greatswords in their hands. Behind them, twenty five Six Star Fiends attacked as well.

Emanuel’s face became ugly to behold.

The difference in power was too great.


Emanuel let out a fierce roar, and his entire body became covered in draconic scales. Instantly, he entered Dragonform, while at the same time, a white mist spread out from around his body, covering the entire area and making all sorts of illusions appear.

“We aren’t weaker than you in the Elemental Laws of Water.”

The Green Eyebrow Brothers laughed loudly as they surrounded and attacked Emanuel.

“Slash!” “Bang!”

The twenty five Six Star Fiends of the eight great clans attacked the ten Six Star Fiends of the Azure Dragon clan. The difference in numbers was simply too great…the Six Star Fiends wildly battled against each other, and exploding sounds thundered nonstop. The air trembled, blood splattered everywhere, and one figure after another fell from the skies.

“Bang!” Emanuel’s right arm exploded, and he was knocked flying backwards.

“Die!” An indistinct, freezing light flashed towards him.

Right at this moment, Emanuel suddenly opened his mouth. The strange thing was, behind him appeared an enormous coiling illusion of an Azure Dragon. The enormous Azure Dragon Phantom was like the size of a mountain, and it stared at the two Seven Star Fiends with its illusory eyes.

“Not good.”

The faces of the Green Eyebrow Twins changed.

“Retreat!” The two retreated towards different directions at the same time at high speed.

But at the same time, an indistinct azure light rippled outwards through space as though it were water, and the ripples instantly struck the two Green Eyebrow Brothers, and their bodies both trembled.

Innate divine ability – Dragon Roar!

“Captain!” The Six Star Fiends of the eight great clans saw that their captains were in danger.

“Raaaaaargh!” All of them hurriedly charged towards Emanuel. There was a difference between a Six Star Fiend and a Seven Star Fiend, but when several Six Star Fiends joined forces against a Seven Star Fiend, the Seven Star Fiend couldn’t be complacent either.

Emanuel had no choice but to retreat, while at the same time, he cursed mentally, “Why hasn’t Linley arrived yet?”

The Green Eyebrow Brothers had retreated towards different directions, trying to put some distance between each other, so as to force the scope of the innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, to be wider, and thus lessen the power of the attack. At this moment, that larger, taller green-eyebrowed man laughed angrily. “This innate divine ability really is powerful.”

And then, they charged over as well.

But right at this moment…

The green-eyebrowed man noticed one of his subordinates was frantically messaging him through divine sense, “Captain, careful!”

The green-eyebrowed man hurriedly turned to look. He saw a Dragonformed figure flying towards him at high speed, with a pair of dark golden eyes staring fixedly at him. What shocked this green-eyebrowed man was, the newcomer actually had fierce, sharp spikes on his back!

“He is Linley!” The green-eyebrowed man was immediately shocked to his senses.

Linley’s unique Dragonform, after he had killed those two Seven Star Fiends, had been made known to the high level members of the eight great clans.

“Flee!” The green-eyebrowed man immediately turned to flee.

At this time, an earthen yellow light spread out, forming an enormous sphere of earthen yellow light. The green-eyebrowed Seven Star Fiend, just a hundred meters away from Linley, was naturally trapped within that area, and a terrifying gravity was applied to his body.

His speed slowed drastically!

“Aaaargh!” Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to flee, the green-eyebrowed man turned and delivered a full force sword blow towards Linley.

An illusory, translucent sword shadow flew out of his greatsword, shooting straight towards Linley. Linley didn’t have any time to dodge, and he didn’t try to dodge! He still charged straight towards that green-eyebrowed man. As that translucent sword shadow pierced into Linley’s body, Linley also delivered a vicious, smashing fist blow against the head of the green-eyebrowed man.


The head was shattered, and the divine spark flew out.

“Big Brother!” The distant, skinnier green-eyebrowed man, upon seeing this, couldn’t help but call out in agony.

On a distant mountaintop, Elder Bulo, who hadn’t been planning to get involved, couldn’t help but raise his head and stare, his eyes gleaming. “So he is Linley. Hmph. Those idiots from the Barbary clan. As soon as they meet someone with a tough body, they are useless.”

Elder Bulo’s lips trembled slightly.


An enormous phantom in the shape of a black serpent appeared behind Elder Bulo. This enormous black serpent covered the entire mountain. Its body was so enormous as to be astonishing. A terrifying aura suddenly filled the skies.

After having just killed a Seven Star Fiend, Linley, for some reason, felt a sense of fear in his heart.

Linley turned to stare below him, and he saw Elder Bulo staring at him coldly. The shadowy illusion of that enormous black serpent, in particular, caused Linley to unconsciously think about what he had seen last time.

“Not good. This is the innate divine ability, ‘Soul Extinguisher’.” Linley’s face changed dramatically.

Last time, his subordinate had rescued him, but this time, there was nobody near him.

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