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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 25, Blood Splattering the Skies

The experts within the metallic lifeform were all frowning. They felt annoyed at a God coming and begging them for help. How could they be bothered to pay attention to minor figures like this?

“Save me!” Linley said frantically, but his gaze pierced through the metallic lifeform, seeing the people within clearly.

“If you stay here, we’ll kill you.” One of the Six Star Fiends shouted angrily.

“Haha, punk, you won’t be able to escape.” The group of bandits flew over as well. Only, they didn’t dare to disturb the metallic lifeform, for fear that the experts within would vent their anger on them.

“Let’s go. Stop paying attention to them.” The bald captain said calmly.

“BANG!” Suddenly, the metallic lifeform blew apart violently! All of the experts within the metallic lifeform were immediately shocked into wakefulness, while at the same time an earthen yellow light spread out, encapsulating a spherical region with a diameter of five hundred meters…Blackstone Space!

A powerful gravity that was pulling towards Linley!

“Whoosh, whoooosh.” The shattered metal scraps of the metallic lifeform flew out wildly towards Linley as well. During the explosion, everything was in a state of chaos, and none of the experts within the metallic lifeform had any idea what was going on.

In particular, that bald captain. He saw, to his amazement, that a clawed hand covered with draconic scales had appeared in front of his eyes!

“Not good, the Azure Dragon clan!” The bald captain only had enough time to be shocked and know what was about to happen.


Linley’s sharp claws moved as fast as lightning, piercing directly into the bald captain’s head. “Bang!” The skull exploded, sending fresh blood flying everywhere and colliding with the shattered remnants of the metallic lifeform. A single Highgod spark fell into Linley’s palm.

In an instant, a Seven Star Fiend had died!

This Seven Star Fiend really had died an unfair death. When Linley had flown next to the metallic lifeform’s window, the distance between him and the captain was less than five or six meters. Five or six meters, to experts on Linley’s level…

In but an instant, like the striking of a flint, he had killed the opponent!

The only thing the Seven Star Fiend had done wrong was that he had been not been on guard at all. He didn’t suspect that the God who had been begging for help was actually a Seven Star Fiend!

“One.” Linley’s dark golden eyes swept the people in front of him. Previously, he had seen everyone within the metallic lifeform, but was only able to tell that the bald person was apparently their leader. He couldn’t tell what everyone else’s position was.

Thus, Linley’s first target had been that man.


Within the powerful gravitational field of the Blackstone Space, the enemy experts frantically tried to resist the gravity, while at the same time, they discovered to their amazement that their captain had already been killed in an instant.

“Captain!” Quite a few of the Fiends called out in alarm.

“So he was their captain.” Linley was overjoyed. His guess had been correct. By relying on a sneak attack, he had killed a Seven Star Fiend. Thus, he had accomplished more than half of this mission.

Only now did those Fiends understand!

“So he is an expert of the Four Divine Beasts clan.” They now noticed Linley’s Dragonformed body.

“Mr. Mosley.” They hurriedly sent to the other Seven Star Fiend.

Mosley was from the Ashcroft clan, and was specialized in soul attacks. He was the other Seven Star Fiend in this squad. As the captain, ‘Cole’, had already died, he naturally became the commander of these people.

“His ability to hide his aura was actually at such an amazing level.” Mosley was amazed as well. “Not even I was able to notice that he was actually a supreme expert.”

Mosley had been trapped into the same erroneous line of thinking. As he wasn’t able to sense Linley’s Highgod aura, he thus took Linley for someone whose ability to hide his aura was tremendously strong, and therefore as an expert who specialized in soul attacks. “Given his ability to hide his aura, he must be an expert who specializes in soul attacks.”

“Use material attacks to kill him.” Mosley hurriedly ordered those Six Star Fiends.


The Six Star Fiends immediately acknowledged.

“Boom!” The terrifying energy wave spread out, and the ten Six Star Fiends located ten kilometers away from Linley instantly were shocked into wakefulness. Not long ago, they had just receive the report from the intelligence agent, and so they have been on high alert this entire time.

“Battle!” Their ten faces all changed.

“Captain.” Melina was frantic.

“Quick, attack!” Shanda let out a low growl, and was the first to fly out, with the other nine Six Star Fiends immediately charging out at high speed as well.

Although they were more than ten kilometers away, to Six Star Fiends, that sort of distance could be traversed in a twinkling.

“Captain, you have to be able to hold.”

The ten Six Star Fiends silently prayed as they moved. To traverse ten kilometers, Six Star Fiends only needed a second. However, a second, in a battle between supreme experts, was enough for many attacks to be exchanged.

When Six Star Fiends or Seven Star Fiends did battle, every thousandth or ten-thousandth of a second, a person could die.

“Material attacks!”

All of the Six Star Fiends, after receiving the order, trusted in Mosley’s judgment. This was because they all knew that in the Four Divine Beasts clan, the clan with the most powerful physical defense was the Black Tortoise clan, while the Azure Dragon clan’s physical defense wasn’t too powerful; only those three famous figures amongst them had truly powerful bodies.

But Linley…

Clearly wasn’t one of those three, nor was he on the list of high-danger individuals that their intelligence reports had provided him. His body shouldn’t be too tough.

Not hesitating at all, the Six Star Fiends all forcibly attempted to resist that gravitational pull while simultaneously attempting to launch their most powerful material attacks. Shattered metallic scraps flew out at high speed from within that Blackstone Space, and a white fog was beginning to spread out.

It was like a phantom, a bizarre illusion…

“Swoosh!” A completely translucent icy awl tore through the air, shooting towards Linley.

“Haaargh!” His clothes exploding, a muscular expert of the Barbary clan brandished a giant icesword, the edge of the icesword gleaming with light. Clutching that giant icesword, he chopped down it with from mid-air in a dominating manner against Linley.


One slender icy needle after another shot out, translucent and thin, the size and shape of embroidery needles. If one wasn’t paying special attention to them, one wouldn’t even be able to see them clearly.

Seeing this response from the enemies, the corner of Linley’s lips curved upwards.

“The second one!” Linley flew directly towards the man who was chopping down at him with that icesword, completely ignoring the icy needles shooting at him from behind. With a series of ‘crunch’ ‘crunch’ sounds, the icy needles struck Linley’s draconic scales, then immediately disintegrated, leaving behind just some white residue on the scales.

“Not good.” The Six Star Fiends who were surrounding and attacking Linley couldn’t help but have their faces change in worry.

In particular, that man who was chopping downwards with his icesword. His heart trembled.

“You won’t be able to flee.” A voice rang out in his mind. The Six Star Fiend realized that a pair of dark golden eyes was staring at him. He could sense that astonishing gravitational pull, and knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape. He let out a bellow. “Die!”

The muscular man’s face was savage, and as he bellowed, he chopped downwards with full force with his blade.

Where the icesword passed, voids in space appeared. Clearly, those were made from torn rips in space.

“Whoosh!” A blur suddenly came chopping over. He only sensed that the air seemed to tremble, then explode. A draconic tail lashed viciously against his icesword, and the terrifying power of that draconic tail was actually completely focused on the sword.

The muscular man only felt his arms go numb, and the icesword was sent flying away. Immediately afterwards, tears in the palm of his hand appeared, created by the shock of the impact, and blood flowed out.

“You can follow your captain now.” The voice rang out in his mind.

“No!” The muscular man roared angrily, his entire body instantly emitting streams of water that completely surrounded him.


After whipping the icesword aside, Linley’s draconic tail whistled through the air as it shot backwards, slashing directly against the muscular man’s head. It must be said that Linley’s body was simply too powerful, and that his strength was simply too terrifying.

“Bang!” A powerful tremor. The muscular man’s head immediately exploded, and a divine spark fell out.

Yet another Six Star Fiend had died!

That group of bandits just stared, slack-jawed, at this scene. Linley’s Blackstone Space was made in a way which specially focused his divine earth power against his opponents, and thus didn’t have much of an impact on these bandits.

After all, if he drew the bandits over, they’d just get in his way.

The bandits all immediately flew out of the Blackstone Space’s range, but the battle that was going on above them caused them to be utterly dazed.

The speed of this battle was too fast!

The power was too terrifying!

“Those are spatial tears. Spatial tears.” One of the bandits, a God, called out numbly like an idiot. Only the material attacks of someone who was at least at the Six Star Fiend level of power was capable of creating spatial tears. These bandits normally would never have a chance to see such a thing.

To the likes of them, creating spatial tears in the Infernal Realm was something out of legends.

“When those icy needles that created spatial tears hit that God, they didn’t do anything!” The bandits stared dumbly.

For a body to be able to withstand an attack that could create spatial tears was…too terrifying.

“He…he…” The bandits stared disbelievingly at the Dragonformed Linley.

“That God, we were actually…”

“What ‘God’? He’s an expert. A Six Star Fiend. No, a Seven Star Fiend! A true, supreme expert. He was just hiding his power just now.” The leader of the bandits immediately shouted. “Quick, let’s run farther away and watch from a distance. Let’s not get hit by any shockwaves. In battles like this, the slightest shockwaves can take our lives with ease.”

“Right, right.”

The bandits were completely stunned, and all of them hurriedly ran farther into the distance.

From Linley’s killing of the captain to the execution of the Six Star Fiend, barely any time had actually passed, perhaps just as long as it took for the sparks of a flint to emerge when struck. But that instant had caused the ten-plus enemies to be completely stunned.

“Lord Mosley, his body is very powerful.” The Six Star Fiends hurriedly sent through divine sense.

“We used our full force against him in material attacks, but weren’t able to hurt him at all.”

Just now, Linley had only dodged slightly. Even if a few attacks landed on him, he wasn’t too concerned. He didn’t even fear the material attacks of Seven Star Fiends. How could he fear the material attacks of Six Star Fiends?

“He’s a soul expert, and his material defense is so powerful as well.” Mosley had a bad feeling, but then he made his decision. “Since material attacks are useless, I’ll have to test a soul attack. I want to see if he’ll be able to endure my soul attack.”

Mosley had no other options.

“Soul attacks, en masse!” Mosley gave the order.

Mosley knew that no matter how tough one’s soul was, if one was hit by a large number of soul attacks from many experts, one would still be doomed. This was because when a true expert was dealing with group attacks, the way to successfully deal with them wasn’t to take them all head on, it was to make sure that each time, only a few attacks would actually land.

“The third!” Linley instantly stared at Mosley.

Based on quick reaction from the other side, Linley became certain that this devilish man with serpents hanging from his ears should be a tough opponent.

“Swoosh!” Linley immediately flew over.

Mosley was resisting the gravitational pull; there was no way he could escape Linley’s attack. Mosley didn’t try to escape either; his right palm stretched out, and his eyes shot out with a hazy black light as his lips began to move as he mumbled some strange words.

“Captain!” Right at this moment, Melina and the others flew over at high speed.

Linley felt a surge of jubilation in his heart. His right hand flipped out, and a devilish violet light flashed. Bloodviolet, carrying Linley’s force, chopped directly towards Mosley.

His powerful physical strength, when matched with the Profound Truths of Velocity, caused Bloodviolet’s speed to reach an extreme.

Where the sword passed by, space cracked apart.

Mosley’s right palm struck out towards Linley, and instantly, a pitch-black, semi-translucent hand seal shot out towards Linley. Linley’s face changed, and at just this moment, the other Six Star Fiends all launched their own soul attacks as well.

“Haaargh.” Linley hurriedly changed the direction of his Gravitational Space.

He made gravity pull downwards!

Caught by surprise, those Six Star Fiends couldn’t help but drop, and their soul attacks were impacted as well.

“Crunch.” The translucent hand seal covered by that black light shot directly into Linley’s body. There was no way to block it at all, and Linley himself hurriedly pulled away from the enemy while whole-heartedly focusing on defending against this soul attack.

The black hand burrowed its way into Linley’s body, then dug towards Linley’s mind.

“Not good.” Linley’s face changed dramatically.

He immediately flew into the sky, striving to put some distance between him and his opponents, for fear that another attack would come.

“BANG!” When that black hand seal entered his mind, it struck directly against that ‘translucent membrane’. It trembled slightly, as though it was about to disperse, but then, strangely enough, the energy of the black hand seal actually spread out, covering Linley’s entire consciousness, instantly discovering the weak spot.

Amazingly enough, the dispersed energy then reformed, actually transforming into a needle, piercing directly towards the flaw in the membrane…

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